Progress – 4. More. Days.

After much trial and error, I have set up and prepped my new blog for the Star Trek Online launch date. So far not much exception for some roleplay pages and categories set up. From layout to planned content, I am excited to write down some fiction.

During my teen years, I was never enthusiastic about writing. Probably because of academics restrictions on zero tolerance to violence. Maybe. But when the mind wanders away from a path, inspiration is always an inviting guide. I guess that is where most of my creativity comes from, external forces beyond a rigid structure of rules and policies. No topic, no order, just look deeply to the sky and pluck a thought like a tulip. Though little experience I might own to bestow on my work in the past. I think in the past year I have honed a bit of my language to bring something worth sharing. No doubt, you read it. Somehow there is some thrill about blogs that have driven me to write. Even in misguided thoughts seems to contain vast branches of small thoughts. With beginning and no end, blogging to me now seems more relevant tan that bright eyed student stepping into Introduction to Business Technology over six years ago. Every day, I’m lucky to have guys and gals reading for I am happy to provide.
Fiction; I’ve never devoted time to it as I should. Wrote many, but only took pride in one. I’m glad this leap into roleplay will guide me into fiction. A new blog and a new sense of challenge, I am definitely going to wrote my fictitious heart out. So much content, so much time to be devoted to a linguistic art.
Wow, diversions to diversions. The new blog, it is all up and running. Currently all it needs is names and places from the game. Starting of course the main content being my character. Currently an unnamed and nonexistent captain of a unnamed and nonexistent starship, those are the shoes to fill. Also I am considering using some of my blog place for images. Thought it is more likely I will use as much of my cloud computing space already at my disposal.
Aside as the roleplay of my character’s personal entries, there is more I am considering to add. Let me know about these:

  • After action reports of battles and activities like missions and such.
  • Ship status reports when working on long term missions.
  • Transcribed subspace transmissions, conversations between captain and a second party. Kind of like those scenes from all the Trek series with a talking head.
  • Encrypted transmissions (Roleplay giveaway system?)

Though it’s not my goal to write something to take an hour to read, but should be something to provide insight to the operations of the ship from the perspective of the captain.

Currently, I don’t want to link that blog. One thing, it is locked out to prevent prying eyes and the URL is a random name until I can find out the name of the character I will have. Probably by the 18th, there will be a blog post plus filler. If I can make a character on the 17th, definitely the URL will be resolved.

Let me know what you guys think about my roleplay blog. Leave me a comment below or email me.

Happy Friday!


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