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News for Fools

Yesterday, I had a a bit of fun on my Twitter account corresponding with a local radio station. To give you guys to speed, the local station on the top of the hour always reports a bit of the daily news. For chuckles since it is the Internet, I made some interesting “headline” news in 140 characters.

Rather dictating each one I had for the day, I think I will post a few here I considered but turned down. To follow a format, I had to keep it under 140 characters, quoted and with “more at [number between 1-12 depending on the time of day].” So here it is, for the laughs:

“Local man shoots self in foot, finds gold. More at 5.”

“Physicist says sky is not blue, but periwinkle. More at 4.”

“Woman sees for the first time. Saw seashells by the seashore. More at 9.”

“Martians come to Earth, returns with Curiosity. More at 1.”

“What you’re kids are doing right now that should worry you because we tell you. More at 2.”

“FDA approves sword swallowing as source of iron. More at 7.”

“Gun laws now require license for you to sat ‘pew pew’ in public. More at 8.”

“Microsoft is now a religion. Apple users declare holy war. More at 2.”

“World leaders elect ‘Supreme Master Leader of the World’, Joe from Arkansas. More at 1.”

“Ambassador of Nigerian prince approaches UN for aid. More at 2.”

“Facebook’s hired monkeys unionize, goes bananas. More at 3.”

“NSA to release what you did last summer. More at 6.”

“UN decides to separate world citizens into 12 sections to fight to the death. More at 6.”

“Scientists discover dihydrogen monoxide is extremely unhealthy. More at 10.”

“People like grapes. Census agrees. More at 11.”

I am surprised I haven’t found a job just to write this stuff. I am not much of a prankster, a witty jokester perhaps. Anyways Easter is coming and and I know a few people are taking some time off while I’ll be here doing what I’ve been trying to do for a long time.

Until next time readers, Happy Easter.


Crowdfunding, Space and STD’s – Random Thoughts

I’m off the wall this week. I’ve been getting active and creative recently which has been churning out some random thoughts. Once again, I would like to be open about them regardless how random, dark or silly they are; here we go again, sit tight folks!

I am starting to think those people who want to never age are very self centred. You probably know some people  who go out of their way to say “I want to live forever.” First off, bad idea to go around to say that because I would get judgemental. Secondly, why would you ever want to wish immortality on yourself? To each day of your life at one age as others die around you. Your friends, family and pets; they will move on and you will be stuck as yourself at one state for the rest of your life. In this hypothetical if you were to live every day normally and remember everything, you will still be the same as you are forever. So in 60 years you will look like you and have the same vitality but at the same time, everyone you known and loved have passed on. You would become the loneliest survivor of death. What if everyone lived forever? That would be even more catastrophic. Considering the world and its resources, you have about 9 billion people on the planet all wanting the same things. They all want food, materials and shelter; what if they give birth to the next generation. Assuming the entire population was at adulthood and was split fairly between gender, we would have 4.5 billion children wanting the same. That would be 13.5 billion people wanting food! I don’t even think we have enough space at the moment to feed everyone let alone 13.5 billion. If we lived forever, our food demand would increase and it would be exponential. If immortality was existent, I wouldn’t want it because either my future will be lonely or crowded.

With all the conflicts and arms proliferation in the world, what if we took all the money which bought our weapons and war machines and put it into scientific pursuits? What can we human accomplished if we put money into developing new technology? Would be be able to solve our famines with science? Could we build space travel technology within the next 50 years? Perhaps viability for our first warp drive? If we had the money from all our recent wars put into colonizing Mars, would we even be there already? I am still optimistic about our society doing bold and amazing things if we tried hard enough to put aside our differences and do something to help us all. That’s how societies and nations are created, why can’t we just all get along and solve the problems with science?

There has been a lot of gadgets for PC developing at the moment, mostly toward immersive virtual reality. I’m all for VR for video games but I still like the tactile controls of mouse and keyboard; perhaps the occasional controller since most games don’t support controllers on PC. I’m still baffled on why can’t we just consolidate on one or two devices for PC. I have 3 attached to my computer for user input. Of course some manufacturers unify their devices to work on one port. I’m talking about have the one device that can do most if not all the input. I wouldn’t mind having a a device the size of a controller have keyboard functionality with a joystick that can be used as a mouse. When not for work, this nifty gamepad can be my game controller for games that require it. With smartphones, it’s a definite proven fact we can type with our thumbs. I think there may be an untapped market in having an all-in-one device for PC which is you keyboard and mouse and when combined turns into a nifty controller. Someone get on it!

I realized recently I’ve been looking through crowd-funding website for games. You can literally crowd fund for a lot of things now, want a shirt? Crowd fund! Need a video game idea come to life? Crowd fund! Really weird porno? Crowd fund! What about something big and huge, could we crowd fund a space program? Could we crowd fund a cure for cancer? I’ve read article of people having a go at space travel from homemade means. I wonder if they went public and allowed people donate, how much money would they gain from crowdsourcing a space program? I wonder what the rewards would be; if 15 bucks gets you a t-shirt, what would you get for 15 million? Perhaps a seat on the maiden voyage? What about stretch goals, would there be something worth doing as a stretch goal? Science is always trying to find new and cheap ways to do more science, maybe someday I might want to get on board crowdfunding a mission to the Moon or even Mars.

When I was a kid, I was into the first Matrix movie. The idea of plugging in and experiencing a network through firs person. At the time, the notion sounded amazing because then video games become very realistic. Looking back, maybe realism shouldn’t be so realistic. It should suck to die repeatedly in a video game. With my luck, I would sprain my ankle or get shot up like swiss cheese. If I remember correctly, if you get hurt in the Matrix then you get hurt in real life. With the current state of the Internet, I wouldn’t want to “jack in” to the world wide web. For one thing, the trolls; so many trolls that the beauty that is a city would be vandalised. Lastly viruses, there’s a lot of computer viruses. What if we have this technology and we have malware that can infect the brain. What would be the repercussions of of having your brain infected with rogue data and information? STD’s are scary enough, would you want a System Transmitted Disease?

This has been another random thoughts. Until next time, keep being random!

Specking IRL

In video games, especially in MMO’s, specking is a way if life. The purpose to be best of the best; either to be the most swift, the most smart or the most strong. Which would explain why everyone looks alike in their equipment, either to counter weakness or amplify their strengths. As I grow older, it seems to me this fact slowly holds true in many vectors in living.

Must like video games, modern society focuses on learning a set of skills or possess particular knowledge akin to skills and attributes. When you go to school at a young age, it’s merely the tutorial to the real world. It should be teaching things to talk to other people and complete certain tasks. Over time you begin to do these things regularly in different settings and with speed. Then you get into university, that’s where you specialize into doing something in the group. This institution is the two to six years where you pick you class, archetype or specialization. After that with much hope and debt, you are thrown into the open world with other newbies and seasoned veterans. It this ultimate massively open world experience; you get no respawns and rerolls, reputation and social groups matter, and the choice to add more specializations at a cost.

Choosing something for yourself in this game may be difficult but like any MMO, it’s based on what you want. If you want a life of brute labour, focus mainly on a strength build of lifting weights and running. If you want to be more brain than brawn, tapping out data and equations; then calculus and mathematics should be something you should really concentrate. If you stay the course, you would do fairly well. Those who decide to backtrack and choose something else, it can get difficult. Without the safety of a tutorial environment, you would have to learn on the go. If you wind up in a grind, you wouldn’t have just bored to deal with; some people just can’t handle it and would just get fed up.

As a person with a intelligence build who is more into a physical build, here’s my advice to anyone still in tutorial. Find something. Pick something you are good at and go with it. If you can think fast then find something more fast pace. You like to lift? Then pick a laborious workfield. Want to stick to something you like to enjoy? Stick to it. Disregard what other people say to you that you won’t make money or whatever, screw them all. People want you to have a intelligence build and all you want is agility with some strength, then agility and strength. It is up to you to make those choices to get you the right build. When you get it right, things will be easy. Get it wrong? Well…let’s hope you enjoy a longer grind to the top than you think.

Randumb Thoughts

It’s starting to be both a gift and curse with so much time on my hands, spending a lot of time doing nothing more than apply to jobs and day dreaming. Over the past week I’ve been letting my head in the clouds as usual. Perhaps some ideas are worth sharing and some are worth burying in a deep hole like a box of old porno mags. Either case, I thought I can put them here and let you figure it out.

After over a decade of “smart” phones, my cell phone still unlocks from the softest touch. With a touch screen, I stick in my pocket when I head out and whenever I whip it out, most of the time I have to deal with a mess or everything comes together and my phone somehow opened up to my browser. Phone locking hasn’t really changed, you have to put in a number or have to swipe and then you can do whatever you want. After looking through my phone’s history of the apps and websites, I’m certain my phone is a depressed drunk. It listens to the saddest music on my phone and tries to look up the longest website names. Either I have to get my phone laid or take it to AA, maybe hook it up to a busty Blackberry or something.

The 20 year olds might remember the the blackout in the summer of 2003. Power went out and people were flipping out. If you lived on the east coast and in a big city, everything just stopped and people just went crazy. People were piling into buses and city surfaces were crowded. Where I was living, I’m surprised no one just went for the idea of just smashing and looting stuff. I live in a centre of Canadian commerce where you can literally walk into any store and snatch a big screen TV. Imagine living without internet for a week? It would be horrible, but what if it was the power that went out? There will be Internet, but you won’t be able to get to it. I would wager after a few months, a lot of people would go nuts. Considering on all the jobs that require a computer now, imagine the backlog in the form of physical paperwork if the power went out. Upside, winter work hours would be shorter unless your business can afford candles.

Recently I walked passed my old high school, I wasn’t creeping; I was going to the mall to kill time. So this must have been new or something but my high school has security cameras mounted everywhere. Not only that, the cameras had this wire cage around them. This is starting to be clearer as an adult, school is a prison. At first you go like there is something wrong with you and then you’re stuck there for your 15 year sentence. All that time, you probably won’t be fed and you get your ass kicked in by other inmates students until you crawl back into your cell and cry. Then when you get out, the world is a difference place and you have more hair than you use to have. When has it come to the point where we’re treating kids like prisoners? You have to have a constant eye on them and and made sure they stayed in once place. There’s definitely something wrong when we treat kids like criminals. Parents if you wanted to lock up you kids, put them in the basement for 15 years, at least they will have their computer and XBox for the duration rather than learning about stuff which mostly will never be used in a social situation. So far I haven’t wooed a girl with my historical wit or my basic understanding of psychology.

With a current living condition like mine, I have been thinking which would be better; living like this or live in prison? Consider side one, my life right now. I have to pay for food, no much recreation and I have to look for a job. Prison on the other, sounds like a resort destination. No need to worry about finding a job, you get the exercise and food you need free of charge, there are activities you can do until you are set to leave. Like who wouldn’t want to just sleep, eat and be entertained all day? I’m surprised not a lot of people committed a crime just to take a sabbatical or just a lifelong vacation. If they didn’t tell you it was prison or jail, it seems like a nice place to go. You don’t work, you just stay there for a predetermined time while they feed you and have plenty of time to yourself.

I’m not much of a believer of religion. For one thing, I would need more than divine intervention to fix my problems. I do believe in “that’s what you get”. Where you do a bad thing and you get bad things bad for you. It would be the most ironic ways it would boomerang back to you. It works in international politics and it works in personal life. Take a look at the War in Iraq, when the US declared war two things happened. Everyone told them it was a bad idea, they did it anyways. Now they have to suffer through Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. I don’t know what I did for a streak of bad luck so I’m hoping all this bad luck becomes good things later on. After 20+ years, I expect I inherit Microsoft or something. At least let me find a big box of porn in the woods.

That’s all I got for now; I’m going to eat a cold burger.

Just one of those days…

Sometimes when I look like I’m not doing much, I am in really deep and interesting thought. Usually in my head, I’m thinking of some really interesting ideas; more often, the random comment or statement you don’t want to verbally hear. But is it just me or do I get a lot of thinking done when there is a stimulating environment? I don’t mean “inside a lecture hall during a very long discussion of the universe” stimulating, but I’m referring to the Starbucks, the one loud library, or (in my case as I’m writing this) the McDonalds. Usually nothing really interesting comes up to mind, mostly just stuff about seeking employment or places I can only dream of working. But here’s an idea for you folks to consider.

For those readers who have stuck around, you know I  like to drop ideas on how we can change society in big way. Like underground cities and rethinking capitalism in dramatic ways, I think this one takes the cake. Whether you are in the US or in Canada (or any other country like us, I ain’t judging), you probably own a SIN or a Social Insurance Number. Its purpose is to grant you the opportunity to work and receive government benefits. Considering this put you on a system, why not make it reward for people who own their SIN? Of course you get societal benefits like welfare and work, but I’m talking about day-to-day. Sure money has been around since we phased out the whole “trade you wood for sheep” back in the day. Why not make it more fair and simple in terms of not necessarily paying taxes up front and paying for things of equal value based on the gain of wealth. My idea is simply tying the SIN system with a credit system. In lieu of cash or debit, this card would represent you as a consuming individual. The card takes your income and stores it much like a debit or credit card would; but rather than just putting money in, you can pay thing as a percentage to your income. Doesn’t sound advantageous but it allows for equal gain based on what you own in liquid assets. So lets say you want buy a cheeseburger for lets say $1, under the current system, you simply fork over $1 and the state tax of x percent. In this make believe all-in-my-head system, you pay a percentage of your income. So in stead of prices being listed in dollars, they’re listed in percentages. Then when you pay, you pay that percentage of your income for goods and services. So to one guy, a car can be $50, 000 while to another, it can be $20, 000. Yay or nay on this idea? I might be missing something to this but that’s the mindset I have. Mindset: random and “what did I just read?”

Being on and off employed this year, made me realize a few things. First being this city sucks for employment unless you have been working for the past 10 years and have a university education. Second point is the wage is way to low and there are people who are literally working themselves to death. Quite lastly, a high school education doesn’t carry a lot of weight anymore; nor does experience since each job is way specialized. Who knew being a security guard requires specialization? Who knew being a game tester requires knowledge in computer programming and software development? Who knew waste disposal requires engineering? Okay, I’m not quite sure about the last one but it’s that ridiculous. My advice to people reading this in a small town, get a job and settle in the small town. Two reasons, more money and more opportunities. So my action plan towards a stable and comfortable job is likely going to be trying to squeeze myself into jobs I can do but also be ambitious on jobs I have some experience. Sure, I’m a certifiable clerk; give me data and a method of input and I would do it for probably a negotiable wage. Just anything right now to get my life a kick start. Maybe later on, try my hand at YouTube; only time will tell.

Or I can risk what I have on playing Monopoly at McDonalds. It’s just one of those days, slow and pedantic. Until next time, have some cake!

Scumbag Society–Here’s a few!

Happy weekend everyone, I wish I was as happy as a few people gone partying as I write thing (it’s a Friday). Though clubbing isn’t my thing, though clubbing topics with my meaty word stick is definitely my thing. This week I think I’ve found something to really rant about and the internet is a power source for pulling these observations. Most people don’t really realize how great the world wide web can be aside from a resource of information and a repository of pornography. It attaches one side of the world with another and spreads gossip like a Californian wildfire. Being connected for the majority of the last decade, I can see the internet in a new light in terms of a social monitor with volunteer data collectors spanning across the world and here at home. They bring online a presence the polarity of our social morals and values. Laymen terms; it show’s us how scumbag our society is widespread. So here is a list of observations I (and my cunning mind) have found through sifting the internet. Who knows, maybe some of you would make some good social study reports in the upcoming school year from this.

  • “Carbs are a bad thing and makes you fat.” Yet, you all feel tired and sleepy.
  • Caucasian person voicing their views and opinions about western society: perfectly okay. Non-caucasian person voicing their views and opinions about western society: inappropriate and likely a terrorist.
  • “For working for no money, you get experience at working in your field.” Not sure if unpaid internship…or slavery.
  • The 1600’s: “Look at all the skinny person, can’t be rich like us fatties.” Today: “Look at all the fatties, can’t be rich like us skinny folk.”
  • We know what that famous person is doing in their personal life; yet no damn clue what the fundamental physical forces are doing.
  • We know what that famous person is doing in their personal life; yet no damn clue what our government is doing.
  • We know what that famous person is doing in their personal life; does not address we are screwing up the planet.
  • Attracts young teenage girls: Justin Bieber (who is 18+ mind you). Attract young teenage girls: Pedophile (who are usually 18+)
  • Talks down to all the problems in the world online. Does not address any issues though actions.
  • Rich and famous but does not do anything for the economy then gets caught with drugs; rehab for you. Poor and unknown but works their butt off for anything they own then gets caught with a small amount of drugs; time in jail for you.
  • Women can wear skirts to work, men can’t wear shorts to work.
  • Reboots superhero franchises into movies, but doesn’t readdress problems caused over 20 years ago.
  • Society with an obsession of hunting down pedophiles, but promotes ephedophilia through media.
  • Two men kissing each other gets ridiculed. Many men showering together naked is normal.
  • Pays a lot politicians to act like children and not pass necessary laws while people are having troubles medically, financially and/or socially.
  • Society says you have a mental condition, yet promotes psychopathic capitalism.
  • Society says you have a mental conditions, doesn’t give you a job because they think you’re mentally incapable.
  • Focuses on issues when it’s way to late to fix the problem.
  • Focuses on issues when it’s only a symptom to a bigger problem.
  • Focuses on issues then points fingers at the wrong people.
  • Focuses on issues today, tomorrow what your famous person was doing.
  • Makes a lot of money, spends it paying adults to revert to children name calling each other.
  • Makes a lot of money, puts it into places where it shouldn’t really go.
  • Makes a lot of money, puts it into finding ways to make other people’s lives suck.
  • Complains a lot about not making money while sitting at work.
  • Starts a line of work with no education requirements. 10 years later, requires a post-secondary degree to get the same line of work. 10 months after, now you need experience and education for this once amazing job where we have finally sucked the life out of it and almost automated the process.

Until next time, feel free to comment and add one of your own Scumbag Society blog posts. Maybe reblog it to me if you do.

Video games and me…(Part 2: The whole “and me” part)

Took me awhile to really sit down for this one. For one thing, I haven’t told my doctor I’ve been off my medication yet. I should call them and get them to give me the okay on it, but it’s been about a month and I’ve been feeling fine almost fine. My mind has been preoccupied with a few tasks that are incomplete, even “half ass-ness” is something incomplete at the moment (I think 5 “quarter half ass-ness” is putting it a bit too generous too). But here it goes, getting personal with stuff.

About a few years ago on my hopeful last year of high school, I had a lot of trouble in terms of finishing stuff. Just straight on unable to complete anything, mind wandering in class, and even my attendance dropped significantly. I use to be the kid who would go to school and infect other kids just so I won’t be absent or miss a class. And too those kids who did get sick; don’t blame me, blame my parents for forcing school on me. So there I was, the oldest teenager in school sent down to the vice principal’s office on the one day out of the month I actually made it to school. He sat me down and asked what’s wrong with me. Seriously man, I was pretty freaking young and there was a lot of things wrong with me because of everything sabotaged by entities beyond my control. My life at that point was pretty much a mastery of puppetry. My answer I think was “I have no excuse or reason, sir.” Then he started the whole interrogation thing with the whys and the whats followed by the whens and the “how can we fix this?” Anyways, a long amount of time has passed as in I spent most of the period in that office just trying to get out of it since every visit I had with an authority figure in an educational institution up to that day was for a bad thing (for the record, I wasn’t a bad kid…just a kid who never had a chance for anything). Anyways about a good hour passed in this question period and the only result was a school psychologist was assigned to me. I tried making to the appointments, attended only 2 sessions with little to no success. It just made me feel a bit more miserable since I was set aside from my classes and pretty much flunking even faster than I was before since I’m at school but I’m not in class. But I was skipping so much I couldn’t make it to every appointment so after awhile I just forgotten about it.

So halfway through my last year of high school (…again), I finally cleaned up enough to talk to my physician who referred me to a psychiatrist. Ever since then, it’s a drugged filled roller coaster ride to find out what’s wrong with me and ways to cope with it. First I thought I was just depressed, but my head doc said I may have ADHD. I read and compared both and I believe I might have ADHD after all. It took a good half decade to really figure it out, but I’m glad I can identify the problem. Unfortunately, that’s the first step into getting out of the hole good ol’ life  has dug for me. No less, a good step out of it.

I read from a lot of recommended sources about ADHD and Wikipedia and I am certain of the symptoms to be more incline to ADHD symptoms. Most of these as honest I can put it, don’t bode well for me in terms of getting hired for jobs. Second to that would be according to Wikipedia, I would need more than life to sustain me. By that I mean a lot of stimulation of the brain area region where my mind is housed in a muscular tissue within the skull cavity. To break it down to 4 symptoms wouldn’t do it justice but anything that’s based on a workload, mood or behaviour changes up how you play the game, which includes according to Wikipedia on Adult ADHD:

  • Inattention
  • Difficulty in task management (initiating, completing, multitasking etc.)
  • Impulsive
  • Seeks constant activity

I have accounted a lot of people who have no clue how this must be like because they’re always showing pity on me or something. Seriously if I could describe their quizzical emotion, it would be between ignorance and misrepresented curiosity. Either case it’s a response when I tell them this fact is like this:

Oh………………-forgets about that fact and moves on-

So to those who may not know how ADHD feels like on the inside or want to know more on a personal level, here’s how you can really understand it, through some morbid random story I cooked up for your entertainment! Start by making a long list of stuff you want to do. Now go to the mall or anywhere with a lot of stuff. From what point on, do everything on the list but every time you see an item or a person or anything, describe or name it. You see a long pointy object, it’s a pencil. What else is like a pencil? a pen. What can you do with a pen? Write an awesome list. What’s on that list? Well you already have one, so why are you asking? Now when you get to each task you want to do, half ass it. I’m serious; if one of the things is “pick up milk at the grocery store” you better leave that check out lane without putting back the milk you wanted to buy. I mean it, like totally ditch that dairy and walk out to work on the next thing on the list. Keep doing it until you went down that list and did everything half ass.

  • “Babysit [insert noun]” – arrive to babysit, play video games and eat all the junk food
  • “Write a story” – first part is very detailed and then as you get up to the middle somewhere, end it in midsentence.
  • “Pay your bills at the bank” – Don’t pay for it, just withdraw $20 and buy some junk food and play video games.
  • “Take out the trash” – Take the trash out of the trash bin…you’re done with that task.
  • “Write a two part blog post” – Start with the first part, the second part will require 20 breaks to play video games and watch YouTube.

Well you get the point from the sample. While you walk about, don’t forget the part where you see something you will have to name it or describe it. This is to emphasize the point that, your brain is firing everything it’s got to process everything. It just doesn’t stop on a whim; it goes at 100 km/h, it will always goes 100km/h. Though medical science can coin it a disorder all they want, but in all the faults it has its moments when it comes in handy. I may be indecisive, but I can also make the most impulsive chooses at a drop of a hat. I might not be smart in terms of just picking one thing and getting a major for it, but overall I’m know a bit more about the world than a few people who have majored in university (kind of ironic). Besides the points, the Wikipedia page also says it could be hereditary of it anything it is most definitely a problem than an ability (…or is it evolution? I don’t know, throwing ideas out there).

From learning this mysterious thing I have, I learned much about myself and life itself. The lesson is life in it’s fairest ways is its unfair quality to be fairly unfair. Life does suck for one and for all, but life does many good thing for one and for all.

Talk to you guys next week!

Video games and me (Sounds like a pamphlet I once read…)

Of course my blog, I usually vent and release negative energy and stuff to the internet to get things off my chest. Most part just a therapeutic attempt to quit stressing out like crazy, which by the way kind of works. Sometimes serious and sometimes, I just want to get a dumb idea off my chest for the world to read it or understand it. Like that idea where you think a Star Trek pizzeria would work because people can order a “Galaxy class starship with extra disruptor damage and a box of tribbles”, one of many good bad ideas.

Speaking of good bad ideas, the meat of the matter. Most of you who read my old posts or follow (thanks you very much by the way), I have a problem. I’ve been trying to stop, but video games are way too damn fun. Every time I get on my computer at home, I just want to do something or play something that would just take me out of my life until I fall asleep. I spend a lot of time even though I try and phase out or push away from video games. Over the last 6 months, I’ve tried to get away from it and do other stuff. In time, I’m hopeful for being all less game-y.

I spend about 4-6 to plays video games which is very little compared to me being all super sad and the only way to get away from the sadness, I had to sit here for about 10 hours per day online killing, driving, questing something. For those who never had an addiction and want to know, well you have dropped in on the right post. I’m going to teach you (yes…you there!) how to become an addict. And I just noticed how wrong that sounds, but people should really know how bad life is and how society is and most of all how horrible the world is when you are screwed and want to escape.

So step one, go outside. This is optional, just anywhere the public will be like Amazon, Ebay or Facebook. Just anywhere you can see something, do something or become someone. So get a job, get a girlfriend or boyfriend depending on sexual attraction, eat, shop. Just anything. Now we establish this, step deux (two if you’re not French…I’m not French, but I know a bit of French).

Now you have gone outside, pick something you like. This is anything, seriously anything you like or want to do in terms of you love doing now. This is where we will be different in terms of activities. People smoke, people run around to make piles of money to roll around in it or people drink. Start this now, whatever it is. People who said masturbation or chose masturbation as a pleasurable endeavour for this exercise, you will find this will be pretty painful or you will feel super tired. Which case to the people who chose masturbation, you may want to pick something else or stay with it and receive any and all consequences.

Third step is the fun bit, keep doing the one thing as much as you. Even if you think you can’t pull it off, do it. Just go ahead and do it. If you think it, do it. Pretty much less than a paragraph to really explain it. For the most part, there aren’t any rules since fun is just fun. Ignore anyone and anything to do this one activity. Maybe take breaks for pee and food. No matter how had you have to write that exam, nope [insert activity here] is more important. It makes you happy and exams sucks a lot. Unless you want to try being a workaholic, which case why are you reading this? You have work to do.

And now that you’ve been all three, keep at it until you start realizing how you’re life is slowly running into ruin. In which case, keep going with your activity because the activity is better than life and do it more because you can always do it more. Even it turns out it becomes very boring, nope it’s still fun so keep going! Congratulations, you’re an addict.

I can hardly describe specifically how it feels in terms for having a game addiction but like that. It’s hard to get away from it because I’m just fighting that part of my mind that wants to be more dominate than the part where it should be regulating these wants and needs. It is a hard task but in time, I can binge and go cold turkey but it will take much more time to really get out of and all I have to do is find something to get me out of my room and my house and anything that would put me away from the activity. It’s either that or get a job revolving around it which is impossible because of certain mental complications.

Next time…ADHD…maybe…

“Two wrongs make a right”–We shall see…

Double timing my life is a change. For the first part, it’s not the double time I’m use to and secondly, too much brain usage that when I think it’s starting to hurt. Seem like I’m always trying to get everything together just to have it not work or explode in my face and yet everyone is all like “mix a and b together and get a job” while I’m all like “a and b does not get a job, it makes me super sad because it all involves doing stuff I would not morally want to do.” Yeah I know it’s a run on sentence, but I’m freaking out and my life is screeching to a miserable wall of doom.

It could be an episode I’m going through or just forgetting my medication; speaking of which, I totally forgot about those bits. Still, turbulent times in my life because it doesn’t work the way I want it and it sucks due to that fact. But at least it doesn’t suck as U.S. election, see what I did there? Hardly following the whole big American deal which is not the $4.99 special at the local sandwich shop, from what I get it’s between Obama and Romney. I’m Canadian so I can’t help you pick one, but I can give you some advice in terms of making social choices. This goes for the election or if you’re not picking a dude to run a country, just stuff to consider and do in life. Starting with pick the choices which helps minorities especially those minorities which can enrich society in general. I know abortion and LGBT issues are pretty big in some parts of the world and even at home. My opinion is abortion is a good thing considering we have 7 billion Homos (…Sapien) running about and the Earth has a butt-ton of synthetic carcinogens and lots of social problems which would make me feel uncomfortable knowing children are living in a world where we and our parents and our parents’ parents trashed like we didn’t own it. I myself cannot personally associate with the LGBT community but having the rights and choices to do what they want should be at least equal considering that we did that to women and now we have a lot more great things to look forward to like feminism and the vote. If you can’t do that, be more conscious about the environment and stuff to help people you will never meet; those people I’m talking about are the people who will be here when we all die. If it’s stuff to get the environment to be cleaner and undo all the bad stuff we’ve done, then it’s pretty good. With all the technology running around, make sure you look into those things because it may sound great but we could totally bone ourselves since it may require more energy in than the awesome stuff out. They’re just a few examples, but it’s just few of a lot of issues. I don’t know who’s promising who, but you guys know so make the right choice on the first try unlike the last time you voted the same fail that put you into a long quagmire.

Speaking of a long quagmire, Star Trek Online’s end game grinding. Hooray, this time I won’t drone on. I’m focusing on grinding my Omega space set after getting the last piece of the MACO space set just on Saturday. The Omega space set to me is the optional set since it only boost flight and turn speeds mostly. With my ships mostly running on Aegis or mission space sets like the Breen or the Jem’Hadar. Alongside gathering the prototype items to get them, I’m working on making a phaser weapon set that is alternate to the antiproton stuff I have on it now. I’m doing it because I have a feeling as a cosmetic thing, I may want the Sao Paulo class for it’s Quad Heavy Phaser Cannon. Then just pile on the awesomeness of phaser cannons like what I did with the antiproton cannons. After I get my Transwarp Computer module, I’ll consider it as my next time consuming project in STO.

Now back to my job hunt…ugh, jobs…ugh, capitalism…ugh, society making my life rough…

Happy Obvious Week?!

This week was pretty weird that now I’m calling the second week of September “Obvious Week”. So I hope you people had a seriously “Obvious Week”. Honestly, the way to start this week’s post is somewhat difficult. For one thing, I’m confused to be offended or affirmative to people’s looks.

Monday, not so bad a day to head downtown and check out electronics. I’m not going to name the store, if I was the service rep I would’ve done the same once or twice. But on with the tale. So I walk in, as always I don’t buy anything. My computer works, no need for upgrades or additions. As part of the the customer service thing, they should be asking you something along the lines of “Is there something you need help with?”. Well this guy/girl did ask me, but read on. So looking around I go; peripherals, cooling fans, internals and so forth. As a few minutes passed, blonde girl walks in. This may or may not affect you, but when a girl walks into the place, my mind just deletes itself like CCleaner. Though I’m not buying anything, I usually note down the prices of things in case my computer dies and I need to replace parts. So chick walks in and I blank out, everything I’ve forgotten for the last few minutes just gone. So I’m standing there thinking “now I got to get back to the peripherals and start all over.” So I do just that, ironically that same girl standing there looking around. So this time, I go through everything I would need at a slower pace. The rep walks up to me and passes and goes for the girl first, “Hi, looking for something?” She says nothing. The rep comes back the same way he came walking passed then turns to me, “Need anything?” I say the same. He/she walks off and I turn back to the girl to get a second look. Somewhere in my mind, I went “I see what you did there, you bastard.” Side by side, she looks way amazing in a dress and jacket. I’m not superficial, but the dude walked passed me twice before he ask me if I need any help. Just kind of bad customer service, I’ll go back there since the parts are cheap but now I know I’m so ugly that I could pass off as a computer mouse.

Wednesday, out and about. I had no where to really go, I wanted to just go somewhere and just be outside pretty much. So went for a walk and decides to grab a snack. Found a small pizza place and sat down with a slice. All is well, except the part where I sat by the window and watched people walk by. People looking at me seemed like they were offended I was eating there. I wasn’t chewing with my mouth open or anything, but everyone had the same look too. Odd that many people passed by with that look too. You know that look when you pass by something you don’t want to step on or touch, yeah that was the one they were giving through a pane of glass while I’m eating a pizza.

Thursday, got on the subway. When passengers were getting on, there is this woman. She works at an office most definitely because of how she was dressed, in this business casual looking suit. But there was a seat beside me, I’m just minding my business reading a book I got on loan. So I look up a bit to see her looking for a seat. Beside me is an empty seat, it’s been empty since I got on there. So she’s looking around and totally turns away and walks to the far end of the train and sits down. Talk about avoiding people who are uglier than you regularly see. After that I just stayed home for the rest of the week, my shaved head is just attracting way too much attention.

So about this book is about ADHD and ways to cope with it. After the first pass through the book, I think this book alone explains a lot about my behaviour in the last decade and even further back. I’m almost convinced considering I have some of the symptoms and it explains why I’ve been pretty depressed for most of my life. Crap, I totally forgot to mention the name of the book. It’s called “ADHD Stole My Car Keys”, it’s a pretty good book. Fourth book I’ve read for the year which is way more books I’ve read in school, kind of ironic I read more for pleasure than for work and this book explains why (see what I did there? Eh? Eh?). According to this book, people with ADHD have a whole lot of benefits and drawbacks. It would explain why I like and dislike certain things, like work and sitting still (even this blog). It’s definitely one book I’m going to spend the next few months taking notes on to gain some insight on myself. I’m starting to be more accepting with my problems rather than trying to chase it out of my life. Well, I still want it out since the disadvantages are kind of sucky. Of course disadvantages of anything is sucky, but I’m talking really sucky where everything in the world is against you. Think of that one ability/weapon in every game that nobody wants to have and you have it and you can’t get rid of it traditionally, like you drop it and you get the same crappy ability/weapon. “Well I can switch weapons/abilities?” Nope, you can switch to it but it’s still there wasting space. Wait, how did this paragraph go to video games? This book is pretty good, it’s kind of hard to really push through it since it’s a pretty thick book in my opinion for a self-help. With my attention span, I pushed through to the first half  and the middle was really difficult to swallow. I had to rest page after page. After a bit of that, I finished the second half with ease. The attention span is fairly longer than when I started this blog. It’s only a matter of time until I get out of the situation I’ve gotten myself into; with my medication cut back and actively finding ways to ease myself away from the medication, I feel I can do it and really turn out to have a pretty damn good life when I start living it.

Staying positive…at all cost.