Screw you Cryptic–Lost my Zen for my Transwarp Computer

So after today’s server maintenance, I started to play some STF’s. This time I’m working on getting the Borg item sets. So far I just need the engine part for the MACO space set. I’m not worried about having the Omega set considering most of my ships are manoeuvrable, most being all but my Odyssey since that thing is build to be a support ship so turning isn’t important.

Well a new thing they’re promoting now, they’re discontinuing the Reinforcement DOFF packs. So as a final goodbye, they’re allowing players to get the ever-so-rare Jem’Hadar attack ship. So these next two weeks, I have the last opportunity to get the Tuffli Freighter that is regularly in the pack. No, I didn’t buy it but I do have the energy credits to get her. But to use all of the credits I saved, I need to buy the Energy Cap Increase. So I bought it for 500 Zen. So I’m down the 500 Zen I need for ship slots to get my Excelsior class for it’s Transwarp Computer. So I bought the ship slots, which one is being considered for my Tuffli. But consider they they’re discontinuing the sale, I might want to sell it for a much inflated price but time will tell.

Now along with my surplus, I have only about 600 Zen of the 1000 I need. Sure, it will take most of the month to drain it down (well, about a few months). That’s the game, you grind to get a new little toy. I’m in no hurry to get the ship and console, but I do want to get the Odyssey pack too. Like I said, grind to get a new toy. So I figure, if I play the STF’s for the 1000 or so dilithium then it wouldn’t so bad grinding it considering I only need about 7 STF’s a day. I need the space STF’s for the item set pieces and the dilithium, so win-win besides time for stuff to do in life; but I’m not going anywhere. Upside with my new purchases, I have space to get and remove the Excelsior; whenever that happens. Also the 1 billion energy credits allows me to buy pretty expensive items that I wouldn’t have been able to grab with only 10 million.

So yay, 200 Zen in with 400 coming in. Just need to find some way to get the other 400. Not much a free to play, more grind to play since most of the consoles now are very useful and in demand. Needs more episodes which unfortunately is going to be awhile before I can see more story stuff or even stuff that wouldn’t be just end game stuff. Level caps, the Bane to all players.


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