Fun Fest Fridays

Hey guys,
I’ve updated the recently added Fun Fest Friday page.

Next week we’ll begin having some fun in Star Trek Online. Some details I will still have to work out and the meeting place might be crowded since it’s the default social zone to start.

Keep checking the page for more information since it might be on the 17th or 18th that I will have all that information up. Also I don’t like the tech setup for Ventrilo and the price of a TeamSpeak server so Raidcall is the way to go. I’ve added the link to it inside the page so check it out and download. A small company with big dreams, and free servers to give to all who sign up. All users will have to sign up to use the servers whether it is to make them or join them.

Doubt there will be a lot of starting content for some teamwork based stuff. If not, we can always have a chat on Raidcall and stuff. Doesn’t have to be game related. Though if there is, it’s going to be one busy night just running around and killing stuff!

Hope to see you there on Friday!


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