Superpowers and a birthday (yay!)

So a few strange things has been going on since my birthday last week and the more I recollect, I’ve been seeing the same damn thing  about a week before my birthday. It’s somewhat unsettling considering what I’m about to say makes me sound like a deranged lunatic spouting “only Jesus can save you!” But I’ll tease you with that for now.

So my birthday. It was pretty incredible compared to the previous birthdays with presents of school, miss celebrations and lone nights at a desk somewhere studying or at home studying. Even after those six horrifying years in secondary, since now has been lonely. No amount of baked confectionary can really say “sorry, I missed your birthday.” I kind of self taught the whole understanding of my birthdays being just an ordinary day, just I turn a year older. Sad as it seems, it really is considering my family were never the ones to really give me a proper birthday. Either that or us the day to blackmail me to do something. This year, my 21st year, I got a taste of how a birthday should be spent. Though not with the whole family, my sibling totally support me in getting a birthday that’s more unusual.

Starting out with a really hearty lunch at a nice Korean place called “Yummy BBQ” somewhere along Yonge St. And I pretty much explained her my plan and what I wanted to really do. It was simple, just see if I could score some freebies. My sister and her infinite knowledge concluded that it’s likely all gone electronic. Shucks, I wanted to walk into some place and demand some awesome loot (by the way, named my b-day for this year “Loot the City ‘11”, try it for your birthday!). So we went to Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Second Cup, Pizza Pizza and every fast food establishment we can think of; no result. Looks like they really put aside the discounts considering there’s likely over a million people with the same birthday as me, wouldn’t have killed anyone for a free slice of pepperoni. So we did that for about two or three hours (Downtown Toronto, always lots of food joint to loot). We totally gave up and just hung around. Though it wasn’t due to my birthday (or maybe it is), I got a lot of free sidewalk merchandise. From that single day; I think I ate like some free samples, received two bottles of Alexander Keiths (thank you, kind sir), lanyards from the Symantec booth on Yonge and Dundas (still not buying your software after the last time you robbed me blind) and helped my sister out in some shopping stuff. Though it wasn’t taken fully unrecognized, I did manage to take a few thank yous from strangers. Mostly store keepers and people overhearing that it was my birthday. Most memorable was the beer girl just because…well lets just say, I’m a guy and I truly apologize that you’re wearing a tight shirt in front of me receiving free beer. Beside the congratulations, I was relieved to find that my sister gave me some cash for my next game purchase. Though humbly excited, I want to pick out something that’s going to be worth it’s weight. Psyched that I am that BF3 is coming out, I’m going to hold off until the price drop of $19-$29. I just find games at full price to be stupid expensive and usually suckers the hardcore fanatics into a hyped up game. If I don’t, I can always put some into Steam if I can get some cash through to PayPal (damn it, forgot my log in credentials…) Though I would likely buy something with the hundred if not for games. My sister says I should hold onto  the cash until I can save enough for a netbook, laptop or a tablet device. All good suggestions but I honestly going to hold out until there is something I really want, which may be hard since my mind is good at convincing itself to not be convinced about buying a product (if you ever randomly see me staring for a good amount of time, you have witnessed my mind outwitting itself.) For now, that cash is going somewhere safe where I’m not going to blow it on food.

However in light of my birthday, there’s a lot of hints of things to coming to me. Like last week at Nuit Blanche which was my first time going, I got a free mug from Timothy’s (good time to retire my Starbucks mug…actually this has a handle, she’s a keeper. I did it again!) Along with that I saw about thirteen exhibits. Wasn’t do bad considering I got home about 13 minutes after seven in the morning and woke up at 1:13 on the same day (or was it 3:13). Not only that for the last week and now, I’ve been stormed with a lot of good things. Monday, my sister invited me out for dinner. We went to a place in Chinatown call New Ho King (it’s along Spadina somewhere, I’m lazy at night.) When we got the check, we took the fortune cookies and cracked them open. Mine said ”Modify your thinking to handle new situations.” To me, it translate to “Getting older, new strategy on life.” Could be the hardest if the signs didn’t point to my birthday. I’m no English major but according to that fortune cookie, “new situations” being the new age I’m entering both biologically and numerically. “Modify your thinking” meaning in my perspective as a retrospective of my approach to to logic so far in life. And you’re wondering “how does it relate to the number 13?” Break the fortune down to its syllables; it’s 13. Freaky thing is the luck numbers on the back (4, 17, 29, 36, 39, 47); when you subtract 17 and 4, lo and behold 13 is right there. Without looking, this number is really popular around me this whole week. I have 13 CD cases on my CD rack and I just noticed it as I’m posting this, not to forget the 13 DVD cases underneath. Awesome? Yes. Creepy? My mind was and still blown. Oddly enough though I knew this beforehand; my celebrity crush, her lucky number is 13. Kind of freaky now since I’m speculating on speculation on why this number is around me suddenly. Maybe the cookie was right; if I apply 13 to everything to my life, some new stuff will come out of it. But I know for certain, around my birthday a week before and after; I’m one lucky guy (well I was lucky to have a wonderful girlfriend too, but this is more like +1 luck to my luck). So if you see me, congratulate me in person and maybe rub me for good luck? Not below the belt, pervert.

This got me thinking though if I could have a superpower that I can’t control, which one will I have? It’s the same question as which superpower you would want, however with an epic twist. Since you can’t control it, it would randomly come around or it would remain like that forever. The biggest thought provoking question considering many upsides and downsides. If I could pick, it would be luck. Simple and straightforward, either way I can get away with some good stuff and on the opposite end, I would just be me. Though I have thought of other super powers:



  • Get into places
  • Freak out the neighbours
  • Walk around naked
  • Be a ninja


  • Doesn’t last long or no one will ever see you
  • It would turn off at the wrong time
  • If I still occupy space, someone with a fog machine can mind me (or while I’m swimming or drenched in a coloured liquid)
  • Likely get hit by a car when jaywalking

Intelligence of the universe


  • Knows all
  • Can predict a lot of stuff
  • Solve diseases
  • Make a damn good video game to sink all competition, including World Of Warcraft


  • Not very fun when you know how to win and stuff
  • Might suddenly be stupid
  • Could accidently kill everyone because the new knowledge may be used to start wars and stuff
  • Being asked questions 24/7/365/infinity

Sexiest Man Alive Ever (attractive too)


  • Get laid, woot
  • Get to places where people can’t necessarily get into
  • Win competitions involving an award for sexiest man alive
  • Girls would be all over me and companies would want to hire me for their products


  • Might get STD’s unless paired with Intelligence of the universe
  • Girlfriend may be pissed and jealous
  • May suddenly become fat and unwanted
  • So much sex that it would just hurt all the time

Super food tanking ability


  • Eat truckloads of food like it was nothing
  • Never get fat?
  • Can win eating contests, even against that Asian guy holding the world record in hot dogs
  • Regurgitate water and become a human fire hose


  • Might die if ability wore off
  • Might throw up for the same reason
  • Might accidently consume the world’s population of food within an hour for a “snack”
  • You would be able to smell my poop and vomit from across the world and through time and space (watch out parallel universe)

All in all, luck seems the best one for a superpower that randomly happens.

Feel free to share me your superpower that you have no control over if you could have such an awesome superpower. Until next time, happy hump day!


7 thoughts on “Superpowers and a birthday (yay!)

  1. Sounds like a very interesting 21st birthday for you then! I’d recommend saving the money up for something that you really want – people can suggest whatever they think is good, but it’s your money and you should get what makes you happy!

    The 13 thing is a bit strange…It reminds me of that move “The Number 26.” I think sometimes we look a bit hard and stretch our minds to see what fits, but in your case it seems to make sense. Has 13 popped up much else in your life outside of this birthday?

    1. Yeah, went to the store today with the munchies. I pretty much grabbed almost half a dozen bags of chips. I paid with a twenty and the total was $13.98, got the receipt here too. Also in Global Agenda, I had a guy join my team and his name had 13 letters (just noticed this now when I write it out. “DeltaEnforcer” was his name). On my VLC player, my preset volume is 12; close to 13 though, well if you account for the manual volume controls of Windows and my speakers it could be 13. If you go out of the way, my favorite of the two sci-fi’s is Stargate. Now if you’re a fan of the show you know on the Stargate itself has 39 symbols which is a product of 13 and 3.

      I think that’s all for today but it’s been kind of weird since I’ve really noticed it more recently. I’m not a very observant person but when something keeps coming back to me, it’s haunting me. On what could it really be or mean. Not saying it’s magic or coincidence, it just strikes me odd that this is happening for some unforeseen reason.

      1. Ah, then I have a dirty mind then! I was thinking something totally different!

        Anyway, yes, that is an odd string of coincidences…You haven’t stayed in a hotel room 1408 have you? ;P

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