Black Friday or Common Sense

So Friday was no ordinary Friday. Gleefully, most people consider Black Friday consider it the best time a shop considering most gifts are cheaper by 30 to 50 percent of the retail value. Though I didn’t partake in the ritualistic greed like some people, I think there are some lines to be drawn when it comes to shopping for Christmas or  birthday after Black Friday.

First off, it’s the end of November. I don’t know where most of you are from but in North America, it gets cold. When I mean cold, I mean genital inverting cold. Depending where you are living, it can get cold fast and then drop further down that thermometer. I’m visiting someone in the US at the moment of this blog post and outside is something I dare not go due to the cold of an alarming 26 Fahrenheit (-3 Celsius for everyone else in the world.) Is it really worth freezing to death to save about 300 dollars? Considering the consequences of getting sick and missing school or work at the expense of thermal exposure for a small reward. Though if I had the money and the license, I would concede that saving money on a car would be the best deal. Even though gas prices are pretty high, you would likely see those savings lost in the first couple months on fuel. Secondly, is money that important? You are freezing your butt off to indulge in your dormant shopaholic tendencies. If it wasn’t shopping, I would assume people lining up early in the morning had a habit or, dare I say, an addiction. Appropriately, I would think getting a birthday present would’ve been done earlier for the sake of having a well thought up gift. Shopping for Christmas should be the same, buy it in advance and with thought.

Though as far as I am concerned, at least one person dies every day in the world. However the last five years, one person has died from a Black Friday related incident which concerns me considering most of these people are American. Wouldn’t these incidences reflect on the socio-economic values? Cheapest deal at all costs. Though Canadians aren’t immune to this but being at proxy does influence the shopping habits. I don’t really understand the need to spend to save. In my opinion, no spending save you a whole much more. That gadget or item is material, so is money. However the items usually depreciate especially stuff like electronics while money does inflate and deflate but it handles more like a ubiquitous resource within our society and economy. You can’t barter items for other items unless it’s a trade for money or items of lesser value most of the time. With money you can trade and barter for items and commodities.

Common sense: save money to buy things you need rather than buying because they’re cheap. It’s better than getting ripped off, trampled, shot, stabbed, stomped, beaten or crashed to death. You can’t get health at expending wealth. Health is the only way to get wealth and wealth is what’s getting you everything else. Therefore to compromise health, you indirectly compromise wealth.

Until next time, use a bit common sense.


Up in the grey space

Everyone with free time have stared into space and asks unworldly questions, fact! Most I can say is they start with “what if?” We made them, asked them, answered them. Crazy, logical or even an odd conversation; it is great to boost a conversation. Zombies, sex, murder scenarios, probably the major three I have asked or answers.

Here is some of them I want to pass around. For every question, read my answer and think of how you answer; or don’t and enjoy the post for the sake of entertainment.

Way before the apocalypse and zombies became mainstream, I was given the question how I would handle the apocalypse if it happened now. So if it happened now while I was on my bed, I would be unprepared. But I would have a first aid kit ready, then accessibility to equipments/weapons. Starting with more aid as in food and medical supplies. There’s a pharmacy (Shopper’s Drug Mart to be specific); as well as 2 supermarkets, a Wal-mart and plenty places to hide. However without a very well built weapon, a city of millions would defeat bullets. However I do own some old hockey sticks and knives from the kitchen. So I think I can fashion a few axes and spears. All I need is companions with cooking and technical skills, safety in numbers.

Relationship scenarios are interesting and usually result in a long debate especially varying different opinions. One being Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohan. Unfortunately this was much after Lindsey taking in so much bad publicity, she seemed okay then all the drinky-drinky. If it wasn’t paired with Duff and asked before all the bad stuff, I would consider it. Though I have heard interviews and Hilary seems an interest person to chat up. Probably her, I envy a certain hockey player.

Recently, same guy same question with different celebrity names. “Would you rather have sex with Hayley Williams or Taylor Swift?” First, why sex? Why must it be sex first? I wouldn’t go around shacking up every beauty. They’re beautiful and attractive, but sex would likely be last on the list or somewhere on the bottom of the list. Back to question at hand, Hayley or Taylor? Sex aside, they are evenly well matched. Attractive, eloquent, seems interesting are all there. Hayley seems to have a bold vibe, not sure if it is her personality or clothes; I like both. Taylor, she’s seems like a gentle and sweet personality. Also Taylor and I have an odd similarity in a certain number. I see it every day and good things usually happen. Well good would be exaggerated, more like I would be better off than before and my luck stat is pretty low. Now the bad side to get into that, it is always good to think of the downside. Songwriters they are, likely going to get a bad song for every good song. Public life is great but if someone pulls you under the bus, kind of a unattractive feature but a good thing to know she’s thinking of you. Popularity would also be a great undoing since I would lose out personal time. Saving best for last, way out of my league. Have you seen my profile picture? Like to that itself, would you or not? Anyways I had to answer this mind boggle. Close race that I had to choose. If anything best case if I was in that scenario; best friends with Hayley and Taylor’s on top. Though I must remark, why did you make it sex related?

Same person got Heavy Rain once the hype simmered down. It gave the protagonists choices to cut his finger off and other mature actions. So he asks “would you cut your finger off or get kicked in the nads?” Nads, most definitely nads. Then the chain of question rolls in. “Kick in nads or wake up in jail?” Depends if I did something wrong; misunderstanding then jail, otherwise nads. “Wake up in jail or wake up in bed with a man sleeping next to you?” I am pro to sexuality. You can choose how you run your personal life, relationships and all. However I have a comfort zone when it comes to my sexuality so I chose jail. At least it was a misunderstanding and not a drunk decision.

Walking down a busy downtown street, another chain of questioning. “Would eat two bowls of noodle soup or eat a whole plate of fried chicken?” I ate many things and learned a few things. Fried fills you up quick and water can be expelled easy so soup is easy to do depending on size of the bowl. I use to eat a lot, now just on moderation. “Soup or random item on the menu?” That day, I had my eyes set on a nice warm bowl of beef noodle soup. “Soup or steak served by a hot waitress?” Both good, I flipped for it. for the waitress. I like a good steak, otherwise it isn’t worth walking in. Well this descended into a bit seedy line of questioning where it ended into choosing really odd things. Never again.

Grewsome and morbid, murder. I asked one “One bullet, who would you shoot?” This one was a hard decision that I tried to answer the question. Since I didn’t specify, I started bend the rules. Evil people, I mean people who push you around and get what they want for personal gain. That’s hard to accomplish, lots of evil people and only one round; going to go big quite literally. Unless I can beat people with the gun…huh.

Hope I have given you something random to think about it. Play this when you have friends or just to post some hypotheticals for kicks. Feel free to comment or even ask one down below. Would you ask a question or just post a comment?

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