Ah, headaches and arm-aches and aching in general

Grr, woke up with a nasty headache today. Like the kind where you just want to close your eyes and sleep it through or something. I want to take a Tylenol for it, but I think I can live with it. Ever since I got up I’ve been feeling my head punching me from the inside out. But I’ll keep a tablet close to me in case I really want it.

Where was I? Oh right, updates and sh-tuff. Well due to the recent three day downpour in Toronto, I’ve managed to squeeze in a lot of push ups. Even at one point, wanting to run; but the ominous clouds made it seem like a no-go. Now, much cooler than a week ago. I think I might take the opportunity to get out of my room and hike around the city. Maybe walk all the way to Greek Town or something, I said maybe.

Recently, my mind has been in a few places. Places like Star Trek Online which I’ve been watching the Dilithium exchange to get in on some cheap credits. Which by the way for anyone considering, 50% drop in Dilithium to Zen transactions so you can now buy Zen/credits at around 180-190 per credit. Which is good for me since I’m about 400 credits from my Defiant Retrofit (Tactical Escort Retrofit). Also I’ve taken some time to start playing the ground Elite STF (Special Task Force), time to get in the MK XII gear I’ve been itching on getting. The MACO ground set is done and I’m about about with getting the Omega set, so far I just need the rifle to complete it. The space stuff however I’m considering to not try since my ships seem ill-equipped for them at the moment. Currently in the C-Store, I’m eyeing on the Defiant and DS9 Bundle.  Which should be easy as long as I keep logging and farming everyday for another month and a half at a tune of 185 Dilithium per credit. After that, I’ll set my sights on buying small upgrades to my accounts like additional slots to the bank and ships; maybe costumes though currently I’m perfectly fine with my Omega costume when I finished my Mk. XI ground set.

I promised to get off video games, but at the moment I feel I need a small diversion from time to time. One to three hours a day, keep each hour as far apart with doing push ups and sit ups in between them. Speaking of which, I no longer feel like a weakling; hooray! During the that long rain, I managed to exceed my personal expectation of 20 with 25 push ups. Which is still far off from my personal best of about 50-60. No doubt in time, I’ll exceed my personal best but that will be about a year away. Currently, I can do the push ups and still surpass my expected goal of 20 at a steady 21 or 22 which isn’t much but it is improvement to just barely 15 in May. I’ve haven’t been running as much as I would like, I think all I need is a running partner or someone to pull me out of bed and get me into my running shorts. Currently, I’ve been out of it for about a month and I can safely assume poor results on the first run.

But back to all the Internet stuff. Awhile ago I had a Twitter account, I’m now kind of curious if I should really get back on it. Problem with that would be, I got nothing to say in 140 characters or less. That’s why I like blogging, I can speak my mind without holding back or really reducing it to a few simple words. This Twitter thing has been around, but I’m not quite the kind of person who would use Twitter. For one thing, I think it’s kind of super lame considering it’s not very useful from where I’m looking at it in terms of personal use. To spread a message to people, that’s good and all and that’s what I do on my Facebook status as well. Arguably, it’s very ultra-light for that purpose since it does it specifically and doesn’t really have a heavy social aspect like the Facebook where it connects you to photos and other apps. If there is a convincing argument for Twitter, I might get back on it. For now, it’s going to remain pretty quiet and maybe I might want to delete the account if I ever feel the need to go on Twitter to delete it.

And now right now and until 6, I’m not quite sure what I should do for the day. Definitely outdoor time would be preferable, so maybe head downtown and check stuff out and maybe continue ready The Hunger Games series again. This makes it the third time I’m reading it; I think a good book is a book you can keep reading over and over again, like a video game. Hehe, everything comes back to video games. So “ze plan”, go outside and enjoy life and don’t come back until 6 pm for dinner.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!


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