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The Next Step

Recently, I’ve been given a talk about life goals. In my entire life, I have been given talks from every person I’ve met about life choices and things about my life. Telling me what to do and where to go, recently though I had a good talk that helped me a lot more.

A co-worker began asking me some of the deepest questions about my life, goals and livelihood. At my age, we saw a polarity. I’m still figuring things out while he has a bit more training and experience behind him. As we talked, I realized I haven’t in a long time to change myself. Ever since my teens, I’ve been just stuck here; physically and mentally. I haven’t improve much of my life. Still stuck in my hour in a large city, still waiting for the day when I can move out and live in a place I want to proudly own. I’m still stuck here.

What am I going to do about it now? To start, I’m realizing what I need to do. My room over the past decade has meandered between well maintained and a well maintained pile of clothes and papers. So I’m going to be taking stock, I’m going to donate the clothes I don’t need, clean my room entirely and sort and donate all the things I don’t need. It’s a tough order since there are a lot of odds and ends littered in my room. I am hopeful by the end of the week I will clean out my room, donate my unused clothes and buy a new wardrobe.

As much as I want a new computer, it might have to wait until I sort things out. As for my channel, less will be put out while I try and find my own way and my own style.


A Little Everyday

Recently I returned from working up north, things have been more or less back to normal with some small changes. I got back into recording videos on YouTube and writing here. However I dawned on my in a conversation with someone over Steam, I could be much different from the person I was about a month and a half ago.

As I talked to this guy, I spoke of doing good unto others and phrases which equate to righting the wrongs in the world. In a way, it’s seen in the way I play Interstellar Marines recently. Rather playing  as the guy who would run into a room with bots, I’m now reviving teammates and thinking more about my approach than gunning everything in co-op. I think somewhere I have became a bit more selfless and humble.

Like anyone who likes dining, people here partake in a customary tip. Usually a gesture of good will which amounts to 10% minimum of the goods and services rendered. Of course awhile back, I did tell you guys how I tip when it comes down to doing the deed; 10% minimum for good service and up to 20% if I enjoyed myself with excellent service. Though recently I’ve been tipping fairly well for food I would once put in 10%; I’m not giving out over 20% but I would ballpark it as 15% average tip in recent days. At the heart of the matter I feel it might have been all I’ve experienced in the past month. Hard work with very little to show for it and working a job some may revile while some revere. For me, the work I’ve dedicated myself into is more for me. Selfish as sounds, it has definitely taught me a few things about people and how they conduct themselves. It has pushed me to the limits of my personality and professionalism to show who I truly am and shockingly, I can be more than the gamer in his room writing about world.

Working my entire body into a sore mess has shown me a few things. Though I doubt it qualifies me as a counsellor of any kind, I think it’s worth sharing. Whoever and wherever you are, whatever you do; I want to know, there are people worse off than you. When I started working about 8 months ago, I knew parts of my job will suck a whole lot. Many peers I use to know, they couldn’t hash it because it wasn’t something they enjoyed. However for me, something stuck onto me that I can never take off. This job, this occupation of mine has taught me there are certain people who take the job for two either reason; the benefits or the experience. In the end, the ones in it for the experience seem to stick around longer. Indeed money talks, but the heart knows more than money can buy. So to those who take up minimum wage jobs in their mid-adulthood with family counting on them to put food on the table, I totally understand the struggle. To those who have an endowed salary, I ask of you to think of others.

Those who are getting paid well off and have everything, life isn’t about the accumulation of wealth but of the experiences you inherit. In mathematics, there are two infinities; countable and uncountable. Countable being the elements which you can quantify while uncountable infinity is the values between. Example of countable would be whole numbers from 1 onward. Uncountable are more like real numbers, 0.5762 for example; there are a lot of numbers between 0 and 1 alone. Much can be said about living and working. Many of work long shifts for very little and yet enjoy it while some work for the benefits and not necessarily enjoy their work. Some are them even worse off, they don’t like their job and it pays almost nothing; but they’re doing it anyways. Employment is much like uncountable infinity, there’s always something better but this is what you have counted for now. Anyone can have a long employment history; but the experiences you had are the uncountables, they decide the worth of the sum of your employment.

For many who have never seen the stars at their workplace, sat as the crickets chirped, seen sights so very few would only imagine in video games and dream; the longing to make it all worth it is in you. Even though you get paid a lot or none, it’s not about making money, life is not about making money but about what you do with it. Survival is engrained into us, get the resources we need for another day. When you have too much, we tend to hoard it. When we have very little, we try longer until we have it all. In the end, none of that matters. Money to me is part of the great answer I seek. I want my life to be known more than just a number, a countable number. I want it know for the moments I spent, all the uncountable moments. Moments that changed me and taught me rather than the value of all the moments on a pay check.

So until next time, let’s start counting our experiences together.


This year will be unlike the few years I have been on the blog. Though I will be still writing, I am pushing to organize everything a little bit. Therefore some changes will happen.

The Schedule. Stuff IRL

First off, I will not be changing my blogging schedule. Yup. Once a week every week until the summer. I cannot forecast the summer because of new developments in my life. With that being said, I have been employed which is a relief. However the most I can say is financially, I am still having trouble. By trouble, I mean I need a steady income. As of now I’m out of the red, but still trying to hold on the ground I’ve gained from the past couple years of spamming my resume out.

Secondly as of late 2014, I’ve moved away from reviewing video games. That’s just because rather than posting a review, my reviews are now in video form. On my gaming channel on YouTube, I’ve decided to play the games I like and share it to the world. Along with these games, I am looking into getting new games to review and even play through its entirety. So anything directly to gaming will go straight to my YouTube channel; my thoughts, opinions and views will be here.

Community Comments!

Over the past few years, I’ve have been timidly contributing to the WordPress blogging community by commenting on other blogs. Most of the time I realized I would post a wall of words on other people’s posts. To me I like my thoughts to be thorough which usually doesn’t result in a concise comment. So as I am now in the fourth year of my blog, it’s time that instead of building walls (of words), I start posting them here. Out of my schedule, these posts should not count towards my actual blog posts. There are some amazing bloggers out there who post some amazing content to make me think and contribute to their blog. It is only fair that I show you guys how I’m showing you readers how I’m contributing back to a community who has read my grief.

What about summer?

So one of my employers require me to be away for the summer. I am not quite sure how I am going to continually forward posts since I don’t think where I’m going will have a connection or access to my laptop or home computer. If WordPress allows, I will have some posts lined up for the summer until I return. YouTube is another matter. Since I don’t think YouTube requires me to be on to publish in real-time, my channel might go on hiatus. The same can be said for my blog if I can’t find some way to post ahead of time but only publish on specific dates. From what it looks like, the hiatus will be about 2 months long. In internet time, that’s a really long time.

2015 will be a very busy year for me. For my profession life and my hobbies I’ve created over the past few years. I would like to thank you guys for joining me from the start. If you guys just joined, I hope you guys keep coming back.

Until next time, let’s make 2015 happen!

Re: #472 Where are you Steam Sales?

A response to #472 Where are you Steam Sales?.

I’ve been on Steam for almost a decade (According to my badge, 8 years) and I’ve seen Steam change it’s marketing and this year I think they’re trying to wean their users towards what they want their platform to become.

At first when I started Steam, it was mainly AAA titles getting the holiday sales page. It was tough back then to look online for games other than what’s popular and hyped. With the advent of Greenlight, there has been bunch of submissions and approved games listed on the market. This is where the problem lies with the users and the consumers on Steam.

The indies don’t necessarily have a marketing team running round the clock to advertise their game since they want to produce the product than enhance their own image. Usually these small studios are running on a timeline and a budget unlike larger studios who can afford a bit of time wasted. This race to publish has granted us something unique in the industry at the moment, early access.

In my personal opinion, some of the developers seem smart on when to go fully public on their early releases while some have been just pushing hard to get the funding they wanted. While others are focused too into their product and they create a great product but not enough to generate awareness of it. So most games I found have either don’t reach expectation of the game while some just go under for not being well funded. This is what’s great about Steam. Steam can act as the marketing platform to sell the game on behalf the developers. And I think Steam sees this and it’s why a lot of early access titles are on sale for the holidays. It generates awareness for these games at an appropriate price while giving players the opportunity to be the kid in a candy store to buy a lot of games for a small cost.

Perhaps the lackluster feeling you are receiving is being you are not sure about these games and it feels you are not getting the sales you were expecting. I too felt the same way and it is indeed very difficult to buy a game when most of the catalogue is on sale. To that, I say we take the lessons we learned from Watch_Dogs; we take a risk regardless how much we spend and how popular the game, but it is indeed our risk to take.

Thanks for the article!

Human Oddity – Change

When I was in high school, I was always fascinated by history. Reading about the ancient times, the renaissances and the wars of old. The interesting thing about human society is it’s ebbs and flows. Regardless of where we are in the world or what era we live in, there are 3 things which happen in order. In much of the same ways, we are live in between one of those moment and the new one. The world turns, even looking inward to our own lives; the 3 remain the same. The Resolution; the dust settles and adopt the new ways or resents them. The Pause; the plans are made on both sides to move the future to where they see fit, for greed or other reasons. The Revolution; the plan is in action and both sides stand to engage their enemies until one stands firm which brings us back to The Resolution.

It’s hardly intricate, but yet repetitive. Each moment in human history seems to revolve around this cycle. From the extent of my memory, look back on the old world. Take The European Renaissance as our example. The Resolution; after the plagues and wars, many sought out the ideologies of peoples millennia ago. Leading to The Pause, the rise of a new era of art and science; people started to looking through telescopes and looking at the world in a new light. Then which lead to The Revolution; the world before disapproves of how these people were looking at things which contradict how they thought the world worked before. 

One more closer to our time? Early 20th century, new technology and the world slowly embracing machines to take them to places. To us, trains and automobiles seem mundane and slow; to them, it was quick and the new age. This was The Pause, right before the great wars in Europe; The Revolution where both side sought to change the world in their own right. With it was the enhancement of these technologies including planes, including new ideas of treating others. The world facing a new bloom of technology with The Resolution it brought, the war’s technology went home and brought us back to The Pause of the mid-1990; though even then, it wasn’t a quiet time. A new Revolution of human rights and mutual  agreements where we began to women and races as equals and the “old world” arms proliferation reached it’s peak and realized it’s potential of mutual annihilation. Then once more, The Pause which bestowed our generation’s greatest advancement; the freaking Internet. In hours, information can be sent and received everywhere at any time. Meaning a sharing of ideas on society and the slow mistrust of once again “old world” influences. A bygone generation’s way of holding down power while we wait for the oncoming generation’s Revolution. We can already see this happening around the world. Ever since the turn of this century, everyone has been fighting for change and those who haven’t are being seeded the very idea which will spark that change.

In my opinion, this revolution won’t be about challenging the world’s ideologies of religion or science. It won’t be fighting over who’s right or wrong. And it won’t be over who controls what anymore. From what I’ve seen and read, this Revolution is about freedom; whether it is protecting what is already ours and fighting for the freedoms we as humans need. Even in the most civilized places will become the battleground to challenge those who oppose freedom and those who dare seek to gain control of them. This revolution will not be about winning or losing, but how much freedom before it turns into anarchy or totalitarianism. It is in my opinion going to be a fine line this generation will cross to test the limits of the old world’s ideologies on freedom while some will be claiming their own. It worries me to think the capabilities a population of billions to do. An anonymous person once said, “Some men want to watch the world burn.” It is only a matter of time this smoking tinder becomes a forest fire.

Until next time, change doesn’t happen overnight but is forged like a sword and tempered in fire.

Full Force 2014

To be honest, that title sounds like a video game. But this one’s about putting theme to a new years. Last year because I had a few lousy, I wanted to just dominate 2013 with positivity. I did everything I could to enjoy the year and secure myself a future.  So for 2014, I thought I could give you folks something to do for the entire year. I know new year resolutions are easily broken, but perhaps start with a small toss than a long throw?

1. Volunteer

Last year I began volunteering after half a decade without it. I have to admit, it’s a rewarding experience when you find a right place. Regardless, volunteering can be really handy. If employment is kind of a stretch for you like me, maybe give volunteering will help to bolster your resume. Not only that but you gain some professional experience if not personal experience. Who knows? Maybe find some skills you like working with you never expect you would like working. If you’re not in it for the experience, it’s a good opportunity to network; personally and professionally. Make friends with other volunteers and maybe they can hook you up with opportunities that you would not get as a nobody. If video games have taught me, NPC’s are nicer if you know them better and they give you more quests. Though you should focus more on making friends than coworkers since I think people like to have friends than coworkers.

2a. Collect ‘em all!

Might seem old school but maybe start a collection of items. Could be rocks, could be stamps, could be vintage items; just anything that catches your eye, just put it in that collection. Even without a theme, there’s always the “Stuff I Found Awesome 2014”. Whatever your kink is, collect it for 2014! If you’re into games like me, you can collect stuff too!

2b. Catch ‘em all!

Gamers, this is your year to collect what you want in your games. Whether it is an armour or weapon set, a slot full of items or just to reach the highest level; this is the year for all that. Focus on it and work on it; I know it’s a grind but at least you have a year to grind. For me, I’m definitely going to have a collection going on since I did start Blacklight: Retribution and it allows you to permanently unlock weapons, attachments and armour. So that’s going to be my game of the year. I’ll still be playing Star Trek Online but I’m pretty much at the end of the game. Collecting end game sets now are just to stay on top of the game rather than enjoying it. Perhaps this year, you can get into collecting something. It’s like kill collection quests, but it takes longer and you have an actual reward at the end.

3. Adventure

I think it’s a bit in out human nature to go beyond familiar shores to see something new; something different. You can do the same, even at home there are a lot you do. In a multicultural city, there’s always new food to discover and new places to visit. If you have been there and done that, maybe go outside your city and explore another. Visit somewhere you always wanted to go but never had a chance to travel; heck, make this year the excuse for escaping. Hawaii and the Caribbean’s always there, go somewhere you always wanted to because you want to try or do something there. The world is your ocean, set course to all the new things!

4. Steadfast Future

Perhaps your year ended well and you want to keep it up or it ended in a tragedy; there is nothing wrong to hold fast to what you have and build upon the progress you’ve made. Maybe you need some bridges burnt, burn them this year. You need mend old wounds? Sew them up this year. You want to start a new path in life? You are your own map and compass, just start walking. Simply put; if you have a bad year, fix it for this year. If you had a good year, keep it going for this year and see where it takes you. You would be surprised what you can accomplish without a specific goal.

Until next time, wherever the wind blows is where you will go!

All hail the Prime Minister of The World! [Long reading up ahead]

Okay we all have that narcissistic compulsion. The question of how you would rule the world. Would you rule it with an ironfist or a cabinent that questions the decisions of the day. This is a blog that has been in the making for about awhile now, refining and tuning as I thought about it.

Though I have really no credentials to become a political figure. But sometimes, we think to ourselves “I could do better than you, Mr./Mrs. [Insert surname here].” In many ways, having your usually joe would be more relatable than a young graduate or the veteran politician. He might not grasp some things but he would know what the people needs. Though I am not that average, I do have ideas on how I would run things if I was in charge of the world. Though by scenario, there are more qualified candidates before me to governor the world more honestly and openly. However, though I belittle myself in the face of politics, we all have potential to become a leader of the people. We all can’t lead since no one would ever follow.

In this blank slate, allow me to draw you a world. Similar to Earth; oceans, continents, plants, animals and a populace of people. These terrans are technologically evolved and just on the precipice of deep space travel. Space ships are almost in their grasp, but still relying on chemical rockets travel to the moon. Pretty much a mirror of our own world.

Now in terms of governance, I would imagine a world government to be a democracy. Though likely the position would be mostly to prioritize resources and technology wherever it’s needed. In my opinion if I was overlooking and delegating, I would focus on innovation and humanitarianism. Likely humour the idea of human colonization of the moon and Mars, probably put a lot of funding towards it. Considering how much space we need to live and grow food, though the food issue would be a hot topic. Probably do what I could from the government side to allocate food surplus of a local area to somewhere in need and try to reach out for grass root organizations to help alleviate the food problem. I woefully doubt my subterranian city idea would fly since people like outdoors and stuff outside. Though likely food is not the only thing the society needs, fuel and energy would be front centre to everything we would want to achieve. If I had the power, I would allocate wome capital in sustainable energy research and reclamation project to deal with waste and energy. I would want exponential change from using fossil fuels to alternative methods provided by nature and ourselves. Though likely not overnight, there is a lot more to really do within the time I have.

Along with these wonders, I would want to focus on social progress. Starting of course the fundementals of life; food, water, shelter. Living in a large city, I’ve noticed. as time went on how unaddressed the issue can be. I find commendable the volunteers who reach out and assist with the necessities some take for granted. Large if I could, I would ask these organizations to continue to mitigate the situation as jobs open up. We live in a world where manual labour is all automated, maybe it’s time to cut back on automation? It would reduce fuel consumption is some areas and would provide jobs to people who need something to help sustain themselves.  Food banks though some won’t utilize, are really important. Providing food for families and individuals living check to check is difficult with rising price of food. The grass roots movements working on the future “urban farm” would help to bring fresh food rather than canned. However there are limitations within a city. Though meat products would likely be difficult, small game should help mitigate the need for transport trucks hauling poultry. Probably allow homeowners raise chickens in certain areas would help provide an income to that family and would benefit the community since it would not require a lot of fuel for transportation from a farm over long distances.

Pollution would decrease as citizens would grow their own food and move around more locally. However the consumer lifestyle may stick around whether we like it or not. Where there is consumerism, there will be waste. Waste in the form of manufacturing of packaging and containers that our stuff comes out of. Accounting for transportation, resource extraction, manufacturing and assembly of our stuff; we still have a lot pollution to tackle. Under my ideal world government, for excessive use of these precious resources to move a product would be a heavy environmental tax to tell them I am serious. Aside from the taxes these companies would take, the enviro-tax would not return to the government but would be the incentive for environmental groups to restore the world. This should contain the cycle of production; what goes in, you get taxed so we can replace it. Aside from that, resource quotas would be placed to monitor use. What we use has a cap and must be renewed and if the resource is nonrenewable, then there should be heavy taxation to the use of it. Fossil fuels is a situation we are in because of the low prices of a once abundant fuel. We did peogress a lot from it, however it costed us the situation where every gallon is worth the price of a regular coffee. Of course progress requires energy in, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the same resources go in. We can have fuel and synthetics without using more petroleum. Back to taxes, I would have companies pay that tax to plant more trees, create business invested in geothermal, hydroelectric, and solar. Essentially, anything alternative and natural. Not just green companies, but people who are renovating to generate power or using recycled materials can get in on the incentive.

While we are on the subject of companies, I have something that would benefit small time business. Though it may be conflict of interest for supporting local, but hear me out. Rather than a uniform tax rate for business, it would be a tax based on size of the business. From the top of my head, it should be mathematical. Something along the lines that factors in environmental impact through transportation and manufacturing, number of stores and locations under the company name and various industries it is invested in. I have no clue, but if someone can spew out a percentage out of it that would less than 1.00 then it would give a leg up to mom and pop shops. Since less of all that, less taxes.

Aside from this pipe dream ideas, there are some out of left field. Like a unified currency that I would call “Universal Energy Credits”. How it works is that anything bought or sold is based off an index of energy used or consumed. Example being if you worked and got paid; based on the index, you would receive x amount of credits for using energy to complete a task. If you are an entrepeneur, you could set a price of your product plus the energy you spent creating the product. These credits would only be dispensed in a way you won’t be flicking pennies out of you hand, I hate pennies, totally abolished if I had a governkent like that. In this credit system, there is no need to convert since it is a somewhat uniform calculation. Meaning if you and your friend made the same product and both priced the same, you and your friend would be equally paid and would not require coverting currency. Since energy to do something is the same as anyone else, the whole currency conversion would be antiquated. Off to the segue, maybe a card like a credit card to collect those “pennies”; no need to materialize a coin to represent a single unit except a card to record those pennies to convert to something larger. Trust me, this is more sane than the subterranian society idea to utilize the surface of the Earth for farmland and power generation.

Those are my ideas. Leave me a comment and tell me what you would do if you were leader of a world government. Or put it in you blog and link me to it, that would cool too.

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