Summer Festival, Refits, and Shuttles

Star Trek Online has started their 2014 Summer Lohlunat Festival on Risa. Once again like the 2014 Winter Wonderland, I’m not even surprised the goodies in this event involves a ship. Last year’s inaugural festival contained the Risan Corvette, this year we have the Risan Luxury Cruiser. Ever since they released the ship specification, I’ve been comparing it to ships of it’s class and other ships to find a comparatively similar variant. There’s an underlying theme for Risan ships; speed, turn rate and flight speed. From the corvette and the luxury cruiser, they don’t necessary top out as the fastest ships but it comes close to being the fastest. By comparison, the corvette is close to a Tactical Escort and the cruiser this year is close to a Assault Cruiser or a Heavy Cruiser. In an escort, speed is important; not so much on a cruiser but it does help with getting away from sticky situations. In larger ships, you would also have to account for inertia as well; for the cruiser this year, she’s a big girl when it comes to slowing down and speeding up. With double the amount of inertia, it is predictable to see the drift effect seen in the Odyssey cruisers and carriers. Also it would take the ship long to reach top speed, so running in and out of combat would be a bit more difficult. Out of all the analogous ships she can be compared to, the closest resemblance would be the Odyssey for the fact of here lethality and configuration. In the Dev Blog, she boasts 5 engineering consoles, high hull damage and passive subsystem boosts to shields. Along with the obvious Cruiser Comms Array, it solidifies her position as a a busty boat. However what makes her Risan by design aside from the aesthetics is her unrelenting speed and unique console piece which completes the 2-piece set. Overall, I’m a bit excited to own the cruiser, however fitting her for a combat role would be a challenge.

Recently I managed to gather the credits in game to make refits to my Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, it was  a pricey operation to get her up to date with the new Fluidic antiproton cannons but it’s slowing paying off. More proof Cryptic pushes endgame with overpowered gear. My main priority now is to get my Jem Hadar Dreadnought ready to go with canon weaponry. At the moment I have most of the weapons excluding the torpedo launchers I need as well as engineering and tactical consoles being unfilled. Once again with my handy dandy escort, console grinding should be relatively simple much like bashing your head against the wall. With both the Dreadnought and Luxury Cruiser now taking up ship slots, I have to put up with grinding dilithum again for Zen for additional ship slots; I am not looking forward to it.

Underutilized, I still believe having an armed shuttle is a priority. With the new Counter-Command rep project and Cryptic releasing shuttle mission variants for a limited time, I managed the opportunity to experiment with the two ship sets. For the most part, the weapons are definitely underpowered when facing races with a high resistance to phaser and disruptor damage. The tactical console is weak considering the small boost to damage compared to other console. The powers provided by the set is really useless in a shuttle setting but the power and shield strength is pretty useful on a shuttle. Though I only tried it on my Delta class shuttle, I think both the stats and the looks make the shuttle useful, however the weapon/console set is off putting because of the lack of damage. I would just prefer an antiproton turret and quantum torpedoes compared to the special phaser turret and photon torpedo. So I scrapped the idea of a Counter-Command shuttle in favour of a mix of items that work well together. Even then, I still need to find more consoles to help me get it all together.

Summer of Star Trek, year two. I think this is the longest game I’ve played ever.


Space Potatoes!

Uploaded another, this time the quality is still off and the sound is way to loud. Sound seems like I have to manually adjust per game. Also I’m starting to figure out that my resolution is based on Open Broadcaster Software’s encoding settings, perhaps I should figure out how to set it to record better quality video. I noticed my microphone is a bit loud upon view the uploaded gameplay so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there.

If anyone has experience with this software, please leave a comment and help me out! Until next time, here’s some gameplay!

Star Trek Online

How everything would be like as video games

Everyone has those ideas; for my daydreaming gamers, you know what I’m talking about and I’m not talking about 100-0 kill ratio. We all have that dream where we all wanted to live a life as a movie star, action hero and perhaps if you’re reading this, every video game we ever played. Realistically, it’s not going to be like that but as my third grade teacher once said “I can dream.” So lets give it a shot from my perspective, how would my dream life would be like if it was a video game!

Ideally, I think my ordinary life should be like The Sims. I can be self-employed and alone in a shack on the outskirts of town. Over a entire lifetime, I would be a successful writer sitting around watching TV and not paying any bills. As time goes on, I want to be hitting up all the social places and meeting new people; even though they’re like great grandchildren of the townspeople who once walked the Earth with me. I would never age a day because of a magical potion bestowed upon me. In the end, I would have all the money I could every want and I would just be writing really bad novels which later become best sellers. Perhaps when I get bored I can try and level cap all the jobs in my town so I could have “been there” and “done that”.

My interaction with the world in my opinion should be more like Grand Theft Auto. Seriously, probably would be amazing considering I wouldn’t need a license for a car or a firearm. I would be going on weird messed up adventures with some loopy friends and own houses for nothing. If I ever go anywhere, I can always I can always swipe a car off of someone. Also I don’t have to really eat since I can sleep for 6 hours to regenerate health and never sleep so I can enjoy living all hours of the day. If I ever needed to let out some steam I can drive on the sidewalk, against traffic and just randomly cause trouble. Don’t tell me you never pushed people onto an oncoming train in GTA IV? I may or may not have done it a few times to avoid using my own money for the train, I cannot confirm nor deny it. Also everything is wicked cheap; a burger is a dollar in GTA Land, I would pig out until I’m Wasted and lose a little to no money from a hospital visit. I’m mostly in it for making money and doing what I feel like doing because I would be carefree.

Of course I’m not all selfish, what about the world? What game would the world be like? It’s a tough one from my point of view. I want the world to be a paradise where poverty and violence is non-existent. It would have its flaws but it would be still be a wonderful world we can live on. The only one game I an think of is Star Trek Online and its universe. So expect a third world war and genetically enhanced experiments unleashed to the world. But in the end, we have a utopia where we an travel to other worlds and waging interstellar wars where conflicts don’t really end but new problems come up that unite 3 of the dominant organizations. Upside, don’t have to worry about money since you can get it anywhere and work is plentiful.

Realistically, I would want the world to be more of a co-op game. United under a common goal and we work together to get things done then bashing each other around. I do think we would go places if we all played life like a co-op game. Like if it was a zombie survival game and we all had to just survive the apocalypse together rather than pitting against one another. The more I think about, why are most sandbox zombie games recently force players to fight each other? I really do think there are a lot of good people out there. Misguided perhaps, but there’s a lot of good people wanting the world to be a better place. Even if it means having a cataclysm to bring us all together to do some good. I’m hoping for a world like Minecraft or Starbound but better graphics and complex game mechanics. It’s a fun place to be and you can just work together. Ideally it’s a world where the only rules are the ones you set for yourself…and also what’s limited to the mechanics of the universe…also no killing, definitely no murdering.

I would like to someday live in that kind of world. A place where living is like a video game, preferably not a MMO because I’m always alone in MMO’s and it becomes a grind which follows a very loose story. Until that day comes and next time, leave it to your imagination and play life like you live in a game.

The Little Things That Count Too!

Continuing from a post a wrote while on the Greyhound a few weeks back. This time, I finish up the short biographies for my Star Trek Online Bridge Officers. This instalment will tie up the standard Bridge Officers as well as the unique Bridge Officers I found in the episode series thus far. As well I’ve added a biography to my character as well. At the moment, I’m not sure if I will add more officers later on, when I do, I’ll share with you the biographies I will be adding to them.

Sindy Tawanna Vignaux

Majoring in Advanced Weapons Systems at Starfleet Academy, Sindy was the first pick from the Academy by Admiral McGrual to serve as a bridge Tactical Officer. During the Cardassian incident in 2409, she was reassigned aboard as a shuttle pilot. Not much happened until the Jem’hadar attacked DS9 where her services as a pilot was tested. The reports indicate, 700 reported kills in 21 dogfights. Notable distinguishing accolades from her commanding officer is the destruction of 4 Jem’hadar cruisers and a dreadnought.

Twelve of Twenty-Five

Out of the handful that have been liberated, Twelve was an Auxiliary System Adjunct of Unimatrix 074. Genetic profiling confirms he was one of the captured survivors of the Vega Colony attacks in 2409. Though most files are still redacted, all we know is he was a system technician prior to assimilation on Vega Colony. Engineering and Medical details the removal of his personal tactical systems and certain defensive capabilities. After debriefing and undergoing psycho-neural therapy, he enlisted as a Borg Advisor to Starfleet Command. Under the supervision of Romeo McGrual, his record indicates serveral instances where he might have attempted to contacted The Collective. On every occasion, Admiral McGrual reported “his humanity always reasserts himself, a struggle between what he knows and what he knows is right. Indeed a conflict I would never dare challenge.” After his ship was reassigned, he was promoted to serve as the bridge crew and as a Systems Analyst. On his off time, his crew reports he takes care of his 4 tribbles.


Found on a desolate world in the Gamma Quadrant, Irman’ika was near death and lacking the ketracel supplies to live. Fortunately he encountered a Romeo McGrual on a science expedition. According to the report, Irman’ika demanded “ketracel or face death from the Jem’Hadar”. Over time, he began to trust the McGrual’s crew through negotiating goods for survival equipment. Even more to offer his instincts to teach the crew strategies when encountering his brethren. His ambitions grew to the point where he helped the crew destroy Jem’hadar supply convoys and sabotaged outposts during the 2409 incursion. For his efforts, he was granted a Tactical Advisor field commission.


Prior to his defection from the Breen Confederacy, Kel was a scientist working on enhanced energy dampening technology. Though there weren’t any breakthroughs, it advanced the Breen’s energy dampening technology. He also assisted in the development of of a energy dampening tractor beam which was later scraped due to accidently killing his science team during it’s initial field test. After much scorn for the incident, Kel fled the Breen Confederacy and is currently assisting Starfleet with energy efficiency studies to enhance power to ship systems.


Regard as one of the most trusted officers under Obisek’s command, he is the intermediary ambassador. Prior to assisting Starfleet, Temerix was assigned to Vault in the Haakona System working on thalaron-powered subsystems under the Tal’Shiar. After the liberation of the Vault, his work focused on active thalaron dampening technology which has allowed ships to properly use this energy with little  exposure. After the Romulan Republic was founded, he took the opportunity to work with Starfleet to enhance some of their ship systems.

Romeo Jay McGrual

After the Borg incursion on Vega Colony, he was quickly field promoted. For his resolve, McGrual was granted a commission and began to negotiate peace with countless of species including the Cardassians, Romulans and Klingons. Due to the accumulated combat experience, he was accepted into a joint special task force – “Omega Force” working with Starfleet’s Military Assault Command Operations. After an extended military campaign against the Borg, he was reassigned to the diplomatic corps to assist with the newly founded Romulan Republic to settle in the Tau Dewa sector block. Suffice to say, Admiral McGrual has been around the galaxy.

The little things that make it count

After looking through the personnel files of my Bridge Officers, I keep regretting the fact I never written them a biography in the game. It’s not because I never wanted to, the problem is simply two fold. One being that at this very moment I have over a dozen officers which means over a dozen biographies that include non-Federation backgrounds. Second, I’m lazy even though I completed one biography already in game. Regardless of probably a spelling error, it’s pretty well researched to the best of my ability. The one biography alone took about a few hours reading and about an hour to type the entirety.


Coming from a miltary background, she enlisted in the Andorian Imperial Guard at a very young age. As her achievements were distinguished, the Imperial Guard recommended her to Starfleet to assist in galactic affair. After completing tactical training, she was fast tracked into Military Assault Command Operations. Unfortunately the rising tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire resulted her career to send her to Vega Colony. She was later field promoted and commissioned under Romeo McGrual as First Officer and Tactical Officer.


Rarely seen is a Klingon with a hyperspanner, he started with humble beginnings. His parents were freighter captains and bounty hunters. Spending most of his time helping maintain ships throughout his childhood. After his admittance to his parents of joining Starfleet, he was quickly exiled. After graduating the Academy, he was quickly put on assignment at Deep Space K-7 to monitor the rising tension of the Klingon Empire before being assigned as Chief Engineer under the command of Romeo McGrual.


From Trill, Yesus entered the Science Academy at a young age. After Yesus’ previous host died from radiation experimenting with exotic particles for experimental use in standard warp drives, the symbiote was transferred to the new host along with a few centuries of knowledge. As the host was going through Starfleet Academy at the time, both host and symbiote has a bad time adjusting to life in San Francisco. After graduating, she was quickly assigned to assist in the defence of Vega Colony against the Borg.

Kristi Dolly Cowans

New to McGrual’s senior staff, she’s the acting Shuttle Operator and co-pilot of the U.S.S. Pytheas. She was transferred due to her high aptitude for experimental engineering. Though most of her work was theoretical and performed in lab environments, her first assignment has tested her abilities as more than just an engineer or a theorist.

Devot Joel

Joel Devot is Bajoran means “Gateway within”.

Born to a couple refugees from the reformation of Bajor after the Cardassian Occupation, her career took her directly into policing her village. After studious training with the Bajoran police and military, she was assigned to Deep Space Nine as Junior Military Advisory Assistant to help continued security for Bajor. After the Jem’Hadar incursion, she was the remaining survivor of her security detail in evacuating and retaking the station. Her recognized courage and bravery was noticed and was recommended to Starfleet by Romeo Jay McGrual. She was quickly fast tracked as a Tactical Officer and later returned to serve as a Away Team Specialist.

So far that’s about half of my bridge officers, I still need the other half to be completed and also get a biography up about my character himself. Note to self, get it all updated after this trip.

Sphere of Influence – Prelude to Season 8

Hopefully not just one episode to open up this can of worms, Star Trek Online this past week has been revving up for their 8th season instalment continuing the franchise’s epic. This prelude covering the introduction to a new enemy as well as introduction of a new ship available through the fleet system mechanic.

The mission is available to players from level 10 and onward, which takes you in the depths of New Romulus to bring you to speed with the reactivation of an ancient Iconian gateway designed to take people from one place to another. As the ambassador of your faction’s delegation; the Romulan Republic, Klingon Defence Force or Starfleet, you are tasked to oversee the researcher’s work to reactivate the gateway. As power begins to breathe life back into this ancient device, something goes terribly wrong forcing the only escape through the gateway. You find yourself stranded in a room with survivors of the disaster to only find a dastardly plot be afoot. Along with you for the ride is Ambassador Worf voiced by Michael Dorn as you find out who might be behind this facility and its purpose.

Highly attentive to detail, I found a few errors in the script writing; just spelling errors. However very little can diminish the plot in bridging the story to the new content. At first I must admit, there wasn’t much in terms of new mechanics or graphics excluding new textures and Iconian technology in the form of hostile drones. Upon exiting the second map, leads you into a large surveillance room which I found to be very eerie yet spectacular. As you move platform to platform, the scenery changes depicting the worlds each platform describes. The last platform provides a “Simon says” like prompt in the mission does give some sense of urgency even though there were no necessary threats. Aside from the necessary pathway to take to the final platform, the side platforms provide additional information, if not cryptic, about the Iconians. The last transition before the space combat begins seems to be really rushed piece since it so happens to be identified as a bridge and the game puts you in command of an old carrier  loaded out with some heavy weapons and unique skills. Though it doesn’t necessary connect the episode to the main content of the Dyson Sphere, perhaps it is an indicator of the constructors of the structure and perhaps the reason why the Voth are occupying it. Without much context, I must say Sphere of Influence is much of a cliff hanger as you step into the last gateway at the end of the surveillance room.

For extra goodies, here’s some easter eggs I found:

  1. By walking off the main path, you can obtain very rare Swarmer hangar pets. Just go through every console off of every branch. Once you got the 4th auxiliary console, head back to the previous. You get 2 per console and 6 in total. Note: this item can be equipped on the new Obelisk class carriers only.
  2. In in gateway chamber when the researcher asks for the power variances, there are two number references significant to the entire franchise. One of the variances is “47” while the last two numbers when added is also 47.
  3. The commander that dies on the examination table is a red shirt. Reference to the original series.
  4. When Captain Shon is attacked, he’s wearing a yellow shirt. Possible reference to Voyager in which the Voth are introduced.

Overall the episode provides a diverse mix of in depth story and ever evolving gameplay to entice the generational demographic, either new to the franchise or veterans of the saga. For the moment it breathes new life to the game regardless of the upcoming gameplay problems when introducing new items or mechanics to the game. Where there’s new content, there’s always bugs.

Back to Basics

At the moment, I’m coming back into Star Trek Online. After a month being away from the game, the first session back I noticed a lot of change and yet everything looks the same. After my birthday, I’ve been way too into trying to finish one of my presents; a non-fiction book. So right now, I’m working trying to finish said book and working on a personal project. On top of everything else, I’m planning to do some more travelling next month for Thanksgiving. Well for me, it’s not Thanksgiving; for me, just another day in my complicated life. If you count trying to get a job complicated.

Like last time when I went on a short vacation, I’ll be out for two weeks in November. One thing I despise about my trip last time was the 12 hour overnight bus ride to my destination. So I’m thinking on the ride there and back, I’ll spend the good 12 hours to write and blog. Possibly write as much as I can, however big problem would be how to upload my work. The last time I rode the Greyhound there, the wi-fi was really weak and would not be great at times. So to solve that, I think I would try and write an article between stops and upload it quickly to WordPress when I reach a stop.

In Star Trek Online, I’m surprised the fleet I was in didn’t kick me for being MIA for such a long time. Being back to the game is kind of hard especially with unfinished projects. With a handful of Zen credits and a cache or weapons and in-game currencies, I’m not quite sure where to pick up. Was I grinding dilithium for ships? Was I building towards more ships parts or was I trying to grab some fleet parts. Back and in business, so I’m planning on starting with completing reputation projects I haven’t yet finished. If I didn’t stop, I would be really close to finishing but now I have about a set and two thirds from the end of grinding reputation projects. Then season 8 will be coming out, which would likely result in me going back to doing reps. No doubt there will be fleet projects within the new content. I read through it all the new shinies from the content update and I’m quite interested of how there co-op MOBA-like ground combat will work. Along with it is a space adventure zone; like Nimbus III, but in space! Also I’ve decided to take a bit of responsibility to help a fellow fleet member work on building new ships. He or she says she hasn’t put much time in since the free-to-play launch. Whatever the motivations, I think I’ll put in some time and humble myself in helping others. We were all newbies once in our lives; in real life or in game.

Until next time, help yourselves by helping others.

Dorky-ness for the win? (Part 4)

Continuing with my pseudo-monthly series, random thoughts brought to you but none other than me. There, is that enough ego for this post or what? So far the last few weeks, I’ve dispensed a lot of ideas from my perspective as thinking points for your consideration. Perhaps they have been turned into some good conversation or some intriguing revelations.

As a thoughtful gamer, I always seem to come across some ideas that seems to be amazing for the game I’m playing at the very moment. Whether it is grinding or questing, the time does pass while thoughts do pop into my head. Especially recent in Star Trek Online when I was using a skill called Photonic Fleet. As a Science Officer, I’m given a pretty handy skill which allows me to generate three holographic ships which fires on nearby targets. When generating, there is a chance for the ships from frigate classes to move up to cruisers and at level cap allows a chances for cruisers to upgrade to battleships.  At the moment, the skill allows the science officer a force multiplier. However the drawbacks are that the ships generated are really weak even if you factor in the chance of having better ships generated. They don’t have the firepower to really hold up in combat. I usually encounter enemies at either 1:3 disadvantage or a 1:5. Though my Tactical Escort can hold up in combat, at times I do need assistance. Of course right now those players out there that say “Eric, use Nimbus Distress Call”. I do have it in my inventory, but it’s rarely used considering the cooldown is too damn high at times when I really need it. With it lasting 30 seconds, it seems more like a renewable consumable than force multiplier at times; goes the same for Photonic Fleet. Cryptic seems to be at the moment to be throwing in more items than renovating the current item system. With the new Legacy of Romulus expansion, they just added more reasons to grind for items you need to push the ships to the limit; however the ships are at the moment, at their limits. It would be ideal if all this grinding was utilized to its full potential and here’s the bombshell I want to drop; what about a skill to utilize ship you have available?

Probably most players in game either discharge their ships to free up space, some keep them on and collect them. For me, they’re as useful as a bank slot than a ship if I don’t need them which disuses the system of having ship slots. When I upgrade to a new ship, I usually cannibalize the last ship and leave nothing more than the hull of the ship unless I have to store some gear. What I propose is a skill that utilizes the ships in some form in a similar fashion to Photonic Fleet. Aside from the upgrading feature, what if the skill allowed you to spawn any 3 ships in that occupies in your ship slots. Maybe have a special fleet ability that allows online members the ability to spawn ships from their fleet member’s ship slots. It would allow players the opportunity to equip their ships and use them at the same time as they use their main. Exclusion to the random rules would be carriers and ships from the same class that has is generated. Former is obvious, hangar pets are really great force multipliers. The latter is more for the sake of putting in some variety into the skill. That’s the general idea, anyways.

I’ve played a fair share of zombie games. I never felt entirely satisfied with zombie survival games. They’re always focused on shooting and healing; never much of a survival component. When there is some aspect of survival put in, it seems to get more competitive; or so it seems. Either directly through PvP or through some sort of economy; examples being Dead Frontier and WarZ (I think they changed their title awhile ago…) What I’m getting at is there is no cooperative survival let alone Minecraft and the like without the competitive piece. I would like to see one zombie survival game done right. One with a heavy emphasis on cooperative play against computer controlled zombies and maybe survivors. Where in an open world sandbox, you have to scavenge and build a lot of things while preventing yourself from starving, getting sick or possibly become infected.

That’s all I got for now, keep on gaming!

Decking out my Delta – How to gear up in STO

For awhile now, Star Trek Online isn’t a much in the shuttle combat area. Recently they provided players with a shuttle instance which rewards Fleet Marks and Romulan Marks. I’ve dropped into a few matches and realized my tiny Delta Class shuttle was way underpowered to fight the new new enemy, the Elachi. With the new enemy, I had to refit my shuttle for solid combat. I might as we shed on light on a few builds I’ve created and inspire some of you to create ships that can be a beastly damage dealing machine.

With shuttles, it seems very limiting to create something that can pull out a hefty punch. Shuttles and fighters are dubious against heavier targets but it comes back to the fundamental concepts of specialization or your spec. Each MMO follows these specializations regardless of a class structure. When creating a spec, keep it to a few simple rules:

  1. Speed
  2. Endurance
  3. Capabilities


Agility and firing speed can be critical when you have the lowest health in the team. The other person can have the hardest hitting weapons; but if you can pull out more damage in a short amount of time, you can easily turn a bad situation to a good one. When all else fails, a tactical withdrawal may be necessary to regroup and re-engage the enemy. In the latter case, you will need speed to run while the former requires speed for quick encounters.

In Star Trek Online, speed is separated into 3 sets; cooldowns, engines and DPS. DPS for most games is simple, Damage Per Second. The faster you can throw torpedoes or cannonade those cruisers, the quicker the enemy will fall. Engines doesn’t refer to the items in the game, though partly related. The speed you can turn and run can help determine how well you can keep the enemy exposed long enough to deliver the critical blows. There are consoles and skills available to increase engine speed and even subsystem power. Though overlooked, having a strong engine subsystem can prevent death through precisely timed disengagements to make repairs. Having the necessary set of buffs and debuffs ready throughout combat can be extremely helpful in a pinch when it comes to weakening or strengthening a position. Having alternating tactics or skills here would be helpful in situations when you have to stay in a firefight longer than you would expect.

Utilize abilities like Evasive Maneuvers in situations where you need to reaquire a target. If you are caught in a cooldown with this, you might want to consider RCS Accelerators to boost your turn rate. As well having a stack of Deuterium Surplus can mitigate Evasive and even provide enough distance to make the repairs you need.

From my experience in game, I usually use Evasive Maneuvers for certain situations like closing into my target or needing to back away a chaotic situation. I also receive a lot of deuterium surplus which can double or triple the distance you will get from Evasive Maneuvers. As a personal rule I try and keep debuffs at a minimum and focus on repair skills and offensive buffs like Tactical team. I keep a minimum of two Tac Teams ready to help rebalance shields and provide a small damage buff. At the same time, I try and maintain one shield healing skill at all times in case my shields drop under 50%. Emergency Power to Shields is my main skill for that though some of my ships have this and Science Team. The major skills I keep on me aside from those is Tractor Beam and some skills that augment the efficiency of a few skills I have. So skills to make skills better rather than having a large splattering of skills.


This is the section about hull and HP maintenance. I covered shields in the speed portiona bit, but here it’s all about resistances and triage. Tanking is a powerful thing, but in PvE it has another dimension. Considering you are one ship of any size and shape, you are the only target and therefore vulnerable. Having a teammate by your side or even increasing your group size can be beneficial through NPC’s you can cast or spawn.

If you have it, Photonic Fleet is a power skill to get a lot of baddies off your tail despite the health of these holographic ships. It’s a bit of room for you to focus on healing or taking on a specific target without the other team pounding on your hull. Do or don’t, you will need additional support whether you are in a group or not. Directly, focus on healing through healing buffs like Reverse Polarity, Science Team, Engineering Team and Extend Shields. They’re only a few I’ve listed here to get you started. It would be advisable to pick skills that can target friendly ships as well than those can you can only heal you since the biggest asset you have is the teammates you have.

Out of combat, you have a lot of consoles which increase resistances to energy types as well as increasing resistance to holds and placates. For the latter, Inertial Dampeners help prevent you for standing around. weapon resistance is a disadvantage at times but with the right ship, your resistance to certain or all energy types can be as high as 40% or more. Hull Plating increases specifc energy resistance while alloys resist kinetic attacks. The trade off is you may have to specialize the ship to be more resistant to certain types or have an overall resistance lower than other kinds of Hull Plating since some Hull Plating consoles resist more than two energy types at a cost of a lower resistance.

As a science officer, I have access to Photonic Fleet. However since they can be easily wrecked, I depend on mostly buffs and consoles to ensure I stay in the fight longer. At the moment I don’t operate with Hull Plating so I have to defend myself with quick short bursts followed by self healing or Tac Team provided by one of my Bridge Officers. Before I use a skill to heal shields and hull when I’m getting battered, I usually use my Enhanced Plasma Manifold to increase the effectiveness of defensive buffs like Brace for Impact and Scattering Field. The Manifold is available if you purchased the Oberth Class Light Science Vessel.


Lastly, knowing what you can do. Having abilities is one thing, but how you optimize the use of them can increase the effectiveness of other skills especially stackable skills which can be used in sync with other players or skills. Having a variety of skills can give you a fun time in splitting between playing defensively an offensively. The draw back is your character would be less effective than a specialized character. It would be like a hockey player who players both a left wing and defense. It would be like spending 78 cents in a bottle of cola then realizing it gave you a stomach ache because it was pretty old (true story).

As I said before, focus a few skills you will need rather than spreading out to try and over your bases. If you have the Zen, spend it on ships with consoles you need rather than ships you will find handy. Such consoles as Enhanced Plasma Manifold and Transwarp Computer provide either an active or passive boost to a skill or a subsystem. Stick towards abilities that would benefit you and a team like heals and AoE buffs as well as sticking to stats that specifically buff the weapons you use such as Rapid Fire for cannons and High Yield for torpedoes.

Since I command an escort for a starship, I rely on my nimble speed to position my forward cannons. Because of this fact, I load my skills to exploit my fire arc to maximize damage. So I have Scattering Volley for a cone AoE buff on my cannons, Rapid Fire for precise and quick shots with Spread and High Yield working respectively with torpedoes. Couple with these skills I have a Transwarp Computer to increase warp core efficiency to allow more power to subsystems as well as ensuring my weapons subsystem is powered beyond 100 to maintain high damage potential. Whenever I need to heal, I stick toward two abilities supported by Enhanced Plasma Manifold which boosts shield and auxiliary so I can use Scattering Field or Brace For Impact when I need to hang on until I can heal again.

For now, let us  focus on the ship rather than allocating skills. The offers a larger variety of ship specialized weapons, which are:

  1. DPS (Phasers, Photon torpedoes and mines)
  2. AoE (Tricobalt Devices and Plasma mines and torpedoes)
  3. DoT (Plasma weapons)
  4. “Shield Busters” (Tetryon energy weapons)
  5. “Subsystem Disabler” (Polaron and Phasers)
  6. “Ship Slowers” (Chroniton torpedoes and mines)
  7. Damage dealers (Quantum and Transphasic weapons, Tricobalt devices)

Now to build a ship. You can set it up three ways; energy and kinetics, all kinetics or all energy. All kinetics can provide the highest damage but at the same time suffer a long cooldown and may be ineffective against shielded opponents. All energy is the opposite, it has good potential to drop shields but some aren’t that great in taking down the hull. Recommended is a mix of energy and kinetic since you have the option of shield dropping and damage dealing. Pick one energy type, having a ship firing skittles and rainbows does not mean it’s powerful but rather inefficient in the use of your ship. Stick to one energy type so the consoles you choose of the tactical consoles would be optimal for those weapons. Next part is easy, assigning BOFFs and consoles. Under tactical consoles, focus on boosting your energy weapons the most since kinetic weapons are fairly powerful with a potential of 1000 damage and higher. I would recommend at least a console for your kinetic weapons and the rest for your energy weapons. Science consoles aren’t necessary though it would be good to launch with something ready. Either shield regeneration or universal consoles work best here, also recommended is Inertial Dampeners to increase resistance to holds, confuse and placates. Under engineering consoles, Either armour would be handy or subsystem power. Would be noteworthy that you should study which skills will use which subsystem so you can allocate enough power to maximize output when you use the skill. You can also use engineering consoles to boost power to a certain subsystem. If you have more universal consoles, it’s not recommended to put them in engineering unless you are absolute that your combat style is purely offensive.

Onto ship items, I prefer end game ship sets because of the fact the set bonuses do provide some incentive to build towards a certain type of ship. If you are wanting a ship with a lot of shielding, go with the Assimilated Borg set because of it’s auto-regenerative ability when you have a two piece set; the full set also regenerates shields. The MACO provides less shielding but resistance to subsystem drains. Aegis allows for a passive 10% defense with one of the most powerful shields only beaten by the shield in the Assimilated Borg set. At the moment, all other ship item sets provide a passive damage boost to certain energy types.

Shuttles on the other hand are much more picky in terms of what you can do; however the principles are the same if not limited. Pick how you want to play it, then gather the items to assemble it. In the case of shuttles, it’s important to keep note that you weapons and shields are top priority. You will need a lot of defence while your weapons need to hit as hard as fast as you can get them. Which leads me into my Delta Class build.

Starting off, I stripped off all my components; deflector, shields and impulse engines were reallocated to another ship as well as all the consoles and weapons. At this time, the most powerful weapons I had we on the Isaac Brock; my Tactical Escort. I decided to cannibalize the Cutting Beam and the console so I would maintain the first set bonus. However the beam relies on kinetic damage and is highly inaccurate against fighters and shuttles.So I looked into the final piece of this puzzle, the complimentary Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher which is one of the fastest with DoT due to it being Plasma energy as well. After a trial test, I noticed the torpedoes are great so I looked into Plasma weapons until I found the Romulan Hyper-Plasma Torpedo Launcher. This launcher sends out 3 destructible torpedoes which if they aren’t shot down, hits the target as well as AoE plasma to other units nearby. Since I had the console from this set as well, I could send 7.8% more plasma damage than just my torpedoes alone. Since the Delta Class shuttles have the highest hull points in all the shuttles. However to ensure it can keep up being a sharp poisonous spearhead, I’ve attached the Assimilated Borg Technology set so I have high shield capacity while having my shields a random chance to heal upon being hit. Under the one tactical console I have an Ambiplasma Envelope that requires an upgrade to a MK XII variant so I can maximize the damage further. The Delta Shuttle comes with a Science and Universal Ensign Bridge Officer slots which I’ve taken the liberty into having Emergency Power to Weapons and Tachyon Beam. First off to increase damage and secondly to provide as much power to help my teammates drop shields while my torpedo’s plasma is slowly burning the hull down (a two pronged attack of sorts).

I’ve field tested the design a few times and has shown a lot of promise despite not having the most powerful Ambiplasma Envelope in the game. This kinetic combo shoots fast to compensate for damage but powerful enough to act as a anti-fighter shuttle to destroy small escorting craft in Atmosphere Assault. I haven’t tried it in The Vault yet but hopefully in time, I’ll pit it against the Romulans there.

Until next time, keep calm and build ships!

Everything is new – AKA The Sink

As since from my previous post, I’ve joined a fleet in Star Trek Online. Once more, throwing myself into a clique that may not be right for me and could result in something little or nothing worth exploring. I have my reservations to online groups; I’m not anti-social, just had some bad experiences. Well, I just derailed this blog post in under a paragraph. Back to my current involvement with the fleet and its activities.

At the moment, the fleet seems fairly empty. I’ve been watching people log in in hopes of making contact. Either they can’t see the dedicated fleet chat or they can’t comprehend the English language. Either case, I d have found one other person I can chat with but way late in the evening. It’s not a bad thing, but the problem is I like sleep and sleep is fantastic. We’ve grouped up and played some of the fleet based PvE instances and event try our hand at the new shuttle instance from the recent expansion. At the moment out of the three of us, we feel the group is pretty empty and we should try to get some new members. At the moment, it’s seems like an invite only open door policy. So for now I guess I’ll treat the fleet like a resource sink and put in stuff I don’t need into it in hopes something good might come of it.

The past month or so, I’ve been stockpiling my dilithium until the exchange rate is a bit more fair. And the week, I gave in from just having a large pile of of this stuff. I converted at 114 per Zen points which returned with 2550 Zen to spend in the store. So I opened up the old text file to see what other stuff I should buy. I promised myself I will get the Gladius Escort for its Impulse Capacitance console (increases flight speed temporarily) so that’s 750 spent. With a congested inventory and bank, I decided to spend the rest of my Zen to future-proof my character for sample and loot collection. In hindsight, I should’ve spent 500 into a fleet module to get the variant of the Tactical Escort Retrofit. Maybe sometime in the future I will do that, right now adding to my current ship.

In recent days I’ve been experimenting with some new set ups. I’ve merged together an Omega Borg set with the old Borg set onto my shuttle. With a few trial runs completed in Atmosphere Assault, I know I have a bit more refining with the configuration to make my shuttle a bit more formidable against the new Elachi. Also with refitting my shuttle, I started to refit my Retrofit. At the moment, it’s suffering from a bit of performance issues since I had to remove most of it’s firepower for the shuttle. Loaded with my best Photon Torpedo Launchers, I still feel I can do better than Photon and Quantum torpedoes. If all goes well for the next two days, I can reclaim my Cutting Beam from my shuttle which would dramatically increase DPS. I’m also considering on getting the highest level Borg sets. I’m running the Mk XII MACO set for the shield capacity and Graviton Beam, the Borg set boosts the Cutting Beam. Aside from that, I might have to create another Assimilated Console to boost weapon damage and crit. Wouldn’t be a bad idea since it’s from the same set as the Cutting Beam so the pro to it would be additional stats. Anything to make dilithium farming quicker so I don’t have to be knocking around NPC’s.

To my untested Vesta, I have about completed gathering all the consoles I need. Though not at full capability since these are just scraps I’ve put together, I think I’ve built myself a good ship. Like with my Escort, I plan on fitting a Cutting Beam and Assimilated Console. I have a long way to go considering I need about four desire Phaser Relays as well. For the most part my shipyard is a drydock of untested, warp capable vessels. Hopefully once I get everything sorted out in the dilithium department, I can fit a few out to swap between.

Maybe sometime soon, I start up some ideas for events we can have as a fleet. I already have a few ideas in mind. I just have to put it in motion. Probably encourage the fleet to item farm a bit to get some gear for each other and maybe start some internal commerce through trading between us. Sounds like a half-baked idea, but every idea I have is somewhat baked. Baked goods are delicious! Probably I’ll start something so people can join. Taking leadership even thought I’m a new guy to the fleet.

Real life stuff – I spent literally 6 hours a day last week searching for a job. Ever since I graduated, still nothing. Hopefully something comes through so I can at least get to be busy or at least away from my keyboards. I like you all, but I need to survive. I doubt I can really monetize my blog; I don’t mix business and pleasure unless I know it’s a good mix. Also I’m cutting back on my food budget again, maybe some homemade meals will help me start thinking outside the game and maybe keep me learning to cook from experience. Some people told about the hot stove, some people get to touch and say “ouch, that’s a hot stove”. I’m one of those stove touchers.