Nuit Blanche Toronto 2014

I do enjoy the arts, visual and auditory stimulation gets my heart pumping at times. Seeing the ways someone can express themselves through mediums in a manner which may be conventional and non-conventional is inspiring. However as a public display in a metropolitan city, things do get complicated fast and is more of a drunken party than the expression of the human heart and the creativity of the mind.

At the start of dusk, the festivities start with street side food as shops lock up for the night. Walking south on Spadina, the crowd slowly pouring into and out of Chinatown. Moving on the asphalt, density of the crowd becomes viscous as honey if not a thick dark syrup. As I wade into the epicentre the crowd seems joyous and enthused about the art. As I moved closer on foot,  the streets were littered with people enjoying the installations; varying in size, shape and meaning. It is unfortunate I was not able to travel to a quarter of these a exhibitions, here’s why.

At around 10 or 11, there were people who went for drinks and started to flood the streets with these boozed up bodies. As the night progressed, I kept getting bumped by people fumbling and stumbling. It reached to a point where it became a street party afraid as I see people harassing motorists and pedestrians alike. I did my best to enjoy it, but to the every street was full of drinkers, drunks and clubbers. To my realization, this city is full or drinkers; social and otherwise. As the night went on, it was just more and more a inebriated street party than an appreciation for art and talent. By the end, I was a bit annoyed and fatigued and went home to for a well deserved sleep in the early morning.

Out of the 10 hours I’ve been there, I can only say the best part was the start. The reason is clear, I don’t like drunks. In this city, way too many bars and way too many people wanting a beer. For those coming of age, here is some advice on drinking. Consume in a responsible manner and with responsible people. To you, it might be fun for you while you’re drunk but the sober folks have to deal with you crap. Trust me, you probably act and look like an idiot when you drunk.

I’ll still participate in events like Nuit Blanche again, but I’m going to only show up for the first hour because at least the crowds won’t be rowdy and drunk.


Finding balance

It has always been a problem with me. The world isn’t a linear place; when you have everything set in, some new is willing to test you. I realized this when I was a teen when I tried to balance work and school. It never really panned out since the schedules always conflict and it was my grades or job performance would drop because of it. Sure I could ask for extension and different test days or a different work schedule, but it would never work out.

As pessimistic as it seems, it is the reality. When you finally settle into something you want to do or want, you will realize the other half of it. When you finally settle down, you feel like you have nothing really left to explore or be curious about. You would feel a plateau much like exercising when your body begins to easily accept its regime. At the end, it doesn’t benefit you as much as it did before. Later like I have learned after so long, you will find you just want something more – something different. You want to stretch out there and find something worth pursuing. Like being steady, I found it’s somewhat difficult to do something entirely new and abandon what you already know. Just from what you feel comfortable to what you don’t really feel comfortable, it’s a quick adjustment you can’t really transition towards even if you really wanted.

Change, I find is incremental. It is never sudden, never immediate, never always helpful. Change is merely a transition from a method or idea to another. While in change, we find and discover new things and even question where we will go and where we have come from. In my lifetime, I have witnessed much change. The internet going from phone lines to fibre optics, from personal websites to social media, from homophobia to homophilia to name a few. Even with all this, we are still on the bring of new and different things; some scarier than others. Net neutrality for instance, where companies are slowly pushing to allow speed throttling to certain websites and services at a cost. Civil wars clashing between the people, their oppressors and armed fundamentalists who go against everyone else but themselves. Change is tumultuous, either in the self of in the society. Whether you want to or not, change is always there to test you.

As for me, change is a bit different. It is not a bloodbath or a peaceful demonstration. It is a test of growing and becoming someone I feel comfortable with knowing. It is a change in identity, to question who I was and who I will and want to become. How far am I willing to push myself? Is this my purpose? These are the questions I ask myself sometimes to affirm myself of what I want to do and become. I want to be athletic, so I exercise. I want play video games but not too much, so I starting recording gameplay. I want to get going on a career I find I can be challenged but enjoy; well, I’m working on it and I will let you know how that turns out.

For me, I have been having trouble with balancing my life with change. I have been a bit unfaithful to myself towards tasks and I just want a steady pace while doing new things. It hasn’t come out clean, but I managed to find a balance. Finding that intersect where you feel comfortable but also comfortable enough to try something different. As ambitious as it is, I want to do more and do different things. I want to volunteer but so far no one has accept my applications. I want to exercise more, but it’s getting colder. These are my changes I want happen and I am willing. The questions is about commitment and motivation. Which I have been thinking about a lot in my mind.

Change is something you cannot avoid, but you can control the flow. However over time, there will be change regardless of how slow you want to take it. You never know all the outcomes but you know the best and worse of them. You will never get what you want at the end but change will teach and open you to new things if you let it. Even at it’s worst, change can help you understand a bit around you where you failed to see it before. It might not help you in the future, but it would humble you to know. You never always control how much change, but you can control how much you can accept over time. You may disagree now, but sooner or later you will come around and change your opinions. No matter how rigid you stay, you will crumble; you can either break apart or slowly build upon it. You don’t get a beach body in a matter of weeks in May, you start working towards it at the beginning of year or maybe take you a few years. You don’t get millions of dollars within a month (unless you win it all), you save a little away to get to that amount whether it’s a dollar a month or a dollar a day. You have to be dedicated to change to accept it or change will do it for you. It is your choice to be who you want and do what you want to do in life.

Until next time, let’s all spare a little change.

Week 3: Mo’ Gear, Mo’ Problems

Week number three, still no internet at home. I’ve played about 20 hours of Minecraft in week 2, planning to cut back in week 3. This week, I wrote this blog post day by day so some of the grammar may be off since I was writing in the moment.

Sunday, early in the morning I couldn’t put myself asleep. So I went to Sobeys near my house which is open 24/7. Bought myself some junk food and a tub of peanuts, BBQ flavoured to be exact. I felt pretty terrible for a guy who popped in at four in the morning. Tired but unable to sleep, I shambled my way home. As I walked, I looked off to side of street; trashmen tossing and dumping bags into the trucks, a dull silver shimer off the streetlight shine. Flat under a mound ofplastics and yesterday’s machinery, laid a laptop. Unfolding it, I found it to be in mint condition. To my excitement, I snatched it from the trash and held carried it, backpack full of food and junk in both hands. Quickly, I rushed to plug it in as though I found someone clinging to life just breaths away from death. As I turned it on, the silent rev of the optical disk chimed to me a sign. Then another, the BIOS lit up. Then nothingness, in the eerie black glow of the screen; nothing. The muffled hum of the fan embedded inside the chassis. As from the darkness, a spark appeared; not from twithin the room, but from the recesses of my mind. The hard drive is wiped, install an operating system to fix. I scrounge my box of CD’s for Windows and Ubuntu on USB. Popped in the Windows and circumnavigated the device for the USB port, I switched boot priority to boot up the drive first before the USB and before the hard drive. Time to finish and repartition windows, under one hour. Ubuntu, to be continued.

The goal and intent for my new device will be focused on experimenting with Linux more closely. I’ve used Windows all my life and I really want to see how Linux fares with my digital lifestyle sans video games. I kind of want it to be a hub for most of my online stuff like blogging and chatting. Also I always though purple is a neat colour for a background. Of course Windows will be there with my full array of utilities to keep it clean and running (once I get my stuff installed).

I must admit aside from the aesthetic damage and missing F8 key, it works fine (F8 even works too!) I know, who throws away a perfectly working laptop? All I know is, I own a laptop now so I’m pretty happy despite not having Internet at home.

In the late Sunday sun, I tried to remain as productive with the laptop. Still without Ubuntu, it’s safe my copy on the USB is a dud. I focused on finding the software I need plus some replacement parts. The battery is dead so it won’t keep a charge. The charger is taped up somewhat with electrical tape and seems to have been bitten by a small animal. I forgot during Sunday, the part shops are closed until Monday or at least closes early at 5 or 6. I spent my time then just looking around for adapters and getting to a wi-fi access point. I did reach a Starbucks and spent a good three hours bring my computer up to speed Window-side. Updates, utilities and an antivirus suite (which I have to register and update). I still have to load onto it an office suite. My default choice is OpenOffice, if anyone knows some others leave a comment! Then I have put in some file compression software, either it will be WinRAR or 7Zip. Optionally, Live Writer for WordPress but I kind of want something else. Let me know if there are other free alternative out there, thanks!

Ubuntu’s a different territory. I don’t know what’s good and what’s not. But as an overview, it seems Ubuntu comes with everything I need besides a firewall and antivirus. I’ll trust my gut somewhere, there are apps I can read reviews and such. Maybe run some blogging gear on there too to try her out. Maybe some games too, but I think it’s more of a workstation than my desktop. My desktop is a graphics gorilla, tablet’s my table tabby cat, so my laptop is my Linux lynx? For those who might want to know, Linux installation is a two to four step process. I did it once and fudged my pen drive version so take it from a newbie, take it slow and follow the instructions to the letter. This time, I downloaded the USB installer they recommended on the site and the image file will be the first job Monday.

I think the second computer will help me understand the networking bits of Windows. Especially how to transfer system to system through a local network as well as setting up a hub to allow a home sharing network. Though it might not help much, I would want to apply what I know from home networking to connect a few computers together to make a neat module workstation or entertainment system. Imagine the knowledge I gain to hook up a TV to a computer relaying the games from another computer. That would be kind of sweet especially turning a PC into a console or a PVR-like device.

Monday, I finally had Ubuntu on here but had some difficulties. At first it was nothing but as I added updates to her, she seemed a bit more sluggish. The ordeal resulted into backstepping my decision over Ubuntu, so now sticking with Ubuntu on a Live USB in case I ever want to enjoy the purple loading screen and maybe try my hand at Ubuntu. For now as more experience into Linux, I must say I’m starting to understand where certain things are in the system. The one thing I can only complain about is the hard drive partitioning when it tells you to move a slider to increase the space where you want to install. There is no definition of which side is for Windows and which is for Ubuntu. Looks like I have a quarter terabyte to Windows 7.

Guess now is to add the goodies like Live Writer and some cleaning solution to the screen and covers. After looking at my power adapter, it’s safe to say I might need another one in case ghis thing starts to be more of a fire and health hazard. Though the battery is dead, I can deem it secondary since I won’t be getting a lot of power for mobility. Who knows, maybe I salvage those two from two dead laptops someday?

I know decals might be a bit cliche and might be expensive for a 4 year old banged up and salvaged laptop but I think they might look cool. Maybe get a large WordPress logo or some dorky phrase. I like things that could represent me or my lifestyle.

March is going to be a project heavy month even if it’s halfway done. After the laptop situation is done, I have to drag my butt to the library to get a lot of writing done. I’m considering on submitting to this writting contest. From what I remember, first prize is $2000 and second place is a laptop (I know I salvaged one, but I could give it away or sell it; I need the money anyways or at least a better laptop). It a small amount of money but for the time and effort, it does seem reasonable. I’ve written short stories and bits of lyrics, as long there is no limit and no topic; there is no stopping the imagination. Writing project, commence!

Tuesday rolled by fairly quick. I spent the majority holed up in a cafe for 6 hours with hardly much to show for it. I had to make a lot more updates and upgrade to Service Pack 1. That took some doing since I had connection problems with the shop’s wi-fi. Spent a good hour and a half restarting my computer because of how the updates work. Spending no time on story writing, after and between shenanigans I tried to write a story. Turned out when finished it was about 350 words. Tried another, still was hovering around 350. I think spending so much time trying to summarize work and writing my blog has put me into a subconscious mentality. Wednesday if I can, we’re breaking the that mold; 400 words! We must and shall break barriers and do crazy things like how I play Grand Theft Auto; jump off bridges, push pedestrians in front of trains, sex with prostitutes then “getting a refund”! Okay, not doing that in real life; but you know what I mean, crazy off the wall stuff. Before I sat down at the coffee shop, I got around to looking for power adapters. Seems like I can only buy generic for a low price of 30-40 dollars for an adapter that may or may not fit in terms of the input and output power. Which sucks considering all the laptops that are potentionally thrown out, then the probability of those laptops which has an original mint condition power adapter for this Toshiba. Then again, it would be a small business if you have a supply of trashed laptops and computer parts. Clean then up and put at the working parts together, boom! Bob’s your uncle a new (ish) computer. Huh, maybe find some small computer store and offer a business proposition and get a small cut.

Wednesday rolled by being less productive than Tuesday. I had to trek downtown to grab a bus ticket to the States, meeting up with someone special in May. Apparently Greyhound does not offer early bird discounts anymore, but a lot of online discounts though. Without a secure internet connection and a credit card, I’m stuck with the option of a one way trip costing up to 100 bucks with a couple stops in New York. With such a lost, I spent the day at a local Starbucks with a hot chocolate and a tea that I got from 7-11. Surfed the internet and began writing story #3, hopefully this writing contest accepts multiple submissions. I could write a poem but it would seem kind of cheesy or short for a writing piece. At least I’m diversifying my writing portfolio. On the laptop side of things, I’m thinking of hiding the scratches on my laptop cover. Probably with some stickers or something, I kind of want to freely personalize it so people know who’s behind the that laptop. You guy know who might have free stickers or decals? Maybe customizable sticks and decals? Comment below and let me know, I live in the Toronto area so send me addresses too; thanks in advance.

Interesting news, I might get a home connection after almost a month. My family called up a small ISP and they’re having a cable on Friday; same day this post is published. I hope it goes smoothly since I need the Internet back. I miss Star Trek Online, I miss the experience of Steam, I miss porn (okay; not really). This pass few weeks I learned a lot of things about stuff and myself, stuff school would not necessarily teach. Like for one thing, intercity bus tickets are wicked expensive especially going over the border. What about stupid people toss out computer stuff since they can’t fix it? And the most important lesson of all; in a digital culture, Wi-fi is easy to come by whether it’s a McDonald’s, Starbucks or your local library! But for now on a Thursday, I got to get back to my 400 word story goal and maybe start a few poems.

The library I’m at is kind enough to let me use the study room a bit close to closing so the Micky’s about a 10 minute walk away should help me finish this story. The more I spend inside the green study room, the more I think about my past and how much I messed it up. I know I can’t go back and change it but I sometimes get this weird feeling gnawing at me that this isn’t right. Anyways, moving to the Micky’s with 100 words remaining.

Aha! Achievement Unlocked: Pathetic Accomplishment! I got myself a hefty meal and sat myself down and started to hammer away at the keys. After a solid 30 minutes, I got in only 30 words. To be fair, I deleted a couple paragraphs because it didn’t go anywhere. After an hour since I arrived, I was 10 short. Ten words! So I decided to push in some words here and there. There we go, 417 words. Now time to sit and celebrate with some fries and a burger, maybe think of some themes for poems.

Almost midnight, still nothing on poems so I decided to write up a travel brief for my family and let them know my itinerary for this trip in May and information in case they ask. My family is weird since I seem to be the only person that’s treated like a child. Like I need my butt wiped after every bowel movement. So best to avoid my family on this subject and subjects pertaining to this trip. I’m going because I’m going and that’s enough information. Also just got the word, congrats Pope Francis. I’m not religious or Catholic, but good job.

So here’s what happened since 12 am. I got home and just played Minecraft for 6 hours. No serious projects in there, just goofing around and accumulating vast amounts of materials. Also I started to brew some potions since my new save file has a building already up. It’s big; its got a big bedroom, a kitchen, storage room, a patio (still in construction) and an enchanting library (under construction). So I built this safe room down inside a local abandoned mineshaft, which happens to be in walking distance to a zombie spawner. I’m thinking of turning a zombie villager so I can have access to emeralds or at least a guy who can sell me stuff. I’ll probably fence him off in my safe room so I have that entire area pretty much set to service the Nether room and my “big bang” project. Oh right, the Nether room! So in the labyrinth of tunnels from those who were here before, I found a neat spot to set up another safe room and a Nether portal. It’s kind of Stargate-y but it works. I have the safe rooms set up to hold supplies and grow food and the portal is located far away from everything I’ve built. However not too far away that I would spent too much time walking. Also I just phased out coal as a fuel considering lava is damn plentiful in the Nether. Pick it up with a bucket and cook or smelt 64 of anything easy. Lots of things to do in Minecraft, so much so that I’m considering on abandoning my old world. Though it has an epic library, a tavern and the highest thing I have built; I think I feel comfortable being out in this tundra biome surrounded by plains and frozen rivers. Though resources are drying up slowly, I’ve found a lot of caves and caverns full of minerals, all I need to do is make a bunch of torch and light them up. I found some lava pools when I started playing, maybe it’s time to empty them by cooking a lot of food and smelting cobblestone to make some stone blocks. Maybe start a new town here.

Well, cable guy showed up. Did his thing while I got myself out of bed. I was brushing my teeth when I realized something sucky about the situation. There is one ethernet cable connection from the modem that is not wireless capable and I have 2 wireless devices. I guess my Playbook’s got the short stick for being totally wireless. I can always bend over and pull the cord from one to another. Lot of work but at least my crap-ular laptop can get some digital loving. I’m not much of a techie, but the word network comes into mind. Maybe scavenge for a network router like how I stumbled on a good laptop.

That’s all for this week. Next week, I get internet back? (Well, I just spoiled it) Feel free to comment and help me out with suggestions on stickers, decals, networking and stuff. See you all next week!

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Week one: Library time up by infinity percent!

For those waiting the weekly post here, you know I try and keep it consistent to about a week give or take two days. Well, not to disappoint; here’s this week from a undisclosed location in Toronto inside a library!

Ironic to be surrounded by books when the only feeling I have is boredom. With Playbook in hand and a comfy green seat overlooking Bloor Street West, I am humbled in the fact where I can have access to the Internet even when it is just to browse.

I miss playing Star Trek Online and my computer now sits inactive as I try and figure out what I should do with it. Without Internet, this job hunt is more tedious than getting up and looking through the job banks every day. It requires getting dressed and a trip to a local library. To be honest, I live in walking distance to almost everything (one hour tops) but with wet weather prep time is about triple.

Without a home line, I’ve noticed a lot from society as a whole. Transitioning to the internet has made us very dependent on cloud solutions and the means of a constant connection. A lot of PC games now rely on an active internet connection and sometimes is just a security feature of the game. We start relying on an infinitude of information stored across the globe with the promise of instant procurement. Without my box plugged in by 10 feet of CAT 5 cable, I am as I was 13 years ago – disconnected. Hopefully in time by classical means, I will find a job to pay for a new access to the Internet. Then in time (sooner the better), my games and I will be one again. Maybe get a larger hard drive too since it’s almost maxed out.

Aside from my intermediate internet problem, the bored is kind of tough to handle. For the most part, I have to fill my time with something more than blog and find a job. I’m trying my best to read in spirit of the library, but so far nothing has peaked and interest. Reading without interest is like school, why do it if the endgame is non-existent? I want to read because I would be entertained not because I’m coerced into it. That’s the same reason, I avoid reading clubs and writing essays on books. Reading material aside, no better time to get outside. The snow subsided a bit and almost time for spring, so walking outside is back on. Though today is a bit wet and muddy, still a lot to do in a city. There is bound to be free stuff to be had, right?

Here’s the start of week two!

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It’s a Winter Wonderland!! Besides in real life…sad face

I’ve been really into holiday events in games ever since I started playing MMO’s about 12 to 13 years back. The whole idea of getting some really fun loot make the event a bit special especially if it is to get into the spirit of things. Ever so fabled, enter Q’s Winter Wonderland in Star Trek Online. I’ve literally spent the last four days farming goodies from this majestic white wilderness, obviously to turn it into something interesting. This is my second holiday event, first being this year’s anniversary and release of the Odyssey class ship and Phoenix pet. So where am I at in this festive season, in game I collected everything; the clothing, pets and weapons (excluding the Snowball consumable, they’re kind of sucky). In reality, the truth is a bit different.

Toronto from my recent memory, hasn’t really received that much snow. The last time I remember any actual snowfall suitable for snowball fights and such was about 5 years. I’m not pulling the climate change card out just yet considering it’s always nippy downtown since it’s not that cold in winter it seems now to really sustain a surface of snow. Hopefully, there will be more snow later on in January. For the time being, it is going to be chilly and rainy. Speaking of which, the other night was raining and cold.

On my mind most of the time is the Breen ship released in the Winter Wonderland event. The screenshots of it makes it even worse considering what I would have to do to get it. The specs for it isn’t that great, it would make a nice thing to have but not something you would want to play with most of the time. I’m still rocking in my Tactical Escort Retrofit and planning on getting the refit in about a week’s time. I have most of the weapons and consoles laid out, all I need is a ship to put them all on it. So, it’s going to be a very Cryptic Christmas this year.

Until next time, folks!t

Hurricane? What hurricane?

Just one more think I love about living in Toronto; especially in the downtown-ish area. When people on Facebook and all over the Internet start freaking out about a massive storm. Caring is pretty much halfway down the list. See it from my point of view; I don’t know much of meteorology. I do know a bit but that’s knowledge from grade school about over a decade. I learned that hurricanes usually form around the equator and over a body of water. Cold air plus warm air gets you wind and that’s pretty much the basis of a hurricane; from what I remember anyways. Toronto isn’t close to the belt region of the Earth and if the Earth is like me, I rather stay away from the belt region. So by the time all the fast wind and rain that can flood reaches home; it’s usually gusty, cold and wet. Well maybe a lot of cloudy days so this week may turn out to be dreary and damp, but it’s all good. With all the technology, I can stay at home and play Star Trek Online or Planetside 2; maybe work on my Minecraft world and watch a jungle burn.

I’ve already started playing one of the three. Not really started, more like hitting a button then just hanging around since I’m at level cap. Planetside 2 Beta would be wiped after it’s released, so not much incentive to just play beside the massive battles. Minecraft, well Minecraft is Minecraft. I’ve done a lot in there since I began my little world, I’ve built about 10 buildings and half a dozen bridges so Sandy can help me build a village, deforest an entire biome or just stockpile for trek into the Nether. Anyways, I got time and time is all I have.

Of course, I still have most of The Red Green Show so I can definitely survive on until the power goes out if the rain and wind does get worse. “What if the power goes out and you have no lights and no Internet, Eric?” Well concerned-like person, what are you so worried about me? If you’re south of me, you should really worry; especially those place that can get blown over. But since you’re asking, I got books. A few good books, a board game and some pens and paper for drawing and writing. I’m set, food is putt aside for a week so I’m good for a week…okay, maybe two…if it was a zombie apocalypse, maybe a good month with rationing. I’m not crazy, just lazy to do a lot of grocery runs. But yeah, I got entertainment for a week long of rain.

Well, that’s all for now…oh, forgot; I downloaded Taylor Swift’s new album, got to listen to it now I guess.

People ain’t right–The “Wow…just wow” Factor

For people on the outside world, Torontonians aren’t polite. On average, we’re mild mannered. Then from that average, it’s about how you appear that will determine first contact. Even from me, I’ve visited a few places outside Toronto and I can safely say overall everyone’s nice; just have to get them on a pretty damn good day. But whoever aggravated this woman who this post is dedicated to and everyone who’s like this woman, should deserve a “Most Infectious Troll” trophy. Just to not to put down any descriptions (also don’t know who she is), lets call her “Mrs. Po” (Po for Pissed Off, does not reflect on her skin colour, beliefs or cultural background).

Anyways, I haven’t grasped sleep properly recently. The last few weeks, I have been pretty much sleeping either 1 PM, 1 AM, 5 AM, or 5 PM. So I haven’t gotten much done besides eat and pay some dues. So just last Friday (not this Friday but the Friday before last Friday.), I was stirring around 2 am playing Minecraft. I totally lost track of time, ever since I got up around 4 PM I pretty much brushed, grabbed a snack, and laying down a smack down on zombies in abandoned mineshafts. All this going on, I voice in my head is going off like “hey, feed me.” Most of the time I’ve ignored it since I’ve been eating more than I really should. I wouldn’t say the weight of a chicken per meal, but yeah the weight of a chicken every time I want food. I look at my clock, 9:30. Okay, it’s single player so I can save and leave to get pizza. But since I’ve been playing MMO’s for so long, I feel the need to find a safe place before I leave. So it took me about a good hour to focus on getting back to my little stone fortress by the river while along the way, battling mobs and discovering new tunnels full of wood and resource. There was wooden blocks in the tunnels so I felt the necessary need to pick them up because where I am in the game is not the best place to find a tree (I’m kind of trying to aim to be environmentally friendly in that game, though I burn through coal every time I want to chop up some meat). So by the time I got back and put all my iron and gold ore into the furnace and sow away all the loot I picked up along the way, I checked the time; Saturday 12 AM. Okay, what can I eat at this hour? Few options come to mind. I can go to Sobeys for junk food, ice cream, maybe some goodies close to expiry (hey, 50% off is a good motivator for expiring food). I live close to Koreatown, so some place are open at the time. I’m not a bar person so Clinton’s is out of the question, but the Korean place across from the bar is open. Not really in the mood for K-Town munchies like spicy rice or spicy pork bone soup. Tim Horton’s is 24/7, so I could get a coffee, tea or box of timbits. Last place around here that’s open that late, Pizza Pizza. Pizza there is pretty weird (fast food chains is weird, take a lot at a real burger and McD’s), I don’t know why but pizza at 2 AM sounds like a good plan. Oh yeah, took me about 2 hours to make that decision.

Now dressed and walking into the place, I took a quick look around. Busy as usual, some people getting out of bars just down the street wanting food or just people staying in doing something and in need of a quick meal like me. Line up, order, “it will be about 20 minutes buddy”. Yeah, the guy there called me buddy. Which is kind of embarrassing that I walk in there more often than I should for pizza to the point where they call me “buddy”. As usually I go with my order, cheapest deal for a large pizza and a slice and drink to wait. So munch munch munch, drink drink drink. As I did so, a lot more people coming in wanting large pizzas so my order will likely be taking a bit longer. I got nowhere to go at the moment, revved on a pepperoni slice and pop I can hold out until the pizza is done. So pizza’s are rolling in and out of the store, none of them are mine so I’m there to about 2:45. I didn’t bring a watch or my phone so I kept guessing I was going to get my pizza around 3. So last order from the batch of customers is Mrs. Po’s pizza, wedges and chicken.

First off, she seemed pretty calm. Like probably this guy’s going to make this pretty fast because I was here first and my pizza’s still on hold. When her wedges came out of the fryer, that’s when the shenanigans happened. The taters where basking under the heating lame and she starts to ask question. “They’re going to be cold.” When the cashier placed them in the box and on top of the warm oven, that’s when she starting flipping her lid. She pretty much used every excuse that could get you free food if you do it right. “They’re going to get cold in that box”, “my pizza’s going to be warmer than my wedges”, “can’t you put those wedges back into the fryer?”. Seriously ma’am? it’s (likely) 3 am and you’re going to complain about wedges? These fine people have been up probably over 12 hours, I know the driver has been on shift for about 12 so I can assume these people around the same time. And from a chain business, the food isn’t worth complaining. It’s food, delicious and all that but it’s not like you complain there and all the stores would change their attitudes. Back to Mrs. Po, she starts going off how she won’t take this insanity of cold wedges. If you guys where there, you would notice much fail in her actions. Example #1, fried food takes awhile to cool. Example #2, hot fried food can bring pain in the mouth.  Example #3, if you don’t shut up and take that food I’ll clock you (or at least intervene by trolling her, I was tired so I didn’t want to do any of those). Then she just gives up, “I don’t want them any more”. What?! Are you serious? The dude made you wedges and you just reject it? Well she already paid so they guy didn’t care. As a man of principle, that is food. In our world, food is scarce in terms of we can’t feed everyone on this pale blue dot. And here is Mrs. Po tossing away food she paid for and made this guy work to get for her. Seriously, about 10 minutes of complaining over 5 minutes of work and about 40 seconds in the microwave or 5 minutes in a hot pan or oven. If I was her, I would’ve just shut up and take it. Those are pretty nasty fried taters, but take those taters and eat them while you waddle back if you’re afraid they’re going to get cold.

I dislike those people who pretty much reject food for not being the food that’s meant to be a certain way. I know there are picky eaters and I admit I am one, but I would never reject food if it’s not the same temperature or cooked the same way. There is a difference between fried dumpling and steamed, but if I only have 6 dollars for a 5 dollar plate; I’ll have to think carefully on either (unless I can get both). I’m not really a goat or lamb person either, but if it’s kind of a forced decision then I’ll take it and maybe try and enjoy it as much as I can. After eating lamb and goat cooked by my parents as a kid, I’m more of a beef, chicken and pork kind of person. Back to Mrs. Po, she really had it in for the wedges that I tried to size up her behaviour. My guess is she’s about in her early 30’s, it’s 3 am and probably got out of a bar since she’s kind of in a pissy mood or probably on some mood modifying drugs before arriving to this place. I tried to find any way to dismiss her childish behaviour over a box of wedges, I tried. I’m still boggled why people would throw a fit over food. In my life, I don’t flip out over food. I take a bite; I don’t like it, tough love because I bought it and therefore I will finish it. At times when I’m eating with people I know, I’m usually the one taking the stuff they won’t eat off them and eat them myself. Hey, free food so win for me. 

Before I could ask if I could take those wedges off the guy, I got my pizza. I went my jolly way home and started playing some Minecraft while stuffing my face. On closer inspection, the pizza’s not perfect. It’s got charred bits of dough, pepperoni wasn’t that even and the pizza was more of an elongated oval than a round pie. Didn’t care, a pizza is a pizza regardless of the shape and size. Out of everything in my life, it’s the least I’m concerned about in terms of how it is. As long as it tastes like food and is food, give me food! But damn it woman, Mrs Po should’ve shut her trap considering a lot of kids and adults at that moment are starving because they can’t afford food. Honestly, they wouldn’t care as much as I do and she shouldn’t be too. You got a right to complain about it, but insulting how food comes out is another thing. You can’t control how nature turns things to one way or another. You can’t complain your way to have infinitely hot wedges, nature and physics would not allow such a thing to happen. In fact if it was hot forever, I think you would complain more about the pain from a scalded tongue than have them under luke warm. If I worked there and it was my last day, I would have just trolled that one woman about her side order and gave her “hot” wedges. Anyways, I’m glad I didn’t stay because she probably complain about small wings.

Anyone have an experience like this? Feel free to share it in a comment or put a link from this post on yours, I would definitely want to compare experiences. Anyways, I’m out for now; I still have to check out that tunnel. Have a stupendous Sunday, everyone!

Ah, headaches and arm-aches and aching in general

Grr, woke up with a nasty headache today. Like the kind where you just want to close your eyes and sleep it through or something. I want to take a Tylenol for it, but I think I can live with it. Ever since I got up I’ve been feeling my head punching me from the inside out. But I’ll keep a tablet close to me in case I really want it.

Where was I? Oh right, updates and sh-tuff. Well due to the recent three day downpour in Toronto, I’ve managed to squeeze in a lot of push ups. Even at one point, wanting to run; but the ominous clouds made it seem like a no-go. Now, much cooler than a week ago. I think I might take the opportunity to get out of my room and hike around the city. Maybe walk all the way to Greek Town or something, I said maybe.

Recently, my mind has been in a few places. Places like Star Trek Online which I’ve been watching the Dilithium exchange to get in on some cheap credits. Which by the way for anyone considering, 50% drop in Dilithium to Zen transactions so you can now buy Zen/credits at around 180-190 per credit. Which is good for me since I’m about 400 credits from my Defiant Retrofit (Tactical Escort Retrofit). Also I’ve taken some time to start playing the ground Elite STF (Special Task Force), time to get in the MK XII gear I’ve been itching on getting. The MACO ground set is done and I’m about about with getting the Omega set, so far I just need the rifle to complete it. The space stuff however I’m considering to not try since my ships seem ill-equipped for them at the moment. Currently in the C-Store, I’m eyeing on the Defiant and DS9 Bundle.  Which should be easy as long as I keep logging and farming everyday for another month and a half at a tune of 185 Dilithium per credit. After that, I’ll set my sights on buying small upgrades to my accounts like additional slots to the bank and ships; maybe costumes though currently I’m perfectly fine with my Omega costume when I finished my Mk. XI ground set.

I promised to get off video games, but at the moment I feel I need a small diversion from time to time. One to three hours a day, keep each hour as far apart with doing push ups and sit ups in between them. Speaking of which, I no longer feel like a weakling; hooray! During the that long rain, I managed to exceed my personal expectation of 20 with 25 push ups. Which is still far off from my personal best of about 50-60. No doubt in time, I’ll exceed my personal best but that will be about a year away. Currently, I can do the push ups and still surpass my expected goal of 20 at a steady 21 or 22 which isn’t much but it is improvement to just barely 15 in May. I’ve haven’t been running as much as I would like, I think all I need is a running partner or someone to pull me out of bed and get me into my running shorts. Currently, I’ve been out of it for about a month and I can safely assume poor results on the first run.

But back to all the Internet stuff. Awhile ago I had a Twitter account, I’m now kind of curious if I should really get back on it. Problem with that would be, I got nothing to say in 140 characters or less. That’s why I like blogging, I can speak my mind without holding back or really reducing it to a few simple words. This Twitter thing has been around, but I’m not quite the kind of person who would use Twitter. For one thing, I think it’s kind of super lame considering it’s not very useful from where I’m looking at it in terms of personal use. To spread a message to people, that’s good and all and that’s what I do on my Facebook status as well. Arguably, it’s very ultra-light for that purpose since it does it specifically and doesn’t really have a heavy social aspect like the Facebook where it connects you to photos and other apps. If there is a convincing argument for Twitter, I might get back on it. For now, it’s going to remain pretty quiet and maybe I might want to delete the account if I ever feel the need to go on Twitter to delete it.

And now right now and until 6, I’m not quite sure what I should do for the day. Definitely outdoor time would be preferable, so maybe head downtown and check stuff out and maybe continue ready The Hunger Games series again. This makes it the third time I’m reading it; I think a good book is a book you can keep reading over and over again, like a video game. Hehe, everything comes back to video games. So “ze plan”, go outside and enjoy life and don’t come back until 6 pm for dinner.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Summer’s ending…next week…

Okay, this weekend kind of sucked so much. I take that back, the past couple weeks sucked so much. Like it’s been more and more of a down experience and a confident middle finger to everything I’m trying to get out. I honestly don’t know where to really start since it’s been one sad slap to the face.

Started when my sister berated me over submitting my military application. Telling my to submit with what I have now. I would feel more confident if I have all the requisites filled and filed rather than “just hand it in”. I’ve never told her to pay her tuition with the money out of her pocket since “that’s all you have, it’s good enough”. I’m not an asshole, I do what I do best – play the game. Anyways, if she wants me too I’ll do it. But only if I can get a bet in there somewhere to prove her the repercussions of her arrogance. I know she’s trying to help me out. However, this is a really large shot in the arm that might not be worth taking. Stupid is what stupid does.

Last week up to Saturday, I’ve been following up on Jack Layton’s funeral and the whole orchestrated procession through Toronto. Though the state funeral was a nice upgrade from the humble funeral he might’ve received, I still think a quiet one would’ve been perfect. That’s just me though on how people should really go. I mean in a humbling way and not in a mass public spectacle. Just something to leave the world with a single thought about itself and not about yourself. Admittedly I’m pretty young to think about death, death itself is serendipitous. Could take many decades for me, but still a likelihood death’s doorstep is just around the next action I take. Maybe it’s time I should really write up and keep a will in case. My career might get dangerous and I wouldn’t mind keeping something to make sure all the good stuff goes back to my family (or to science). Either affect, I’ve been feeling pretty down about thinking of both.

With summer coming to a close, every fleeting moment reminds me of what I’ve pretty much done all summer. I have to admit, I did truly try. Completed or attempted a lot of things. Renewed my vision on how I should live my life. Time well spent.

So how’s everyone’s summer?

Getting hassled and unreasonable people.

Recently I’ve been shopping more on the fact that I’m always considerably hungry without video games. Even with my medication, I can come down with a large longing with a hot bowl of food or a baggie of snacks. Usually it’s either early in the morning or at night I have this dietary craving. For me, I have a grocery store about two blocks down that’s always open minus stat days. Though I never got into trouble with this place over the last two decades, Just recently the more I visited, the more I feel like they’re trying to bar me from coming back to the place. They, I mean the people managing security (because those frozen fish sticks are “dangerous”). I know they mean well but in this day in age, they should really think twice.

To start off., let me give you a bit of background information. Toronto about a few years back, started this plastic bag fee of 5 cents a bag. Then as the trends go, people bought on board the “reusable” bag which is made of organic materials. So the line of thinking to that is either pay 5 cents per bag or buy a large reusable for a dollar.

So what I usually do since I just graduated and still have a very useful backpack, I carry around my pack to store stuff in there. Though I never heard anyone complain, but now it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve been called out by security guards that backpacks aren’t allowed. I find that the policy there is more intentionally focused on getting you to buy the bags. My logic to all this is if I already have a bag, I’m going to use it; otherwise, it would be a waste of resources to purchase another bag that my current bag can do already. And trust me, there’s only one purpose a bag can do for you (maybe 2 if you count being lazy to hold everything in your arms). Also from the Wikipedia article, I found out that the very nickel you put in goes straight into the purse of their conglomerate. I might be paranoid or overreacting, but wouldn’t that make that “policy” an ad scheme to impulse buy? I don’t know, I’m going to use my backpack until they ban me. I’ll lose out on convenience; but whatever, Chinatown is cheaper so they can go to hell for all I care.

The world is just too damn focused on making that extra buck. I wish someone would just take it all away to reawaken everyone to the true reality. Behind all the technology and society, I can only see mankind in it’s worse. There’s no more creativity, ingenuity, or beauty; unless you consider the digital social drama of ordinary life a beautiful thing. I guess I like I love Renaissance art  and certain things in photography. It’s very organic and soulful. That’s just me, I guess. I try my best to find the best of the world so it does seem bearable and not like the world is so one sided.