#3 – In The Roughest Day


Thanks for coming over. We do talk about a lot about everything. I rarely turned into that person but I was glad you were there.

The stress of the world recently has oppressed everything. With work being all it is the past week, I felt like I wanted to curl up and cried. As I laid with a tear rolling down my cheek, I saw your message lighting up my phone. In the darkest room, I replied back and you promptly told me to come over.

Even if it was hours ago, I still remember your open arms wrapped warmly around me. Laying in your bed, we just talked, held hands and just grew in that bed. The tears subsided and we just lay there together with our music filling the silence. As my emotions calmed and my head cleared, I turn over to your nestled on my shoulder. I couldn’t help but to kiss your forehead. You looked up to me and met me halfway as we leaned in to kiss each other.

Under the dim light and the soft mutual touch, it felt right and I felt you need to know how much I wanted to be with you – even though we were tired.



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