“Two wrongs make a right”–We shall see…

Double timing my life is a change. For the first part, it’s not the double time I’m use to and secondly, too much brain usage that when I think it’s starting to hurt. Seem like I’m always trying to get everything together just to have it not work or explode in my face and yet everyone is all like “mix a and b together and get a job” while I’m all like “a and b does not get a job, it makes me super sad because it all involves doing stuff I would not morally want to do.” Yeah I know it’s a run on sentence, but I’m freaking out and my life is screeching to a miserable wall of doom.

It could be an episode I’m going through or just forgetting my medication; speaking of which, I totally forgot about those bits. Still, turbulent times in my life because it doesn’t work the way I want it and it sucks due to that fact. But at least it doesn’t suck as U.S. election, see what I did there? Hardly following the whole big American deal which is not the $4.99 special at the local sandwich shop, from what I get it’s between Obama and Romney. I’m Canadian so I can’t help you pick one, but I can give you some advice in terms of making social choices. This goes for the election or if you’re not picking a dude to run a country, just stuff to consider and do in life. Starting with pick the choices which helps minorities especially those minorities which can enrich society in general. I know abortion and LGBT issues are pretty big in some parts of the world and even at home. My opinion is abortion is a good thing considering we have 7 billion Homos (…Sapien) running about and the Earth has a butt-ton of synthetic carcinogens and lots of social problems which would make me feel uncomfortable knowing children are living in a world where we and our parents and our parents’ parents trashed like we didn’t own it. I myself cannot personally associate with the LGBT community but having the rights and choices to do what they want should be at least equal considering that we did that to women and now we have a lot more great things to look forward to like feminism and the vote. If you can’t do that, be more conscious about the environment and stuff to help people you will never meet; those people I’m talking about are the people who will be here when we all die. If it’s stuff to get the environment to be cleaner and undo all the bad stuff we’ve done, then it’s pretty good. With all the technology running around, make sure you look into those things because it may sound great but we could totally bone ourselves since it may require more energy in than the awesome stuff out. They’re just a few examples, but it’s just few of a lot of issues. I don’t know who’s promising who, but you guys know so make the right choice on the first try unlike the last time you voted the same fail that put you into a long quagmire.

Speaking of a long quagmire, Star Trek Online’s end game grinding. Hooray, this time I won’t drone on. I’m focusing on grinding my Omega space set after getting the last piece of the MACO space set just on Saturday. The Omega space set to me is the optional set since it only boost flight and turn speeds mostly. With my ships mostly running on Aegis or mission space sets like the Breen or the Jem’Hadar. Alongside gathering the prototype items to get them, I’m working on making a phaser weapon set that is alternate to the antiproton stuff I have on it now. I’m doing it because I have a feeling as a cosmetic thing, I may want the Sao Paulo class for it’s Quad Heavy Phaser Cannon. Then just pile on the awesomeness of phaser cannons like what I did with the antiproton cannons. After I get my Transwarp Computer module, I’ll consider it as my next time consuming project in STO.

Now back to my job hunt…ugh, jobs…ugh, capitalism…ugh, society making my life rough…


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