Not much of a Legacy…

Just last week, the Legacy of Romulus expansion came out after a long dry spell from Cryptic. Personal first impressions seemed more or less a content update rather than bring a refreshing take to the Star Trek franchise. In the expansion for those who haven’t been caught up, the Star Trek Online expansion puts players into the reformation of the Romulan Star Empire. Now the newly minted Romulan Republic faces the perils from former allies. As the quadrant fights wars on multiple fronts, the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets come to the aid of a silent enemy while another “Silent Enemy” lurks within the shadows. Out of the storyline, players get access to the infamous Nimbus III. It’s a social and combat zone that accompanies the new five missions introducing the newest enemies to the game; the Elachi. As the quadrant backs the Romulan Republic, the Romulans are beginning to spread its wings as a power. Allowing players to choose at the start which faction to begin with rather than waiting for level 20 to be Klingon. Fresh off, you can choose Federation, Klingon or the new Romulan factions. Small additions to game is a new item slow on ships give you additional stats through obtaining a warp core, respec of traits to allow players a larger array of traits and Tholian Reputation missions to facilitate obtaining a new ground and space set.

When I returned from my vacation, I hopped on to check out the new content. At first I change my HUD to one of the new HUDs available, the Voyager HUD scheme. Of course like any game with a large content release, there was a lot of congested server traffic resulting in a queue. I had time to sit in the queue but when I was in the front of the line, I was booted. I tried once more with the same error, “Login Error”. After a week, the game has stabilized and as of the moment I’m writing this, no longer have a server queue (I guess a lot of people just gave up). On my capped character, I began blazing through the new content. Respec’d my character and checking out the new warp core additions. From what I can tell, the warp cores boost subsystems excluding weapons and provides a passive boost to slipstream and transwarp abilities. As I beamed down to Nimbus III in the Tau Dewa sector, same place New Romulus is located, I notice a inhospitable environment with a small settlement built out of what appears to be salvaged metals from a crashed wreck nearby scattered across the ridge overseeing the valley. Plagued by pirates and the Orion Syndicate oppressing the local populace. Within a few hours, I was able to play through the five episodes. The Tholian reputation is unimpressive and deepens the the developer’s intent to keep the reputation system to provide a currency sink.

I’m all for new content especially adding to the story, but the new content seems a bit more lackluster considering the time taken and the game I wanted more of which is the story. The Romulan faction is a nice touch but seems a tad out of place if there is a theme to the expansion. Of course the theme is about the resurgence of the secretive Romulan Tal Shiar to undermine the new government, but it’s overshadowed by the ulterior motives of the mysterious Elachi. All things considered aside from the minor bugs and a vague expansion theme with a hype about Romulans, it has so far provided me a place to farm experience and mission essential items. And that’s the legacy I will remember fondly of about this expansion.


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