Adulthood in this society sucks…

So I’ve been pulled through the ringer. And for anyone see me pass them with stained and worn jeans and smell the stench of vegetable rot, yup I was at work. So I’ve been pulled through the ringer (Epic. Reverse Course. Ever.) As the newbie, I get why businesses and groups have some sort of hazing ritual. However after a few weeks, I’m pretty tired even if it is a few hours of laborious lifting. It’s very monotonous and made me come to think of a weird idea.

The big “what if” in my mind the last week, what if the wages and salaries were based on physical labour? I might have raved about it before, but considering all the benefits if people tasked with manual work were granted a larger wage than any desk jockey. Consider the following that most people sit around a desk all day doing mindless computational work or doing nothing physically and most people are obese. Would it be somewhat possible people have a little too much to be spent on food? If the physically hard working have a higher wage then those who sit all day, they would have money for food to get the food in and output a lot more work. It might be a shallow idea with no evidence, but from my point of view the wage her sucks compared to the price of everything else.

It might be my financial woes seeping in but in all honesty, capitalism is a fallacy without people responsible in spreading the wealth in my opinion. No matter where we are, we started somewhere in terms of a really bad job. If not, at least we all had that privilege to be in a bad job at one point of another. I want you to all know I feel as saddened by my life’s problems and we’re all in it together.

Until next time, let’s all be underpaid and overworked together.


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