Little lyric in the morning – “Ode To Particles”

I woke up this morning and had this spark of imagination I want to share with you all.

No doubt science has attributed to a lot in society and we become more aware to it as well set our sights to the last frontiers of this world and beyond. Over centuries we discovered more about our world than we have over the entire course of our species. We look up and see distant worlds where we use to see the heavens. Curing ailments, once diseases. Crossed great lengths over land, sea, air and one day space itself. We attribute these actions to innovators, inventors, discoverers and explorers. Heroes as we know them are never recognized for their deeds. They don’t ask or want approval, they do what needs to be done for the enrichment in all of us.

In my eyes, a hero can optionally be a person. But it could be an idea, an object, or a goal. Simply put, it is everything. What is everything? It is the question I woke up today to come to realize how critical it plays in our world and beyond. In this epiphany, it is a gift we all take for granted yet we know very little about in our daily lives. Here, I would like to share my revelation to the world in a poetic gesture of appreciation; I hope you enjoy it.

You are small, yet a vast collective

Apart of a whole where we see none

Traveling without destination

Always arriving

You are a foundation

Of all we see and do

Contained in an infinite vessel

With unlimited expections

You created us without knowledge

A product of change

To never understand us

We wish to discover you

You provide what we never asked

Love, hate, ignorance, acceptance

Though to never experience them too

We too never understand you

Space, time, beginning, end

Wandering to seek a distant answer

You are everything we can see

Though you elude us

You are the whole, the sum

The world, the one

The food like gum

To the warmth of sun

You never lived nor will ever die

Fulfilling your task

As a testament of us and all

While we dreamers rise and fall


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