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Day 20 – Happiness

Happiness is a hard emotion to keep. The hardest emotion to maintain for me, I’m usually borderline happy and sad which we will cover next post. Some people live with an abundance of happiness and which to them I say I wish I had just a fraction of it.

Happiness to me comes and goes, I wish it would stay longer. There has been small moments over the past half decade. The recent was finally bring employed; not gainfully, but at least employed. It’s not much of a happy moment but a small sigh of relief.

The last time I was blissfully happy was when I took a trip to the US. It was just a series of trips I took as a way to break away from life. While I was there, I was able to see Paramore in concert. I have listened to ttheir ever since I was teenager and here I was in my 20’s listening and headbanging live to their music. In those moments during my trip, I was very happy and content.

It seems the past decade has given me more happiness than the rest of my life. Either I honestly don’t remember or I had a terrible childhood. Unfortunate, but it is the life I am given.

Day 18 and 19 – Two in One

I am not a photographer nor am I a photogenic person. The stubbornness in me fairly defeats day 18 of the challenge, a challenge which is slowly slipping away. I must apologize since I have professional dealings happening all over this week and this weekend. Regardless, I would like to complete since we are just 11 posts away!

So onward to day 19, favourite movies. Surprisingly when people ask me my favourites in movies, I’m into several genres but only a few films stand out to me. Awhile back, I gained a bit of interest into Disney movies, in general I like the storytelling and the positive innocence of all the stories. Notably in films like Toy Story 3 which made me feel something deep inside.

Recently  there are a few movies that have stood out to me because I enjoyed myself while I was at the theatre. Chappie was an interesting look at the relationship between the created and creator. Mockingjay Part 2 for me was to complete the entire movie series, though I disliked how they separated the last book. I saw Wall-E in the comfort of my own home, as well as Frozen; both were expectant quality works from Pixar. The Martian was to a nice diversion; I wasn’t very interested into a survival drama, but it was a nice insight to how we as a species might be living on Mars.

Aside from recent releases, I’ve seen the two direct-to-DVD Stargate films, Continuum and Ark Of Truth, which tie up the two series arcs if not the series. I’ve seen documentaries ranging from topics like North Korea, 3D printed firearms, and conspiracies.

I don’t have a definitive movie or film because I guess I’m the sum of all my experiences and learning.

If you have any recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment here or send me a message on Twitter.

Day 17 – Blogs and Things

I going to be frank with all my readers about what happens when you subscribe to my blog. When I receive the notification about a new subscriber, I usually click to see their blog posts. Sometimes I get some good ideas from them and sometimes they give me insight about them.

It started with the first group of subscribers and followers. Notably is Gaming Goddess, she also runs a podcast of the same name. I’m not much into retro or RPG games, but the commentary and occasional hardware reviews and rants keep me coming back for more. Thus far, she’s the only blog I follow which has some consistent and interesting content.

When I first got my iPod Shuffle, I had to get iTunes to make it run in Windows. Due to the application, I began downloading podcasts from their store. First out of the lot aside Allahweh’s GG podcast, it was StarTalk hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Usually I listen to it from time to time, but I do have other things to listen and watch. Ever since I got into airsoft, I’ve subscribed to a couple podcasts. Gorilla Airsoft has brought me a couple laughs and bits of advice and information.

I also follow certain tags on WordPress as well. Sometimes with some good reads. As usually as a gamer there are a few tags dedicated to video games; “gaming”, “indie games” and “video games” are the definitely on watch. I sometimes read through “teen” and “technology” tags. “Airsoft” is usually slow moving, but sometimes there is a gem.

I’m stuck on YouTube if there is nothing to be reading or listening.

Day 16 – Education

I have ranted on about education in the past. It’s been something I’m frustrated with when I’m job searching. A lot of employers I meet have the preference of wanting post-secondary students for menial labour. As I read their position’s duties, they do not require someone with such qualifications. As someone with nothing more than a high school diploma, I would think I would be more qualified than a post-secondary student.

As someone with little to no interest in post-secondary, I would consider myself more of an asset to employers since I would have little to no obligation to work. I can world over time and late nights unlike university students who may work over time but are less hesitant to do so because of classes the following day.

I feel young adults are not lazy or not work, but overworked and underpaid. With all the unpaid internships floating around, it’s the employer’s treasure to find free labour through promises of “work experience”. I’ve actually tried to get into some of these interships and most of the time the employers are asking their interns to flip the cost for certain things. I remember this interview where the employer told me about how I would get into events as a media outlet. Suffice to say, if I wanted to write a piece about a concert I will have to flip the bill myself. All for “work experience”, my advice is to ask lots of questions if they’re wanting to just provide you just “work experience”.

Some of you out there might refute this and tell me your job is fitting for your qualifications. Then you have figured out how to get into it. However living in a large city, you have a lot of folks entering post-secondary and come out with an expensive piece of paper with little to no way to justify the last 4-8 years. People go back in and get more degrees and diplomas while some settle for a trade. Perhaps the schooling is not wrong with education, but how education is applied in certain areas. There are sectors which may require a post-secondary qualification, however in positions like cashier and warehouse associate a diploma would make little sense. I’ve even seen sales associates and representatives requiring a bachelor’s  degree! The way I see it, there are employers out there expecting way too much from the the employee. Most of the time, employers are the one’s lazy. They don’t seem to want to train you on workplace equipment so they want a school to do it for them.

If you have it nice and set, I dare you to try and find a menial job with your big boy degree. You will not feel those 4 years would be worth anything. I don’t even have one and I would feel the exact same thing.

Day 15 – In 5 years…

It’s pretty hard to know where I will be in the next 5 years. However there are a few things I would like to have happen in the next five years.

First thing I would like to do is have a steady job. Employment is something that is big to me since I would like something to do with my life. Having something to do that’s fulfilling and can pay off my bills would help a lot.

Next big thing would be taking that money and having a place of my own. It would be kind of nice to have a place to myself where I can do my own thing and have space to do a lot more. Doesn’t have to be a house at first, but I would like it to be just a place where it’s nice in a friendly neighbourhood. I wouldn’t mind a couple roommates  as well as long as we can all get along together. With a place like that, I would like to either own it or pay really cheap rent.

Though not a lot of people I know have this problem, but I’m lacking social interaction. There are very few people I talk to personally but I would like to have a more active social life. Not much of a drinker myself but just things happening at least once a week the most.

I think with all this, it would be mostly comfortable living. I’m not asking for making a lot of money or popularity, all I want is a humble and comfortable existence. However 5 years is still a long ways away, let’s just hope the days until then keep positive.

Day 14 – Fitness

Sorry I missed yesterday’s post schedule, I had to record some video for my gaming channel on YouTube. It spiralled out of control really quickly. Got to love the time consuming quality of video games.

I admit recently with all the video games I’ve been recording and editing, I haven’t found the time to really work out. I tried my best to keep my regime for 5 months, but recently I officially broke regime. I have not had anyone approach me asking for health advice. If they did I think the top three advice I would give is to maintain a schedule, have a variable routine and be motivated.

The schedule doesn’t have to be dead on but if you’re sitting down a lot or not moving, going to the gym about 2 or 3 times a day would help keep you active. This is dependent on how much food you consume. In my mind, I think all the energy consumed should be burned off. If not all, then most of the food should be burned off through exercise. Just 2 or 3 one hour sessions a week for me is pretty good.

In terms of what to do for an hour, keep it different every time. If it doesn’t feel like work, you will enjoy it. Sometimes for me I switch between a bit of lifts and crossfit. Some times I go half and half, then there are days I just try something new. Don’t fall into the trap of doing one thing over and over until you achieve results.

Motivation is the reason why people back out of new years resolutions. Some people make those resolutions to get fit and give up two months later because it was an impulse at the time to go to the gym. To maintain motivation, positive thinking helps a lot. Encourage yourself to do one more rep or set, listen to music, bring supportive friends, just anything to get you working out.

Until next time, get out there and get fit because you can do it.

Day 13 – Fridge Tax


Two litre Orange Crush soda.

That’s pretty much in there aside from taco sauce packets from Taco Bell. As you can tell, I eat out a lot.

If I had the skill to cook, I would use that fridge to store actual food. Perhaps some day, for now I think Day 13 is a bust (sorry).

Day 12 – Books


I’m bending the rules on this since when I was a kid, I never read a lot of books. As an adult I’ve read more within 2 years than I have in decades before it. I think it is due to just having to never write a book report on them. The bane of my high school experience was reviewing books and materials. Regurgitation isn’t something I would like to do, but with due dates so close you have to just push it out of your mouth like a mindless worm.

The latest book I’ve read is “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell. Consists of facts and anecdotal evidence about people who think outside the norm. It’s rationalizes that physical appearance does not hinder success and the best can be the worst.

Even though I have not reread Gladwell in a year or so, I’ve been interested in a couple graphic novels from Bryan Lee O’Malley. The latest one I’ve read is Lost At Sea which revolves around her road trip in search of her belonging in the world. The book takes a philosophical turn and in the end she finds what she has been searching.

As well I’ve recently read Seconds by O’Malley which has a supernatural twist where a restaurant owner tries to perfect her world to understand the situation she belongs in is hers and hers alone. Without giving much away, it explores our need to have everything perfect but reality is nothing is perfect regardless how you put them. We are the product of our doing.

I should really read Scott Pilgrim and read other books from Gladwell, these books are really made me ponder the world.

Day 11 – Favourite F


In the Day 2 post, I mentioned I enjoy a diverse selection of food. As a kid growing up, I was exposed to some Asian oddities of Chinese cuisine. However I still cringe at a few delicacies, I’m into both meat and veg but there are some veg and meats I would rarely eat due to bad experience.

In no particular order, favourite foods starting with:

  1. Noodles, I don’t know why I like noodles. I like it in soup and as a standalone with some veg and meat. This is inclusive to noodles from out of the Chinese ethnic background. I like pasta like fusilli, penne, macaroni and spaghetti. It’s only 4 in that example and it’s only because those are the 4 I frequent most. Then there is ravioli, which brings me to the second thing.
  2. Dumplings, it’s like stuffed noodles. Debatable which is better, depends on the stuffing. Like noodles, this is inclusive to anything which has meat or vegetable stuffed into a pastry or staple. When I was a kid, I like minced pork and beef with bit of veg. I like my dumplings cooked a variety of ways; steamed, boiled, fried and pan fried. As long as it’s cooked and served up to me, I can probably stomach a few.
  3. Openly stuffed, since I’m doing categories this is for nothing enclosed. Food like burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. I just like the combinations of food and veg in things so innocuous as a sandwich. Though most of the time they’re processed, I do like processed meat. Nothing’s great went consuming meat between two buns into your mouth. It’s a meal in two handfuls.
  4. Fried food, probably unhealthy out of the ten in this list. I like certain things that are fried; chicken, spring rolls, samosas. It’s nice in the winter when it’s a bit piping hot, even in other seasons it’s great to bit in and see the steam waft away from the goods. Aside from deep frying, pan frying is pretty delicious as well. Some people say burned food will give me cancer, however it’s a neat alternative to convection oven baking.
  5. Speaking of baking, I love baked goods. Cakes and pies, not forgetting pizza; pizza I believe is baked. I cannot take enough of the soft texture and the sweet or savoury taste.
  6. Sweet, savoury and spicy sauces, I’m not leaving condiments behind. Sometimes good food is best complimented with a condiment. I favour the sweet and savoury, BBQ sauces and the sweet and sour things. On occasion, I do go out there and grab the hot sauce. Not the hottest of the hot sauce, but something with a kick. There are some thing that’s worth the spices.
  7. Soup, large bowls of soup is incredible. Best consumed when sick but even better on a chilly day. It’s homely and can be timelessly rustic. I remember I spent an entire month on a pho noodle soup binge. It’s so delicious to have noodles in a beef broth and having herbs suspended in this dark boiled goodness.
  8. I also have a sweet tooth, candy is something I enjoy in frequently but I do like gummy candies as well as hard candies. I remember when Skittles had the sour skittles, it was the first time I really had a sour candy and that got me kind of hooked onto sour candy. Unhealthy as it is, it’s a nice treat from time to time.
  9. Soda, fizzy and sugary. It’s liquid candy. Before you ask, “Eric, Coke or Pepsi?”; I’m both, some days I like to drink the crisp taste of Pepsi and sometimes I want to grab a Coke for it’s smooth after taste. Awhile back both had their release of cherry flavoured cola and they have their line of lime cola and for both, I’ll take my Cherry Coke and Sprite. Then there is the Dew, Mountain Dew is great when I’m not consuming any food; a nice drink for just lounging.
  10. Fruits, it’s nature’s candy! Sweet and delicious and for the work you put in cleaning and peeling, it’s great. I usually stick to eating bananas, apples and oranges; however grapes are are pretty great since you can eat one and save the rest for later. Same with strawberries and cherries.

Now if you excuse me, I have a taco to eat because this made me hungry.

Day 10 – Best Trip?


I have only travelled once outside my city and country. It was a few years ago, I travelled to Massachusetts to visit a friend. It was definitely memorable for the fact I’ve done a lot of things I have never done.

First being travelling to another country, true it’s only next to my country but another country no less. I spent time in a small town in the middle of no where. I went to my first concert and happily, it was a Paramore concert.

Aside from that trip, my part time job has me travel on occasions. Nothing real worthy to note, however it’s been the only place I have ever seen all the stars in the sky without the light pollution. Travelling home form there feels peaceful as rural lands wisp by the passenger window.

I would like to travel across my country and perhaps back to the United States when I can. For now, I’ll stay at home travelling the world through the Internet.


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