Ever since Facebook – My fundemental principles of online interaction

When it comes to the internet, I tend to do my best to put something there. for anyone I want to see or know. Matter of speaking I try and sort my thought trash for the internet to pick up; making you guys garbage pickers, not a bad thing in my opinion. Sometimes there may be so good things in the trash. May have little or no purpose for the previous owner or pass on something inferior, but it may have little or much use for someone else. Taking away the waste disposal analogy, I am talking about social media.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; these are much close to a junkyard than you think. We consume it, we don’t necessarily create it. Once something is good, it goes viral were everyone would take it in. Much I see are unique, then the internet starts dumping onparodies and iterations. In many ways like this is happening millions times per day. One status update or one blurb, I don’t really care about a blow by blow realtime autobiography. Of course interesting article links is helpful, but if it seems people would follow without formulating an opinion or realize the intentions that come with posting a thing. I know you can say “oh this is a good\bad thing, must spread this to everyone.” Kudos for raising awareness, but your credibility to what is serious is waning if you are the one that has Facebook tracking every place you go or tweet “had a fun time at the club” then just seconds later, “just puked…awesome!” I would check it out if it fancies my attention, but usually it’s quite unappealing. I know the large part of social media is to have a conversation and connect to others with similar interests. Down to only that meaning, I would endorse social media. I never really did even the first time I got myspace. In many ways, a real old school conversation usually more warming than reading from a website. Human relationships are more complex and even more for those that are like me. It is more than taking ownership of an account or just being connected online with the only face to face was the introduction. That’s no friend or follower, that’s just some person or an aquiantance at best. Personally I do maintain a Facebook account, but I do keep it private since I respect the others and keep myself distant from strangers.

Companies now filter their applicants using social media to ensure a productive work space. So if you really need to look professional. too online. Doesn’t really mean pictures of dress shirts and ties. Simply put, display the positive qualities in photos and posts. Also do what is possible to incorporate them into your life. Kind of annoying some people prying you to make sure you’re job worthy but I guess whatever their intention is, it better be important.

Also have a somewhat spotless looking page would benefit by just being neatly filtered and organized. Making sure your “friends” can see it and you have easy access in case.

But back to trash talking, when you look at Facebook, you see more like and comments then you do for anything profound or insightful. Not quite sure, but I do have theories. Scenario A would be the obvious “hot girl” hypothesis where most of here contacts or her clique just likes it which goes back to the nerd/jock social structure from high school. After so many years, no one cares about you even if you were a physicist that has figured out the date of doomsday and you try and warn everyone. By the time you get on the horn, more people would’ve shared and “liked” pictures of bikinis and cute pussies (see what I did there?) more than you would receive in a lifetime. Second scenario follows the lineage of centuries of greed and fame. Everyone wants to be rich and famous. I myself would like my notoriety to be low. I am definitely not the type of person wanting to give autographs and meet fans en masse. Also the accumulation of wealth is not in a material way so if it sums it up, I am pretty unpopular by that point. Our world has really just been reduced to nothing more than those two, either one granting vast power to influence generations. The root now seems more of personal survival (money for myself) than mutual survival. There is some good in the world while some are motivated by personal gain. Good is good when nothing material is in it for you, even skills would be somewhat materialistically driven. Though my second guess, I would say blame society since we are all victims in this case.

Among other things, I treat cyberpsace as meatpsace society. Most of those lessons you learn as a child comes in handy here. Such things like:
-Don’t click on links from strangers (don’t take candy from strangers)
-If a stranger asks you something private, best to say nothing or back away.
-What sounds too good to be true, likely bad for you and your computer.
-Always look at the good and bad before deciding (Look both ways before crossing the street)

Usually the common sense stuff I sometimes question parents not necessarily teaching their children. As a former forum moderator, I always stress it before and after. Personal safety is important; risk may yield more rewards but bad situations can only get worse. No one is always watching and when you slip, you will fall and get hurt.

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