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Sex Ed Curriculum

Recently my local government have decided to change up how sex education is deliver to students in public schools. Like anything coming from the government, there is always opposition against change or goes against their beliefs or opinions. In a recent news article, I read about the public school curriculum to include sex education to be more relevant to this generation. Which includes content about same sex relationships, masturbation, social media awareness like sexting and online bullying and gender awareness; the curriculum comes at a time where it’s more than a decade outdated. The opposition against these changes are those more focused on how the government came to a conclusion than considering how the content will be more inclusive to educate the next generation. Though both ends are in the right, I would consider how sex education should be introduced to children rather than what should be taught and who should be teaching it.

As a former prisoner of the public school system, I can definitely be sure, there are a lot of faults in the system. In particularly the routine of teacher within the confines of what the school board sets out. The system is effective at teaching however it doesn’t engage the students to learn. The only motivation when you reach high school is then to get into university. After a certain point it feels more like an institution that imprisons more than it educates. You go in day after day to learn and do things you don’t necessarily want but you need in order to satisfy the social norm of “successful”. Fact of the matter is success is within the diversity of knowledge we can pool from and not the knowledge base we are given.

Sex education like any other subject should be approached with a mindset of a diverse conversation. Not of a voice to tell you if you are right or wrong but should be inclusive to not discriminate. Our world has changed so quickly in the last 20 years, we went from homophobic and in the closet about gender and sexual diversity to embracing gender and sexual equality. Perhaps it is time to be on the vanguard to education in general if not just sex education. We are not born with user manuals so perhaps we should know how our own bodies work.

As we live in our lives, we will encounter different people and personalities. I think it’s more than appropriate to teach children to be open and objective about the world. A lot of bad things have happened when people act upon another group because they disapproved on their lifestyle choices. Are we going to be no different than those who came before us or can we create the change we want to be? Could we perhaps be the society open to new ideas? If we are, are we willing to accept ideas and concepts foreign to our social norm? As I can tell from these protests, some are ready while some are not ready for what they could possibly gain. Perhaps the protesters themselves should be open minded and see what ideas would be shared in this updated program.

Until next time, I would like to give my final thoughts. The public school system isn’t the only education system you can put your children into, yet not the only prison either. There are private schools you can enroll them in and if all else fails, you can just home school them. If you want to be ignorant, don’t enforce it to the entirety of the system. Take control of the situation yourself than relying on the system to be your children’s parents.

More beef…with a side of beef.

I am having one of those weeks. Those weeks that come when the world seems to like to piss me off and get me riled up. I am not sure of it’s the spring rain or the people in my city but I’ll lay it down straight with you guys.

With the spring coming in, everything is wet. When I was a kid, this would mean I hated it because it would keep me inside. Growing up without the modern convenience of cable television or the Internet, it was a choice of being quietly bored or do homework. Nowadays, I’m doing my YouTube thing, writing to you guys or just catching up on some reading. Looking outside, I know I still have obligations to myself; my personal self. In March I started going to the gym and so far I am seeing some results. The rain complicates the fact I need to traverse thunderstorms and puddles to reach for my work out. I decided early onto commit 3 times minimum weekly. Of course because I’m pushing myself to push energy out of my body, I need to replenish it. What I do after a workout is go to McDonalds; before you guys rail me, it’s the only place open during that time of day that serves up food. Now here’s where things just annoy me.

At the 24 hour drive-thru and restaurant at this particular location, they decided to do some maintenance that night so they shut the doors. Since they had the 80’s style McD’s layout, you can see inside. No one in sight besides some folks working in the back. Lights are on and everything seems like they’re ready to serve you besides the sign on the doors saying the dining area is closed for maintenance. Defeated, I make the trek to the next location just 20 minutes walking distance. As I talk passed the drive-thru window, I see a driver receiving food! Now if the the dining isn’t being replaced or anything and the kitchen isn’t in need of maintenance, why the hell is this place closed? It’s no big deal until I went to the next location.

At this location I already ordered up and received my food, at this point I wanted to sit my tired body down and chow down. After a short while, I hear some yelling and banging at the counter. At first I shook it off since you always hear indiscernible shouting at McD’s, then the police showed up. Apparently someone was dissatisfied on the order they received. So much so, one of the parties called the police…to complain about burgers and fries. Seriously at this point in time, it’s early morning and this guy who probably had one too many as complaining about a sandwich from McDonalds. There is so much in his logic to facepalm but the major two is he’s squabbling over a damn sandwich and he’s doing it in an McDonalds. There is a phrase, “pick your battles”. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t get it. Suffice to say, I got out there before things could potentially get worse.

Aside from that, it was Easter so Friday through Monday was annoying. I’m happy for people to take a day off, I mean just “a day”; not two or 4 and certainly not back to back. Like I’m the kind of person that needs to go outside and do stuff but if the place I need to be or want to go to is closed, I’m stuck! Seriously, let’s figure out which day we can take a day off for zombie Jesus.

Until then, remember to don’t be a douche. If you do, someone will talk about you.

News for Fools

Yesterday, I had a a bit of fun on my Twitter account corresponding with a local radio station. To give you guys to speed, the local station on the top of the hour always reports a bit of the daily news. For chuckles since it is the Internet, I made some interesting “headline” news in 140 characters.

Rather dictating each one I had for the day, I think I will post a few here I considered but turned down. To follow a format, I had to keep it under 140 characters, quoted and with “more at [number between 1-12 depending on the time of day].” So here it is, for the laughs:

“Local man shoots self in foot, finds gold. More at 5.”

“Physicist says sky is not blue, but periwinkle. More at 4.”

“Woman sees for the first time. Saw seashells by the seashore. More at 9.”

“Martians come to Earth, returns with Curiosity. More at 1.”

“What you’re kids are doing right now that should worry you because we tell you. More at 2.”

“FDA approves sword swallowing as source of iron. More at 7.”

“Gun laws now require license for you to sat ‘pew pew’ in public. More at 8.”

“Microsoft is now a religion. Apple users declare holy war. More at 2.”

“World leaders elect ‘Supreme Master Leader of the World’, Joe from Arkansas. More at 1.”

“Ambassador of Nigerian prince approaches UN for aid. More at 2.”

“Facebook’s hired monkeys unionize, goes bananas. More at 3.”

“NSA to release what you did last summer. More at 6.”

“UN decides to separate world citizens into 12 sections to fight to the death. More at 6.”

“Scientists discover dihydrogen monoxide is extremely unhealthy. More at 10.”

“People like grapes. Census agrees. More at 11.”

I am surprised I haven’t found a job just to write this stuff. I am not much of a prankster, a witty jokester perhaps. Anyways Easter is coming and and I know a few people are taking some time off while I’ll be here doing what I’ve been trying to do for a long time.

Until next time readers, Happy Easter.


I don’t know why but the obvious is true, it is 2015. The world is much different from 2008, all the emotions I’ve felt and experiences I’ve seen over the past year and a half reminds me of 2007.

Around 2007, I was still a teen in high school. my grades were terrible and my attitude was no better. I had hopes of a future and a direction I wanted to travel. The difference here and then is adulthood. I’m pretty sure I am not the only person who experience the cyclical nature of living. We fall in love, we become heart broken, cry a bit and repeat. The recent events in my life seem more or less what I have gone through almost a decade ago. Since then, I’ve fallen in love, found something I want to do and yet still underemployed. I’m even living in the same place in the same neighbourhood in the same city.

It could be a monotony getting to me but these are the patterns I have seen in myself. The only things that have changed are the minor successes that have brought me here. Of course beyond the blog, I rebooted my YouTube channel. Instead of playing day in and day out, I am on a schedule. Of course the schedule is set by my uploads. Still all I have set out for myself is a daily upload video upload schedule with a weekly blogging schedule. Though it’s a loose schedule, I think you would agree it’s a schedule no less.

Beyond the screen, I think I’ve made some minor successes to take me where I want to go and be. Recently I joined a gym close by and I’ve been going in for about an hour for a workout every couple days when the weather permits me from walking there. The toughest part was to really get over my shyness. I am still pretty shy around strangers but I think skirting around peak gym hours is a sound victory. I do have some employment much like 2007, it’s underemployment but it’s preferable than unemployment. Just beyond the horizon, I see myself living an active lifestyle. I’m more inclined to do things I like doing and I think that’s the advantage I have to take. Hopefully this is the right direction I need to take myself to a successful career path; also where I want my life to be, healthy and balanced.

I lived under the rule of others, what I can and cannot do. All it did was bring me back here in my mid-20’s. I think the most important point to take from this revelation is your life is yours to live and the limits other set are yours to break. No matter how you choose to break those limits, you will sooner or later would have to break out of those limits.

Until next time, break out of the cycle.

Into Airsoft

As I am writing this, I am ill. Being stuck in bed means I am and for the first time blogging from my phone. Hopefully everything makes sense and spelling is fairly correct.

So what have I been up to this week? Much has happened since my last post. First being I got sick which I am recovering slowly yet terribly. I sure how I got sick but I know it felt like it came suddenly starting with a scratchy throat. For the moment with some medication, I can function with little interruptions.

On Wednesday, I paid a visit for the first time to buy some airsoft equipment which I am happy turned out well. Though I am short two magazines and some clothing, over the coming month I might be able to fill it all in. In the mean time here a pic of all the things I bought.


In the picture is my brand spanking new airsoft gun from King Arms with a gun bag for legal reasons. I bough a lithium polymer battery and a smart charger. Though travelling to the store was tough, I think my entertainment budget is effectively maxed out for the year if I don’t find a good way to make up for losses.

Speaking of entertainment and losses, my adventures in The Long Dark will be on hiatus for awhile. I am starting to feel a bit burnt out from travelling. I think my sickness is getting to me. However on good news, I did record some Pulsar Lost Colony so those episodes will be uploaded and published.

Also some time soon, I will convince Jessica (“Allahweh”) to start a co-op playthrough of Starbound. I hope soon since my summer scedule is getting packed.

Speaking of which, recently I had a nice chat on her Gaming Goddess Podcast. We talked mostly about streaming and space games. I have to admit I was nervous but I think I was okay as a first timer. Definitely would like to come back on her show.

But for now, I need to rest and heal. And hope I am better tomorrow.



Endurance is an incredible concept. The ability to endure and withstand much of what is undesired or other. I find the human spirit the most resilient; yet the most flawed.

In the triumph and glory, we create our victories upon others. We take actions others and we hold them back. When called upon, the human spirit would push itself to the breaking point. When it is under assault, the very spirit to push would hold ground. In its strength, is its weakness.

The push, the drive, the motivation; it is what creates the human spirit. We try so hard to do more and be above ourselves. Yet this hubris could push you thin, drive you too far and motivate you to somewhere you don’t ever want to be. Then when you think you have gone too far, it’s too late to go back. Overboard, floating on the regrets of decisions that failed. Fatigue we all know so well. When stretched beyond the limits, the human spirit could fail. We are no longer invincible.

Recently, I learned the hard way about these unquantifiable limits. If I have learned anything, I hope I remember my own limits the next time I fail to endure.

Ironies Of The 21st

Lately, my city suffered service disruptions from the power company. Throughout the night, my lights were flickering like a rave. In my finite wisdom, I turned down the lights and continued to surf the net and charge my phone. After a good hour of playing video games, I went to scour the internet for services that would be useless without power or cellphone reception. Here’s a short list of things I found for my locale.

Bus Schedule

In a large city, you are bound to encounter public transit at least once. Most of the time, the system does keep all neat and efficient and have boards to tell you approximate bus times and the routes where the stop is located.

Assume you are ever connected to the internet and you look up everything on an app and public transit decides to knock off the paper schedules lined on each stop. If the wi-fi kicks out, you stuck with a pretty useless app to do anything at all, neat waste of space on your phone. If the power goes out, there is a likelihood (If you are on a data plan) the cell tower will be knocked out of power or service would be dodge since a small crisis.

Good luck standing out there in the winter wondering when the bus will arrive as you stare as you search for service.

“Keep updated at…”

A lot of businesses and services are using social media these days to link back to their website or link toward social media itself for additional information. Though I agree, businesses should be transparent and allow the clients and customers to view current shakeups and hiccups. However I found there are some are not really that important. On my Twitter account, I don’t usually follow services and business around my area. When I do, it’s usually on a appreciative level. If I go there often and I like what they do, they get a follow eventually.

I don’t need to be in the know of a new product or a pre-order I will likely never want to purchase. If it’s really good, I will follow until I have to throw you overboard because this ship only has so much cargo room before you are no longer needed.

Back to services like say your power, phone or ISP; this makes me giggle a little bit. If the power goes out, you can’t check for the latest information on the power company’s website on a desktop. If you’re experiencing a service disruption from your ISP, you’re boned because you don’t have access to the net to find out what’s going on; and don’t bother calling the phone company either if you own a cellphone.

By then you are literally stuck in the dark. That is enough information you will need for the time being.

All the money in the world

This goes closer to the new technology to remove plastic cards out of our lives by having phones you can tap to transfer funds.

You do realize how much power you have on a phone right? On idle, you get about 12-24. Once that screen is active you are looking at 2-6 hours. This is all assuming certain setting are in play and you do not own a battery pack to carry more power.

Indeed convenient to have a all you plastics and accounts on your phone in a “super high tech encryption that is 100% hacker proof”. But what if you suddenly need to go on a shopping spree? There are days where I personally made purchases about 12-15 hours apart. As a person who doesn’t obsess on charging my phone, I keep her on sleep until I need her. In reality, the only benefit you get our of a consolidated electronic payment method is really just convenience while sacrifice availability. Better to have it on you than there but your cellphone is dead.

One last thing…

In the end, the best conveyance of funds and communication is just what we already have and not the electrical gizmos they’re trying to sell. People say I’m a bit nuts to have cash on me. You never know when you enter a place that’s “cash only”. I lived in the digital age before the digital age; we used coins on payphones, paid by either credit, debit or cash and we still have them around because of it’s popularity and ease of use (Probably not as much as payphones).

Regardless how emerging technology makes everything convenient, there will be some that would complicate your life when you rely on them the most. Call me old school all you want; but I want to be flexible so when one thing fails, the other will have my back.

Before my laptop dies and until next time, paper and plastics will always be more reliable than photons and electrons.

Closing In Time

I can’t help myself when it comes to talking about my gaming channel at the moment. As I’m writing this post, I have been continually uploading video as often as I can for the past week. At the same time, I have been playing The Long Dark as expediently as I can for a gamer.

Stuff is in meatspace has been ramping up to the upcoming few weeks. I was worrying about if I can send out 4-5 videos a week. At the moment, I have enough for the upcoming week or two. As of new content, I think I will do what I can when I have time to record and edit. Unfortunately editing and recording for the next few weeks will not happen on the same day since I need some time to myself to do real life things. As mysterious as it sounds – trust me, it’s very mundane but private. Not to worry, I have a feeling the second half of March, I will have some time dedicated to video games and Let’s Play videos. If not, I will be hoping for a schedule I’ve have enjoyed for the last couple months.

I guess it’s one thing I’m lacking, besides motivation – time. Time for me seems to escape me quickly than others who perceive time. In all the time there is, I can never seem to get everything I want to get done. Looking at other people, they seem more productive. They do more than me and get a lot done, then there is me. I can hardly keep a hobby, a job and a lifestyle together yet people my age seem to have all this down. As fragmented my life may be, I want to keep it all together and do more of it. However, time escapes me and something loses out. There are 24 hours in a day, yet I can’t juggle sleep and everything I want to do in a single day. I know video games has been a big part of my life and I still want it to be. I do want something worth pursuing in the realm of reality beyond the screen. I still haven’t found what I want to do; even armed with much advice from others, I still have not landed into somewhere I want to be. Time; some people say, “You have all the time in the world”. I say, “nope.avi”. You don’t have all the time in the world, you never gain but only lose time. Time is constant and we only have the time between birth and death to leave a legacy of our existence. We only have so much time in this world before we cease to exist as a sentient entity. Regardless how you spend it, I think a life well spent is a life well spent living.

Time is what we make of it and the moments we do within them. We can gauge it’s distance but regardless, we see time from one point of view travelling in one direction. Until next time; much like a train, this one only has one ultimate destination and it’s up to you to enjoy the ride.

Generically Made In China

This week I’m having a string a bad luck, more than usual considering how my luck has been over the last few years. When the world throws so much at same time, it does feel these events have created a rough moment. Hopefully if I catalogue it all, I would feel better about it. If not, I hope someone out there can comfort me and let me know.

Starting with the start of this week. I always check my calendar for holidays. Since my family home doesn’t have TV, I rely on my Google account for a lot of things that may seem trivial. So on my calendar it said it was “Family Day”. In Canada, it’s a statutory holiday in early February as a way to let people spend time with friends and family. With each holiday celebrating on certain days, names and setting the date, this is where it gets tricky. The Family Day listed for this week was for the folks in British Columbia and I live in the place that is not British Columbia. When I went to work the next day, I was confused when my co-workers asked where I was yesterday. I sure got a talking to when I realized a missed a day of work. I was indeed furious since at the moment I cannot be wrong. Working at the moment is important for me; priority one: work butt off since I need the money to do things. Missing a day could mean less for me some day in the future. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing at all.

On the Wednesday, I started to do some housekeeping. Okay not necessarily housekeeping (Though I should do some of that as well), but I had paperwork I have to do on a monthly. So when I was done printing and filing, I had to head out to the post office. I realized it’s time to file for taxes. Not sure where you folks are but here in Canada, we have to report our T4 slips. T4’s is a document form your employer that indicates to the government you work there and you have paid towards certain social services and made contributions to these programs. So for me to receive my T4, I have to be at work; which I missed. You can say I can drop into work next week; I say to that, “Family Day”. Yup, the stat holiday I thought happened this week is next week so I won’t be able to receive my slip until two weeks time. Which sucks because after my troubling times in high school, I like to try and stay on top of my paperwork as much as I can before it all stacks on me.

To top it off, my generically built AC adaptor for my laptop has finally bust. After being slid, dropped, overheated, abused, misused and mistreated over the years I’ve had it, it’s finally unable to do what it’s suppose to be designed to do. For the price at the time, it was a steal. However now, I have a couple choices. First being to replace the damaged part which is stretched and torn, it could set me back half the price of a dodgy charger. Second option would be to buy something new and probably more reliable than something that came from China in a brown box. She’s an old laptop, I’m not giving up on her because she’s old and battered.

While looking into replacement parts, I decided to Google for PC builders. And for under $1000, I could potentially get a computer that can outpace my computer right now. However the problem is my mentality of keeping everything until it breaks. At the moment as I look at my 8 year old PC, she’s stilling going strong. She might make some noises that worry me, but she’s holding on. I can run all the games I like on her. Only downfall is size and quality. If I had a better GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), I would record my gameplay on a higher quality. A better GPU I think would require a better motherboard, which means a whole new CPU. So for the price of half of my computer’s value, I could get one that’s either on par or way better for years to come. However this is where I draw the line. I don’t have enough money to save up and anything I’m saving now is going toward hopefully moving out someday. In the end I know I’m going to need more than just this job at the moment to keep me on track.

Laying in all my current frustrations, I’m not quite sure what to make of all of this. If this is nothing, then it will pass. In this mood, I feel anger, sadness and melodrama; I need another voice besides my own to sort me out. Until next time, sort me out.

Spitter, People and Me

Once again in this city, I’m mildly disgusted at people in my city. Of course living in a diverse society brings in a lot of personalities and culture. Regardless of the shameless promoting of equality, positives always has negatives. This is no exception. This week, I have beef. This week, this is my rant.

Starting off with a small story about what happened the other day, I was outside in the brisk winter evening shopping. As a guy, I normally go shop to shop without asking questions of browsing for long durations. Walk in downtown is hectic as it is with people weaving in and out. Makes it worse when people can’t decide whether to walk past the left or the right of you and you two are shuffling side to side. To me it’s personally simple; this task, take the right side since oncoming traffic is usually to the left of you. Doesn’t matter which side of the street you’re on, move to the right!

This wasn’t even the worst offence. Of course downtown is the pubs and clubs, the parties and bars. I can understand when a place is occupied there are folks standing outside waiting on a table or having a smoke break. But you have to understand what a sidewalk means. “Sidewalk” as in a siding on a road for pedestrian locomotion. It’s not a damn private patio. You can loiter all you want but make some space. I’m trying to walk here and you are standing there. Just standing there like it was nothing. It’s public infrastructure and you’re impeding it. If you want to stand, step aside and make room.

Oh I’m far from done! We’re getting to the best part. So I’m walking down the street… I’m going to be as sudden as this buttwipe; I got spat on. First time in my life I’ve been spat on. This 5’8 douche didn’t have the courtesy to say sorry or turn his head as he sauntered towards me. Luckily, his saliva didn’t land anywhere near me; but you should’ve seen this guy’s aim. This guy’s aim was terrible it, he could’ve been the stormtrooper of spitting. If you know you can’t aim, like me, this is what I do. I step aside and spit into there gutter and not at someone on a crowded street. Seriously, that could’ve been assault and probably a hate crime. I would’ve been so pissed if that landed on me. First off, I wouldn’t think; I would just create a scene and likely knee him in the gonads before I start wailing on him. Seriously man, you are a tall ass man. Tilt your damn head and spit off to the side rather than towards people, you damn filthy animal.

It’s 2015, I’m starting to think being polite and well-mannered is something more of an afterthought. Maybe perhaps a bit of etiquette is a bit too much to even consider. Perhaps I should start peeing in front of crowds and obviously eat with my mouth open. While I’m at it, I won’t say excuse me when I fart or belch. What a world we live indeed, where no one has the pleasantries or consideration of others. It’s either this generation is losing out the most important lesson anyone can learn or no one bothers to care.

Either case until next time readers, I will never give up. Hopefully you won’t give up too. 


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