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Over the past month, it has been a moments of up and down. There were days I felt demoralized and alone. And there were moments I felt calm and better than I was the moments before. As Christmas approaches, I feel a sense of mental fortitude should be necessary for the holidays.

Over the past decade, my body went through highs and lows. Not only the physical but the mental drive I had was slowed and then rebuilt. The toughest part about it was going at it alone. The hardships one can endure alone is the most difficult to overcome. The way I see it, loneliness in times of need is the bedrock bottom of any hole anyone digs for themselves. In the past year like many years in the past decade, I felt like I dug myself into such a hole while trying to climb out the darkness I’ve sent myself. Recently I feel I stopped digging.

With a job with me and hoping for more coming my way, I feel things are going upwards and outwards. Here staring at my ceiling, I reminded myself about the words that helped me through so much and has taught me to never give up. Find purpose. You see after struggling through so much in high school, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of myself. I never found a niche, never found what I truly wanted to do, I never found what I really wanted most for myself personally and professionally. Perhaps I never was meant to find something specific and maybe I was meant for more than an accountant, a technician or a labourer of sorts. Unlike video games, we aren’t given a difficulty selection; we play the game as it is whether it is easy or hard. There will be days when you can drift by like you can sit down and relax, then there will be days drawn out to where you want to drown it all out. Regardless, I have to play the game as it is on the knowledge and wisdom I’ve earned. I don’t know where this stage of my life will lead, but I will find my own way. Finding purpose to what I want to be maybe hard, then perhaps finding a purpose for the future is not my purpose. If I’m unsure what I want for the future, then maybe my purpose is here and right now. I should strive for something I want right in the moment and fight for it at this very moment.

I don’t mean getting food when I’m hungry or napping when I’m tired, but do something different and new. My life doesn’t seem to follow a path and it doesn’t have to as long as I can make my own. I’m getting old but I’m getting wiser with every experience I can expose myself towards and perhaps this is my purpose. Sure stumbling in the dark not knowing where to take a step is not what people feel comfortable with, but perhaps try. You will find yourself unafraid and a bit more confident in the dark. You will see something new, different, or see the dull things as interesting. Perhaps gain some respect and perspective on something you never thought yourself you could need, be or want. Finding purpose isn’t just a materialist or forward thinking idea, I think it’s more about being here in the present and exploring yourself and your surroundings. We should find some purpose in that and make our path.

Until next time, let’s be trailblazers together. Thanks for 3 extraordinary years on WordPress!


Week 3: Mo’ Gear, Mo’ Problems

Week number three, still no internet at home. I’ve played about 20 hours of Minecraft in week 2, planning to cut back in week 3. This week, I wrote this blog post day by day so some of the grammar may be off since I was writing in the moment.

Sunday, early in the morning I couldn’t put myself asleep. So I went to Sobeys near my house which is open 24/7. Bought myself some junk food and a tub of peanuts, BBQ flavoured to be exact. I felt pretty terrible for a guy who popped in at four in the morning. Tired but unable to sleep, I shambled my way home. As I walked, I looked off to side of street; trashmen tossing and dumping bags into the trucks, a dull silver shimer off the streetlight shine. Flat under a mound ofplastics and yesterday’s machinery, laid a laptop. Unfolding it, I found it to be in mint condition. To my excitement, I snatched it from the trash and held carried it, backpack full of food and junk in both hands. Quickly, I rushed to plug it in as though I found someone clinging to life just breaths away from death. As I turned it on, the silent rev of the optical disk chimed to me a sign. Then another, the BIOS lit up. Then nothingness, in the eerie black glow of the screen; nothing. The muffled hum of the fan embedded inside the chassis. As from the darkness, a spark appeared; not from twithin the room, but from the recesses of my mind. The hard drive is wiped, install an operating system to fix. I scrounge my box of CD’s for Windows and Ubuntu on USB. Popped in the Windows and circumnavigated the device for the USB port, I switched boot priority to boot up the drive first before the USB and before the hard drive. Time to finish and repartition windows, under one hour. Ubuntu, to be continued.

The goal and intent for my new device will be focused on experimenting with Linux more closely. I’ve used Windows all my life and I really want to see how Linux fares with my digital lifestyle sans video games. I kind of want it to be a hub for most of my online stuff like blogging and chatting. Also I always though purple is a neat colour for a background. Of course Windows will be there with my full array of utilities to keep it clean and running (once I get my stuff installed).

I must admit aside from the aesthetic damage and missing F8 key, it works fine (F8 even works too!) I know, who throws away a perfectly working laptop? All I know is, I own a laptop now so I’m pretty happy despite not having Internet at home.

In the late Sunday sun, I tried to remain as productive with the laptop. Still without Ubuntu, it’s safe my copy on the USB is a dud. I focused on finding the software I need plus some replacement parts. The battery is dead so it won’t keep a charge. The charger is taped up somewhat with electrical tape and seems to have been bitten by a small animal. I forgot during Sunday, the part shops are closed until Monday or at least closes early at 5 or 6. I spent my time then just looking around for adapters and getting to a wi-fi access point. I did reach a Starbucks and spent a good three hours bring my computer up to speed Window-side. Updates, utilities and an antivirus suite (which I have to register and update). I still have to load onto it an office suite. My default choice is OpenOffice, if anyone knows some others leave a comment! Then I have put in some file compression software, either it will be WinRAR or 7Zip. Optionally, Live Writer for WordPress but I kind of want something else. Let me know if there are other free alternative out there, thanks!

Ubuntu’s a different territory. I don’t know what’s good and what’s not. But as an overview, it seems Ubuntu comes with everything I need besides a firewall and antivirus. I’ll trust my gut somewhere, there are apps I can read reviews and such. Maybe run some blogging gear on there too to try her out. Maybe some games too, but I think it’s more of a workstation than my desktop. My desktop is a graphics gorilla, tablet’s my table tabby cat, so my laptop is my Linux lynx? For those who might want to know, Linux installation is a two to four step process. I did it once and fudged my pen drive version so take it from a newbie, take it slow and follow the instructions to the letter. This time, I downloaded the USB installer they recommended on the site and the image file will be the first job Monday.

I think the second computer will help me understand the networking bits of Windows. Especially how to transfer system to system through a local network as well as setting up a hub to allow a home sharing network. Though it might not help much, I would want to apply what I know from home networking to connect a few computers together to make a neat module workstation or entertainment system. Imagine the knowledge I gain to hook up a TV to a computer relaying the games from another computer. That would be kind of sweet especially turning a PC into a console or a PVR-like device.

Monday, I finally had Ubuntu on here but had some difficulties. At first it was nothing but as I added updates to her, she seemed a bit more sluggish. The ordeal resulted into backstepping my decision over Ubuntu, so now sticking with Ubuntu on a Live USB in case I ever want to enjoy the purple loading screen and maybe try my hand at Ubuntu. For now as more experience into Linux, I must say I’m starting to understand where certain things are in the system. The one thing I can only complain about is the hard drive partitioning when it tells you to move a slider to increase the space where you want to install. There is no definition of which side is for Windows and which is for Ubuntu. Looks like I have a quarter terabyte to Windows 7.

Guess now is to add the goodies like Live Writer and some cleaning solution to the screen and covers. After looking at my power adapter, it’s safe to say I might need another one in case ghis thing starts to be more of a fire and health hazard. Though the battery is dead, I can deem it secondary since I won’t be getting a lot of power for mobility. Who knows, maybe I salvage those two from two dead laptops someday?

I know decals might be a bit cliche and might be expensive for a 4 year old banged up and salvaged laptop but I think they might look cool. Maybe get a large WordPress logo or some dorky phrase. I like things that could represent me or my lifestyle.

March is going to be a project heavy month even if it’s halfway done. After the laptop situation is done, I have to drag my butt to the library to get a lot of writing done. I’m considering on submitting to this writting contest. From what I remember, first prize is $2000 and second place is a laptop (I know I salvaged one, but I could give it away or sell it; I need the money anyways or at least a better laptop). It a small amount of money but for the time and effort, it does seem reasonable. I’ve written short stories and bits of lyrics, as long there is no limit and no topic; there is no stopping the imagination. Writing project, commence!

Tuesday rolled by fairly quick. I spent the majority holed up in a cafe for 6 hours with hardly much to show for it. I had to make a lot more updates and upgrade to Service Pack 1. That took some doing since I had connection problems with the shop’s wi-fi. Spent a good hour and a half restarting my computer because of how the updates work. Spending no time on story writing, after and between shenanigans I tried to write a story. Turned out when finished it was about 350 words. Tried another, still was hovering around 350. I think spending so much time trying to summarize work and writing my blog has put me into a subconscious mentality. Wednesday if I can, we’re breaking the that mold; 400 words! We must and shall break barriers and do crazy things like how I play Grand Theft Auto; jump off bridges, push pedestrians in front of trains, sex with prostitutes then “getting a refund”! Okay, not doing that in real life; but you know what I mean, crazy off the wall stuff. Before I sat down at the coffee shop, I got around to looking for power adapters. Seems like I can only buy generic for a low price of 30-40 dollars for an adapter that may or may not fit in terms of the input and output power. Which sucks considering all the laptops that are potentionally thrown out, then the probability of those laptops which has an original mint condition power adapter for this Toshiba. Then again, it would be a small business if you have a supply of trashed laptops and computer parts. Clean then up and put at the working parts together, boom! Bob’s your uncle a new (ish) computer. Huh, maybe find some small computer store and offer a business proposition and get a small cut.

Wednesday rolled by being less productive than Tuesday. I had to trek downtown to grab a bus ticket to the States, meeting up with someone special in May. Apparently Greyhound does not offer early bird discounts anymore, but a lot of online discounts though. Without a secure internet connection and a credit card, I’m stuck with the option of a one way trip costing up to 100 bucks with a couple stops in New York. With such a lost, I spent the day at a local Starbucks with a hot chocolate and a tea that I got from 7-11. Surfed the internet and began writing story #3, hopefully this writing contest accepts multiple submissions. I could write a poem but it would seem kind of cheesy or short for a writing piece. At least I’m diversifying my writing portfolio. On the laptop side of things, I’m thinking of hiding the scratches on my laptop cover. Probably with some stickers or something, I kind of want to freely personalize it so people know who’s behind the that laptop. You guy know who might have free stickers or decals? Maybe customizable sticks and decals? Comment below and let me know, I live in the Toronto area so send me addresses too; thanks in advance.

Interesting news, I might get a home connection after almost a month. My family called up a small ISP and they’re having a cable on Friday; same day this post is published. I hope it goes smoothly since I need the Internet back. I miss Star Trek Online, I miss the experience of Steam, I miss porn (okay; not really). This pass few weeks I learned a lot of things about stuff and myself, stuff school would not necessarily teach. Like for one thing, intercity bus tickets are wicked expensive especially going over the border. What about stupid people toss out computer stuff since they can’t fix it? And the most important lesson of all; in a digital culture, Wi-fi is easy to come by whether it’s a McDonald’s, Starbucks or your local library! But for now on a Thursday, I got to get back to my 400 word story goal and maybe start a few poems.

The library I’m at is kind enough to let me use the study room a bit close to closing so the Micky’s about a 10 minute walk away should help me finish this story. The more I spend inside the green study room, the more I think about my past and how much I messed it up. I know I can’t go back and change it but I sometimes get this weird feeling gnawing at me that this isn’t right. Anyways, moving to the Micky’s with 100 words remaining.

Aha! Achievement Unlocked: Pathetic Accomplishment! I got myself a hefty meal and sat myself down and started to hammer away at the keys. After a solid 30 minutes, I got in only 30 words. To be fair, I deleted a couple paragraphs because it didn’t go anywhere. After an hour since I arrived, I was 10 short. Ten words! So I decided to push in some words here and there. There we go, 417 words. Now time to sit and celebrate with some fries and a burger, maybe think of some themes for poems.

Almost midnight, still nothing on poems so I decided to write up a travel brief for my family and let them know my itinerary for this trip in May and information in case they ask. My family is weird since I seem to be the only person that’s treated like a child. Like I need my butt wiped after every bowel movement. So best to avoid my family on this subject and subjects pertaining to this trip. I’m going because I’m going and that’s enough information. Also just got the word, congrats Pope Francis. I’m not religious or Catholic, but good job.

So here’s what happened since 12 am. I got home and just played Minecraft for 6 hours. No serious projects in there, just goofing around and accumulating vast amounts of materials. Also I started to brew some potions since my new save file has a building already up. It’s big; its got a big bedroom, a kitchen, storage room, a patio (still in construction) and an enchanting library (under construction). So I built this safe room down inside a local abandoned mineshaft, which happens to be in walking distance to a zombie spawner. I’m thinking of turning a zombie villager so I can have access to emeralds or at least a guy who can sell me stuff. I’ll probably fence him off in my safe room so I have that entire area pretty much set to service the Nether room and my “big bang” project. Oh right, the Nether room! So in the labyrinth of tunnels from those who were here before, I found a neat spot to set up another safe room and a Nether portal. It’s kind of Stargate-y but it works. I have the safe rooms set up to hold supplies and grow food and the portal is located far away from everything I’ve built. However not too far away that I would spent too much time walking. Also I just phased out coal as a fuel considering lava is damn plentiful in the Nether. Pick it up with a bucket and cook or smelt 64 of anything easy. Lots of things to do in Minecraft, so much so that I’m considering on abandoning my old world. Though it has an epic library, a tavern and the highest thing I have built; I think I feel comfortable being out in this tundra biome surrounded by plains and frozen rivers. Though resources are drying up slowly, I’ve found a lot of caves and caverns full of minerals, all I need to do is make a bunch of torch and light them up. I found some lava pools when I started playing, maybe it’s time to empty them by cooking a lot of food and smelting cobblestone to make some stone blocks. Maybe start a new town here.

Well, cable guy showed up. Did his thing while I got myself out of bed. I was brushing my teeth when I realized something sucky about the situation. There is one ethernet cable connection from the modem that is not wireless capable and I have 2 wireless devices. I guess my Playbook’s got the short stick for being totally wireless. I can always bend over and pull the cord from one to another. Lot of work but at least my crap-ular laptop can get some digital loving. I’m not much of a techie, but the word network comes into mind. Maybe scavenge for a network router like how I stumbled on a good laptop.

That’s all for this week. Next week, I get internet back? (Well, I just spoiled it) Feel free to comment and help me out with suggestions on stickers, decals, networking and stuff. See you all next week!

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America’s Army 3.3–Now with co-op kinda

Recently an update to America’s Army added their largest map yet and the beginning of their co-op mode features. As a long time former player of their old 2.x game and AA3, I gave it a chance (yet again) and play through the new content. To my surprise aside from the account wipe, I enjoy the gameplay despite the servers hosting the same game types repetitively and without bias; hint to things to come.

Before we get gritty with the new stuff, here’s what I know so far for playing this game for about five or so years. You play as a U.S. Army soldier sent to a fictional country with a Soviet-like atmosphere. From what it seems, the country starts to become unstable and the United States is called upon to render aid to the country. A couple old maps return to be part of the whole open-ended story. You go from training to combat in about hour. Honing on fitness, marksmanship and weapons familiarity. Summing the the tutorials to easy pieces to help get the feel for the game. Along with the Basic need to know, you receive additional training which allows the use of some additional equipment like a first aid kit to heal teammates and optics for your weapons. You can play without the training, but you would only be privy to getting the basic gear to get moving.

Now that we have that squared away, lets get into the new stuff; the co-op. So how AA has set it up is a co-op with a competitive mode added after a certain threshold has reached. Meaning you can play through the AI specified levels as one team until the server decides the threshold has reached to split the teams; more meat on that in a bit. A large step with co-op they made a large step by adding Airfield, a long open stretch airfield where the objective is to capture and deliver a target to the extraction zone. Currently, I’ve seen only the carried objective where you carry a briefcase to the area and the escort VIP to the same area. So right down to it; you spawn on one end, fight your way to the middle, grab what you need, fight your way to the other side. Kind of disappointed so I tried the other maps with the same layout; start east, move to middle, grab, move west, win. Now the AI on the other hand makes it more of a challenge than the previous incarnation since they do react and move in a certain way to allow them to survive much longer and aside from shooting at you, they do throw grenades of the smoke and fragmentation variety. Also the AI are given spawns in this map to allow them the opportunity to flank the human team to keep them on their toes. Due to the layout of the map being long and relatively flat; the AR (Automatic Rifle) and their M249 SAW is at a disadvantage. The game currently doesn’t boast a bipod for this beast, so accuracy is only limited to about 100 metres and any kills is fairly pray and spray. The advantageous roles are the others which essentially are riflemen with their M16 and M4 carbines loaded with the optics of your choice. Because it’s semi-automatic, range is fairly admirable especially with the ACOG 2x optics which is unlocked through training; making any rifle a designated marksman rifle. However the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifleman?) has the biggest advantage in the entire map when it comes to range. Equipped with a ACOG 4x, the M16 for this roles is powerful. Which provides a more role dominated gameplay considering CQC is fairly nonexistent and even with room clearing, most of it can be done with semi-automatic on.

Competitive co-op provides a storyline twist and adds a PvP element to the game. Along with the enemy force to fight against represented by the AI, rogue elements represented by players have the same objective as your team. However it’s not the usual death match where you go down, you stay down; with the MEDAVAC system where tapping out will place in you in a queue with 4 others to back up the current forces on the ground. So you keep spawning in until the round is over. Which is a major plus to keep playing, however with a big drawback. To enlist on this queue, you sacrifice losing your current weapon and a chance to receive a different role and weapon. In my opinion, it’s kind of a downer since as you read the M249 machine gun is the weakest in most of the gameplay for Airfield. Other maps however like Ranch and Bridge, the M249 would have more of an edge. Back to the competitive co-op aspect, it’s kind of a trick to get people to play PvP. Have they even considered people want to just have a co-op? Also it’s not necessarily co-op if players are playing against players. Probably just me, but the combination doesn’t mix well. It’s a good concept to look into, but at the moment and bias I don’t really enjoy it.

Overall the new content is great but much to improve especially adding CQB maps and some way to steady the machine gun for longer distances. Also the gameplay is linear so likely seeing many objectives would go far. Like a mix of escort and capture and hold or escort and briefcase/intel gathering, or just have random objectives pop up and once finished to add more time to the round and do the next objective. For now, I will server hop to just play the co-op.

A old mod anew

Certainly we remember those glorious days of our youth when those tedious trivials would be a landmark achievement. The first frag, first kill streaks, first time video games became an oasis of reality. She a digital mistress I still have not yet quelled, but her hold is something to be enchanted. She could make you see things in a new light even if you wanted something so, she would tempt you with this tool. For you, it would be a yearning for the next kill, next accolade, next opportunity to say “I am the best!” For me; its a mix of three things I think it is worth playing for; co-op, FPS, sci-fi. When done right, she’s got me like fanboy toy. Sure, Star Trek Online has me on my feet playing hours on end. It just more instances and dungeon runs in the Trek universe. I like the talk and playability, but it’s missing the action since most of the time it’s a stand and shoot routine like Counter Strike. Co-op is lacking in STO. Four man dungeon runs, your choice to either run it in space or ground. Biggest pitfall is that attraction but turned down by lack of action and repetitive content. Granted replay value is well endowed, but after hours on end you say “that’s it?”

Sure I can save face and accept this to be my level cap. But, I want a thrill that intimidates the most veteran player. Story driven, but action packed either with puzzles or zapping dudes. Awhile in the mid decade, I wanted something tailored to me. Star Trek meets video games. The catalyst for the Star Trek game I want started with the fascination of Star Trek Enterprise. Back in ’06/’07, I found my interest into a little Half Life 2 mod-to-be. At the time it was called “Enterprise: Temporal Cold War”, the premise was a nice set up to extend what the show’s writers would’ve wanted (probably). The voice acting was a start when I started to follow along, but it was insanely close. Who knew someone could do an impressive Scott Bakula? Unfortunately things turned ugly fast. People have obligations, but it was an addiction I wanted to feed. As their team broke apart to pursue bigger things, my heart sank as they released the source files for everything they made. It was the first time I had my video game heartache, video games never felt right; jumping around to play something that quenched the craving. Even though slated as a single player modification, TCW was something to almost to the precursor to STO (unofficial, of course.)

Fast forward to present day. I have what I wanted, though the bounty isn’t what I would really want, close enough is good enough. While looking around the internet, I would take a chance at peeking at games and mods in progress thanks to Moddb. Inputting the words star, gate, and trek. And look what spewed out under the guise of a CryEngine 3 game, Star Trek Enterprise: MACO. Under a different name, but it looks like they’re coming back together. Alas, I may get what I wish in a couple more years. For now, it seems like they are are porting their content. Give it time to hit that frontier, then watch progress roll through; if not, dilligently check back for updates. I for once am excited and renewed at a possibility of a Trek game done right; not close, but dead on.

Hopefully it will turn out for the best. This time, they have me checking in for those updates. Who knows, I might volunteer (depends who they need.)

Moddb Page:

[Note, they say it is a Crysis 2 mod but the plastered the CryEngine 3 decals. Not quite sure if they’re working in the SDK (source development kit) or an editor derivative of Crysis 2.]

Mass Effect 3 Demo – Review

The recent demo edition to BioWare’s sci-fi adventure, was release on Valentine’s Day. I snagged it to take a quick peak into the Mass Effect universe, to only find the traditional RPG with a twist.

Starting out wary for my system specs, I dove head first into the single player demo. First off the bat, I wasn’t really impressed by the texturing. Seems really flat; of course the developers expressed ridges of clothing and such, likely just hardware or software limitations on how far they can push the engine to render. With everything maxed out, I was just hoping it would be more stunning than it led on. The demo takes you through two parts of the story to exemplify the roleplay dialogue in cutscenes to the contrasting fast pace combat. Scrambling to move cover to cover is somewhat hard when being shot at from all sides; but when it comes moving to cover to cover, there are plenty of it from walls to columns and the occasional desk here and there. Though indestructible, they come very handy in co-op play. Not much to really comment on it, just your usual single-player in third person.

The co-op experience is a nice touch to the game. In simplest terms, it’s one of those zombie wave deals; but with guns. With the two maps on hand, both provide the level of gameplay I think they want to release; a bit of long range and CQC (Close Quarter Combat). Weapon selection at first seems grim, but all the defaults. You got your usual weapons (despite the nomenclature.) Your know? Sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, pistols, shotguns and submachine pistols (would be submachine “gun” but it seems the character stance in using them are similar to pistols;) anything under the rain in “Mass Effect” form. It pains me to say it, the recoil and damage seems to reflect on the advantages the weapons provide; so no automatic pistol sniper grenade rifle. Though I am hopeful this isn’t the “final” release candidate. The shotgun does have a spread, however it seems like it targets one NPC. Certain pistol upgrades change up the sidearm to a handheld sniper rifle and with the right skills, it can be comparatively the same if not better. Aside from bickering the about the arsenal, the cover system needs a bit of a change considering actions and taking cover is the same button (default the space bar…yes, no bunny hopping). Though the art in it is its simplicity since the only buttons you really use is WASD, keyboard numbers for skills and offhands, the obvious R button for reload. To encourage teamplay, the niftiness of seeing through walls where your teammates helps considering no map or compass is provided to navigate. Then again these things would be overkill so the game forces you to run through blind spots to link up with your buddies unless it’s a wide open space and they’re crouching behind the only cover. What’s disappointing though I mentioned about the cover system is there is little to no incentive for cover besides a really quick way to get your shield to regenerate. Of course from what I’ve seem, there is a bit of a weapons accuracy increase though it would have more in terms of intrinsic purposes. Though it would make sense to be exposed to give it some challenges.

Definitely not innovative nor impressive, but it terms of it’s entertainment value; it’s seems rather fun despite the two maps I have to play over and over again. Hopefully the full release will have more than three or four considering on the easiest difficulty setting, it would take under 20 minutes to finish. Maybe a good idea to put the hatred of the Origins content service aside for this one.

Boots on the ground, eyes out…

If you read my last entry, you wouldn’t find it a surprise. Though I will likely drone on about this topic a few times before I stop. I’m just so excited after a few days settling into Battlelog and setting up my account to play co-op and (after co-op) multiplayer. But lets go back around Friday and start our story there.

After much deliberation, I decided on getting my sister a present. Because of how things have been going for her, it would be a small feat in the whole picture. “What to get her?” I thought. A few red flags popped into my mind considering I’m not too sure about her likes and dislikes. Likely a gift card would be pretty lame. A CD or DVD would be hard to find since I’m not too sure what she would want, same for soap or some hygiene product (I feel awkward walking into a Body Shop or Lush, also it would make me the only dude there which would make it even uncomfortable). So out of options I just began looking around at game stores downtown. First the usual electronic haunts, then I realized she never really owned a video game before. So with that in mind, I wanted to give her something that may interest her. I know she’s pretty fond of FPS games, which saved me tons of time. Long story short, wait for Modern Warfare 3 or get Battlefield 3? So I began looking around and seeing what I would want and what she would want. Of course, there was bias to this decision since I really wanted a Battlefield game than a Call Of Duty game (I can always wait for Call Of Duty, never really had nice freebies anyways…except if you pay over $100 for the Prestige Edition). So BF3 it was; no surprisingly, I went back to Best Buy for their last two copies. Out of stock, really? First my Touchpad and now this? Future Shop the. I looked at the monstrous game shelf by the latest software of 2011/2012, not sure if they’re out of stock or they don’t have it. By now, I’m desperate so I went to EB Games at Eatons. Guess what? Yeah, out of stock. My outlook on this hunt was grim. Luckily the guy knew there was a Gamestop across the street. Yes, a promising lead. For being Yonge Street, it’s got a nice streak of having this game out of stock; bring it to a total of 4 shops with not a single copy in sight. Called a buddy up for suggestions; “…did you try Game Shack?”, “Game Shack?”. He instructed me it was located in the Bay Atrium. How did I not remember this place?! I always pass by it and never really noticed it. Walked in and stood in line while 3 people check out on some movies and some Wii(k…get it, Wii-k?) games. Luckily that insanity of a console wasn’t in everyone’s mind, guy in front of me had a PS3 game released awhile ago; bless his heart. So as almost like an urgent little kid waiting in line at a candy store, “You guys have BF3?!” Oh so calmly, “Limited Edition or BF3?”. I was hysterical since they had both. Quest complete! Bought two copies and got the hell out of there. I went home pretty happy, though it was late. I waited for the right time to really give a copy to my sister. Saturday, lets wait Sunday; until then, lets run the game for the first time…Campaign…Hard difficulty. I did it in 10 hours, according to Origin. Sunday morning, I realized a flaw in my plan. Modern Warfare is out on Tuesday. Damnit, I have to make it an early birthday present just in case my sister plans on getting Modern Warfare by mistake! Called her up to hang out and as we left her place, I whipped it out like a BAMF and said “Happy Birthday!” Her smile was good enough for me.

So now Tuesdays, I’ve been persuading her to get her computer back so she can play. I did promise her that I would play co-op with her only if she finishes the singeplayer at least once (on hard mode, if she wanted. She insisted easy, I am disappoint.) So now I’m just persuading her to get it back so she can get all her Limited Edition perks before it’s too late. For those who don’t know beside the Act Of Valor promo dog tags; you get 2 variants of the M1911 pistol (suppressed and tac light) and 2 Mass Effect dogtags. Not a bad deal, I would’ve went with the preorder. But I think the M249 is satisfactory for me, though I wish they added the P226 pistol in there as well. So what now, Eric? Well, we wait. We all have to wait. Well you can wait until the next blog while I go play singleplayer again for the shear fun. Also made a challenge to do the whole thing without dying. Hard even on easy but it’s possible.

Once I run through co-op with my sibling once, then all you can have a piece of in the multiplayer. Yup, call out all the BF3 players reading this. Lets play some BF3 sometime…in 2 weeks or so. Also, I’ve set a new email address for anyone who wishes to contact me. I don’t like people using my personal address so I’m sending you guys to a specially made one; not because I don’t like you, I like you in a platonic way. And on this momentous occasion, lets be friends and play online sometime in Battlefield.

You guys can contact me here. Just leave you nickname in the space. If you don’t have a email client, just go to with the subject headline “Re:Boots on the ground, eyes out…” I’ll add you guys when I get a chance to. Probably see me on and off online until my sister starts playing; after that, we can go murdering some people on Operation Metro or something. If you are super mega lazy or doesn’t care who adds you, post in the comments.

Also if you got feedback or want to send me ideas or opinions to talk about, feel free to do so at that email address.

Going back to my campaign carnage, until next time!

Update: OH SH*T I have a present from Steam? ❤

So the tables have turned…(BF/MW war continues, not really switching sides but I am “digging” in)

With this whole gaming feud, it’s hard to pass up subscribing to see how much hype both games are getting from their base. I have to admit, it looks like it’s going to be hard to tell as I previously stated about both games. It’s pretty much down to either realism junkies or cinematic fanatics and these are their hardcore group that will play to the end. After looking through the intel, I think I’m going to back out from calling it because for me; I’m kind of both, I lean more to the junkies though. From what I know so far, Battlefield just released a VIP package. Quite impressive especially when a hand grenade is involved. From the RC car, I don’t know what Infinity Ward will pull out for it’s Prestige edition. Probably a handgun? rifle? Predator drone?

Recently despite all the jabbing around on Facebook, I decided on a freaking e-vacation from playing my usual FPS co-ops and just went with something real simple and just casual. Yes I downloaded (cough) Minecraft for the first time. I can see now, why it’s fun to some people. I’m going to definitely play this until the the bigger fish on in the fryer. Just need that nice piece of cheese before I sample the new wine, am I right?

For those who haven’t played Minecraft (though probably a lot of you have already), it’s $20 US dollars off Steam. All you do is just run around on a planet randomly generated. I’m not finished, Mr. Thinks-I-Just-Finish. Stuff you can do in game is pretty much involving you collecting materials and building. There’s no quests, just you’re own will to make it through and survive. I have to admit, it seems really challenging at first. You have to fight things to survive and you have to find ways to protect yourself. After you have those two things down, you can totally stretch your wings. From my little tropical spawn point, it’s beginning to show signs of rural development. At first, getting lost was a concern. Then I went to mine coal; long story short, I have a lighthouse by a river. I think the key thing that makes it appealing is the exploration factor. All you do is settle in one place and just wander around until you find some neat stuff. Beats shooting enemies for the time being. However the price range is somewhat ridiculous for such a simple game. However if you know how to get around Java and got a few friends willing to light a 20 on fire, probably a nice little game to huddle around on a nightly basis.

For now, I’m holding off on doing a few things. One thing, if I keep at it I might want to create a new save and write a journal from my character’s perspective. Kind of a nice little roleplay that will keep some entries (and brain juices) flowing.

Maybe…just maybe…after I can find my way out of this deep hole I made for myself (forgot the camera, sorry…ooh, some iron…)