This is definitely based on my feelings on people taking public transit; especially during rush hour. I’ve been working a bit more recently and for it, I too have become one of those people who wake up early morning to go to work. In my city, we do have train and bus service. On most days nothing really happens, people get on and people get off; no fussing considering how cramped the subways get. However a few incidents have occurred where I don’t really understand people sometimes.

During rush out here, the trains run on a tighter schedule. We’re talking about a 5 minute delay between trains. On off peak hours, it’s really a bit loose on what really defines 5 minutes. As a gamer timing matters no matter what the case will be (Except casual games; filthy casuals). In RTS and FPS we have rushes, run in and do the dirty work regardless of the cost. In reality, rushing could really mean injury and delays when it comes to public transit. I’ve seen people get squished by doors on trains, a few times some people do get halfway in and just get smashed by the door. Of course the doors don’t split you in half but it does hurt to get smacked edge on by a pneumatic piece metal and rubber. As much as people are looking out for themselves, they don’t consider their behavior to generally be malicious. If money talks, then money is making people things to get on time. I’ve seen old people, young people, in suits, in casual wear, pretty much everyone during rush hour get hit with the door because they ran for it Indiana Jones styles. Best story is yet to come. I’ve once had a one minute delay where people seemed to want to squeeze in more and more as the train was stuck in station because people wanted to race through the doors. One guy runs up, smack. Next guy in a suit, smack. Two more before we had the train moving again. As cool as it to dodge the doors, you as the person rushing, are a selfish person. Considering each train is carry about 100 passengers or more, you are jeopardizing everyone’s word schedule just so you can conform to yours. Next time, get an alarm clock so you can at least get to work early.

Not as often, I get to observe the best in people. Most often than that, I see a lot of worst in people. Sure you hear some good news about people doing good deeds, but I want to acknowledge those unnamed folks who has always given up their seat for someone who is in need of one. Whether it was for a pregnant woman, an elderly person or someone with a handicap (like a broken leg from running towards the train doors). Those few in my city, are really outnumbered during the many in rush hour. On the buses and trains, there are designated seats; 6 in the front of the bus or 3 closest to the doors. As nice as it is to have a seat during a long commute, some people would outright refuse seating. A few days ago, I was coming home from work. Old lady steps up on the bus, the bus is packed end to end. I step aside so the lady can pass me, she stops at the designated seats at looks at the three people sitting there. For a brief moment of time, those three made eye contact at each other wondering who is giving up their seat. The guy in the suit looks both left and right of him while the woman looks to her left and another man looks right. I don’t want to be ageist, in the situation of “giving up your seat for an old lady”, regardless whether she was a man or woman and she was either old, crippled, or pregnant, I would say socially the youngest looking one of the bunch should stand and logically the closest to the door. So it was either the woman or the guy in the business suit. Luckily, he grew a pair without not before long.

Definitely the past few months, I’ve seen the best out of people and I’ve seen the worst while travelling by transit. It’s always the same stuff too. We lived as a society for millennia and yet we have not held on for dignity and respect for one another.  Be thankful we live in the age of buses and trains. Not long ago, we had horses and long before domestication, we have our own two feet. In all respect all human progress has led us to a very prosperous moment where we have all this to our disposal. Be humble for the fact you can travel a great distance to get to work because you wouldn’t want the alternative.



Day 10 – Best Trip?


I have only travelled once outside my city and country. It was a few years ago, I travelled to Massachusetts to visit a friend. It was definitely memorable for the fact I’ve done a lot of things I have never done.

First being travelling to another country, true it’s only next to my country but another country no less. I spent time in a small town in the middle of no where. I went to my first concert and happily, it was a Paramore concert.

Aside from that trip, my part time job has me travel on occasions. Nothing real worthy to note, however it’s been the only place I have ever seen all the stars in the sky without the light pollution. Travelling home form there feels peaceful as rural lands wisp by the passenger window.

I would like to travel across my country and perhaps back to the United States when I can. For now, I’ll stay at home travelling the world through the Internet.

The Longest Of Nights

The past month, I’ve been away; if you haven’t realized, I had some posts queued for your reading pleasures. Much like the time I tried to live without internet at home for a few weeks, the pleasures of home is missed but at the same went and did something different.

While I was out there, I met a lot of interesting and new people. I definitely got in trouble from time to time. Most of all as a city boy, the most I got out of my travel is the stars. The richness and beauty of staring at the vast void of the galaxy. Every night I saw the stars, I could not help but to think “this could be the last time I will see how each star”. In reality, I love looking at the twinkling at the stars. It’s very calming to me; even when work gets crazy, I stare into those naked points of light and and feel very calm.

Now at home, my mind is fatigued. My body is sore and well worked by physical labour. My reward and challenges have been receive. Right and until next time, I need a nap.

“’sup, random?” -Me

It’s that time of week again where I mumble on the most random topics and you have the time to enjoy the absurdity of my thoughts! My brain space to the cyberspace, it’s more of oddities of the weird and wonderful.

Last year, there was so much hype around facial and vocal recognition in gaming to have a system to personalize your gaming experience. It wasn’t revolutionary, but more innovative. Regardless of it’s setbacks and it’s flaws, it’s just one more reminder of how individual is unique. We have fingerprints, irises, body types; but how far are we unique? If there is a machine to use for identity purposes, what body part can we use? Would it be possible to sit down and get a unique butt print? What about punching the machine, would it leave  different fist print than someone else? Could I use my anus like a fingerprint? Would the anus be unique to everyone? I would like to see the applications for these machines if they exist.

This week, science got another big ego boost when images emerge of a new ship design. For those military folks, it’s not a boat. The future is in travelling towards the stars. A lot of articles have indicated this rendering to declare NASA’s design to the Alcubierre drive; in layman’s terms, warp drive. “Warp drive…like Star Trek?” Yup, before you rejoice I find it somewhat inaccurate to compare what is dubbed the IXS Enterprise to the fiction famed Enterprise (Not going to associate the registry number for the ship, you can pick any ship of that name in the Trek universe). Most sources claim the ship looks much like the Enterprise however to me and perhaps a lot of hardened Trek fans, this is nothing like the Enterprise. The Trek ship is just what it is, a ship. True the name Enterprise has be used as a ship name since ships sailed the seas, the only commonality ends at the name. Admittedly, forward section looks a bit rounded to look like a half saucer. The interesting part is the rings around the ship. In my head, I do believe these rings are used to displace space-time to create a warp bubble. In much it is a Star Trek-like design but it is not anything close to the Enterprise or even anything from Starfleet. The closest resemblance to any ship would be a 22nd century cruiser design from Vulcan. The logical design to keep the warp bubble simple and symmetrical. The best part of this situation even though it is conceptual would be if we can get it launched on the same day, year and location. In Star Trek, this would place the first manned flight April 5, 2063 in Bozeman, Montana. Though I doubt the drive can work in atmosphere, so likely above Bozeman would be a compromise. Wouldn’t that be an irony if we achieve the same? So far the communicator, laptop and even the tricorder has come to fruition.

Along with neat stuff, whatever happened to the idea of colonizing Mars? I remembered some project to permanently put people planet side. A one way ticket with the chance of living your life on a red rock. In a world of billions, there’s bound to be volunteers to get off this planet. Will the chosen be much like the explorers of the New World? Will it be the curious ones among us who will travel to the planet next door? Will the first colonists be families and people with backgrounds essential for survival? I got a weird feeling there we a lot of people wanting the opportunity to go just because life here kind of a dud. Adventure is beyond safety and curiosity is not without risk. If it meant living on a different world forever, the untouched frontier sounds incredibly appealing assuming food and shelter is somewhat assured. Quite appealing if you consider another world void of plants and macroscopic life. It would be fun at first, seeing the new world unfold in your Earthbound eyes. As long as you don’t let the isolation get to you, it would seem almost living in a world beyond material wealth. Perhaps for those who will go to Mars will experience what humanity has fought and lost over many generations; the truest sense, freedom.

Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year’s Eve and Desktop Design Idea…Also Belated Anniversary

Addicted to video games, and still addicted to video games. It’s been about a few weeks since I really enjoy a good gaming session. Of course I’ve been logging into Star Trek Online for daily nudies from Q, but it’s not what I really want in terms of playing a game. On a laptop especially, gaming is pretty low quality or boring. What makes it worse is I can’t stream YouTube on my laptop but I can on my phone. First world problems; can’t stream YouTube in high quality. I have to admit, I’m quite fidgety awaiting for my next fix. I somewhat regret cracking open Blacklight Retribution before travelling for Christmas. Even with all this, I have a week and a half to go before I return to my desktop. Ugh, when I do; I will do and do it all night long (maybe).

Enough about me, I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Either opening present or eating Chinese food – or both! If none, then maybe New Year’s Eve will be interesting. Unfortunately, I will be alone for New Year’s; I’ll be joining the lonely few to drink, watch TV or hanging out on the internet. Okay to be honest, I’m counting days right now. I do think I’ve overstayed my welcome in the great land of the United States of America. I want to get home, get on a bunch of job listings and play video games non-stop.

In desperation, I’ve been sitting around the internet looking for small form factor desktop computers. Specifically that can be modular to handle upgrades like a regular sized desktop but designed to video games. Pretty much all I want inside a tiny box is a gaming PC that fits inside my backpack and will work everywhere where a monitor and internet is available. Follow up to that is a mouse and a foldable or super compact keyboard. I guess that’s what I should wish for next Christmas. Seriously, is it just me or does PC gaming should become a bit more mobile? Even just the desktop tower, it would be pretty neat to play wherever I go. In my head, I think it just needs to be in a small box containing nothing more than a power supply, hard drive, graphics card and the smallest motherboard with one of each video, a few USB, ethernet, audio, 2 PCI connectors. I may have described something already available but I would like something to be built towards playing desktop games than being a multimedia centre. Meaning higher processing power and the modular chipset so I can replace particular parts or adding parts. Get on it, PC manufacturers!

Though a possible compromise would be somehow to turn a briefcase to into a desktop. There is a few downsides to that idea but it would maintain the idea of a powerful mobile PC. The only downside I can see is if you leave it somewhere unattended, it may scare some people since people see bombs in movies as being hidden in a briefcase. In these days, I think people would rather fear for the worse. Regardless, still want to see a PC equivalent of the console. I’m really hung up on this because I miss playing my games for fun than just keeping up with daily grinding.

On a lighter note, this blog is now officially a few years old. That happened 23 days ago without much fanfare. I only noticed when sent me a notification. Surprisingly, it’s probably the third longest ongoing project in my life. The journey here is more or less a love/hate relationship. Days I never wanted to share my thoughts and the days I can write until my wrists and fingers go sore. In the last few years, I remind myself that this blog is about me and my ramblings. Not for sale for the highest bidder but a reflecting pool for myself and maybe for some of you. This blog is about the good times and the worst I can experience. For the highs and lulls and my small repository of wisdom and knowledge, hopefully it is how it reads. No matter how hard 2013 was for us and those who just subscribed, look back on it and think about how that changed you. Regardless of the pride or regret, the experience of every passing year is an opportunity for the future. Without your past, there is no future. Without an outlook for the future, the past means nothing. So for all of you, all +120, I would like to thank you for being on my journey. To think of it; if my blog is a commercial airplane, you would all be my passengers and I would be the captain and pilot. After a few years in service, I’m pretty happy I haven’t crashed it.

Until next year readers, happy new years!

And so it begins…

Alright as of this post, I’m travelling once again. Going back to Massachusetts to visit some people from my previous. However this time, I’m going to do something special and post some random stuff until I arrive at my destination. 

So here we go, first contribution is an ad lib and a story. Hope you enjoy it.

And so it begins the greatest journey of a man and his mighty duck. Armed with a satchel and a longbow, they roamed the trail into the lush woodlands. The sun over his shoulders, heroic with every step. Desolate the road which crossed terrains of rock and  a damp soil. Step upon step, waddle upon waddle; they survived midday upon an expanse of water.

“We’re not going to make it across it this. It’s looks too deep.” He said to himself.

“Quack.” The albino duck replied as it walked towards the water’s edge.

The man planted himself cross-legged and laid on the moist sand as he reached for his bag. Pulling out an apple, biting it as sweet juices dribbled down his scruff of a beard. Watching the duck paddle along the water’s edge and bobbing on the surface effortlessly. The world seemed to stopped for the very moment as sweat beaded down his tunic.

As the day went on, they continue on their trek on this very dirt path; duck trailing behind occasionally quacking as they strolled.  they reached to an open filled with rocks. “We should make some arrows.” The man said vigorously. He picked up one of these rocks and began feeling the texture of the smooth black stone. He assembled his materials near a small tree; flint, wood, leaves. Duck sat staring as he fletched.

As he to a break, he saw in the distance a figure approaching rapid, almost if it was travelling by a quick steed. He readied his bow, loading an arrow aimed for the encroaching figure. As it came into view, he began to see details in the figure. The horse and grey hooded figure as dust kicked up by the gallop. As the rider approached, he lowered his bow.  The horseman stopped just a few feet from his stance.

“Here, you forgot this.” The figure said as he reach into his cloak.

“Thank goodness, you brought it to-” Bang. A sharp pain pierced his chest as he collapse grasping his chest as he so desperate breathed.

The figure got off and walked across his view as he tried to keep away with blood pouring out through his hands. The figure picked up the duck and walked back; no words exchanged as he mounted his horse.

“Next time, don’t go stealing people’s ducks.” The figure said as he galloped away.