Stuck without games, once again

You think you are sitting pretty in you life and it gives you a quick realization how fragile life could really be. Though familiar with bad luck, it’s untimely inconvenient for my monitor to pop something internally. I’m fairly sure either something shorted out, though I’m still getting power to the monitor. This 22” I got more than half a decade finally gave in Saturday morning; which makes it the third component to malfunction in the past few years. I knew someday the day would come when things won’t work as well for my computer or I would have to replace certain parts. Unfortunately a bad time for me to be maintaining my rig.

The weekend wasn’t as tough as the last time I had gaming withdrawal, though the upcoming week could be a bit rough. From what I’ve learned, staying positive is helpful until I feel calmer and less agitated. Also finding ways to keep busy. Aside from finding a job, I’m considering to get into some volunteering. The past few weeks, I’ve been slowly looking into volunteering along with finding some employment. I did find a volunteer opportunity a few weeks ago, though I must admit it’s pretty far by walking. So I’m looking to volunteer a bit closer to home. I hope get something considering now I’m fairly idle.

Though starting to be shyly shaky and having the drifting thought of video games, keeping positive seems to be working. Good thoughts, happy thoughts. Maybe a library visit today would help me clear my head.

Until next week, happy thoughts!