Project Reality – Co-Op Survival Guide Part 1: How to win all the games!

Out of all the mods I’ve played past and present, none as hardcore yet fun as Project Reality for Battlefield 2. I got entangled into the game a long ways back when it released it’s 0.95 update. Since then, I’ve been on and off playing it; just recently I popped back in to play some matches in co-op.

As part of my quest for the most epic co-op experience, the top game on my list is this very mod. Aside from the genre as a war FPS, PR is focused on closely on teamplay using voice communication and asset usage. Each kit in the mod serves a purpose and each vehicle does the same. The same in it’s 1.0 incarnation which brings additional maps to cooperative and multiplayer as well as augmented the open-source program Mumble for enhanced VOIP capability. In co-op, it doesn’t matter how many people you have in server to win the matches. It’s very dependent on how well each squad utilizes itself though there are hardly any loss scenarios for human players since it’s mostly based on who loses tickets first. No less doesn’t give me the chance to give you tips and tricks to work effectively.

Standard Operating Procedures

From my point of view in game, a few things thing make a team in co-op prevail. First of all is asset management of vehicles and assignments; assignments being kits and squad roles. There should be at least two infantry squads; one to attack and one to defend or flank the enemy. As maps permit secondary squads can be made and should be as followed by importance:

  1. CAS (Close Air Support) for fire support. Alternatively transport and supply drops. Supporting the infantry is a priority.
  2. Armour support, some vehicles have additional seats to allow infantry transport.
  3. Tanks for ground fire support. If possible, this squad should play defensively to keep the tanks active at all times to support ground units rather than pushing up.
  4. Mortar; it’s not a vehicle but it does allow indirect fire support. Best used if it is on standby for squads to call in.
  5. Jets are very rare in co-op but when in use, they allow for indirect and direct fire on ground targets as well as protecting valuable assets. Also bombers are handy for taking on ground armoured targets.
  6. Snipers are handy but in most cases not required since distances on most co-op maps are short. Playing as a sniper is only great if the squad as used for spotting and reporting enemy targets to other squads.

The only exception in co-op however is Kashan which will be for a map-by-map intel blog post.

Enemy Intel

On most servers, BluFor (the human side) will be NATO countries like Germany, Great Britain, Canada and The United States of America. Which puts the AI opponents on RedFor or OpFor (AKA the other team). On particular maps, you fight in urban centres and terrain without much cover or foliage. On occasions these maps are also mixed which provides the AI some advantage due to what I believe is a technical limitation.

Under the code, I assume the bots do not account for bushes and concealment  and therefore would allow them to fire through concealment which provides them with twodistinct advantages:

  1. They can shoot through concealment which does hide the muzzle flash.
  2. Bots can easily move in large groups or alone in large bushed areas without detection. Along with these;
  3. They have a high hit probably to soft targets and vehicles. Which means they’re pretty accurate with rocket launchers and aerial assets like jets.

Their disadvantage is usually unseen but can be highly advantageous for human players:

  1. Due to their large groups, you can likely pick up a rifleman kit to replenish supplies when none is available.
  2. When they are targeting a distant target, you can literally talk up to them and melee kill them. However they will sometimes spot you before you do.
  3. When not fired upon or not facing towards you, you can evade them.
  4. They can’t climb ladders properly.

Depending on the difficulty, they do engage at a certain distance. However usually they can attack from line of sight for up to 500 metres. Disengaging from a large group may sometimes cause some of them to go to your location.

Their vehicles should be met with the appropriate weapons. Using anti-tank rockets is necessary, however soft targets like mounted .50 cal machine gun trucks can be destroyed by section fire (I’ll get into that later on).

General Tactics and Strategies

Depending on the human fighting force, defending objectives can be important. It allows the most closest spawn area and a fallback position in case an attack fails. Always keep a small squad occupying the last captured objective or a small manned vehicle. If your team is smart, they will have placed a Forward Outpost which allows a spawn area when the area is not occupied by the enemy.

Offensively, the team should be focused on fighting on two fronts; the front and their flanks. Though the action and kills while fighting head on is gratifying, the best strategy to maintain an active defence while pushing onward and keeping on side exposed for your team to push. When able use stealth to capture objectives especially if the other squad can hold off the enemy. Additional engagements may cost your team an opportunity to capture but it could push the OpFor farther back to allow your team to establish a defensive position onto the enemy side.

When building a squad, it is best to have a microphone to coordinate with the other team through voice. If you don’t have a mic, join a squad that has one. If you don’t have one as a squad leader, try and be a subordinate squad and support the ones on the comms. Even when you are using a different program, use the in-game Mumble system to talk to other squads. As well, try and maintain a full infantry squad when possible. They might be slow at times, but they can go places where vehicles would have trouble traversing.

When you are in a squad by yourself, try and follow a full squad rather than running off. Death in this game is pretty inconvenient when you have to run back to the battle. As always with teamwork, stick together and work together. When together, there are a max of 8 weapons pointed at the enemy; alone, you are only one against the many.

That’s it for now, next bit will be on each map and strategies on playing. Until next time, keep on fragging!


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