Crowdfunding, Space and STD’s – Random Thoughts

I’m off the wall this week. I’ve been getting active and creative recently which has been churning out some random thoughts. Once again, I would like to be open about them regardless how random, dark or silly they are; here we go again, sit tight folks!

I am starting to think those people who want to never age are very self centred. You probably know some people  who go out of their way to say “I want to live forever.” First off, bad idea to go around to say that because I would get judgemental. Secondly, why would you ever want to wish immortality on yourself? To each day of your life at one age as others die around you. Your friends, family and pets; they will move on and you will be stuck as yourself at one state for the rest of your life. In this hypothetical if you were to live every day normally and remember everything, you will still be the same as you are forever. So in 60 years you will look like you and have the same vitality but at the same time, everyone you known and loved have passed on. You would become the loneliest survivor of death. What if everyone lived forever? That would be even more catastrophic. Considering the world and its resources, you have about 9 billion people on the planet all wanting the same things. They all want food, materials and shelter; what if they give birth to the next generation. Assuming the entire population was at adulthood and was split fairly between gender, we would have 4.5 billion children wanting the same. That would be 13.5 billion people wanting food! I don’t even think we have enough space at the moment to feed everyone let alone 13.5 billion. If we lived forever, our food demand would increase and it would be exponential. If immortality was existent, I wouldn’t want it because either my future will be lonely or crowded.

With all the conflicts and arms proliferation in the world, what if we took all the money which bought our weapons and war machines and put it into scientific pursuits? What can we human accomplished if we put money into developing new technology? Would be be able to solve our famines with science? Could we build space travel technology within the next 50 years? Perhaps viability for our first warp drive? If we had the money from all our recent wars put into colonizing Mars, would we even be there already? I am still optimistic about our society doing bold and amazing things if we tried hard enough to put aside our differences and do something to help us all. That’s how societies and nations are created, why can’t we just all get along and solve the problems with science?

There has been a lot of gadgets for PC developing at the moment, mostly toward immersive virtual reality. I’m all for VR for video games but I still like the tactile controls of mouse and keyboard; perhaps the occasional controller since most games don’t support controllers on PC. I’m still baffled on why can’t we just consolidate on one or two devices for PC. I have 3 attached to my computer for user input. Of course some manufacturers unify their devices to work on one port. I’m talking about have the one device that can do most if not all the input. I wouldn’t mind having a a device the size of a controller have keyboard functionality with a joystick that can be used as a mouse. When not for work, this nifty gamepad can be my game controller for games that require it. With smartphones, it’s a definite proven fact we can type with our thumbs. I think there may be an untapped market in having an all-in-one device for PC which is you keyboard and mouse and when combined turns into a nifty controller. Someone get on it!

I realized recently I’ve been looking through crowd-funding website for games. You can literally crowd fund for a lot of things now, want a shirt? Crowd fund! Need a video game idea come to life? Crowd fund! Really weird porno? Crowd fund! What about something big and huge, could we crowd fund a space program? Could we crowd fund a cure for cancer? I’ve read article of people having a go at space travel from homemade means. I wonder if they went public and allowed people donate, how much money would they gain from crowdsourcing a space program? I wonder what the rewards would be; if 15 bucks gets you a t-shirt, what would you get for 15 million? Perhaps a seat on the maiden voyage? What about stretch goals, would there be something worth doing as a stretch goal? Science is always trying to find new and cheap ways to do more science, maybe someday I might want to get on board crowdfunding a mission to the Moon or even Mars.

When I was a kid, I was into the first Matrix movie. The idea of plugging in and experiencing a network through firs person. At the time, the notion sounded amazing because then video games become very realistic. Looking back, maybe realism shouldn’t be so realistic. It should suck to die repeatedly in a video game. With my luck, I would sprain my ankle or get shot up like swiss cheese. If I remember correctly, if you get hurt in the Matrix then you get hurt in real life. With the current state of the Internet, I wouldn’t want to “jack in” to the world wide web. For one thing, the trolls; so many trolls that the beauty that is a city would be vandalised. Lastly viruses, there’s a lot of computer viruses. What if we have this technology and we have malware that can infect the brain. What would be the repercussions of of having your brain infected with rogue data and information? STD’s are scary enough, would you want a System Transmitted Disease?

This has been another random thoughts. Until next time, keep being random!


#200 – Woop woop!

I intentionally wanted this as my 200th post. This is technically 201, sorry!

Huzzah! I have written over 200 posts on WordPress over a span of a few years. Though I quietly celebrated 100 posts, I think 200 is a bigger accomplishment. On the occasion, I want to reminisce back on the last 200 posts and give you folks the view on this side of the Internet.


When I started this blog, it was for a few reasons. During the time, I was a pretty angry person. Just pent up with anger that I just needed an outlet. I didn’t really have anyone to vent to; the only times I ever felt like I was myself and calm was when I was writing. Not just journal writing, but a medium where someone will read it and maybe people can share or chime in. I wouldn’t say my blog is a success story, but I can say I’m calmer because of it.

I tried vlogging a few times, all failures. For one thing, I had to edit them intensively. Devoting an hour of unpaid work for a few minutes was not feasible for me, not even now. That and also I find my voice and face pretty unattractive. Maybe some day, I will vlog.

So I decided to blog, choosing the host site was problematic since there were a lot of blogging site. For awhile a was milling about having it on Blogger. Just before I had this blog, I was still in high school if you can believe it. One of the classes had me create a Twitter, I never update the thing after I got out of the class. Microblogging  like Twitter is not as appealing as a medium that doesn’t restrict you on the amount of content to can put out. Sure I can have parts to a tweet; but if you ever read my long posts, you will know this isn’t very scalable. Tumblr was pretty hip during the time, but it’s seemed very much of a popularity contest to get content features. I’m not funny or an adorable cat so I couldn’t really be sucked into that drama. WordPress seemed to be a good choice since the community was somewhat inspiring and the interface was and still is very understandable and not super user friendly. One thing I like is the fact I have control over a lot of things on my blog.

As I said, I was pretty angry so I thought to let it all loose. Every time I had something to say it would be a long rant. At the time, my free time was a warpath in video games. I was playing up to 8 hours a day, “hooked” would hardly describe it. You think it would make me violent or more angry but it helped me calm down a bit after a day of before the day starts.

“One Post a Week”

This was my mantra and usually still holds firm. At the beginning I feared I might burn out if I put out a blog post every day or every time I finished one. So I thought to release one every half week, but I still thought  burn out was pretty short. So once a week sounded pretty reasonable; weekly content and I can think about each topic and prep a good list of topics to hit on before I publish it. Aside from this, it allows me to supplement with new content that might be relevant for the week. For those who have followed since post #1 would know sometimes I publish one or two more for the week. I sometimes I have a different topic I wanted to touch on before I forget it. But I try to stick to a schedule of one a week even though sometimes I might be early or late on a post date. I do this on my free time which at the moment I have plenty of; if I drop names, I drop it because I like it not because I’m not being paid for it. Yeah Allahweh, I’m talking to you; name dropped.

That ADHD!

I’m never up front about my mental condition since society has a monopoly on taboos. People don’t really know how it feels to be ADHD or try and play it up as “well, you’re just lazy” or “why can’t you sit still for 5 seconds?” It’s very tough to explain from my point of view if someone asks how it feels. The way I put it, it’s a good thing if you can control it or at least manage it and a bad thing if it’s slowing you down. In a way, it’s a gifted curse. I allows me to broad my horizons and learn things in general, but academic performance would vary. I may not hold many post-secondary qualifications, but I can study bits of it and get what it’s about. People will tell me it’s not right, not normal. To me, being right or normal is never the point of living. If it was, everyone would be perfect and boring. And if you know me, perfect isn’t normal. Perfect is an idea and not a way of life. Life is imperfect and in itself, is unique between everyone. In short, being imperfect makes you a more unique individual.

Randomly Yours

If I could somehow let you into my mind, you would see some crazy stuff and maybe hear some very random ideas. It’s not a hallucination, but it would be all the stuff I daydream and think of from a day to day basis. I always wanted to put it in perspective for those who don’t really know how it feel like you have a lot to say but no necessary outlet – or you just forget about it and when you remember, you say “Dang it!” So here I go to emulate in words of stuff in my mind.

I got to email this guy. But first, Chrome –> Youtube, Facebook, WordPress. I wonder if anyone still uses writes “Facebook” as “FaceBook”, I use to remember a few people who did that. Same with YouTube. Was WordPress use to be known as WordPress? Gotta watch this video, watching this video linked here. I wonder if there are any Facebook update. I wonder if those bloggers have anything new posted – tab up! Note to self: write blog post. I got ideas right? Well, probably come to me when it comes to me. Crap, I got to pack for that trip. Huh, the more I think about it my neighbourhood is pretty good to hide in the zombie apocalypse. Assuming each building houses an average family and most buildings are detached so they can’t jump and get me. Being a Canadian, so firearms are going to be hard to find. Unless someone on my street secret has a firearm or a police car happened to stop right there before the end of the world. Though it would be semi-likely to find a cop car within 4 blocks from me. If there isn’t a cop car, there are a couple school nearby. I could raid the janitorial closets for a shovel or something. Maybe fashion myself a spear with safety scissors. Hah! Most people would say large populated areas are pretty bad for a zombie apocalypse so the local malls are out of the question which sucks since there’s just a large gold mine of materials to loot if it came down to it. Probably for the best is to gather food and materials and go self-sustaining.The local supermarkets sell seeds so get a small wind turbine or something steam powered for an underground or backyard greenhouse and surplus power for anything interesting. There should be a game like that. Just a video game where you gather junk and craft it into barricades and stuff to survive a zombie apocalypse. There use to be a television reality series on Discovery, The Colony. If there was a video game, it should be closely to that. Huh, I remember there use to be a season 2 of that show; did they every make a third? Google it! Well, I spent a good 6 hours on YouTube and still nothing done today. I feel like playing video games.

Without reason or provocation, I would sometimes have some good ideas and sometimes my head feels like it’s riffing random thoughts and things I should do. I can’t stop myself aside from drowning my thoughts with music or just trying to hang on working on one task. Even with that, my mind can permeate through the noise. Whatever you want to call it, right or wrong, that is me and that makes me unique.

Going On, Going Strong

After 200 posts with almost 80 subscribers, I can say it’s fairly unexpected anyone would hear a lowly voice. Starting this blog had only one goal in mind, an outlet. I always come up with ideas and opinions that strike serendipitously and the forays into games which lead me to this very point where I am content with what I have. It’s small following, but no doubt I am very thankful I have this very opportunity to share to the world at large what I think about it and what I think about myself. I don’t expect to possess the best material on WordPress, but I do want to try and aim for the best material I can ever provide. As for number 200, lets celebrate it by bringing back my old Twitter account? Yeah, why not!

Thanks for those of you following, liking, and subscribing; here’s to 200 more posts!

It’s on me, folks!!! (Pssssst…it’s a giveaway…)

This is a shout out to Bolawan@bolawon in game for suggesting convincing me to do another giveaway in Star Trek Online. Also I’m getting my DS9 Bundle this week, so I thought I would celebrate by passing off some stuff to your guys.

I’ve been trying to think of what I could do this time around, so I’m planning on doing a bunch of things beside tossing freebies at your faces. Here’s a couple things I kind of want to do for the giveaway (events aren’t going to be in order, just stuff going around the game)…

  • Give stuff away (duh)
  • AMA (ask me anything) session (PG 13 please!!)
  • Storyline missions teams
  • Chat sessions
  • Bum fights?

The Giveaway

Of course the first bullet point is easy, I just want to be damn generous and give people stuff. This ranges between stuff for your ships or stuff for yourself. I’ve arranged them in these packages (Quantity):

  • Ground pack (1)– Mk XII weapon, a stack of hypos and energy cells. If you are too low level to use the weapon, you’ll get an another stack of hypos and energy cells or a ship console (I’ll ask you in game).
  • Ship pack (1)– A stack of Shield, Weapon, Auxiliary batteries.
  • Stack of 20 energy cells (3)
  • Stack of 20 hypos (4)
  • Random Mk X and up ship consoles
  • Random amount of Energy Credits (ranging from 100 – 100,000)
  • Other stuff (Placeholder for stuff not related to the stuff above, no lockboxes of course…)

This is kind of a first come first serve, but it would be pretty random on what you can get. One prize per account, just so everyone gets a chance for a bit of something. If you like, you can give away stuff to other people. Just trade with them or mail it to them.

Ask Me Anything/Chat Session

One thing I kind of want to do is an AMA like Reddit. Also I’m lazy for Reddit, so doing it in STO for the sake of doing it in STO. I’ll have a channel up and we’ll meet up, info on the bottom. Of course you don’t have to be in the zone with everyone else, but I kind of like to see where everyone is at in game in terms of customization and stuff. You can use this time to just address random thing about STO or my blog. Of course certain rules apply to the AMA and the chat session:

  • Questions should be PG 13
  • Show some respect; no racial, harassment, spam.
  • No spamming for giveaway prizes (because that’s spam too…)

Currently I think socials zones have a cap of 30-ish people or something, so people getting into the same zone to check me out might be hard to do.


Of course Star Trek isn’t Star Trek  without getting a team of people together and doing stuff. So I’ll announce accepting LFT’s, 5 random players will be selected to join me to go gallivanting around the galaxy. From killing Klingons to obliterating the Borg. Though a few ground rules:

  • No fleet actions, STF’s and Vault events.
  • If you leave after invite, you’re place is taken by a random person.
  • I get a say out of the missions people want to do (If they want to do a mission, help them out. You might get some loot at out of it).

Ye Olde Fisticuffs (AKA Bum fights)

From my last giveaway, I had some time to look around Andoria. So I’m thinking, lets do it again. This time no weapons or abilities, just straight up punching each other. You may even receive a prize from me if you show me your prowess in pugilism. Some ground rules so we can try and get some legitimate PvP going:

  • You may keep your armour on
  • No healing and no weapons (not even melee)
  • Prizes award randomly for the sake of fair giveaway-ness

Information – Where, when, how, what

When is the event?

Starts at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time and will continue like an epic party! (Woop woop!!)

Where will this giveaway start?

I’ll be at Starfleet Academy, wandering about and chatting to people on our private channel.

Oh em geez, private channel. How can I join this channel?

Right click your chat bar and go to your Channels tab, from there type the channel name and click Join. I’ll post the channel at the end of this post. You will need this channel for AMA and any info of where I am in game…and to chat with people doing the same thing.

Hey, can I get something?

Come on Friday and see if you can walk away with a bit of something.

TIME: Friday October 5, Starts at 5:00 PM EST and ends until I pass out or get sleepy

WHERE: Starfleet Academy and other places (ESD, DS9, and anywhere you can beam down and chat)

CHAT CHANNEL: RomeosRompRoom

HOST: Romeo@Shooter-90 (That’s me!)


See you all on Friday!! Warp speed…awwwwaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!

Happy Obvious Week?!

This week was pretty weird that now I’m calling the second week of September “Obvious Week”. So I hope you people had a seriously “Obvious Week”. Honestly, the way to start this week’s post is somewhat difficult. For one thing, I’m confused to be offended or affirmative to people’s looks.

Monday, not so bad a day to head downtown and check out electronics. I’m not going to name the store, if I was the service rep I would’ve done the same once or twice. But on with the tale. So I walk in, as always I don’t buy anything. My computer works, no need for upgrades or additions. As part of the the customer service thing, they should be asking you something along the lines of “Is there something you need help with?”. Well this guy/girl did ask me, but read on. So looking around I go; peripherals, cooling fans, internals and so forth. As a few minutes passed, blonde girl walks in. This may or may not affect you, but when a girl walks into the place, my mind just deletes itself like CCleaner. Though I’m not buying anything, I usually note down the prices of things in case my computer dies and I need to replace parts. So chick walks in and I blank out, everything I’ve forgotten for the last few minutes just gone. So I’m standing there thinking “now I got to get back to the peripherals and start all over.” So I do just that, ironically that same girl standing there looking around. So this time, I go through everything I would need at a slower pace. The rep walks up to me and passes and goes for the girl first, “Hi, looking for something?” She says nothing. The rep comes back the same way he came walking passed then turns to me, “Need anything?” I say the same. He/she walks off and I turn back to the girl to get a second look. Somewhere in my mind, I went “I see what you did there, you bastard.” Side by side, she looks way amazing in a dress and jacket. I’m not superficial, but the dude walked passed me twice before he ask me if I need any help. Just kind of bad customer service, I’ll go back there since the parts are cheap but now I know I’m so ugly that I could pass off as a computer mouse.

Wednesday, out and about. I had no where to really go, I wanted to just go somewhere and just be outside pretty much. So went for a walk and decides to grab a snack. Found a small pizza place and sat down with a slice. All is well, except the part where I sat by the window and watched people walk by. People looking at me seemed like they were offended I was eating there. I wasn’t chewing with my mouth open or anything, but everyone had the same look too. Odd that many people passed by with that look too. You know that look when you pass by something you don’t want to step on or touch, yeah that was the one they were giving through a pane of glass while I’m eating a pizza.

Thursday, got on the subway. When passengers were getting on, there is this woman. She works at an office most definitely because of how she was dressed, in this business casual looking suit. But there was a seat beside me, I’m just minding my business reading a book I got on loan. So I look up a bit to see her looking for a seat. Beside me is an empty seat, it’s been empty since I got on there. So she’s looking around and totally turns away and walks to the far end of the train and sits down. Talk about avoiding people who are uglier than you regularly see. After that I just stayed home for the rest of the week, my shaved head is just attracting way too much attention.

So about this book is about ADHD and ways to cope with it. After the first pass through the book, I think this book alone explains a lot about my behaviour in the last decade and even further back. I’m almost convinced considering I have some of the symptoms and it explains why I’ve been pretty depressed for most of my life. Crap, I totally forgot to mention the name of the book. It’s called “ADHD Stole My Car Keys”, it’s a pretty good book. Fourth book I’ve read for the year which is way more books I’ve read in school, kind of ironic I read more for pleasure than for work and this book explains why (see what I did there? Eh? Eh?). According to this book, people with ADHD have a whole lot of benefits and drawbacks. It would explain why I like and dislike certain things, like work and sitting still (even this blog). It’s definitely one book I’m going to spend the next few months taking notes on to gain some insight on myself. I’m starting to be more accepting with my problems rather than trying to chase it out of my life. Well, I still want it out since the disadvantages are kind of sucky. Of course disadvantages of anything is sucky, but I’m talking really sucky where everything in the world is against you. Think of that one ability/weapon in every game that nobody wants to have and you have it and you can’t get rid of it traditionally, like you drop it and you get the same crappy ability/weapon. “Well I can switch weapons/abilities?” Nope, you can switch to it but it’s still there wasting space. Wait, how did this paragraph go to video games? This book is pretty good, it’s kind of hard to really push through it since it’s a pretty thick book in my opinion for a self-help. With my attention span, I pushed through to the first half  and the middle was really difficult to swallow. I had to rest page after page. After a bit of that, I finished the second half with ease. The attention span is fairly longer than when I started this blog. It’s only a matter of time until I get out of the situation I’ve gotten myself into; with my medication cut back and actively finding ways to ease myself away from the medication, I feel I can do it and really turn out to have a pretty damn good life when I start living it.

Staying positive…at all cost.

One more to mothball, one well tested farmer, one in progress

Today marks the day where I finally conclude putting my Tactical Escort Retrofit through everything and making the final modifications before I set it and forget it. After testing it against every Sector space event I can farm, here’s a few things I learned. For those just getting in or you forgot, here’s the post. In short:

  • She’s fast and agile (3 Mk XI Rare RCS Accelerators + Deuterium Surplus + Evasive Maneuvers skill)
  • An antiproton beast (4 Mk XII Borg Antiproton Dual Heavy Cannons + 3 Antiproton Turrets + ~50% Damage Bonus from Mag Regulators)
  • She can cloak (Increases damage for 5 seconds right after cloaking)

I’ve set my bridge officers to play up the cannons with Scatter Volley and Rapid Fire abilities. Which in quick burst, I have the ability to take down Klingon Bird Of Prey in Sirius Sector Block in about 2 seconds. With two Tactical Team skills, I can alternate between both to help transfer shields and provide a small damage increase. So far gathering random batteries and lower tier consoles for some energy credits.

But straight into dilithium farming, my dilithium farm run everywhere is very easy. About under an hour to complete the Deferi dailies. The Breen seems to be somewhat resistant but I can rush a cruiser and down it. With those frigates, the tractor beams are harsh. Likely I do have abilities to recover shields, however just taking the beams is sometimes annoying since they sometimes fire each beam one at a time. Luckily those turrets slowly peck them down; but with just the turrets, it’s a long process so I’ve been working on my long game to make hit and runs on the frigates.

The almighty Borg, they’re big and square. In Red Alert, this tiny ship is a damage dealer. Going slow, it can drop the Spheres. Though after taking it down, the rest of them will come down hard. In a group, it doesn’t have enough kick to bring much aggro but enough damage to really slam that health bar down. Cubes and the Unimatrix ships are pretty difficult in terms of solo, even solo compared to my Odyssey it does more in terms of dropping shields and health. Though for defense, it would bb the big ship that would prevail. Of course, it’s an escort…not a dreadnought.

Cardassians; AKA the True Way, AKA the Jem’Hadar. Both factions are pretty easy in terms of the Satellite Repair, refueling station defense and cargo ship escort dailies are fairly weak. I can do satellite under 10 minutes, 6 for escort. Refueling station may require a few evasives to get into position to take down the groups. In the end, you fight the commander; ignoring the fighters and photonics, the ship may need a tractor beam and a massive spam of abilities to increase damage. In the end, the whole is fairly manageable and preferably speedy is the way to go for your batteries. It doesn’t take an hour or so to get a large amount of them or at least some change to buy them.

Romulans are annoying; straight up, flat out annoying. Just because they would launch torpedoes, not like all species do it just something about Romulans and shooting torpedoes at an itty bitty ship. Anyways aside from the pummelling I got for every warbird, it’s a bit more work into getting stuff out. Ironic coming from an NPC that’s about 20 levels below (or was it 40?).

Hirogen like the Breen are easy to handle in a Tactical Escort Retrofit. With about the same abilities minus the tractor beam, but with a twist. The frigates were almost as manoeuvrable as my ship. Still easy to take them on even if I was in my Long Range Reconnaissance Retrofit or even the Refit with the Mk XI Borg STF gear and weapons. Not much to say about the Hirogen, they’re easy prey (Haha!).

Lastly the daily two fleet actions and the Mirror Universe event. The Mirror Universe event in terms on a ship on ship is quite difficult. However in a team, taking how large targets or even stomping on the frigates as the larger ships take on the cruisers. My ships comes in universally for the team, but the solo portion is a nil since it would be an 8 on 1 (well 8+fighters). Gorn Minefield’s pretty much perfect for this ship. You fly to your daily stuff cloaked, get under an asteroid and scan. Then as you scan you decloak and just get ready to get out of there as fast as you can; rinse and repeat then finish the mission. You would have to cloak to dodge the patrols. When you get to the minefield, you are done. In this tiny ship, obliteration is the only thing I experienced. Best to avoid it and deal with the ships and assist with getting rid of mines running after other ships. Lastly the Klingon Scout Force daily, you already got my two cents on the Klingons. Breaking it down to five parts; part one is the Bird Of Prey beat down. Simple answer, Scatter Volley with Tac then Rapid Fire with next Tac. Next part is the cruisers, this is an all team effort. Then the asteroid platforms, Rapid Fire and Tac Team. Battleships, Stick with the team and throw Scatter Volley as much as possible. Dreadnoughts and carriers, just stack back and focus on one target and back away when only to recover. The daily goal is like Gorn Minefield, go out and click on certain things around the map. 

For now, I have my favourite. I have to continually upgrade it to be more beastly. When I opened up my ship screen, it got me interested in spending some credits on some better consoles. So I decide to run about on the exchange for some new stuff. Looking for very rare gear at the Mk XII tier is a difficult task, either insufficient funds or supply. So I just started looking for rare items, rare as in hard to get not as game set quality. So I found a Mirror Universe Sovereign class ship up for 150, 000 credits with a closest at 300, 000. This is no regular ship, it’s one of those ships you get from the Tholian Lockbox. With the price of Master Keys, a new ship isn’t so bad for that price. I bought it and opened it, the first concern was “if I open it, would I have it permanently?” So made a Google search and still unsure if it is bound to my account if I delete. So now officially, all my ship slots are full. I need to buy ship slots which is a huge bummer. I don’t really need a shuttlecraft from the DS9 Bundle. That’s when I got the idea I should decommission the U.S.S. Pytheas, the Delta class I bought first in the Star Trek Online. Even with unloading everything on the shuttle to the Verdun (my new Sovereign ship), I’m still short on weapons and consoles. I already have something planned for it, going for the traditional phaser beam array and photon torpedo combo; maybe set up quantum torpedoes to be more “modern”. The Pytheas is a small ship that got me the Mk XII Reman Set when it was real. Now it’s on the Verdun. Snap, totally forgot; the set has a bonus on plasma stuff. Well there goes the traditional stuff, all plasma! Stilll, lots of grinding to do and many STFs to run. So now, the Pytheas is slowly being taken down bit by bit, then I’m going to discharge it. As an advantage of a credit/Zen ship, you can always get it back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same effect as buying the weapons packs or the EV suits that were added about few weeks ago.

With the low prices on credits, let’s see how much I can take advantage before the price goes passed 200. Last time I checked, 162. Tick tock…

She’s mine…all mine!

A couple night back, I finally farmed the last amount of dilithium for my Tactical Escort Retrofit. I was going to blog about once I got it but like everything good, I can’t help to try it out; even though “trying out” would mean being real interested about it for a few days. I had everything figured out before I got her, down to the exact way I want to use it. For the most part, I wanted a fast ship. Fast being everything fast; engines, weapons, and energy transfer. At first, I didn’t really want to utilize the cloaking device since there was no point in having it in PvE; for the most part, this would be my money ship which would help me finish missions with high dilithium gains. But I will give you my findings in the end.

To start off, the cost of the ship (the math-y portion). My small spreadsheet I made predicted it would take about 45 days to gather and convert the dilithium ore I need. Lucky for me when I got my Bellerophon class ship, I had enough to chip off two and a half days. With the exchange, dilithium to credit prices dropped amazingly fast within the last 10-14 days so in the end I made away every to save me more time; estimated about another 3 days less to grind. So the calculated estimate of 45 days turned into about a month and a quarter just from cashing in 8000 dilithium per day with a mean exchange rate of 179 per credit. Number overload? Well, that’s about 45 credits per day going towards a ship priced at 2000 credits.  Not bad for playing the market by putting my dilithium up for 2 dilithium lower than the lowest exchange.

Okay, lets get into the goodies. Weapons was an obvious decision about two months back. I wanted something that can shoot fast and yield the highest damage for the speed. So I decked out my forward weapon slots with some dual heavy antiproton cannons I got through the STF salvage grind. At first, they were Mk. XI cannons but with all the elite runs I made to meet my 8K/day quota, I came out of it with two STF ground sets (Mk XI MACO and Omega Force Sets) and about 15 Prototype Salvage. So I upgraded the plan to have Mk. XII weapons. As for deflectors, impulse engines and shields, I went with Mk. XI MACO deflector and shields and a Borg impulse engine that I recently bought (I don’t want to tear off my current Borg set on my Odyssey so I got another set). Aft weapons are a bit more crude considering I can’t deck them with dual heavies, so I went with antiproton turrets from the STF shop. Same tier as the forward weapons, difference is low DPS and 360 degree firing arc which will help with mines or running away. For consoles, I went a bit uniform with it since I didn’t know at the time what I want specifically besides “fast”. So RCS Accelerators for increased flight turn (97% bonus), Emitter Array (24.4 on Shield Emitter skill) and Shield Amplifier (12.2% regeneration rate for shields), 3 Mk. XI Mag Regulators for my antiproton weapons (73.2% more damage) and the cloak to round off my tactical console (15% more damage for 5 seconds right after decloaking). Devices I have on compliment the part where I feel I need something to fall back on in case my little DPS freak gets into trouble so beside my Evasive Manoeuvres 3 and Ramming Speed 3 skills for a quick get away, I have the Deuterium Surplus I hardly use on my other ships (I currently have 10 full slots of this stuff, which is 5 per slot), giving me about double of what Evasive Manoeuvres gives (Evasive provides a quick speed boost of about 200% of the current speed, same goes with turn rate). So not only I have a puny point ship, I have one that can get out of tough situations in case I need to make repairs or get to some place on the map while being shot at.

In action, the setup is way surprising than I believed it to be. The ship already has a high turn rate so having the RCS is a massive overkill. During the Traelus System daily, I literally stood still and turned my ship at the enemy to keep my ship facing forward. Downing a True Way ship (Galor or Jem’Hadar escort) is a mere matter of seconds with the help of the Rapid Fire and Tactical Team skills (increases shots and increases damage respectively). As for the little fighters at the end of the mission, I couldn’t get them to stand still. Even with a tractor beam, they could still fly right out of the line of sight so I get my ship to half impulse and just shoot my way out of the situation. The 3-on-1 dogfight lasted about a good 15-20 seconds. Moving on to bigger targets, the Borg. This ship is built to fight them, logically should be about to take them down easy. Yes and no on these mobs. For one thing, the only way to ensure a good chunk of hull damage is to set my ship at one quarter impulse. Even at a quarter, it felt faster than my Odyssey. From the sector space events, I can drop a shield facing and 1/5 to 1/8 of the hull in about the same time Tactical Team runs for (10 seconds) which is impressive considering I use to just slowly creep up and fire once in weapons range. For a laugh, I went to the Sirius Sector and tried it on some low level Klingons. I’m not going to say much except 3-5 seconds per ship.

Alternatively, my bridge officers do have torpedo and (I think) mine skills in case I want something with more punch. So yesterday I have that a shot with Mk XII Photon Torpedoes, then moved on to Quantum Torpedoes, finally to the Quantum mines. I do have mixed feelings about having these since they won’t do much damage since I don’t have any spare torpedo enhancing consoles to compliment at the moment, but even with just Torpedo Spread 3 (Allows a large volley or torpedoes towards 3 enemies, I think) it’s pretty devastating, but not as devastating as the antiproton cannons with 3 Mag Regulators. I’ll keep them on hand if later on I feel my rear needs that ability to shoot a torpedo or set up mines.

For now I’m very happy with it considering it’s been one of the two ships I’ve been eyeing in the store. Though I think the Defiant class still need to be more closer to the TV series. It needs the original bridge! Probably for the next month or so, my credits will go into getting the DS9 Bundle which will help me out with that. In the bundle you get a lot of costumes, some Duty Officers, couple Bajoran weapons that seem kind of “meh”, a shuttle and (the one think I’m anticipating) the Belfast bridge AKA the old bridge from the DS9 series. After that, I got no clue what I want after. I got everything I wanted, maybe I should begin collecting after that.

Here some obligatory screenshots of my beautiful awesome ship…

Quick look at my load out

How it looks in Sector space

What do you guys think? Anything I should modify? Also, what should I get after the DS9 Bundle?

Freaking backpack/knapsacks are the effing the ess!

As a person living in the digital generation, I’m usually caught carrying more than my previous generation. Maybe one or two things may be different but still one or two things bulkier than a watch and a good book for walking. Of course as a man, I have reservations about dragging a purse; I would draw the line to messenger bags. The greatest accessory and a powerful one is this little carriable that we all discover when we’re kids.

Of over time as kids we had to get a bigger and bigger one to the point, we are using something to carry 4-8 textbooks and the same ratio of notebooks for high school and more in university (likely get one more for the sake of durability). No doubt freaking handy and by the time we’re done, we just toss them aside. Before you do Mr./Ms./Mrs. “Backpacks-since-4”, consider it as a versatile tool in every day life. We all had that instance to put a choice on what to carry on our person. Usually money could be a necessity so wallet. Then comes a timepiece; watch or cellphone, the phone would double up as a way to send people text messages and tweets to your followers. You have to get home and a set of keys is important, you have to carry that if you want to see your other stuff again. But what else if you could have the capacity to bring more on occasions. A deck of cards? Laptop for some wi-fi mooching? A camera for taking some nice pictures or video for your YouTube video? Sunglasses to keep that demon we call the sun out of our eyes? Bottle of water in case you don’t want to stop? (Doesn’t have to water…) A book for those “I got nothing else to do but wait” times? I can keep droning on, but I’ve hammered in my point; you need a backpack in your life.

In hot days where carrying all your junk in your pockets doesn’t seem feasible, a backpack can mitigate most of this. In this weather, I’m going to guess you would want keys and a wallet and not much. Given, and excess heat can damage or drain a phone battery faster than sugar in a hyperactive child (Also you get rid of that dreaded pocket dialing). A major upside to carrying a baggy beast on your back, you can bring back more stuff. If your bag is empty, you can fill it with goodies or not; it’s always good to have room to carry something good, ask any MMO gamer. Though in real life, you can overfill your inventory and still have good mobility; another lesson for another time. During the cooler climates, you can swap out for cargo pants; but still all that weight can bring your trousers below the belt level, I’m not talking a nice dive underneath the underwear but more like your pants are taking a deep seat adventure (Remedy: belt). At times a belt would just make it feel like your being birthed our of your pants and if you are carrying a lot, might as well bring a backpack.

The drawback to a backpack is obvious if you ever had to carry a heavy weight in the midday sun with temperatures at “sweating balls”. Your back get’s all wet and you just want to take it off. Of course you can to cool off, it’s not like you can do that with pants in public without being slapped with indecent exposure. There would be a likelihood if going around with a girl and she trusts you to put her purse into your bag, brings a different meaning to “hold my purse”; but hey, rather be in the bag than in my hands. With all that weight and sweating balls, you would sweat more for carrying more; upside is you’re human, you can cool down with said sweat (+1 Evolution). In an odd way, the backpack can be considered an upgrade to the purse; but I’m just talking like a gamer.

I still use a backpack for doing stuff unless my situation would permit me not to carry one. For the most part, it does less than the weight of the pack but pretty much prepared for some unusual circumstances. As summer heats up, I’m starting to rely on it not as a supporting function like storing my notebook, tablet and the usual items. As an oddity, I also hold a small first aid kit since I have training (albeit expired) in using the equipment in it. Trust me, might now sound useless; handy to keep ready and at an arms reach for paper cuts, scrapes, injuries the world can throw at you. Chuckle or snide all you want; when you’re bleeding and thinking “I could use a bandage before this gets infected.” Think you could’ve helped yourself by buying a small first aid kit and keeping it in your pocket, purse or backpack.

Next time when you need to carry more than your arms can hold, look back on passed experience and take it. Backpacks have been with us for most of our lifetime and even after exams and first days, they are invaluable to have around when you least expect. Consider a mobile storage solution next time you plan on going out on the town with a bigger load than you can handle.

Question for you: What’s the most unusual thing you ever carried in your arms/purse/backpack/bag? Comment below!