Probably the one MMO I love–“STO…you may stay…for now…”

As a fan of the 90’s Star Trek (Never saw the Original Series yet), I’ve always wanted a comparable game. Obviously, I’ve been going on about it for awhile; I do apologize, the little voice in my head wants to play. If not play, then think of Star Trek Online.

Most of the the time spent now as  vice Admiral is just doing the dailies and working on getting the story done. Not much of a level grind, but a repetitive grind for loot to be turned into set items. Before I focused on gathering dilitihum from the hourly events. Since completing the Breen storyline, I have enough dailies to provide the 8000 dilithium I would normally receive from other means. With that said, the 500 refined dilithium from the current anniversary event seems so insignificant. Of course there’s always something a bit more special in terms of events. Normally it would be some magically reason to hold an event. Well logically, it is the second year this game has been active. However in game, seems like old Q is at it with his omnipotent mischief. Though I though it would be a bit more annoying, it still is. Gathering his buddies in Starfleet Academy to receive a party popper, dilithium, or the mystery box (chance of the two or some random rare loot). I was hoping something more devious like turning my ship into an amoeba or he would harass me in some extra-dimensional way. Along with this big celebration of party proportions, Starfleet is rolling out their new class of ship. Bigger than anything built to date, the Odyssey is very noticeable despite everyone not trying her out. I for one, will let her mellow out a bit before I give her a spin; I’m not quite done with my Intrepid. For now, all I’m doing to her is adding consoles and refitting the weapons.

I’ve been considering since I have a lot of things in my bank that I would start doing something to clean it up. Not quite sure whether I should haphazardly give them away to people or make it interesting by posting clues on my RPG blog and see who might want to try and turn their skill into some in-game goodies. Probably make it into an intellectual pursuit rather than something you can look up on a wiki. I’ll be thinking about it maybe have a test run. Speaking of which…here’s some info for the next Fun Fest Friday.

Game: Star Trek Online

Time: Friday Feb 24, around 5pm Eastern. Feel free to just drop in and say hi.

Voice Chat: Nope sorry…maybe next time. However I will set up a chat channel in game for anyone who wants to join in. Watch the Fest Fest page for updates this week.

Cryptic handle: @Shooter-90 (also try Romeo@Shooter-90)

I will be at: Andoria (Vulcan Sector Sirius Block), likely just sitting in a corner or something.

The Fun Fest page has been updated so take a look if you have questions. Lets make a bit interesting since I will be in a corner of some place. How about first person who finds me and challenges me to a duel can get the opportunity to best me in PvP and get some starter goodies like:

-20 Large Hypos

-20 Large Shield Cells

-20 Large Power Cells

-All the batteries I have on my ship at the time (currently 20 engine batteries, 15 shield batteries and 20 weapon batteries; trying to collect 20).

-1 Cryo Tribble

-5, 000 Energy Credits

-And next blog and if you win, I will declare I got defeated by you in my next post.

Rules to the PvP fight:

-Bat’leths or fists (unequip weapons for fists)

-Free use of any device to benefit you (4 slots to fill, make your choice)

-No skill usage. I can’t heal myself except with hypos, so don’t use skills or it would be pretty cheap.

-No bystander buffs/debuffs. As in you can’t bring a buddy to be your advantage.

-If downed, other person should revive if possible. We all have that revive skill, good time to use it as a friendly gesture!

Win or lose, nice little offering of some goodies considering the starter pack in C-store is pretty pricey compared to what I’m offering. Of course if I feel up to it, I may allow others to fight me as well.

Aside from that, I will be helping anyone with missions or you just want someone to tag along to make it interesting. Two ships are better than one!

I forgot to mention, I must apologize for the last time we did this. I was caught up with real life stuff so I wasn’t able to be at my computer. This time, I’m saying no to real life invites; so I can accept your party invites (yay!)

Stay tuned!


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