Game brain – Almighty gift and addictive curse

As I’m writing this, I can’t stop getting Minecraft out of my head. It’s just so tempting to hit that link and just dive in for a full day in a hole digging and and mining. Its the pure randomness of finding mineral deposits I think attracts me. Maybe the fact that I want to breed farm animals like a mad scientist but eat them like a carnivore. It’s not the first time I’ve been addicted to a game. I’ll admit, it’s beyond the 10th time I’ve been addicted. Wish it wasn’t like that, but it’s one of the unstoppable urges to hit the next level or get the next kill (In this case, break the next block.)

This “game brain” of mine wouldn’t necessarily be a blessing or a bane. Considering every perspective, I can surely say any pro to playing video games is a meatspace con. Sure, I might not represent the 99% of male Dorito FPS-ers; I don’t think we’re even that high (Let that phrase settle and you’ll get it, hehe.) I may be obsessed on one thing on the game industry or my knowledge as a gamer and a consumer may give me an edge over any outsider, but there are yet so many things that could really have turned out horribly. Rather than rambling on my acceptance to my problem, I’ll give you the summary of it’s “perks” of having game brain.


Pro: Hand eye coordination

How: Killing noobs and being situational aware of a virtual battlespace.

Con: Not applicable in playing sports


Pro: Next-gen graphics at the ready for immersion, f*** life!

How: Play/buy/pirate/steal games

Con: Eyes will have a slight burning and tingling sensation after 6 hours. Your character won’t feel it though.


Pro: Team player, leadership skill improves

How: Strategic gameplay and teamwork in your games. Thanks Project Reality!

Con: Time based learning, like school but with super wicked cool graphics…and you only learn about leadership.


Pro: Knowledge of games and how they work

How: Servicing your own computer and troubleshoot your own problems. Also learning what you can about the game in question.

Con: You will gain some unneeded “vitamin D”. In this case, “D” for douchebag.


Pro: Make split second decisions

How: To shoot or not to shoot? That is the hypothetical question. Tap once to check, tap again to kill.

Con: You might develop some ADHD from within, have fun with that one.


Pro: Euphoria. Like getting high, but from dopamine triggered from one of the five kinds of fun (Try and guess the other four.)

How: Play a game, get dopamine to your brain. Just a science thing, or is it a psychological thing?

Con: Play about 10 hours of games before 2 am and try making a choice of Doritos in the aisle of your local supermarket. BBQ or Nacho Cheese? This might take an hour..or more…


Pro: Fanaticism

How: Like it, love it, keep it, hate it, want it, need it; sound familiar?

Con: Fanaticism, more “vitamin D” for you! That and may lose respect with people who don’t share your views (Or you insult them on their fanaticism, you douche.)


Pro: Make friends over the internet

How: Community building, join/make clans/guilds/squads/cabal and just being active in playing so everyone knows your names (Just like in Cheers, but being a guy named Norman…you might get the whole “are you serious?” interrogation treatment.)

Con: Lose friends over the meatspace


Pro: Feel superior in every video game aspect to be a self-renowned “pro”

How: Kill noobs without dying too much, play for long hours, be all you can be in your game…be the medic (Don’t understand?)

Con: Hallmark just released the new V-card to express your loneliness for all occasions…


Pro: Fun! Just calm down and relax…like a bookworm, but it involves a chair

How: Play a game you like and watch the hours go by with every moment.

Con: Addiction! You thought smokers were disgusting…


Pro: Ideas…games and life regardless.

How: Like getting totally baked and talking about how we’re all connected in a inter-dimensional neural network interlinked to the universe which communicates with us constantly but we choose to ignore it for the pursue of capitalistic ideals of a free society which is deprecating the social structure of liberties for capital gain to create a New World Order consisting of oil companies and large corporate conglomerates to control the minds of the people in coerced consumerism and suppress modern man to mere mortal slaves to multimillion advertisement laced with subliminal messages and perspective of sexuality above natural selection to produce the next generation without the proper thought process to communicate on an intellectual level to notice corporate American taking over the world and be forged by the corporate motive to collapse government and – wait, what?

Con: No one is listening…I bet you skimmed the How section above, see? I told you so.

So in a way, I have to balance a balance already balanced. Tough job especially when dealing with an equilibrium within an equilibrium.

I appreciate input as usually, leave a comment. Until next week!


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