Back to Dilithium Farming – Trading in Dilithium for Push Ups

I’m starting to reach to the point in Star Trek Online again. You know that point in every game where you reach exploring the content and you seem to reach the end of everything there is to see. In the current Season 6, it’s mostly filled with features with systems concerning fleets. I’m all for new content for those people who like to group up to get stuff done, but this season is mostly for those fleets. Aside from the Tholian Incursion ground combat stuff, there’s nothing for the lone wolves. Making this a deal because previous seasons had story content to enjoy, I just hope before season 7 they do have story missions for the new content already in. I think this time around, there is more focus on the cash-generating content from the Lock Boxes and Lobi Crystals. Suffice to say, they’re doing very little to expand inventory space for the new gear they’re pulling out and they’re whipping out new items like whips and swords; upside at least is most Lobi Crystal stuff is consumable but if not bound, you could have a lot on your hands to sell for energy credits. For now, I miss the whole episodic content portion from the game.

So with this disappointment, I went crawling back to gather dilithium for my Credit Store; oh wait, I mean the Zen Store. They changed up the name and converted to the Perfect World’s game currency. I kind of like it, not real opinion on it. Anyways back to farming my dilithium. It’s wicked boring and lame, but at least there are some back door ways to really get it done everyday. Still takes two hours or less, but still much of a heavy grind of about 450 to 2000 per task. And the tasks range from 10 or 20 minutes to hours because of Duty Officer assignments. Still a kick in the teeth is the long grind, but at least it’s not 5 dilithium for an hour for the Duty things. I’ve gotten to the point where I do feel like just not really play. I’ve tried it, I’m fine with not playing. The problem would be the void I would need to fill in and that void is about a couple hours on and off through the day.

So now with my mandate to be more physically healthy, I’m starting to put in more into it every time I’m tempted to play and damn, my mind wants a lot of games. When I started to jump on board into switching off the games for push ups and sit ups, I have a lot more to do. I started with something like 12 push ups. Now at a good standing 21 push ups, my arms sting but at least it’s putting me off games. Therefore making my PC into a very overpowered workstation.

All this is for a reason though, more so as I’m getting a bit more involved with myself. I’m starting to really come out of this bad three to four year losing streak. My confidence is gaining (slowly), I’m starting to really put and effort in to make right decisions than folding up and picking the choice that everyone would want me to make. All I have to do is keep at a positive frame of mind and a heavy amount of exercise. Though I am forgetting to take my medication, I think I should keep at them recommended by my doctor. However I think behind his back, I’m going to ease out a bit and focus more onto heavy amounts of exercise and positive thinking.

However, I’m still dragging my feet for a few things. Such as planning my transitional phase. Okay let’s back up a sec so I can elaborate, ever since I could figure my way out of my mental situation; I created a few checkpoints I have to reach to really get where I want to be, which in this case “living better” is an umbrella for both my life and my mental constitution. From where I looked at it, I need to start going where I want to go rather than where people want me to go. First, I get out of my really down state of mind. That’s where the pills and therapy come in, to put me in a mindset to really push for the things I want to do and take me back to that point where I knew exactly my life would take me. Would get into detail however for you guys, I can’t really tell you but I can hint it will be a very physical path to take. So the mind is where I need to be before the next step, which was the physical. Taking my scrawny body and reshaping into the physique I had in high school. Meaning getting back into the running, sit ups and push ups I could do back when I was 16 if not more. This is where I am now, between that step and maintaining a lifestyle suitable for this and fitness in general. For one thing, I don’t want to be a pile of mush sitting at a computer and throw my life away using the Internet either for work or pleasure. I want to do something that is rewarding; I mean that in a non-monetary sense, but enough to actually keep doing it. Learn abilities the school system seems eager to really not teach (hating the helicopter parents) and just really experience life however I see fit. Final step is kind of a long awaiting hobby I wanted to pick up which is airsoft. Heard it’s a pretty invigorating sport, so with every step completed I would move on to picking up and trying it for myself.

For now, I just have to get off the games…


2 thoughts on “Back to Dilithium Farming – Trading in Dilithium for Push Ups

    1. Yeah at level 50, I either farm dilithium or end game gear. Mostly dilithium since most of the store stuff now’s pretty much end game gear. I also have a post about certain missions you can do to optimize your farm. Thanks for reading!

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