A old mod anew

Certainly we remember those glorious days of our youth when those tedious trivials would be a landmark achievement. The first frag, first kill streaks, first time video games became an oasis of reality. She a digital mistress I still have not yet quelled, but her hold is something to be enchanted. She could make you see things in a new light even if you wanted something so, she would tempt you with this tool. For you, it would be a yearning for the next kill, next accolade, next opportunity to say “I am the best!” For me; its a mix of three things I think it is worth playing for; co-op, FPS, sci-fi. When done right, she’s got me like fanboy toy. Sure, Star Trek Online has me on my feet playing hours on end. It just more instances and dungeon runs in the Trek universe. I like the talk and playability, but it’s missing the action since most of the time it’s a stand and shoot routine like Counter Strike. Co-op is lacking in STO. Four man dungeon runs, your choice to either run it in space or ground. Biggest pitfall is that attraction but turned down by lack of action and repetitive content. Granted replay value is well endowed, but after hours on end you say “that’s it?”

Sure I can save face and accept this to be my level cap. But, I want a thrill that intimidates the most veteran player. Story driven, but action packed either with puzzles or zapping dudes. Awhile in the mid decade, I wanted something tailored to me. Star Trek meets video games. The catalyst for the Star Trek game I want started with the fascination of Star Trek Enterprise. Back in ’06/’07, I found my interest into a little Half Life 2 mod-to-be. At the time it was called “Enterprise: Temporal Cold War”, the premise was a nice set up to extend what the show’s writers would’ve wanted (probably). The voice acting was a start when I started to follow along, but it was insanely close. Who knew someone could do an impressive Scott Bakula? Unfortunately things turned ugly fast. People have obligations, but it was an addiction I wanted to feed. As their team broke apart to pursue bigger things, my heart sank as they released the source files for everything they made. It was the first time I had my video game heartache, video games never felt right; jumping around to play something that quenched the craving. Even though slated as a single player modification, TCW was something to almost to the precursor to STO (unofficial, of course.)

Fast forward to present day. I have what I wanted, though the bounty isn’t what I would really want, close enough is good enough. While looking around the internet, I would take a chance at peeking at games and mods in progress thanks to Moddb. Inputting the words star, gate, and trek. And look what spewed out under the guise of a CryEngine 3 game, Star Trek Enterprise: MACO. Under a different name, but it looks like they’re coming back together. Alas, I may get what I wish in a couple more years. For now, it seems like they are are porting their content. Give it time to hit that frontier, then watch progress roll through; if not, dilligently check back for updates. I for once am excited and renewed at a possibility of a Trek game done right; not close, but dead on.

Hopefully it will turn out for the best. This time, they have me checking in for those updates. Who knows, I might volunteer (depends who they need.)

Moddb Page:http://www.moddb.com/mods/na7240

[Note, they say it is a Crysis 2 mod but the plastered the CryEngine 3 decals. Not quite sure if they’re working in the SDK (source development kit) or an editor derivative of Crysis 2.]


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