Going to be the best Friday yet!

The last Fun Fest Friday was dud, but I’m pretty sure of myself for this Friday. First of all aside from updating my last post, the prize may increase just slightly and it might turn into a giveaway and PvP session. Considering I may or may not have some stuff I bought that might come in handy for someone else, I promise it’s not junk; more like overflow and I don’t necessarily need doubles of some items. Besides, the honest thing to do is to encourage more people to enjoy the game.

Also I started to tinker with creating a channel. Currently, it’s “nawkcirewordpress”; it’s private but you can contact me in game for details and maybe an early invite in and stuff. Just in case, I’m reading up on the channel commands in case I need them before I put it up as a public channel.

Remember folks, Friday at 5pm Eastern! See you there.


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