The last week picked up fairly quick with better horizons ahead of me. I have been both very active and very tired, I’ve learned I’m a bit of a workaholic; the one thing I never thought I would become. 

Starting off, I’m reaching close to being straight broke. I’m slowly reaching out for welfare to keep myself afloat. My financial situation is a good smack to the face to job hunting. Even though I have been meticulously scouring all the resources available to me, I still think I’m still far away from where I want to be. The hardest I find about this is I don’t have enough to really keep going indefinitely. In my home grown pride, I don’t feel comfortable on handouts for food and funds but I think I might have to take advantage to what I can provide myself.

Just recently, I finally got a bit of employment and even with that, it’s not going to cover everything to keep me going. It’s not enough to help me move out and not enough to live on my own even with assistance from welfare. This is the irony of being born and raised in the city; I want to live here but at the same time the city seems like it doesn’t want me around. With all these “opportunities” you read about in the newspaper or from people who are living their lives and looking at you. Reality is never black and white and never the shades in between. At least a bit of employment than no employment at all; when you’re hungry and wanting more to your life, does it matter if you’re overworked and underpaid? On a positive note since I got a position working in the food industry, I get to learn more about making food and handling money; which is good especially when it comes to customer service positions in this city.

With more to do with my life, the less I feel I have to worry and the more I can feel productive. I feel really rejuvenated yet relaxed. It’s been too long since I felt a sense of purpose and the need to move quick. In the coming weeks, I hope my schedule will be packed with work. My aim is a 10am to 6 pm work schedule during the weekdays and be on call during the weekends. At the moment like a quest, my “on call” optional is done; just have to complete the main tasks to finish the quest.


Quick Change

Recently I have been taking stock of the past year; like every year before it, I try and compare myself to the previous year and find what I can do to improve myself. In the ebb and flow of time, the past year has felt more like burning bridges than building them.

From the start, I started out in a low part of my life. I thought six years ago was the lowest part of my life, within a short time I’ve definitely lucked out with the best parts of me. At the same time, I embarked a different things. I began exercising more regularly for starters. It hasn’t yielded results, it is something I want to commit to myself to live better and healthier. I have to admit I haven’t keeping up with it lately, I partially blame the season. The heat is a tad absent and the weather seems a bit more damp. Trust me, I’m trying to be fit and healthy and all that jazz.

Since January, I’ve revived my YouTube channel devoted to sharing games I like to play. For the moment I’ve stayed away from Kerbal Space Program since construction and travel takes awhile to do. Rendezvous with KOLab orbital station takes awhile in vanilla and I would like to play the entire series without the mods available to me. For now, hiatus on KSP but I’m working on playing other games. At the moment in the line-up, I am playing the early access of Interstellar Marines while using IndieDB to find interesting games to play like The Dwarves. Artistically, I have stepped away from making title cards for every video I’m making. I think rather than trying to promote my channel through a video, I should just focus on the gameplay. I’ll still make thumbnails though because it looks cleaner and well organized. A few things I should improve upon should be getting more games to play and demo. This is a bit more complicated because I don’t budget for entertainment stuff in my life. At the moment, my focus is on early access games and free to play. There are a good games that need to be out there than playing the trends. Though I do get into the mainstream and popular games, I want to show you guys the new and obscure games you’re missing.

I noticed my upload schedule has been a bit down lately, it’s for an important reason. I would like to devote more time looking for a job and trying to sort out stuff that’s going on in my life in meatspace. Only if I was a popular YouTuber or had some entrepreneurial prowess to start an internet company that just plays video games. It would be pretty amazing.

Until next time, this thanksgiving I am just thankful that even in all the bad things I don’t want to mention, there are shards of hope and happiness. And I hope this thanksgiving you guys are thankful for the happiness the world has brought upon you.

“It’s going somewhere…” – Star Trek Online, Season 9

The last week, season 9 for Star Trek Online has come out on its Holodeck server. This means I get to check out what’s new and the challenge to unfold for a Starfleet captain. To start it off the developers have provided a review of what the universe has been through since the game’s conception.

Story in short so far, Klingon’s are suspicious of everyone and started to wage war against the Federation. Romulus is destroyed by it’s own supernova star, thus ending the Romulan Star Empire. The Borg returned in their attempt to take the Alpha Quadrant. The Jem’Hadar provide a friendly reminder the Gamma Quadrant is still dominated by the Dominion. The Undine have been undermining the superpowers to dismantle them. Within the conflicts from the past, the Federation and Klingon look forward to the future. The Federation and the Klingon Empire forge a “no touching” alliance to hold off the Borg and assist in the resettlement of the former inhabitants of the Hobus star. In the Tau Dewa sector in the former Romulan territory, Romulans and Remans have created the New Romulan Republic. Learning from past mistakes of the clandestine Tal Shiar, the Republic work toward establishing a new homeworld and to create a future for the Romulan people based on unity and cooperation. Recently, the Romulan, Federation and Klingon alliance has found an Iconian gateway which lead to the discovery of a another gateway which lead to a Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant. At the same moment, the Voth have taken interest with the Sphere, specifically the Sphere’s Omega particle technology. Old enemies are united to enter the year of 2410. And yes, it took 8 seasons for the year to change once unlike the TV series.

The dubbed features for this content update is mostly visual changes to Starfleet’s Earth Spacedock and character customization additions, introduction of the Undine as the main protagonist for this season and instances and missions associated with it. First thing I did once the patch was install was examine the visuals. At first the patch pushed the graphics up to display the new aesthetics of the characters. Once I was loaded in the game, I set a course right for Spacedock. Coming out of warp above Earth, it was indeed different. The ships moving to and form the drydocks and the station seems to be lively. Upon docking, it was definitely a new sight and definitive change in the colour palette. In short, I’ve spent a long play session just looking at every decal, object and NPC in the changed social zone. Apparently they have added a reason why the zone layout has changed. To avoid spoilers, please play it for yourself. In short, we the players lose a little to gain some different. Like the exteriors, the zone is lively with NPC’s and have much of a shopping mall feel when it comes to the item NPC’s. If the item and exchange area feels like a mall, then the ship interaction NPC’s is the information desk. Aside from the tall ceiling and open space, it’s easier to navigate and feels less crowded unless you walk into the high traffic area.

To the story content, the Borg missions have changed to include a prelude to the Undine storyline. The missions feel long which can be good and bad. Good being it feels like an episode, the bad is the voiceover gets interrupted by accident in certain areas. Double upside, the Borg storyline no longer feels out of place and supplemental. Now the bulk, the Undine story.

To avoid spoilers in short, the action is intense and the story is an obvious changer.  It takes away from classic games concepts and maintains the feel of the Trek intensity once enveloped in the series. This is the season where there are no exclusive additions in fleets but a lot of additions to hold people over until new episodes are released such as the Voth Zone in the Solanae Sphere being overrun with Undine.

Change in the reputation mechanics does make it way easier and less of a grind. First off, main rep projects are separated in two; 20 hour dailies and 1 hour hourly projects. Each of the projects reward a box containing a random object from the project’s store. Also it seems, the project item sets are more linear to be easier to find and redeem which results in making missing set pieces a bit impossible to receive unless you have the project queued prior to the update. Overall, it allows the content to be easier to experience and less of a time gate.

Lastly the Undine STF of two space and one ground 5-man instance. The ground mission is part combat and part detective work. You figure out who on Bajor is an Undine spy and rid the city of Hathon from the Undine spy network. One of the space instances is assault against the planet killer shipyards in fluidic space. The other instance is a counter-offensive above some of major species’ homeworlds. This instance requires attacking on 3 lanes and destroy 2 fluidic rifts. If this idea sounds similar then yup, it’s that kind of game; great way to suck the DOTA crowd.

It’s a balance in art and content changes which slowly advances the storyline. There are small bugs at the moment of this post but negligible. Of the start, season 9 of STO is a good start; the only surprise would be fulfilling season unlike the last few seasons which were devoid of episodic content.

Everything is new – AKA The Sink

As since from my previous post, I’ve joined a fleet in Star Trek Online. Once more, throwing myself into a clique that may not be right for me and could result in something little or nothing worth exploring. I have my reservations to online groups; I’m not anti-social, just had some bad experiences. Well, I just derailed this blog post in under a paragraph. Back to my current involvement with the fleet and its activities.

At the moment, the fleet seems fairly empty. I’ve been watching people log in in hopes of making contact. Either they can’t see the dedicated fleet chat or they can’t comprehend the English language. Either case, I d have found one other person I can chat with but way late in the evening. It’s not a bad thing, but the problem is I like sleep and sleep is fantastic. We’ve grouped up and played some of the fleet based PvE instances and event try our hand at the new shuttle instance from the recent expansion. At the moment out of the three of us, we feel the group is pretty empty and we should try to get some new members. At the moment, it’s seems like an invite only open door policy. So for now I guess I’ll treat the fleet like a resource sink and put in stuff I don’t need into it in hopes something good might come of it.

The past month or so, I’ve been stockpiling my dilithium until the exchange rate is a bit more fair. And the week, I gave in from just having a large pile of of this stuff. I converted at 114 per Zen points which returned with 2550 Zen to spend in the store. So I opened up the old text file to see what other stuff I should buy. I promised myself I will get the Gladius Escort for its Impulse Capacitance console (increases flight speed temporarily) so that’s 750 spent. With a congested inventory and bank, I decided to spend the rest of my Zen to future-proof my character for sample and loot collection. In hindsight, I should’ve spent 500 into a fleet module to get the variant of the Tactical Escort Retrofit. Maybe sometime in the future I will do that, right now adding to my current ship.

In recent days I’ve been experimenting with some new set ups. I’ve merged together an Omega Borg set with the old Borg set onto my shuttle. With a few trial runs completed in Atmosphere Assault, I know I have a bit more refining with the configuration to make my shuttle a bit more formidable against the new Elachi. Also with refitting my shuttle, I started to refit my Retrofit. At the moment, it’s suffering from a bit of performance issues since I had to remove most of it’s firepower for the shuttle. Loaded with my best Photon Torpedo Launchers, I still feel I can do better than Photon and Quantum torpedoes. If all goes well for the next two days, I can reclaim my Cutting Beam from my shuttle which would dramatically increase DPS. I’m also considering on getting the highest level Borg sets. I’m running the Mk XII MACO set for the shield capacity and Graviton Beam, the Borg set boosts the Cutting Beam. Aside from that, I might have to create another Assimilated Console to boost weapon damage and crit. Wouldn’t be a bad idea since it’s from the same set as the Cutting Beam so the pro to it would be additional stats. Anything to make dilithium farming quicker so I don’t have to be knocking around NPC’s.

To my untested Vesta, I have about completed gathering all the consoles I need. Though not at full capability since these are just scraps I’ve put together, I think I’ve built myself a good ship. Like with my Escort, I plan on fitting a Cutting Beam and Assimilated Console. I have a long way to go considering I need about four desire Phaser Relays as well. For the most part my shipyard is a drydock of untested, warp capable vessels. Hopefully once I get everything sorted out in the dilithium department, I can fit a few out to swap between.

Maybe sometime soon, I start up some ideas for events we can have as a fleet. I already have a few ideas in mind. I just have to put it in motion. Probably encourage the fleet to item farm a bit to get some gear for each other and maybe start some internal commerce through trading between us. Sounds like a half-baked idea, but every idea I have is somewhat baked. Baked goods are delicious! Probably I’ll start something so people can join. Taking leadership even thought I’m a new guy to the fleet.

Real life stuff – I spent literally 6 hours a day last week searching for a job. Ever since I graduated, still nothing. Hopefully something comes through so I can at least get to be busy or at least away from my keyboards. I like you all, but I need to survive. I doubt I can really monetize my blog; I don’t mix business and pleasure unless I know it’s a good mix. Also I’m cutting back on my food budget again, maybe some homemade meals will help me start thinking outside the game and maybe keep me learning to cook from experience. Some people told about the hot stove, some people get to touch and say “ouch, that’s a hot stove”. I’m one of those stove touchers.


Recently, it’s been kind of rocky in terms of the high and lows that lulled for such a long time. When it came straight back with a vengeance, it was literally pre-emptive. I slept in (no surprise), I do try and sleep regularly and it is definitely working but this small relapse brought a slap into my face. I just felt a spark to wake me and just the sudden feeling of dread and sadness. It really felt like that for the rest of the night, for the last hours of Thursday.

Not quite sure sleep was eluding me of I to it, but I did my best with the five hours before waking up and starting this blog entry. Though I do feel quite insecure about my anxiety, if anything I do what I must to contain the whole sudden stress imparted to my system. It’s not as bad as anymore and I am getting better. I’ve been saying that, but I could climb out the hole I fell in two plus years ago. I just have to grab and pull myself out of the situation I’ve put myself in.

This week was going to be a big week, but now from big to bust. But I can definitely recover it by just having everything set up and ready to go next week, I need sleep and a schedule. I asked my doc to back off on the pharmaceutical regimen to get clean and independent from it. I’m hoping I get out of this, I can start to come back to my old life a bit more normal. I do have reservations, willpower is one thing. I’ve been drained from just fighting myself, I’m not licked yet. I’m going to stay on target no matter how deviated the trajectory. With the drug crutch shortening, I have until the end of summer to fix everything up and be ready to deal with more reality. Video games, medication and procrastination; must be less to none. Pushing it back to likely two hours and be completely controllable. It is controllable now, but I’m still having trouble keeping time. Lot of progress on that front, I am going keep rolling on it. I’m really optimistic compared to what I was when I started reaching out and fixing my own issues.

Between the three, video games is the one big thing that’s really kicking me down. It leads to procrastination, it’s the “two birds one stone” of my list of vengeful destruction. Hardest to separate myself from Battlefield, Fallen Earth and Star Trek Online; I think I’ve settled into a good rut of video games I can enjoy for a good amount of time.


Blackberry 2.0–Why I really give a damn…

Woop woop! Considering the great wronging cast upon me by those little red devils from Future Shop, this tops the things under “vengeance”. I’m pretty much getting more bang for my bucks. With this new operating system or what they say is an update, there’s a lot changed; though it’s the basics.

New and old alike, let me humour you what’s “new” in OS 2. First off, some noticeable changes to access. Ever since I got mine, I downloaded AIR Browser off the App World store. Now, I can delete and use the native file manager. Also some other trialware (…just great), surprisingly not so much. More convenience-ware, like a native email client which is a relief since it was a bother with technical glitches on the Gmail app. With the ability to sync up with email addresses, you can sync contacts and calendars to this little 7 inch. The one disappointment upon first inspection and crack at it, Android App Player. Where the f*** is this thing? The boy n’ babes at Blackberry totally feature this on YouTube and even a small preview of it. Kind of cheesed; but the load of ported apps in App World seems to tell a different tale. Either, it’s hardcoded in there or there’s actual legit WordPress app staring at my face.

Not much has really change from the user’s perspective. You have a bar now to keep 6 apps close to you when you need them. Instead of categorizing your 3 tabs, you can drag drop apps into those tabs. Kind of difficult for me, damn my non-stylus-like fingers. Ability to create folders, great for those who like to organize their apps (I’m looking at you too, OCD…) New services like Print To Go, Accessory and Music Stores; just so they let you know they’re trying to go for the average tech-oholic demographic.

So far, no bugs or glitches, though the user interface is really sensitive. Meaning, aim is more important than speed when it comes to moving around tabs and keyboards. An inconvenience is in some screens or screen states, the new keyboard doesn’t show up and reverts to the old 1.0 QWERTY board. Not so annoying since after navigating around the old one, I find the new one to be annoying (“Where’s my hyphen bu- oh wait…nevermind.”) The File Manager native app is lacking compared to AIR Browser, but it’s tolerable if you’re not one for having duplicate software.

Winning features out of this deal as a consumer would be the fundamental software like email/social media client, file management and calendar. Pretty much everyone in the world has to talk, housekeep and plan. Runner up features that don’t really make sense in a grand scheme is having the ability to have more tabs versus making folders. The PressReader app it comes with probably not the best idea considering most periodicals now are electronic. I know a few that are free and would let you download editions for nothing; better yet, can view it without downloads. Why would you pay for pixels? Rounding out from all this, I would have to say this vapourware known as “Android App Player”. I can’t find it in App World, the one thing I looked forward too is ruined. Also no native video chat service that goes Playbook to [insert device name here], I want to use Google voice and their chat services. I still can’t which is a bummer.

I felt remorse once, then I took an update to my Playbook (bad pun, no?).

If you guys got some recommended Playbook apps, questions or feedback; feel free to leave a comment, I’ll get back to you. Until next time, happy blogging!