Into the dust and onto sunrise…

After my last blog post I visited historical Boston with my girlfriend and her family. Passing locales which mean very little to me but a big step towards independence of a nation. Upon a tour bus we set out from the harbour to Quincy Market which stood as a post for commerce of goods and trade during the British colonial reign. Within these walls now stand with merchants of trinkets and westernized ethnic food. As the day progressed, it was definite we should visit the temporary memorial for the Boston Bombing just recent. Standing in the barricades lined with prayers and condolences, it was both a circus and a solemn stage. Still frenzied, the media was present as onlookers observed the memorial of faded scribbling and mass anguish.

As the day ended and returning back to this small town (though my girlfriend would not call it that), I felt somewhat elated to spend a day with two loves I can never give up; history and my girlfriend (cue the awes!). My next road trip was shortly after with her family travelled south to Pennsylvania. This one was pretty dull aside from the drinking and the senior prom happening in the Holiday Inn. The one thing I could dislike about the United States would be the excessive placement of outdoor plazas. For one thing, it was cold so walking store to store from the outside made me temperately confused. The worst is have two plaza across the street from each other with nothing but hotels and fast food joints sandwiching  a 6 lane road; which was the case in Pennsylvania.

Returning home after almost two weeks, I feel like I really accomplish what I set out to do. I wanted to get a new perspective and have a renewed determination in my life. After so many years being beaten down, I feel I can get through a lot now.


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