I do Hunger for more

So a bit of an update to what I’ve been up to for most of my days. First off, my social skills aren’t up to par. So walking into a theatre packed with teens and couples with three other dudes who pressured me to watch this movie; one thing came to mind, sausagefest. Despite that, I did not read the book either and I still thought it was confusing.

However the curiosity of those small questions coerced me to read the book. On the morning of Saturday after leaving the last show on the Friday, I gave into the temptation. With very little need of convincing out of, I was determined to read the series. Once I woke up after a long deep sleep from thinking about where to get my hands on a copy; my own personal copy. It was simple with the internet as a gateway to all current knowledge. At first, it seemed as though the movie was taken word for word; knowing how Hollywood is nowadays, to become unoriginal. But as a read, I felt more amused as I peruse chapter after chapter.

Almost halfway through the The Hunger Games, I noticed shockingly; my first book in many years. Not a magazine, or a piece of reference material, but an actual novel. More encouragement to consume each word and devour every paragraph. So entranced into the story, time passed ever so quick. Fascinated with the themes relatable to our society now, it made me pause to reflect on the real world crises the book alluded.

I’ve spent a better part of a day to get through a book and just putting them down wasn’t much of an option either. The story is very interesting written in first person, taken me on a gripping thrill ride in a post-apocalyptic society on a brink of a revolution. Fairly much, the books speak for itself. Though the epilogue closes off the series, I felt there could’ve been more added to the story. Anything from background history to generally the rebellion (spoiler!), it would’ve provided more in depth look at the world and how it is seen in the character’s eyes.

It was a set of books I’ve read and the first time I wasn’t forced to read a book and necessarily go into detail with. All left is now is ride out my brain’s fandom high (and hope I don’t have a sudden impulse for a mockingjay pin).


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