Finally…no more end game content…or is it?

Ever since Cryptic announced the release date to be November 13th (tomorrow). I’ve been grinding; not much and not hard either. About a few Elite STF’s per day considering what I saw on the Tribble server, I thought it was a good idea to get all my gear now while I still can.

Getting the final pieces of the Omega and MACO space sets was a bit easier than I expected. I managed to receive each piece once every 5 completed rounds with about 30 games played. Even with the distraction of a new Tuffli freighter in my arsenal (…make that two, I just bought one as I was typing this), I still finished it off with the Cure STF to get the engine bit of the 3 piece. I started with trying to get the MACO set since it was a good set to have on any ship and most of my ships need some shielding. That project finished within a week or so, I thought “hey, that was easy…” then moved on to the Omega just last week. There were people who “apparently” who took forever to get them, I still don’t understand how that is possible. Sure, at times I thought I won’t get them all but I kept chugging along and helping my team. Wait…are these people whining because they rode on their team to get their piece? Sounds like another rant for another time. Back to topic. Now, I’m done. Star Trek Online end game experience done! I have every piece of end game gear and the ship to prove it. A new season dawns, so that neck out of water will be very short lived. New Romulus awaits to be explored and new things to experience.

I’ve tried it out on Tribble with very small progress. First off people are excited about the gated content. I’m pretty borderline fed up with more gated content especially gating the Borg STF gear. Good thing, I’m already finished with that. No less, I’m going to enjoy finding that Borg queen in Into The Hive. Hopefully at least that would occupy a minimum of one hour so at least I can say “one episode of Star Trek”. As you may have seen in Season 6, not much content in terms of story progression. As for Season 7, they’re going with the whole “extra content” for us rather than actual attempt to entertain and make a story. At least the new social area of New Romulus will have a large space to enjoy grinding missions like hunting, collecting and pressing of many buttons. At least the ground area is large enough to feel like you’re exploring. Oh I almost forgot, the salt zombies! The supposed horde/zombie survival thing. Can’t wait, after gathering a lot of reputation points to get to a certain level to do the salt zombies. Until that happens, a lot of New Romulus roaming about and grinding the reputation system.

Boy, we’re going to really enjoy ourselves for a next week or so.


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