Christianity is very ironic

Before we get into this, I want to say I’m agnostic and it’s just looking at the roots of Christianity and not a particular sect. So the “I’m a (insert your Christian sect here)” excuse wouldn’t make a difference. So let us begin.

Ever since I took West and The World (maybe a bit prior to that), I had a fascination with history; both global and local. Most of the time from the things I read make some connection to God. Whether it is a painting or a document of an account. Though it does make sense that most of the Western world of that time period was dominantly Christian unlike today (I think it’s more of a minority…or all religions now a minority now? Too off topic; focus Eric, focus). But reading through and taking note does come up with an interesting revelation, Christianity is really weird. Considering up to now, I rarely see someone not associated to the Church on the level of a Father or a monk to demonstrate most if not all the qualities that make up a fundamental Christian.

Let’s take an example of some of the Ten Commandments. Lets take “don’t use the Lord’s name in vain” part. I know some that really take it too far, scratch that to personal experience. This in my opinion could be any profanity involving damnation (i.e.“Damn”, “damn it”, “damn you”, “Damn it all to hell”), Jesus Christ and God (“Jesus Christ Bob, you can’t count”, “Christ almighty Dave, you suck at bowling”, “goddamn Steve, you’re an idiot”), or a combination. Considering damnation is fairly cursing all of God’s creation to hell (including God himself?). Let’s take another; the one about engraving images. This one is pretty evident in most churches I’ve experienced. Having a physical symbol or representation of the God or Jesus (the crucifix, Virgin Mary and maybe any saints). Considering all these are idols. Okay, last one so I can move on to my next point; the one about owning stuff from neighbours and friends. Those who got an iPod, iPhone, car, and anything else because you saw your friend with one, considered yourself breaking that rule. I guess this goes the same with rapes and sexual assaults. Assuming God does exists for a hypothetical conclusion, the last one might send us all in a place we shouldn’t really go to if you catch my drift.

I admit, I’m not a reader of the Bible. Though I should, I think I got the better parts of it. Most of it is fairly much do good deeds, be kind to others and respect everyone as they would respect you. Like I know some of the famous stories of the Bible to understand some parts of it. I don’t think these morals are really put forth. When was the last time you donated or given away something out of charity and not for pity? When was the last time you insulted some? When were you are someone’s side when they needed someone the most? I admit if I was a Christian, all those questions would remain unanswered. Fact of the matter is that, we’re human; we can’t really pull it all off. Doesn’t necessarily have to repent every hour of the day, right?

If you want to know my agnostic view of God is, well here’s a treat. I don’t believe in him. The omnipotent being we all seek is all within us. I’m not saying, we’re all gods; I’m just saying our actions are for judgement of our own self. We are to follow our own path and our own words, though that in itself is ironic if you don’t follow most of your morals and values. (If you don’t like randomness about God, go ahead and start posting comments and such) If there was such a being, I think his would be Steve, if it is a girl; probably Emma. Those are pretty common names. If that person does exists, then Emma/Steve would likely be a mix of Asian, Caucasian, African and every colour of the rainbow. Speaking of rainbows, he/she would likely be bisexual since they would love everyone. If he or she could get a job, it would be something average like at a fast food joint, a counsellor or a barkeep. But he/she wouldn’t spend it all on themselves, rather use what they need to live and the rest to charity.

That’s kind of my view of Christianity, or a short summary of it.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor’s appoint and a dinner appointment so I won’t be able to blog during the whole day. But maybe the day after or the early morning. Until then, comments and recommendations are appreciated. I love sharing my thoughts with you and…well I think that’s about it for today, time for dinner!


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