Instant Messengers Make Me Feel Lonely…

So this is going to be that post where I jump straight to the point and not finesse my way through the English language. Every time I log into any instant messenger like MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, it seems either someone is doing something or my entire contact list is offline. As a gamer, I sort of like the idea of someone on the other end chatting rather than just that intermittent message to check in now and then. For one thing, the Internet is face paced; meaning a minute real life is about four hours in Internet time. For me, even a minute seems a long time; an hour is almost an eternity without entertainment.

At the moment from the last past decade, I’ve had a lot of IM services installed on my computers now and again. First one I’ve ever used was MSN Messenger since it came with Windows (now called Windows Live Messenger). It was good considering I needed an email and a lot of people suggested Hotmail (now Outlook) and everyone I knew was using Hotmail. The downside is when I started getting a lot of spam messages after a few months of service popping into my inbox. Then when I started signing up for other services, it started to become a burden. At the time my hotmail account was live, I would get about 50 spam messages and maybe 10 from services I’ve subscribed. When I got into high school, I switched off from Hotmail as my email service and signed up on Yahoo turning my Hotmail account for games and tertiary services mail receiver; more on that later., still in use today more than my Hotmail account. Not very handy since it’s services connected to it are not really things I need. Yahoo Messenger was the biggest thing I used for about a few years just to talk to people who also moved on from Hotmail. Aside from animated native avatars, the service was more or less what I saw from Hotmail but with a news feed and some stuff I could get from other sources. I’ve spend about a few years with the account, then just slowly phased out to use the IM service.

From there, I started to be real storage heavy since I was playing a lot of games so I’ve moved on getting Trillian which was a Messenger client capable to most of the IM clients at the time like Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL. I wasn’t too sure at the time what I was getting into with a third party messenger client but I need the space and every bit of pinching helped. After all that, Hotmail was piling up with spam exponentially that I had to start putting everything in junk to be deleted. This was also around the time it seemed that my Yahoo account was also getting some spam as well, not from random messages but random people adding me and receiving bot messages about adult cam sites. Definitely moving on, indeed.

This was now around when Google started to public allow access to their Gmail service. It still is what it is today, a simple online service with integrated chat and video chat which is a nice feature. Great for those who don’t have hardware space for more software. I use it to this day, even created a second account for WordPress so I don’t have a lot of problems sorting through some messages (then I found out about folders, hehe). Not really much to say about the service since the company kept expanding into a news aggregator and a social network. Which pretty much Microsoft and Yahoo (or whoever is the parent company) was doing at the time as well to keep up with Facebook’s popularity.

In between all those email chat clients and accounts, I’ve found a couple game chat clients. xFire was the first one for me when I was getting pretty good at America’s Army so I decided to get it and try to join some social groups on it to play with them and hone in on my fragging skills. As you can tell, I never really did hone it otherwise I would be a pretty good cyber-athlete. But I did meet a lot of people on there; and then I got a microphone.

That’s when everything expanded into VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) programs. First was TeamSpeak, which was fairly advanced in the settings area. But the UI was simple enough to navigate. I use to be really into ti since I had a lot of servers kept on my gaming PC until the around 5 years ago when I started to really buckle down to my school work. I finally really gave up when TeamSpeak 3 was announced and a lot of people either upgraded for a server license or moved onto other things.

At the same time, I was in school and a lot of people were on Skype and talking about it. As a curious teen, I checked it out. Skype at the time was pretty simple, very MSN Messenger but without the email account. For the large part, it’s a VOIP client and a small telephone service. Which is neat and all, but I was curious about and tried it. To this day, I’m usually on and off since no one really talked to me and I only got it to kind of checked it out. Back then it wasn’t much of a hub for gamers since the the bandwidth was literally clogged for Skype. Now it’s a bit slimmer and more graphical in the interface. Now I hear good things, but in my opinion it’s just the ISP’s being “innovative” with better service. When I find a good group, maybe I’ll give her a shot.

Some time before I stopped pursuing being a damn good gamer, I was introduced to Ventrilo which is slightly complimentary to TeamSpeak. The user interface was a bit more complicated but still user friendly and the settings were very simple and straightforward. Around this time from what I remember, I used it mostly for Face Of Mankind and some casual games. Looking back and looking at both TeamSpeak and Ventrilo, I would be more into Ventrilo since the size and features are more in line to something simple and usable. If you want a server, it’s free but to a certain amount of slots I think. If memory servers well, it’s maximum of 40 players per private server.

Just a year before founding this blog, I got into a bit of casual games. Nothing really one or the other, but just something out there to keep busy without much level grinding and gore. Major memory landmark here is the good half year of Wurm where I found a good bunch of people to play with into building a small settlement. Then we have a few falling outs, then it just got complicated and I dropped away from the game due to lag and drama. However they did introduce me to Raidcall, which I still have on my gaming PC. Raidcall I believe is a Chinese port for another system they use in the East. The system is really much of a need-to-know interface and settings. Nothing really too complex and ridiculous in terms of extensive settings for audio or interface. The UI is fairly much close to TeamSpeak with a simple menu and list of channels. For those with a low budget group, servers are free and you technically own it. Downside to the ownership, it’s more of a virtual server on their side so free is determined on your server traffic to determine how slots are allocated to you. However I do believe they have slot packages if you wish to upgrade rather than get more server traffic in with a maximum of I think 4 servers per account.

Through all these open hub connections to the Internet, most of the times I’ve logged in is either empty or very lonesome since there is no one really there for you. Always out of place and only out for game loot, groups don’t really provide for the social interaction I sometimes need; just to talk and relax rather than focusing on getting in-game gear. In short, I have no friends. Yup, no friends… I guess that’s why I like to play games that are very co-op in terms of working together rather than exploiting one another to get what you want. Either that or single player games that are pretty immersive or intensive to the point I don’t care if I’m alone in a virtual world.

That’s all for this week, see you guys for the next one!


We are back online! Back to blogging and laziness!

The last three weeks have been pretty tough considering the lack of the Internet. After just a few days of connection, I’ve been trying to fix a lot of problems. For one thing, sleep; another thing, find a job. The sleep thing for one is kind of difficult since my sleep cycle is equal to a teenager cramming exams last minute. I’ve been trying to keep awake for a full day so my cycle sets back to to night. For this week, it will be my mission to put my cycle back to around the 10 in the evening mark. Once the net was back into my own home, I pretty much got reacquainted with Star Trek Online. It was literally the first thing once I saw I had a connection. Sort that out for a few hours or so then moved onto updating and upgrading Avast! and completing the final bits of thing I forgot to do on my laptop. Felt a little sluggish at the start of the session since I mostly forgotten what I wanted to do and what to do. After a few rounds, I began to finish and catch up on my YouTube viewing list. Especially watching a 30 hour long playlist of someone playing Kerbal Space Program. As of this post, I’m about 10 away from completion. Hopefully it would give me some insight to how I am playing this game and what I can do to change up my own techniques. Of course a physics game has calculations I can pull from experienced players, but the best kind of fun is when you try then you look it up to compare where it went wrong. I guess that’s why I like Minecraft, you get to do so much but without a guide you can’t really accomplish everything. But you can try then when you give up, just look it up on a wiki page.

As of now, the library and Starbucks shenanigans are a close; but I might see the library some day and just look out on the street and think of the times I’ve been there alone and reading from my tablet and then my “new” laptop. With new hardware, comes new challenges. From last Sunday to now, I’ve been slowly clearing space off my desk to accommodate my (somewhat) portable device. I went though a lot of old paper receipts that have found their way on my table and wiped off the dust a bit. With all the cleaning of this quarter of the tabletop, it’s a tight fit with all the cables I still need to feed to it. I borrowed an old TrendNet router from an acquaintance from high school. So far it works very well since the cables going from my computers do connect properly to the router and from the router, it makes a good connection to the modem. Of course the router is wireless so I do have the capabilities of the B and G protocols. Downside, I think a fuse broke prior to the installation so I get a drop out with the router from time to time. It’s not a hassle with streaming video but when it comes to games, I will have a lot of lag when it attempts to reconnect or forces me to relog after a long time out. So far the drops outs take about 5-10 seconds to reconnect, I have nothing to complain since it’s the only way to get a free router. Maybe if lucky I will pick up an old DLink router; I’m afraid my luck has been expended with this miraculous find. Cheap router yeah, but free is another matter.

On the literary writing ownage front, I got two poems in on the weekend. They’re in my opinion are good and stylish with a lot of inspirational undertones. I might say it’s a bit eloquent but I’ll let the judges decide on the 31st. I tried emailing to them but I’m not quite sure if they received my message or just ignored it as spam or something. In which case, I am a bit suspicious but I will continue on in writing as much as I can and think good thoughts. If anything, if I do win the prize money would help my problems especially finding a job. For a month’s work, it would definitely be worth it for trying even for third place. I’m not greedy, just pretty much under-qualified in a world where academics defines “experience”; not necessarily bitter about it, just have to make do what I can to get by. Still, it could be an opportunity to jump from a literary loser to a professional poet. Thinking big, thinking positive.

Onto visual creativity, still looking for stickers to put on the back of my laptop on a budget of free with a theme of personality and dorky. Seriously I have to hide this messed up factory paint on the back. If Photobucket was responding, I would definitely post up some picture onto the post about the look of my salvaged laptop. It’s kind of neat. Kind of antiquated of about half a decade or less with a cracked cosmetic side along the exhaust port and scratched and beaten back. Did I mention the the F8 key? Oh right yeah, I think in the last week’s post. The F8 key works, just missing the button face. Otherwise the rubbery cushion and the input still works. I’ve replaced the power adapter but my acquaintance says I may have been scammed; though in my opinion when it comes to electronics, power input is important and should always be powered by the exact specifications by the manufacturer. Which would explain the loaned router just constantly resetting or dropping my connection to the modem since the power adapter is from another device which he “traded” for his snapped original power adapter. Suffice to say this set up with two computers side-by-side only cost me a power adapter and much luck.

Now I can run a full screen application while accessing mail and wiki pages without minimizing a screen. Hooray, it’s like Star Trek but with a lot of cables everywhere!

Staring off into space thinking about stuff…

No doubt most of use have those genius moments where we figure out something on our own or put a different spin on a traditional thought. The human mind is a powerful organic machine that could possibly (for the most part) out compete a computer. The last few weeks with the flu going everywhere and been stuck in bed most of the time, I’ve thought up some of the most random and interesting things that really kept me sane while nursing myself back to health. Probably there isn’t much value to. These ideas, but ideas are worth sharing. So here we go, one paragraph ideas starting now!

I’ve seen stuff about mycelium to decompose bodies. Wouldn’t be possible to use fungus for most of our decomposing needs? Breed special varieties to eat away toxic waste or remove just about any kind of waste. It would reduce the time it takes to decompose stuff in landfills and some varieties of fungus are edible. Wouldn’t mind chomping on mushrooms, I do like them on pizza.

If NASA is sending people to Mars, it would likely be a one way trip unless they’re seriously carrying everything with them there and back. I think it would more suitable for the crew going there to have their food grown hydroponically. So no need to really send supplies, though clothing and equipment do wear out. Wait a second, grow everything they can on board. We do have the ability to turn biomatter into fuel energy. Probably on a long stay, the only problem would be the oxygen and equipment. NASA sends that while they do all the growing and exploring. While were on the subject, we have 8 billion people, wouldn’t it be possible to send a bunch of people to colonize it? We don’t really need to explore it any further, we’ve sending probes since the 90’s and we have collected a bunch of information. I’m just saying if we’re serious about stepping foot on an interplanetary neighbour, we should actually do it.

This one is kind of morbid, but bear with it. I know genocide is wrong; but if it was out of medical research with a chance of death, would it be wrong then? Considering how many people are poor or barely scraping by and the situation we have of overpopulating the world. Would it be right to just volunteer to find cures or enhance life at the risk of your own. If you consider it, it is somewhat noble by the fact which you risk yourself to save thousands. There is a government funded ad I watched it said an organ can save 8 lives. Well, you go into medical research as a lab rat and pretty much risk having complications to save at least one thousand. Between medical research and organ donation to save lives, medical research sounds good if it pays well. However the problem with society is I think we have an ethical code where we cannot use live humans for medical research. Somewhat unfortunate, but I think there should be exceptions. 8 billions lives on Earth and counting, we could do a lot with a handful of volunteers.

Another way we can solve the land crowding is to just use it all to gather food and energy. Yeah, every single acre of land we use now was just solar panels, windmills, water dams and farmland. Where will we humans live? Of course deep underground. We will keep to large underground cities of stone and concrete. All fueled and heated by waste we produce from ourselves and the stuff we don’t consume. We just have to find a way to pinch as much energy as we can without mining for the fuel. Of course besides from this, the surface would be dotted with landscapes of vast fields for cattle, tall forests of windmills and deserts of solar panels providing infinite amount of power from the natural elements as well as produce all the food we need. Downside would be to convince millions in a city to live underground. You got me there, society.

Speaking of technology and harnessing energy, the body produces head through muscles contracting when you shiver. I know our nanotech is not as near as I’m about to suggest, but it would be an interesting idea. On the topic of energy, why not implant biomechanical generators in limbs. As you walk or move your arms, it pumps the generators to produce a small amount of energy. Incentivizing the people who exercise by produce this energy that can be transferred to a battery. I don’t know much about the current state. Of our nanotech, but this idea could also turn into a form a currency where everyone has the equal opportunity get fit then sell this energy for money. Perhaps use the batteries themselves as the currency; an energy credit if you will.

Well these are the few ideas I’ve thought up. If you want to share your outlandish ideas like me, post it on you blog or leave a comment, I would love to read it. That’s all for now, until next time!

Humanity’s Ultimate Double Edge Sword–Technology and Transhumanism

How would you like to be perfect? Ultimately perfect; no disease, no genetic dispositions, superior senses, superior, live long, live perfect? How much would you pay to be that perfect, where you can fall and break bones then heal them almost instantaneously? Of course we do have technology to mutilate ourselves to look perfect, but seeking that holy grail of perfection. Most people would say immortality, intelligence, genetically flawless. We are closer to this reality believe or not.

We have done this once in out life, play the wiki game. You pick one article and only clicking on the links inside the article to get to an end article. Well this particular time, I discovered transhumanism. What is this fantabulous term, you ask? Straight out from the article itself:

an international intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.

Off the bat, I can already think of things that are happening now to change how we view ourselves as human beings; to gauge our human selves on the measurement of man. We have mind controlled devices, limbs that can be controlled by thought, research into our DNA for the “death gene”, Google Glasses project to provide an onboard access to the cloud. Hardest part to realize is as we look forward to these technologies, they will later be part of us and will consume us from the inside. Take for instance the cell phone, firstly prized by businessmen and now for all men to communicate. When it opened up to the world, we have assaults on the technology; it causes headaches, tumours, radiation burns, and whatever that can be said about it. As the cell got small, we added more to it. Other wireless technologies, cameras, and capabilities to do what it was originally intended.

As I continued to read, I start to realize most of my life has been influenced to embrace transhumanism. In short, this ideology argues both for and against enhancing, modifying and improving the human condition through technology. To slow it down even further, think Star Trek’s Borg and it’s very compact and has access to Facebook. And the though there are many reasons to be better, smarter and stronger; there are arguments that all this can lead us to be more uniform, duller and distant future.

For those who want to save time and refuse to read the article for themselves, there are a lot of discussion on how this technology would  affect us. Argument the first, “pic or it didn’t happen”. Essentially, we can make educated or radical guesses on what it will happen but it won’t happen. The argument is sound considering what has transpired with the silicon wafer over the past half century to build electronic circuits. Ever since then, we built them smaller and small to the point every few years on the market there is always a new computer part. Now there’s work on holography, virtual presence and augmented reality. How fast half a century is when you look at how fast we can turn ourselves into that distant horizon to better ourselves.

Biomedical research too has taken towards into more technological methods to prolong life and enhance the human experience. We have mapped the human genome to be ready to build ourselves outside the reproductive convention; cloning. Not much time ago, many argued this would be religiously immoral since you can build a genetic copy of yourself and be physically immortal. Though there are flaws in the argue that would suggest you are in the original version would not technically be in the next version and the next one would experience life differently (the same argument about teleportation where you die at device A and created at device B). A more religious approach is the whole redesigning the future thing, creating a heaven on earth scenario. Where socially we choose to make our children super perfect and everything is set out for them in it’s very biologically healthy world.

Aside from prolonging life, one argument discusses the whole immortality issue. We’re talking about real immortality where you can transfer information to one brain to another like a computer. Overall, this would be a cosmetic issue considering there is no real benefit aside from living forever until you can no longer transfer your mind to another just so you can look in the mirror and look and feel younger or older depending on the body. Kind of like botox aside from the fact that botox can kill you.

We live in a society of excess, don’t deny it. We toss away more than we use. One argument states it is morally wrong to override what nature has done properly every since life started on earth. Why tamper and tinker with something already perfect? Living on a limit makes you appreciate what you have and what has been provide for you. In short, complex real life Minecraft on Hardcore mode with one life and anything will likely kill you.

Remember World War II? That thing that happened before our time where many people died to prevent a guy from killing a whole lot of people because they’re different? Yes, the master race thing is sort of the ego of now; sort of. We are taught if anything makes you look better and live longer is better for you. The what if scenario; what if the government started to tell you who you can and cannot marry in terms of your genetic constitution? Can’t marry that blonde girl you wanted because you have cancer. Can’t have intercourse with your neighbour because you’re susceptible to the common cold. That’s the kind of thinking that would turn us in a very uniform society.  Feeling kind of down about this paragraph? Sorry, can’t even be eligible to knock up something through artificial means since you might pass on the “sad gene”.

Last one’s my favourite one, dominance of artificial intelligence and the destruction of the human race.  Yeah that got your attention, AI and doomsday. Most of us has seen The Terminator movies where robots destroy humans. Then it’s a good thing in the Wikipedia article it’s called the “Terminator argument”. What it comes down to is that we create AI smarter than us, that we turn ourselves into second class citizens to our robot overlords. This can happen in so many ways but mainly programming gone awry, rogue human elements with diabolical plans, or just too well programmed robots bent on achieving the objective we put out for them whether it’s just consuming carbon dioxide or self-replicating to be do certain tasks.

Screw online piracy, we got bigger bureaucratic fish to fry. Some of the upcoming technologies may or may not be relevant now but they will, where will the laws be for those problems? For one thing, cloning is a big issue considering the likelihood of having it dilute the gene pool. Diversity within it has it’s upsides, one thing it does ensure survival of a species even though the downside would be you drew the short straw and will have to die to protect said gene pool. That’s natural probably that you might have “good” or “bad” genes, it’s better than knowing you got the same biological probably as the next guy. In every way I see it, everyone in natural selection has a slight advantage; since it’s random it’s likely you got good genes no matter what due to the variability. Cloning in terms of individual organ cloning is pretty amazing and likely a crack pot idea since genetic material is currently made with other pieces of the same puzzle and would require a fetus somewhere. There are other ways of making organs on the drawing table that is considered and in testing with much promise, like 3D printers. Biotechnologies like cybernetic and bionic implants are a good thing, but I personally draw the line at artificial intelligence. If it can think for itself and was made by man, I want it outside my body. If I had a choice between nanobot injections or an aluminum prosthetic controlled by thought for a new leg, I would choose the latter. Of course you could argue the bots could fix it like it never happened but you have to think it does have access to the rest of the body and what kinds of other things they snuck aboard that could to harm to me (Also the metal leg could make a good conversation starter.) I believe in a choice filled society, you can do whatever you please under the law and the laws only define things you do to other people. So if it’s your choice to get botox, I’m cool with that as long as I’m not paying for it. If you want to be injected with an immortality serum, I’m happy for you as long as I didn’t pay for it. If you want to turn yourself into a robot, sounds awesome and I better not be paying for that operation. On a grander scale, the laws we have or will need does have to define what is “man”. Does a clone count under law a “human” since it’s made by mankind or something else? How many clones of one organism can there be especially when it comes to people? If you kill yourself to have your mind be transferred into a machine, does it count as suicide or assisted suicide since the physical body is deceased? If you are immortal, then what is defined as your legal state in life (ie. senior citizen, child, teenager, adult) and are you to have the equal amenities as someone who is mortal? Many questions, most yet unanswered.

Talking points on cloud computer – the best worst idea

Of course, it isn’t a new topic.  Cloud computing has been around since the early 2000’s and has many uses for it. Only recently we seen games to venture into this congregation. Now currently saving our game states and customization options to small tasks now just require a small installation and an internet. The internet, the infrastructure that connects us through fibre optics and data; while the digital generation progresses, most innovations would be to safe guard the cyber superhighway from malevolent forces in meatspace.

At one point, we all had the experience of cloud computer where one account kept all those powerpoint presentations and contact lists together in a server to queue up for you. Impressive now office suites has almost lost footing to contenders offering the same service as this product, there are a few flaws that would never come accross until we really come across that scenario. Though megasystems keep all our data so we can travel and reconnect to later is convenient, we have to keep in mind one digital saying; “what is on the internet, stay on the internet.” To this; your information of others, your research projects, and pictures of your cat even deleted; would likely turn up somewhere else. Not relating to this subject, it is a mere example. Though it is handy to provide services, it is critical to encrypt all data to prevent hackers from obtaining credit card information from site that would offer a services via the cloud. Of course the old school phish scams are still around but a bit more sophisticated with cloud computing. One small move can cause the list of friends to be given a scam in the spam.

The upside to the situation are small services to provide you with a place to keep and share files with coworkers and friends. In certain cases this helps a lot especially if the service has a free model. Just register an account and begin sharing or moving important files. There are times when it is necessary to keep files online and some offline. However our world infrstructure is still transitioning to make cloud computing viable. When days when you can recall a powerpoint out of the cloud and ditch the corrupt copy on your PC becomes the norm, we could see a lot more things to be sent to the cloud. Those days are coming soon, very soon. The days of “dog ate my homework” are fleeting. Though storage is a good idea, some things on the other hand only work well on paper. Interactive streaming services where the user has access to a service which streams information constant back and forth. This is more daunting if bandwidth is limited. Though commendable for and idea like playing the latest game titles over the net, compensating for lag and the likely poor graphics quality could be the deal breaker as a gamer. Also cloud computing is running out of places to adapt to, though commercial uses are out now, more competitors are set to clash and likely the bottleneck would get tighter.

Some services would be irreplaceable like digital download clouds and office suites. In fact likely most of us due to our frugal nature would likely have depended on clouds to help get things done. Game publishers are on board either relying on current services or constructing their own. The digital age is a quick change to how services provided. Guaranteed it has changed how we watch videos, store data, and share computing power. In time, it will fizzle out; but leaving a lasting impression for lightweight computing.

Posted from WordPress via Blackberry Playbook.

Starting anew and apps

Hooray, this decade is at an end. For 2012, resolutions are one of those superstitions I never made. Satisfied with my potential, there is nothing I would change for myself. There are just a few thing I just hope and receive a few things for the sake of others. By and large, I think of other rather than for me; don’t know why, go figure. Sure I may be affected, but it is more for the community at large. One thing though not credited to are some Habbo Hotel features. Likely many asked and I was one to convey it. I’m okay with not getting the credit (It’s life, you always get screwed) but as long it becomes reality, I’ll be fine with not getting some recognition. That and it was a group effort to make change happen.

Though for the most part, looking around the Internet gives some sense on mobile application demand. Popularly almost everywhere you can see that Apple Inc. holds many apps. Runner up being Google for their Android system. Sadly in the rear, Blackberry apps are not really there for their Playbook anyways (If you own a Blackberry smartphone, send me a comment about your App World.) Unfortunately, fortune and prosperity is not coming up for Research In Motion. The days of business electronics have been over since this century happened. It’s not relevant to make business oriented devices. The market is the mainstream demographic where despite occupation, are on the go and use their devices for play as well. They’re doing well by shifting it with the Playbook tablet. How it seems it is not just changing up their mantra. From a perspective as a electronics observer, a bold image is how to really be seen. If it relied on images, you are solely wrong. Marketing is a big contributor, you need to account for your new demographic. In this youthful group, electronics are about connectivity, apps, music and everything you need in a device that may need or want. My opinion as you tell if of a Playbook user considering there is very little in applications. Sure quirky, but nothing really branding them as a app though more of downloadable trialware. Currently there are a few things I would like to see in my Playbook. These are a few apps, so any developers reading this or you know a developer who can make apps; here’s something you can gain credibility with little competition:

    • Google

    I want to make calls on Google. In 1.0.8, only thing I can get is my mail. Of course there are online apps made by Google, but there is nothing for Voice or Maps. There is Maps since it’s code is supported, but not optimized for Playbook.


    Yeah, no app to necessarily blogging. The website is not really built to facilitate writing and HTML tags. Would like it if was an optimized app for not just WordPress, but something like Windows Live Writer.

      Online Games

    Not just the turn based browser games seen anywhere. But games classical or contemporary games that take advantage of the Flash abilities of the Playbook. More real action and make it free.

      Free Stuff

    Like games, other apps should be free and should equal to their desktop counterparts. So far certain online services do offer their app for free on the Playbook.

  • I would definitely would the ranks and help develop apps, but my abilities are limited to opinions and physical labour and not cyber labour. Leaving it the developer. If you are a developer for the Playbook and reading this, I urge you to go free and be good. I don’t mind some missing features, as long as these feature are going to be in a update. Here some encouragement and expectation, I await for your work.

    CNET: My new TV/Radio/Nerd-Porn (And some tech talk)

    My previous post, I mentioned The 404 podcast from Well after a full day of just surfing around one website (almost non stop…I had to pee), I think I found the website I really like and really worth coming back to time and time again. I’ve known CNET for about 8 years, just been using their sister site for my freeware and stuff. So this is a pretty big deal to me considering all this time I found it pretty bored to suddenly find it interesting. From how-to’s and reviews to get my geek on, I found it something I found interesting out of my habitual habits of online browsing.

    So kind of my goal for the next month or so is to watch or listen every episode of The 404 until the very recent ones. As of now I’m up to about episode 60 of almost 900 episodes. It’s a long ladder to climb, but I think I wouldn’t regret it. Sure it’s very boring after awhile but it’s great to hear opinions about shows, games and tech I own.

    Which reminds me to find a copy of Linux. I’m looking in replacing Windows XP after all reliable support for it is over. It’s a brand new territory to explore and maybe need. I might want to jump the USS Microsoft and hop onto the penguin boat. I’m not too sure which distribution I would really have on board as a back up. I’m not really to go all in just yet, I just want an image in case I need it or just play around with it. I would like something user friendly but also technical in case I need to change certain specific settings. Something that can run Windows programs and lots of accessible customizable settings to personalize. Small but loaded with stuff (no random software, just the operating system). Any recommendations, please drop a comment, give me your take on it and a link to to their website so I can read more.

    I might try and get Windows 7 once it drops off to around the under $80. I still have about 3 years (April 2014) until support ends, so I have awhile but I should prepare to put it aside and upgrade. I would have my own operating system, but I don’t have the skill or attention span to really study and implement code to make an operating system. So it’s a major thing I should really get started on besides getting a job. I still need that and I’m talking about a real job either around computers or anything out of the public eye. I have a thing for magazine and I think I would be pretty good, but I think I would want to do something else but write articles. But that’s another time, another place.

    Right now, I use my external hard drive for backing up data I need to keep for convenience and security reasons. And it only consumes about 5% of the whole drive, so I’m pretty much stuck with over 70 GB of space and I need ideas or programs or stuff I can do to add to it. I got some of my shows shaved there, I’ve used it as a temp cache for video editing. The video editing is insane since it takes up the whole drive for about 30 minutes of footage (using Fraps). Besides raw HD .avi  videos and back up storage, I have nothing else set for this thing. If there was a offline/LAN/MMO zombie co-op or something, I would definitely would save it there. However, that’s not going to happen or ever going to happen (you have a lifetime to disprove that). Oh, I forgot to fully mention what I have as that external hard drive, here’s some info:

    -Maxtor DiamondMax IDE 85GB (off warranty and salvaged)

    -Eagle IDE to USB 2.0 3.5 External Storage System (got it from Canada Computers)

    -HP 1.8m USB cable, type A to B with gold plated connectors (the one Eagle had was pretty short so I kind of upgraded)

    I know the IDE’s are going out. I didn’t really have much of an option (accidently threw away the receipt, I’m an idiot). So once this drive blows, I’m going to just have a case. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find another IDE; if I had found a SATA drive, I would internally install it into my system (…maybe). Though I would like an external in case I want to carry a hard drive to transfer stuff to another computer that’s over 7GB. So I hope my 22 bucks would be worth it in the long run.

    Until next week reader, have a nice week!