All hail the Prime Minister of The World! [Long reading up ahead]

Okay we all have that narcissistic compulsion. The question of how you would rule the world. Would you rule it with an ironfist or a cabinent that questions the decisions of the day. This is a blog that has been in the making for about awhile now, refining and tuning as I thought about it.

Though I have really no credentials to become a political figure. But sometimes, we think to ourselves “I could do better than you, Mr./Mrs. [Insert surname here].” In many ways, having your usually joe would be more relatable than a young graduate or the veteran politician. He might not grasp some things but he would know what the people needs. Though I am not that average, I do have ideas on how I would run things if I was in charge of the world. Though by scenario, there are more qualified candidates before me to governor the world more honestly and openly. However, though I belittle myself in the face of politics, we all have potential to become a leader of the people. We all can’t lead since no one would ever follow.

In this blank slate, allow me to draw you a world. Similar to Earth; oceans, continents, plants, animals and a populace of people. These terrans are technologically evolved and just on the precipice of deep space travel. Space ships are almost in their grasp, but still relying on chemical rockets travel to the moon. Pretty much a mirror of our own world.

Now in terms of governance, I would imagine a world government to be a democracy. Though likely the position would be mostly to prioritize resources and technology wherever it’s needed. In my opinion if I was overlooking and delegating, I would focus on innovation and humanitarianism. Likely humour the idea of human colonization of the moon and Mars, probably put a lot of funding towards it. Considering how much space we need to live and grow food, though the food issue would be a hot topic. Probably do what I could from the government side to allocate food surplus of a local area to somewhere in need and try to reach out for grass root organizations to help alleviate the food problem. I woefully doubt my subterranian city idea would fly since people like outdoors and stuff outside. Though likely food is not the only thing the society needs, fuel and energy would be front centre to everything we would want to achieve. If I had the power, I would allocate wome capital in sustainable energy research and reclamation project to deal with waste and energy. I would want exponential change from using fossil fuels to alternative methods provided by nature and ourselves. Though likely not overnight, there is a lot more to really do within the time I have.

Along with these wonders, I would want to focus on social progress. Starting of course the fundementals of life; food, water, shelter. Living in a large city, I’ve noticed. as time went on how unaddressed the issue can be. I find commendable the volunteers who reach out and assist with the necessities some take for granted. Large if I could, I would ask these organizations to continue to mitigate the situation as jobs open up. We live in a world where manual labour is all automated, maybe it’s time to cut back on automation? It would reduce fuel consumption is some areas and would provide jobs to people who need something to help sustain themselves.  Food banks though some won’t utilize, are really important. Providing food for families and individuals living check to check is difficult with rising price of food. The grass roots movements working on the future “urban farm” would help to bring fresh food rather than canned. However there are limitations within a city. Though meat products would likely be difficult, small game should help mitigate the need for transport trucks hauling poultry. Probably allow homeowners raise chickens in certain areas would help provide an income to that family and would benefit the community since it would not require a lot of fuel for transportation from a farm over long distances.

Pollution would decrease as citizens would grow their own food and move around more locally. However the consumer lifestyle may stick around whether we like it or not. Where there is consumerism, there will be waste. Waste in the form of manufacturing of packaging and containers that our stuff comes out of. Accounting for transportation, resource extraction, manufacturing and assembly of our stuff; we still have a lot pollution to tackle. Under my ideal world government, for excessive use of these precious resources to move a product would be a heavy environmental tax to tell them I am serious. Aside from the taxes these companies would take, the enviro-tax would not return to the government but would be the incentive for environmental groups to restore the world. This should contain the cycle of production; what goes in, you get taxed so we can replace it. Aside from that, resource quotas would be placed to monitor use. What we use has a cap and must be renewed and if the resource is nonrenewable, then there should be heavy taxation to the use of it. Fossil fuels is a situation we are in because of the low prices of a once abundant fuel. We did peogress a lot from it, however it costed us the situation where every gallon is worth the price of a regular coffee. Of course progress requires energy in, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the same resources go in. We can have fuel and synthetics without using more petroleum. Back to taxes, I would have companies pay that tax to plant more trees, create business invested in geothermal, hydroelectric, and solar. Essentially, anything alternative and natural. Not just green companies, but people who are renovating to generate power or using recycled materials can get in on the incentive.

While we are on the subject of companies, I have something that would benefit small time business. Though it may be conflict of interest for supporting local, but hear me out. Rather than a uniform tax rate for business, it would be a tax based on size of the business. From the top of my head, it should be mathematical. Something along the lines that factors in environmental impact through transportation and manufacturing, number of stores and locations under the company name and various industries it is invested in. I have no clue, but if someone can spew out a percentage out of it that would less than 1.00 then it would give a leg up to mom and pop shops. Since less of all that, less taxes.

Aside from this pipe dream ideas, there are some out of left field. Like a unified currency that I would call “Universal Energy Credits”. How it works is that anything bought or sold is based off an index of energy used or consumed. Example being if you worked and got paid; based on the index, you would receive x amount of credits for using energy to complete a task. If you are an entrepeneur, you could set a price of your product plus the energy you spent creating the product. These credits would only be dispensed in a way you won’t be flicking pennies out of you hand, I hate pennies, totally abolished if I had a governkent like that. In this credit system, there is no need to convert since it is a somewhat uniform calculation. Meaning if you and your friend made the same product and both priced the same, you and your friend would be equally paid and would not require coverting currency. Since energy to do something is the same as anyone else, the whole currency conversion would be antiquated. Off to the segue, maybe a card like a credit card to collect those “pennies”; no need to materialize a coin to represent a single unit except a card to record those pennies to convert to something larger. Trust me, this is more sane than the subterranian society idea to utilize the surface of the Earth for farmland and power generation.

Those are my ideas. Leave me a comment and tell me what you would do if you were leader of a world government. Or put it in you blog and link me to it, that would cool too.

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