Har har har, my bounty!

We all do it. In the vast ocean of the internet, it is hard to find what we need. Some of us do it for entertainment, some do it for education. In the short term, we do it for necessity or a purpose. Rarely we look back and say “that was dumb.” Last year, we saw how raiding the net can have repercussions. Though the flashpoint has been fizzling since the birth of the world wide web. We all witnessed how the digital revolution clash with everything from the French and American Revolutions centuries ago. Though not in bloodshed, it is an intellectual confrontation to question what is considered allowed on the internet. Many times I’ve hinted what I think of this, I think I should share where I stand on internet piracy.

Starting off academic misconduct is what we all heard of at one point. This is an umbrella term for cheating and plagiarism. In the terms of research, citing a source would work around it. When it comes to cheating, if you follow sports; as long as you’re not caught, it’s not cheating. Still wrong in the first place, easiest would play honestly. Either this or pratice, it a choice that questions personal morals. This goes the same with online pirating in my opinion. As long as work is cited and sourced back, it can be okay unless the owner of the content refuses.

This heralds a larger question, what about corporate works? I am referring these are the movies, music and games we all care to enjoy. Though the law now is in effect since they’ll sue you even if you bought something more expensive than their product to view it and call it “contempt to copyright”. Companies are no different, we are people and they are a collective of us; the people. Therefore, no special treatment. If the government wants to say it’s fair to have a collective mob a person, then that would place my people the right to own the railway and most of the products we own making “Made in China” mean something severely different.

In a consumerist view, the approach of “try before you buy” is a good policy. I don’t believe in just what I see from a trailer or another blog. This is really the best way to see it before I play Skyrim is to play Skyrim. Same with movies, if I like the movie and might have replay value then I’ll buy it; with exceptions. Music however is more complex, in my opinion. This is more of value/income/esteem/purpose choice. Largely with movies, they are temporary products in theatres before they go on a medium and even on medium, it’s really expensive and questions whether you should just have watched it. So usually the alternative would be download, watch, then delete. Music now, is difficult. If it is something uplifting that just eases my pain, I would want to keep it until I can’t due to space related issues. Not quite sure what other reasons would it but, but that is my justification.

Fear mongering has been the the catch word since 9/11, but no matter who it is for; it is meant to demonize a group or idea because they are different or they don’t conform to another group’s ideas. This is the 21st century, it is time to embrace everything different. There should not be any stigma to a facet to our lifestyle. As a person without TV, I need my computer to access TV. But if anyone is refusing my freedom of free speech and information, they are commiting a crime and not me. Our freedoms should not be rationed or bought. Hell, even I think paying for internet is a crime. It is to hold down freedom of speech. I think people are forgetting why the constitution is in effect for the last few centuries.

So what if the net in your eyes a lawless wasteland? True the need for policies should be in place, but the most part we the users should be allowed whatever we can do just as much if not more than our real freedoms. To share, to create, to borrow; we should have neutrality in this domain. Sure someone created it, but the technology has grown to be shared with all and not restricted to a payment. Honestly, corporate greed is heartless with the remorse for. the desperate and therefore proves the old ways of the 16th century still thrives to hold down those who don’t live and worship the almighty dollar. Sounds radical, but it is the few things we neglected that has been with humanity since the first homo sapien, the virtue of equality. If I was more paranoid I would say they’re suppressing what we should be think to pacify us for their upper class greed. The internet is for just causes and to spread them freely. Though some copyright laws I shame since they protect the corporate “victim”. What about the people? The people who vote their representatives and work hard for their amenities. However in all its oppression, there is some progression. I am obviously talking about privacy laws to protect personal information and requires consent of use to third parties.

I am glad there are measures in place that puts companies in harms way for the people, not more riding on their successes. Though it is a small victory since certain jurisdictions are more lenient or just corrupt. In those places, the net is the wild west where word slingers like us would likely be detained for just speaking against the governments actions. There is more that has to be in place. In terms of taxation for corporate to corporate advertisement. I don’t live in the States but probably companies spend a hefty penny to get adverts on large traffic sites, didn’t I read somewhere that US companies have more money than the government? I thought you guys were in debt, what the hell? You though online piracy was a crime, that’s just either fraud or robbery on a legitimate level. If anything, piracy is the internet being the internet, it’s not you’re going to hire a e-navy to seize them and their precious data.

For now, the outcome is hard to guess. If anything will be certain, the internet will be around whether a freedom fighter or a lightspeend link to the world. If all the music, games and movies I pirated from torrents have taught me anything, freedom is worth fighting for if not for myself but for others.

Question for my readers, what do you thing of online piracy? Good, bad, necessary, accessory? Share your opinion! Until next time…

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