She’s mine…all mine!

A couple night back, I finally farmed the last amount of dilithium for my Tactical Escort Retrofit. I was going to blog about once I got it but like everything good, I can’t help to try it out; even though “trying out” would mean being real interested about it for a few days. I had everything figured out before I got her, down to the exact way I want to use it. For the most part, I wanted a fast ship. Fast being everything fast; engines, weapons, and energy transfer. At first, I didn’t really want to utilize the cloaking device since there was no point in having it in PvE; for the most part, this would be my money ship which would help me finish missions with high dilithium gains. But I will give you my findings in the end.

To start off, the cost of the ship (the math-y portion). My small spreadsheet I made predicted it would take about 45 days to gather and convert the dilithium ore I need. Lucky for me when I got my Bellerophon class ship, I had enough to chip off two and a half days. With the exchange, dilithium to credit prices dropped amazingly fast within the last 10-14 days so in the end I made away every to save me more time; estimated about another 3 days less to grind. So the calculated estimate of 45 days turned into about a month and a quarter just from cashing in 8000 dilithium per day with a mean exchange rate of 179 per credit. Number overload? Well, that’s about 45 credits per day going towards a ship priced at 2000 credits.  Not bad for playing the market by putting my dilithium up for 2 dilithium lower than the lowest exchange.

Okay, lets get into the goodies. Weapons was an obvious decision about two months back. I wanted something that can shoot fast and yield the highest damage for the speed. So I decked out my forward weapon slots with some dual heavy antiproton cannons I got through the STF salvage grind. At first, they were Mk. XI cannons but with all the elite runs I made to meet my 8K/day quota, I came out of it with two STF ground sets (Mk XI MACO and Omega Force Sets) and about 15 Prototype Salvage. So I upgraded the plan to have Mk. XII weapons. As for deflectors, impulse engines and shields, I went with Mk. XI MACO deflector and shields and a Borg impulse engine that I recently bought (I don’t want to tear off my current Borg set on my Odyssey so I got another set). Aft weapons are a bit more crude considering I can’t deck them with dual heavies, so I went with antiproton turrets from the STF shop. Same tier as the forward weapons, difference is low DPS and 360 degree firing arc which will help with mines or running away. For consoles, I went a bit uniform with it since I didn’t know at the time what I want specifically besides “fast”. So RCS Accelerators for increased flight turn (97% bonus), Emitter Array (24.4 on Shield Emitter skill) and Shield Amplifier (12.2% regeneration rate for shields), 3 Mk. XI Mag Regulators for my antiproton weapons (73.2% more damage) and the cloak to round off my tactical console (15% more damage for 5 seconds right after decloaking). Devices I have on compliment the part where I feel I need something to fall back on in case my little DPS freak gets into trouble so beside my Evasive Manoeuvres 3 and Ramming Speed 3 skills for a quick get away, I have the Deuterium Surplus I hardly use on my other ships (I currently have 10 full slots of this stuff, which is 5 per slot), giving me about double of what Evasive Manoeuvres gives (Evasive provides a quick speed boost of about 200% of the current speed, same goes with turn rate). So not only I have a puny point ship, I have one that can get out of tough situations in case I need to make repairs or get to some place on the map while being shot at.

In action, the setup is way surprising than I believed it to be. The ship already has a high turn rate so having the RCS is a massive overkill. During the Traelus System daily, I literally stood still and turned my ship at the enemy to keep my ship facing forward. Downing a True Way ship (Galor or Jem’Hadar escort) is a mere matter of seconds with the help of the Rapid Fire and Tactical Team skills (increases shots and increases damage respectively). As for the little fighters at the end of the mission, I couldn’t get them to stand still. Even with a tractor beam, they could still fly right out of the line of sight so I get my ship to half impulse and just shoot my way out of the situation. The 3-on-1 dogfight lasted about a good 15-20 seconds. Moving on to bigger targets, the Borg. This ship is built to fight them, logically should be about to take them down easy. Yes and no on these mobs. For one thing, the only way to ensure a good chunk of hull damage is to set my ship at one quarter impulse. Even at a quarter, it felt faster than my Odyssey. From the sector space events, I can drop a shield facing and 1/5 to 1/8 of the hull in about the same time Tactical Team runs for (10 seconds) which is impressive considering I use to just slowly creep up and fire once in weapons range. For a laugh, I went to the Sirius Sector and tried it on some low level Klingons. I’m not going to say much except 3-5 seconds per ship.

Alternatively, my bridge officers do have torpedo and (I think) mine skills in case I want something with more punch. So yesterday I have that a shot with Mk XII Photon Torpedoes, then moved on to Quantum Torpedoes, finally to the Quantum mines. I do have mixed feelings about having these since they won’t do much damage since I don’t have any spare torpedo enhancing consoles to compliment at the moment, but even with just Torpedo Spread 3 (Allows a large volley or torpedoes towards 3 enemies, I think) it’s pretty devastating, but not as devastating as the antiproton cannons with 3 Mag Regulators. I’ll keep them on hand if later on I feel my rear needs that ability to shoot a torpedo or set up mines.

For now I’m very happy with it considering it’s been one of the two ships I’ve been eyeing in the store. Though I think the Defiant class still need to be more closer to the TV series. It needs the original bridge! Probably for the next month or so, my credits will go into getting the DS9 Bundle which will help me out with that. In the bundle you get a lot of costumes, some Duty Officers, couple Bajoran weapons that seem kind of “meh”, a shuttle and (the one think I’m anticipating) the Belfast bridge AKA the old bridge from the DS9 series. After that, I got no clue what I want after. I got everything I wanted, maybe I should begin collecting after that.

Here some obligatory screenshots of my beautiful awesome ship…

Quick look at my load out

How it looks in Sector space

What do you guys think? Anything I should modify? Also, what should I get after the DS9 Bundle?


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