Add one more to the list – Mercenary Ops

Warface looks like it would be competing for my time allocation for video games, maybe exceeding if I get hooked back into games. Crysis might be baiting with the whole co-op spin, so is Mercenary Ops. I read the feature on the closed beta page. The premise seems really tacky considering the whole corporation taking over the world and hiring armed men to take care of situation. Sounds like EVE, sounds like Face of Mankind, sounds like Perpetuum. Corporations that seem mind bent on dominance. Though bait or not, I am curious.

Mercenary Ops is slated to be a 8 man co-op and PvP in the third person. From the trailer, features the Unreal engine with customiable weapons and cover system. The maps shown to have depth in story, detail and vastness. Most unique thing I saw from everything is the 8 man co-op. I hardly see games to push beyond the 4 man mark as a shooter and not a mod. One thing I hope for is less linear gameplay or less obvious linear gameplay, I doubt it but we’ll see.

Out of the two, seems Warface is the goto for me. Especially it because of the whole militaristic sci-fi theme to it.

Definitely keeping an eye out. Of course reviews if I could get my hands on them.

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