That Internet Connection…

Not going to out my ISP since I know there is some hope that they’ll solve this problem somehow. However I can’t shake the fact that I’ve been playing angrily for the last couple weeks with constant connection issues. The most part it isn’t so bad for a 30 minute fix, however the most concerning is when I’m in the heat of something my internet just decides to take a break. Quite literally it just gives up and resets the connection.

I’m not putting blame solely on the ISP however they are on the frontend of all of this. They provided me the equipment and the means and they’re the visible end of where my family’s money is going towards. It isn’t my fault for choosing the provider however under my good natured Canadian attitude, I want to place blame somewhere after all these problems keeps coming up. The irony of this situation is I’m fairly locked into this problem since I’m not the account holder so I can’t make big changes to my connection besides receiving customer support. Just very frustrating that I can hardly do a lot with these service disruptions. My previous ISP never had a single problem with my DSL until I changed connection and ISP’s due to the fact that it was expensive. With all good rage, comes inspiration for some humour. So here are few things I have cooked up with my grey matter to find some sort of peace with this situation.

Considering how long my internet keeps going up and coming back down, I might was well have a have a reliable connection at a lower speed; like say 1Mbps. It’s so unreliable that it makes Craiglist look highly legitimate. When I get onto Facebook, I lose connection. I get on YouTube, I lose connection. I try and play some games, I lose connection. I try watch some porn, I lose connection. I turn on my computer and I lose connection. Sure, I’m exaggerating but the truth is so close to the hyperbole that it’s borderline ridiculous. My connection is so erratic that it flip-flops more than a politician. Service interruptions is so frequent it would make rush hour traffic in any metropolitan area look faster.

I just needed a good long vent and to release my problems with my internet connection. Until next time, feel free to share your internet woes.


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