Day 20 & 21: The good, the bad and…well, more of the bad

Yesterday was pretty great, my sister surprised me in buying a coat. Then we went on to eat dinner at a pretty late hour. Though I did manage to stop by a board game store and buy the dice I need for Dungeons & Dragons. So it was really worth it to kill a day doing stuff in the frigid cold and not to mention the snowed dumped in a couple nights ago.

Went I got home it was pretty late, like 10 and 11 I think and passed out on my bed. Apparently I had an appointment before 4 in the afternoon. I only realized this fact once I woke up about 4 seconds after being conscious. My reaction was something along the like of multiple eclipses  followed by a thunderous “OH CRAP”. I guess that’s what I guess for getting off video games the same day I get an appointment of some medical professional. Well, I have to reschedule now and hope it will be soon. On top of today’s fails and follies, I woke up to a bloody lip due to the dry air in my house and I still have my socks, sweater and pants on so I woke up all sweaty. This day is getting horrible. On the upside, I can play video games again. Well, I can choose to. Though I don’t really want to lose progress, but I need an outlet for some rage and anger. I just can’t hold it anymore; I need to stab, slash, shoot, drive, crash, run off, cast, blow up, or assassinate something. Yeah, video games is kind of my creative outlet…for destruction (and my problems). Though I am happy I made it through 21 days and having today a rough day out of them all. So this is the end of that long program with all my headaches and whining and weakness and stuff.

So I have to reschedule incurring a 80 dollar fee, totally bull but “play the game” right? So I have to get to bed early tomorrow and wake up at 12 or sometime pretty early so I can get dressed and haul ass. And I’ve sifted through my emails and I’ve fallen in love with this message about to watch History’s Museum Secrets. I was always a fan of history and wonder and beauty of a former time, I think we overestimate the power of the past. So consider that link a recommendation for those history buffs or those high school people who want to learn stuff . I’m definitely going to favourite and watch all the episodes. What are your favourite educational series, readers? Leave a comment, I’m curious.

Well, I’m going to settle down for the evening and relax and maybe considering giving video games another chance.

Until tomorrow, post comments and recommendations. Thanks for reading!


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