So the tables have turned…(BF/MW war continues, not really switching sides but I am “digging” in)

With this whole gaming feud, it’s hard to pass up subscribing to see how much hype both games are getting from their base. I have to admit, it looks like it’s going to be hard to tell as I previously stated about both games. It’s pretty much down to either realism junkies or cinematic fanatics and these are their hardcore group that will play to the end. After looking through the intel, I think I’m going to back out from calling it because for me; I’m kind of both, I lean more to the junkies though. From what I know so far, Battlefield just released a VIP package. Quite impressive especially when a hand grenade is involved. From the RC car, I don’t know what Infinity Ward will pull out for it’s Prestige edition. Probably a handgun? rifle? Predator drone?

Recently despite all the jabbing around on Facebook, I decided on a freaking e-vacation from playing my usual FPS co-ops and just went with something real simple and just casual. Yes I downloaded (cough) Minecraft for the first time. I can see now, why it’s fun to some people. I’m going to definitely play this until the the bigger fish on in the fryer. Just need that nice piece of cheese before I sample the new wine, am I right?

For those who haven’t played Minecraft (though probably a lot of you have already), it’s $20 US dollars off Steam. All you do is just run around on a planet randomly generated. I’m not finished, Mr. Thinks-I-Just-Finish. Stuff you can do in game is pretty much involving you collecting materials and building. There’s no quests, just you’re own will to make it through and survive. I have to admit, it seems really challenging at first. You have to fight things to survive and you have to find ways to protect yourself. After you have those two things down, you can totally stretch your wings. From my little tropical spawn point, it’s beginning to show signs of rural development. At first, getting lost was a concern. Then I went to mine coal; long story short, I have a lighthouse by a river. I think the key thing that makes it appealing is the exploration factor. All you do is settle in one place and just wander around until you find some neat stuff. Beats shooting enemies for the time being. However the price range is somewhat ridiculous for such a simple game. However if you know how to get around Java and got a few friends willing to light a 20 on fire, probably a nice little game to huddle around on a nightly basis.

For now, I’m holding off on doing a few things. One thing, if I keep at it I might want to create a new save and write a journal from my character’s perspective. Kind of a nice little roleplay that will keep some entries (and brain juices) flowing.

Maybe…just maybe…after I can find my way out of this deep hole I made for myself (forgot the camera, sorry…ooh, some iron…)


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