In the interest of doing some good, do some evil…

Keeping up with what this blog is about; okay that might be a half truth, I would like to share some of my thoughts in terms of new games in old games. They may be just decades old; but with new tech going in, you’re bound to make games within games. No, I’m not discussing mods (though I’ll talk about it later…maybe) but just genuine ideas that pop into mind that sparks the curious phrase “can this be done?” or with someone in the room joining in declaring “challenge accepted.” So I thought I would share all the challenged I’ve completed or tried so far. Win or lose, these can give you a few more hours out of the game.

GTAIV – Get a 3 star wanted level or higher. Then travel from one side of the map to the other. Simple? Here’s the catch; no public transportation and no vehicle jacking. Just pure stupidity and quick reflexes.

GTAIV – Play the story in under 10 hours. No trainers and mods.

Runes Of Magic – Complete the first 20 levels with nothing more than your fists. No armour, no potions, no use of your class skills, no help. Just mano-a-creepo action.

NavyField – Play Great Battle with nothing more than the starting frigate. To win this, survive the match. That’s all, just if you live at the end with all ships sunk…you win. You may bring whatever you want into this, just survive at the end.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Start large fights and win them with only your hidden blade. You may run around to aggro more guard. No use of the animus to achieve this.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – Campaign, weak pistol, weak armour, no gadget use…no need to say more.

NHL 09 (any NHL game would do too) – “Keep away” for a whole game. The other team should never intercept or receive the puck in any way. Do this on normal or hard difficulty, standard NHL rules and you must also win the game. Stupidity mode for this: Do this but for a whole season, also get into the playoff and you MUST play every game.

Armed Assault (Any in the series) – Walk from one side of the map to the other. No rigging your keyboard to auto walk either. Running allowed and you must carry a weapon and 5 magazines. Yup, that simple.

Half Life 2 – Story meet crowbar, crowbar meet story. Stupidity mode: Episode 2 as well. Also you can allow no dying if you want.

Alliance of Valiant Arms – Spend the whole day farming money. Full 24 hours and note, this is going to make your brain melt.

Global Agenda – As a free agent, play all 50 levels and do all missions with basic gear. You may mod and may add “no dying” to the list to do along with “100% win.” Hardest so be prepared to really enjoy failing.

Battlefield 2142 – I call this one “Unwavering Defence”. In a multiplayer Titan match, you must stay on the titan and defend it no matter what. You may want to do this without dying, can’t choose engineer, pistols only, and solo defence.

Battlefield 2142 – Play on the ground without dying can cannot resupply with your team’s kit including the previous and current kit you used. That means if you have the medic kit to heal yourself, you have to pick up a different medic kit to heal yourself again. That goes the same with bullets and gadgets. Let the madness begin!

Alien Swarm – Melee the all the aliens in a campaign. That is all.

Call Of Duty and Battlefield (any) – Like Alien Swarm.

Bonus challenge I would give to you all. Complete all 15 in under a month.

Congratulations, Achievement Unlocked: “Got no life, got no job, got no brains.”

Share your stupidity by leaving a comment. If you actually did a few of these, please share your experience…or ordeal. Have fun, happy hunting!


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