Vanity sanity for the sake of humanity

There are just some things I will use or say since it would be social convention but have no clue why you would say or do one over another. Sitting here, with the world’s knowledge at my fingertips and yet wonder why I say or do certain things. Some are enigmas or the mind and will still boggle me. Those things the more you look at it, the more odd it becomes. I would like to share some I have noticed.

In my little eccentric world, a large part of as an insider is how we take small things for granted. One per occasion is saying “please” and “thank you”. Of course manners seem quite outdated but I think some rules still apply in the digital generation. The simple motion or expression of thanks is often very appeciative especially when someone does a deed on your behalf. Not necessarily on the scope of the usual things they do but the extra. Like I would say thanks if I got some free sprinkles on my Baskin Robins when I didn’t ask. Maybe get more back in change and the rare moments when things go pretty well. Though it wasn’t expected but at least they went out of the way to help you. Kudos are on the way for those who go the extra mile.

On those special things, one thing I like to do is an annoying bit. Tipping use to be as much as you felt necessary, now it has to be to a percentage to be acceptable. Apparently paying tax a second time counts as tip. For those who don’t live in Canada, consumer goods means tax paid at the register on checkout. Specifically here, it’s 13%. So an acceptable tip would be three percent more or less than tax. To be honest, it is only a rule of thumb. My game, you do good by my standards then you get a tip. Otherwise, I did my part so you can stop shaking that tip jar. I find it rude for you to ask and ruder to ask for something you don’t deserve for being rude. Maybe I should demand a free meal when people as for tip since I got twice the meal for the price of one and a fifth. I don’t demand it, because I am civilized to accept what I am offered. Be happy what you have and not what you want.

I can’t say for every human male, but I say chivalry isn’t dead. Just seems like most of us not giving a damn. However compared to when the rulebook laid precedence and now, some are really far out. I am not going to pick up lace handkerchiefs. But I would do the normal trio; introduce new people, hold doors, yield to others. Easy to explain the first and second, here’s what I mean by yielding. Yielding in arguments to allow counterpoints and follow up questions to all people in the conversation. While this is one purpose, it goes to right of way in pedestrian traffic. One thing that gets me peeving is a pod of punks talking and taking up a sidewalk width. Take the initiative and form a hole or walk in half the width. This goes to walking on thr right side. Like normal vehicular locomotion, but less rules. Walking on the right side unless foot traffic is sparse. I hate figuring out where to go. You know those moments where both of you try and deke each other.

We spend much of our time in a perfected world called indoors. Either secluded inside or outside, we interact with one another. Seems more of a confessional than a casual gathering, the digital revolution has provided us a means to be interconnected. Yet it is our own doing has hold us to screens and and social media. We seem to regress into a sedatary lifestyle our parents once spoke of some decades ago. More so we interact less physically than our ancestors, is it because we evolved to include technology in our lives or cowardice has us scrambling to the foothills every word is spoken? I think we are losing touch with interpersonal skills which would benefit us. Anyone can type, but the social skills are made through experience and not knowledge.


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