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Getting hassled and unreasonable people.

Recently I’ve been shopping more on the fact that I’m always considerably hungry without video games. Even with my medication, I can come down with a large longing with a hot bowl of food or a baggie of snacks. Usually it’s either early in the morning or at night I have this dietary craving. For me, I have a grocery store about two blocks down that’s always open minus stat days. Though I never got into trouble with this place over the last two decades, Just recently the more I visited, the more I feel like they’re trying to bar me from coming back to the place. They, I mean the people managing security (because those frozen fish sticks are “dangerous”). I know they mean well but in this day in age, they should really think twice.

To start off., let me give you a bit of background information. Toronto about a few years back, started this plastic bag fee of 5 cents a bag. Then as the trends go, people bought on board the “reusable” bag which is made of organic materials. So the line of thinking to that is either pay 5 cents per bag or buy a large reusable for a dollar.

So what I usually do since I just graduated and still have a very useful backpack, I carry around my pack to store stuff in there. Though I never heard anyone complain, but now it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve been called out by security guards that backpacks aren’t allowed. I find that the policy there is more intentionally focused on getting you to buy the bags. My logic to all this is if I already have a bag, I’m going to use it; otherwise, it would be a waste of resources to purchase another bag that my current bag can do already. And trust me, there’s only one purpose a bag can do for you (maybe 2 if you count being lazy to hold everything in your arms). Also from the Wikipedia article, I found out that the very nickel you put in goes straight into the purse of their conglomerate. I might be paranoid or overreacting, but wouldn’t that make that “policy” an ad scheme to impulse buy? I don’t know, I’m going to use my backpack until they ban me. I’ll lose out on convenience; but whatever, Chinatown is cheaper so they can go to hell for all I care.

The world is just too damn focused on making that extra buck. I wish someone would just take it all away to reawaken everyone to the true reality. Behind all the technology and society, I can only see mankind in it’s worse. There’s no more creativity, ingenuity, or beauty; unless you consider the digital social drama of ordinary life a beautiful thing. I guess I like I love Renaissance art  and certain things in photography. It’s very organic and soulful. That’s just me, I guess. I try my best to find the best of the world so it does seem bearable and not like the world is so one sided.

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