Troubleshooting life – Much more complicated…

We all have our moments of weakness sometimes and we just overindulge a bit more than we should; like candy, or bacon, or buying those Big Macs with large fries and drink. Before long, you get fat or start having problems; or both which would suck doubly.

So how does this affect me? Well, I had a visit to my doctor recently and I feel like I have to do what I can to maintain a better life for myself. After being irradiated and examined, I apparently developed some health problems that have been from recent developments. Cut to the chase, the human digestive can only handle so much meat until there is some clogging of the plumbing and my leg is in pain.

The first bit means I would have to have a diet change. This means rather than cramming beef and chicken, I will have to put in some more vegetables and fruits. Cramming vitamins and fibre; so diet myself for that, that’s totally doable. For one thing, I’m on good terms on vegetables and fruit which solidifies my stance on my Chinese zodiac sign (Horse FTW!), wish something else would solidify a bit more; hopefully all the fibre my body is taking in would help.

My leg has been acting up since mid-winter, like at first it just felt like a slight aching from time to time. Around Christmas, I think I caught a bug from someone and my leg just felt worse to the point where being bed ridden didn’t help. Around February I just went, “screw it, I’m going to sit around and live with this.” So I went to the doctor, this was after I got better from whatever bug I came in contact. Okay maybe “the doctor” may be misconstrued as my doctor, I went to a clinic just a few blocks from my house because it was cold and my leg was begging me to stop walking. She gave me some painkillers; they worked for a week and after the meds wore off, it came back with a vengeance. After a month of just being super careless about it, I went to the doctor; my family doctor who I’ve been seeing since I was a kid. But apparently my back has been pretty much in a bad position for so long that something something and my leg hurts when I walk. Yup, I don’t understand. Pretty much the prescription from my doc is swimming or sit ups to strengthen the lower back. Signs of getting older, so I have to start taking care of myself more closely.

So before this week happened, I started to run again. My legs felt like they were on fire. I think I may have pushed myself too hard and too fast and tired myself out (Yeah, that’s not out of context at all…), for now I think I’m going to lay off the cardio a bit and just focus on working my lower back since my leg needs to be pain free. I don’t like describing pain since your definition could be a bit different from mine; I would put as soreness, but it could be kind of that pain when that muscle is bruised and it’s just a light bit of pressure is applied.

So I have to recover quick and recover fast since I really want this out of the way so I can focus on doing life stuff. Life stuff sucks a lot. Moral of the story here, if it hurts for more than half a week…see a doctor.

Upside to all this, I got my ship pack in Star Trek Online; WOOP WOOP! Now I have to farm for all the gear I want to have on it and choose which ship I want to equip. The Vesta is kind of hard to distinguish, but I think I’m going for something a bit more engineering to boost Auxiliary power passively. Also they released the revamped Crystalline Entity event with some Reputation stuff, I rather play the event than really focus on the Reputation since I consistently placed third on the first day it came out. The Ambassador Support Cruiser I got a month back is starting to receive some gear. I’m planning on equipping some old school Phaser arrays like the ones from the Original Series. Maybe add in some armour and power stuff to keep shields and defense up. The Dilithium market recently skyrocketed so I’m definitely staying away from the exchange for awhile. I still have a large surplus of dilithium so likely I’m going to put it into buying some Hangar items or put it towards a ship set. For now, not worried about what I should get next and more focused on real life problems.

That’s it for now, have an awesome-sauce weekend!


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