Here You Are Again

Odd thing that happened on my Facebook recently.

Occasionally, I like to cull my private online profiles. Ridding people I’ve fallen out of or haven’t seen in a long time. Sometimes they’ll never add me back, which I’m totally okay with and I’ve been on the receiving end of a social media culling a few times. I can totally understand however this one time when I lost someone physically and they disappeared off my friends list, it felt terrible.

Setting: recently, I accidentally set a status update to public and they liked it back. Honestly, a lot of emotion flooded back when I was first notified. I do think of them fondly however knowing they still bookmarked me is interesting. When I first realized, I didn’t know how to react. I wanted to let them know I’m alright but open to talk. The best I could think I could do is just write another status update.

This is a first for me and I’m not quite sure if I did the right thing. As the shy me, I would say I handled it well.

What do you guys think?


Post-Valentine’s Day

I am not sure if it’s just the allure of Valentine’s Day, but around the 14th I see a lot of couples out. More than I’m usually seeing, a lot more people are out and about spending time with significant others. I can’t help to think about how fabricated this day.

As a single individual in a sea of couples, it seems the loneliest day for those who don’t have that significant other. As much people try to reach out to include family, it’s weird to celebrate a romanticized day with family.

If I was in a relationship, I think I would do more with the 364 days than the one thematic day. Honestly the pandering of hearts, roses and red things a-plenty doesn’t bother me, the problem is some people buy into this day to be something special. Reality should be is not a special day but a special someone, isn’t it?

Looking upside to it, people seem happier during the season.

Valentine’s Day – Not what I remembered it

This wretched day and I had never really been close. Year after year, the same mindless stuff is set out on display from the start of February until the Easter decorations go up the next day. Every year, it is the same thing considering I sit in my room and play video games; though this year I’m accompanied by a bit of vodka. Not lonely and sad if I’m drinking to celebrate.

Valentine’s Day has lost its meaning. Now it seems more of a lustful endeavour than a display of passion. Use to be the day to commemorate a legend of human compassion, now seems ever more as an industrial, hyper-sexualized gimmick to promote human reproduction. It is not now I have realized this. I spent a good number of Valentine’s Days watching people hook up and break apart. We might well call it Pon Farr Day for all the likely bump and grind sessions happening right now (if coitus was represented by the media).

Nonetheless, I am happy for those couples celebrating. Those that hooked up for the day, that’s okay too since it’s your heart to be shattered. The day of chocolate, candy, flowers and lots of possible poems portraying a beloved muse. Though such things should have a counterpoint. Like a good relationship, two is better than one. I propose for next you my fellow bloggers a new day to balance all the happy and sad people on Valentine’s Day. A day where you can be allowed to eat all the chocolate you want, watch all the movies you want, and write sad (if you want) poetry all you want…alone! I call this day “De-Valentine’s Day”. The day falls on the day you think about Valentine’s Day. So pretty much any day of the year, just go with it! DV Day, the holiday where you just don’t care. Meant to be celebrated alone and any fashion you damn well please. So tomorrow will be day 3 for me. I plan on eating my face in and maybe spend time finding a job. Of course, all of you are welcome to join me. Wherever you are thinking of the sheer loneliness, just go out and do something you want to do; especially stuff your face with food part.

Take it easy, folks. I’ll talk to you next time.

Valentine’s Day – It’s for sad people too!

Okay, maybe the day is just about two weeks there. Although you have to think about how much stuff is out there now for the day. Drugs stores are really packing in the chocolates and heart shaped stuff. To me, it’s kind of sickening to see people profiteering from an emotion of affection. By comparison, it makes Christmas and Easter very saintly in terms of a holiday; no pun intended. I was never really had that feeling Valentine’s Day experience with a special someone, but the idea did cross my mind. I always wanted to spend that day with the lady I’m lucky to love, though I’m a great person. Sounds negative, but the truth is I’m not quite a catch. Now enough of this tangent, Valentine’s Day!

Have you ever wondered how the holiday started? In a jiffy; I can say it involves a priest whose patronage is love, affection and beekeeping, Roman execution of said priest, and likely it was invented for some other purpose besides covering up a Pagan holiday. Besides articles about Valentine’s Day, I read the news and science and stuff. Not a genius, but I find the occasional literary moment is relaxing at times. Astronomy has been one of my interests I guess, if you count looking up at the stars and asking dubious questions with deep, thoughtful answers.  Dang it, I’m off on a tangent again.

Well if I had my girlfriend with me, I would have some idea to do on the day. From my experience with women, I think I know a thing or two about Valentine’s Day. If not, then the princess is in another castle (okay, that was a bad Mario reference). So here’s ten things I would do for my lovely lady, in no particular order:

1. Buy her her favourite flower and put them in her favourite vase or vase that would look nice with her stuff.

2. Movie.

3. The classic breakfast that’s crap-ly made by me. At least I tried.

4. Cryptic but poetic note on her bedside table with maybe her favourite flower on top.

3. Lunch. Either out or in.

4. Take a year to learn guitar and write a lot of songs and one song for her. If she asks, say it’s a new hobby. Then next February, tell her that I wrote a song about her. Sing it with the guitar. Afterwards tell her, I really took up guitar for her so I could play that song for her. Give  up guitar, or keep it if I feel like playing it. Congrats, new hobby earned!

5. Staying in bed and only getting up to eat and for washroom breaks.

6. If my gal loves video games, play video games and eat popcorn with her.

7. Dinner.

8. Let her hang around with her single ladies. I would feel like a jackass, but if she wants space…-sad face-

9. If all fails, Hallmark.

10. Mix of 1 through 7 or just 2 with 3 or 7 while during the day do 4 and a bit of 5 or 1 while I do 6 or if she’s doing 6. Yeah, I’m quite undecided.

If you are expecting to be single on Valentine’s Day, here’s what I would do in a ten point task list:

1. Video games. Let out some rage.

2. Internet, lots of stuff to do to fill a day.

3. Find all the single people and start a conversation.

4. Solve some of the world’s problems at your desk, then giving up since you can never be able to do them with the limited power you have. At least be proud you actually had a plan to really unite the world.

5. Sleep. Good time to make it up to the maiden of your memories.

6. All your favourite movies, back to back to back. Food? You’re single, your choice!

7. Invite your friends without friends to hang with and just go ahead and do something awesome. Great especially with friends you haven’t seen in awhile but you’ve been in contact time to time.

8. Work on your New Year’s resolution. Unless you didn’t mean it, in that case you should really do it to spite the world.

9. Find out the the cost of your bills for the month and pay that amount. I don’t know what or if companies will allow that, but saves you can stop worrying about it for the next month or so.

10. Comfort someone who’s crying because they’re single on Valentine’s Day. May require +10 charisma and +5 constitution (MMO reference? yes? yes?).

Speaking of February (God, I’m on a tangent again. Someone should stop me.), Chinese New Years, so if you missed New Years (or again if you missed Orthodox New Years). Good time to make it up. No fireworks; but there’s firecrackers, tangerines, and food involved. I’m not too sure what to do but I feel like just eating on both day and maybe shop.

Anyways, next month would be pretty awesome no matter how you place it. For me, I have to really make an effort too. This could be the year my life can do completely good or have another bad year. I hope it’s good, I have to do a lot for it to be good though.

Anyways, have a nice Tuesday! Post in the comments on what you plan on doing next month for Chinese New Years (February 3) and Valentine’s Day (February 14).