Repetitive Dreams

Sleeping for me can be a weird, anxious roll of the dice. Entering this unconscious world chances a few things I would experiences. Most of the time, I see nothing. I would go to bed and wake up, boring uneventful sleep. Nightmares happen to a lot of people, it’s rare for me. But the ones I do enter a space like that, it’s scary and vivid. Compared to childhood nightmares, adulthood make it scarier. Lastly there are “the trips”; long, odd and (especially for me) repeating ideas.

This week I had part of a repetitive dream. The full or most complete dream I’ve had involves what I would assume are from experiences and concepts I’ve visually seen. In this recent dream, it always starts on a Greyhound coach bus which slows into station. It overlooks this small town with buildings no larger than 4 stories. As I descends the steps to street level, I can feel the weight of a backpack bouncing. As I walk down a wide road with these grey towering buildings, I find myself into what looked like an older district with red bricks and turn of the century architecture. The only thing tainting the old fashioned quarter was a tall highway scarring across back towards the bus station. The prominent landmark there is a wedge shaped building. It’s smaller than the one I live close to, but it was unique. The street bifurcating right at the building and flanked by these small stores, cafes and restaurants. The dream ends with the walk back with a slow encroaching sunset along the road leading back to the station. I would look up and always see red Chinese lanterns strung across the buildings. I would wake up either close to the bus station or on the bus that is waiting for me there.

If anyone know what this means, feel free to comment.

This is the tamest dream I have, while some are more intense.


Not Going to Say It

My head is hurting so bad as I’m writing this, but I’m going to try so hard to pound out this post and hopefully someone can learn from my pain.

Recently I wanted to feel a bit youthful and a friend of mine invited to a party. Long story short, I woke up with a headache and feeling very ill.

This one is going to be super short since my head hurts so much from the rapping and tapping with the whirring of my case fan in my desktop.

So now I’m a bit too old and dorky to party. I’m going back to the bed and stay in the dark with little to no noise as possible.

“It’s going somewhere…” – Star Trek Online, Season 9

The last week, season 9 for Star Trek Online has come out on its Holodeck server. This means I get to check out what’s new and the challenge to unfold for a Starfleet captain. To start it off the developers have provided a review of what the universe has been through since the game’s conception.

Story in short so far, Klingon’s are suspicious of everyone and started to wage war against the Federation. Romulus is destroyed by it’s own supernova star, thus ending the Romulan Star Empire. The Borg returned in their attempt to take the Alpha Quadrant. The Jem’Hadar provide a friendly reminder the Gamma Quadrant is still dominated by the Dominion. The Undine have been undermining the superpowers to dismantle them. Within the conflicts from the past, the Federation and Klingon look forward to the future. The Federation and the Klingon Empire forge a “no touching” alliance to hold off the Borg and assist in the resettlement of the former inhabitants of the Hobus star. In the Tau Dewa sector in the former Romulan territory, Romulans and Remans have created the New Romulan Republic. Learning from past mistakes of the clandestine Tal Shiar, the Republic work toward establishing a new homeworld and to create a future for the Romulan people based on unity and cooperation. Recently, the Romulan, Federation and Klingon alliance has found an Iconian gateway which lead to the discovery of a another gateway which lead to a Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant. At the same moment, the Voth have taken interest with the Sphere, specifically the Sphere’s Omega particle technology. Old enemies are united to enter the year of 2410. And yes, it took 8 seasons for the year to change once unlike the TV series.

The dubbed features for this content update is mostly visual changes to Starfleet’s Earth Spacedock and character customization additions, introduction of the Undine as the main protagonist for this season and instances and missions associated with it. First thing I did once the patch was install was examine the visuals. At first the patch pushed the graphics up to display the new aesthetics of the characters. Once I was loaded in the game, I set a course right for Spacedock. Coming out of warp above Earth, it was indeed different. The ships moving to and form the drydocks and the station seems to be lively. Upon docking, it was definitely a new sight and definitive change in the colour palette. In short, I’ve spent a long play session just looking at every decal, object and NPC in the changed social zone. Apparently they have added a reason why the zone layout has changed. To avoid spoilers, please play it for yourself. In short, we the players lose a little to gain some different. Like the exteriors, the zone is lively with NPC’s and have much of a shopping mall feel when it comes to the item NPC’s. If the item and exchange area feels like a mall, then the ship interaction NPC’s is the information desk. Aside from the tall ceiling and open space, it’s easier to navigate and feels less crowded unless you walk into the high traffic area.

To the story content, the Borg missions have changed to include a prelude to the Undine storyline. The missions feel long which can be good and bad. Good being it feels like an episode, the bad is the voiceover gets interrupted by accident in certain areas. Double upside, the Borg storyline no longer feels out of place and supplemental. Now the bulk, the Undine story.

To avoid spoilers in short, the action is intense and the story is an obvious changer.  It takes away from classic games concepts and maintains the feel of the Trek intensity once enveloped in the series. This is the season where there are no exclusive additions in fleets but a lot of additions to hold people over until new episodes are released such as the Voth Zone in the Solanae Sphere being overrun with Undine.

Change in the reputation mechanics does make it way easier and less of a grind. First off, main rep projects are separated in two; 20 hour dailies and 1 hour hourly projects. Each of the projects reward a box containing a random object from the project’s store. Also it seems, the project item sets are more linear to be easier to find and redeem which results in making missing set pieces a bit impossible to receive unless you have the project queued prior to the update. Overall, it allows the content to be easier to experience and less of a time gate.

Lastly the Undine STF of two space and one ground 5-man instance. The ground mission is part combat and part detective work. You figure out who on Bajor is an Undine spy and rid the city of Hathon from the Undine spy network. One of the space instances is assault against the planet killer shipyards in fluidic space. The other instance is a counter-offensive above some of major species’ homeworlds. This instance requires attacking on 3 lanes and destroy 2 fluidic rifts. If this idea sounds similar then yup, it’s that kind of game; great way to suck the DOTA crowd.

It’s a balance in art and content changes which slowly advances the storyline. There are small bugs at the moment of this post but negligible. Of the start, season 9 of STO is a good start; the only surprise would be fulfilling season unlike the last few seasons which were devoid of episodic content.

Thanks for telling I was thirsty, brain.

I had this really odd dream I thought it was worth sharing. Before I forget it, I best get to the dream.

It started in darkness and as quick as the deep black enveloped me, I felt warmth around my body. Then a quick flash of light, like a shimmering star. Then another and another; as I looked ahead, the light got closer. As it did, it grew around me and as quickly as it filled this space, I was entered a realm.

Hand gripping an overhead bar as faint lights zipped by in front of me. I noticed I was standing close to the front of a subway car; empty, lifeless as I felt it smoothly slowed into a station full of people. Peering out, everyone almost looked the same. The walls of the station decorated in shades of brown while the people who filled the car quickly were wearing brown; perhaps maroon. The car was quickly full; shoulder to shoulder with pale skinned folks going about their business. I saw a man with spectacles reading glasses reading his newspaper like a typewriter. I couldn’t make out the date or what was on the front page. Left was this woman wearing bright red lipstick, she smiled at me; almost reassuring. Brunette with a pair a faded blue pupils, no make up besides the lipstick. As I glimpsed her, I saw my shoulder and noticed I was wearing a dark blue shirt. I looked down to my feet I noticed it was a jumpsuit with black boots. On my left breast, it has something written and framed; like a nametag but I couldn’t make out what it said.

As the car travelled into the endless tunnel, I surveyed the space around me. A sea of brown and I noticed the decor matched the colour of the people’s clothes. Throughout this time, I remember feeling calm and relaxed. Even as I travelled up the car, people allowed me to slip past them. As the train slowed and stopped into another station, I looked out of its window and saw it was a similar station but this time there were armed guards in an open line formation. Gaps wide enough for one person to slip past them as they were armed with rifles; dressed fully in black, including the beret on their heads. Almost militaristic, right down to the tactical vests and equipment. As people filed out, I followed suit. As I did, I was swarmed by these guards and was forced to the ground face first.

Next thing I know I felt myself hyperventilating as feel my moist breath condense close to my face. My head was covered and I heard murmurs just beyond this cloth covering. As I realized my situation, I felt my hands tied behind my back as I sat on a wooden chair. I knew it was a wooden chair from the feel of the varnish and the cool warmth against my body. I was then forced to stand then march blindly. From the sound, it was a concrete hallway. Their boots marched in sync as their equipment attached to them bounced making metallic clinks and clunking against their clothes. Stopped at one point I was then forced to turn to one side, then a whirring sound close in front of me. I felt a cool breeze brush against me as the noise stops on a large thud. I felt a push of an elbow on my back, encouraging me to march further. Aside from the restraints on my arms and a hood over my head, I don’t think my legs were bound as well.

They forced me to stop and removed my hood. Next I saw beyond me was a silent sea of brown with stadium lights around me and concrete walls surround the place. At this moment I noticed why I’m here, it felt like an execution. So I struggled but they held me in place. One of the guards come right around with a pistol and aimed steadily to my head. As I braced myself, I closed my eyes. Then I heard it; the shots landing into flesh but I felt nothing. When I opened my eyes, I saw the guards collapse to the ground with blood pooling from their bodies. The crowd was still and quiet, not a gasp but only stares at me. Whoever fired off was on my side, I thought. So I grabbed the pistol from my would-be executioner and rifle from the dead and ran back into the corridor. I didn’t know how to escape but as I turned corners, I heard shouting and gunshots from down the hall. I saw these dark figures retreating as one falls. As they did I saw a glimpse of a blue figure as he turned to me and continued chasing the guards.

I wanted to wake up because everything is getting too intense. A botched execution, the guards, the blue jumpsuit figure. As I ran down this maze, I bumped into one of the guards and I drew my rifle. That moment felt like it was forever. As I did, he drew his and I fired as quickly as I could. Bang…bang…bang. All I saw was him falling to the ground as I ran passed him, I make sure he was dead since I wanted to get out. Every door I checked was locked; made of metal, I knew I wouldn’t be able to bash through it without one of the guards in the area discovering me and willing to finish the job. I came across these double doors and opened them. It was a darkly lit room, it was empty but I felt like I knew its purpose; an armoury. I saw bullets spilled on the ground, some of the tactical vests laid on chairs and tables as though they left in a hurry. There were even rifles and knives left over. I quickly collected what I need; a few magazines for my rifle, a vest to carry and dropped my pistol assuming it was dead weight with one full magazine. I strapped the vest over my blue jumpsuit and packed the rifle magazines into every pocket I can stuff them into and loaded a fresh magazine into my rifle. I looked out into the grey hallways, I could hear gun fire coming close; almost as though the fighting was coming right around the corner. I continued running, I kept bumping into one or two people and I just kept taking them down quickly.

I reached to a flight of stairs. I looked up then down. It was lit both ways but no echoes of distant footsteps. I had to choose a direction, so I went down in hope this place was more like a building than a bunker. As I went down, I found doors to each floor, either there were corpse laid on the floor or I could hear shouting and shooting. I kept moving on until I got tired of the stairs. I went into one of the floors and found more guards. Dispatching as quickly as I could, I kept moving until this hallway led me to an open area which looked more like a lobby, it was empty but with sandbags and ammunition scattered everywhere. On the other side of this oval shaped area was a set of turnstiles leading down. I went through and found myself on a subway platform with a deserted train. I went to what was presumably the front and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I started to flick switches. As the gunfire grew close, echoing off the the lobby; I got out and jumped into the tracks and ran. At this point the guards caught up and started shooting at me and I could hear the bullets hit close to me. I kept turning around and firing a burst back and continued running for the light. As the light come closer and closer. The gunfire slowly ceased and I kept running until the exit. When I passed the tunnel’s threshold, I looked around and saw a grass fields in either side. As I looked up, I saw this grey monstrosity behind me with a blue clear sky with birds chirping. No shouting, not gunshots; just me catching my breath and the birds chirping close by and train tracks leading straight on.

I walked along the tracks for awhile and started to head off into grass. I don’t know how long I walked but it was pleasant compared to what I experienced in this dream. I came to this large cylindrical  tube that seemed to lead back to the grey featureless exterior and one end leading off to the distance. To the touch, it was cool and soft like a water balloon. I pulled out a knife and sliced a small hole and as water spurted out and began to drink from it. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was in the dream until this moment when the cool water was in my mouth. That’s when I woke up, thirsty I went to the fridge to pour myself a glass. When I sipped from it, it felt like the sips I took in the dream.

So apparently that was my brain telling me I was thirsty. Until next time, thanks brain for letting me know I’m thirsty.

The little things that make it count

After looking through the personnel files of my Bridge Officers, I keep regretting the fact I never written them a biography in the game. It’s not because I never wanted to, the problem is simply two fold. One being that at this very moment I have over a dozen officers which means over a dozen biographies that include non-Federation backgrounds. Second, I’m lazy even though I completed one biography already in game. Regardless of probably a spelling error, it’s pretty well researched to the best of my ability. The one biography alone took about a few hours reading and about an hour to type the entirety.


Coming from a miltary background, she enlisted in the Andorian Imperial Guard at a very young age. As her achievements were distinguished, the Imperial Guard recommended her to Starfleet to assist in galactic affair. After completing tactical training, she was fast tracked into Military Assault Command Operations. Unfortunately the rising tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire resulted her career to send her to Vega Colony. She was later field promoted and commissioned under Romeo McGrual as First Officer and Tactical Officer.


Rarely seen is a Klingon with a hyperspanner, he started with humble beginnings. His parents were freighter captains and bounty hunters. Spending most of his time helping maintain ships throughout his childhood. After his admittance to his parents of joining Starfleet, he was quickly exiled. After graduating the Academy, he was quickly put on assignment at Deep Space K-7 to monitor the rising tension of the Klingon Empire before being assigned as Chief Engineer under the command of Romeo McGrual.


From Trill, Yesus entered the Science Academy at a young age. After Yesus’ previous host died from radiation experimenting with exotic particles for experimental use in standard warp drives, the symbiote was transferred to the new host along with a few centuries of knowledge. As the host was going through Starfleet Academy at the time, both host and symbiote has a bad time adjusting to life in San Francisco. After graduating, she was quickly assigned to assist in the defence of Vega Colony against the Borg.

Kristi Dolly Cowans

New to McGrual’s senior staff, she’s the acting Shuttle Operator and co-pilot of the U.S.S. Pytheas. She was transferred due to her high aptitude for experimental engineering. Though most of her work was theoretical and performed in lab environments, her first assignment has tested her abilities as more than just an engineer or a theorist.

Devot Joel

Joel Devot is Bajoran means “Gateway within”.

Born to a couple refugees from the reformation of Bajor after the Cardassian Occupation, her career took her directly into policing her village. After studious training with the Bajoran police and military, she was assigned to Deep Space Nine as Junior Military Advisory Assistant to help continued security for Bajor. After the Jem’Hadar incursion, she was the remaining survivor of her security detail in evacuating and retaking the station. Her recognized courage and bravery was noticed and was recommended to Starfleet by Romeo Jay McGrual. She was quickly fast tracked as a Tactical Officer and later returned to serve as a Away Team Specialist.

So far that’s about half of my bridge officers, I still need the other half to be completed and also get a biography up about my character himself. Note to self, get it all updated after this trip.

And so it begins…

Alright as of this post, I’m travelling once again. Going back to Massachusetts to visit some people from my previous. However this time, I’m going to do something special and post some random stuff until I arrive at my destination. 

So here we go, first contribution is an ad lib and a story. Hope you enjoy it.

And so it begins the greatest journey of a man and his mighty duck. Armed with a satchel and a longbow, they roamed the trail into the lush woodlands. The sun over his shoulders, heroic with every step. Desolate the road which crossed terrains of rock and  a damp soil. Step upon step, waddle upon waddle; they survived midday upon an expanse of water.

“We’re not going to make it across it this. It’s looks too deep.” He said to himself.

“Quack.” The albino duck replied as it walked towards the water’s edge.

The man planted himself cross-legged and laid on the moist sand as he reached for his bag. Pulling out an apple, biting it as sweet juices dribbled down his scruff of a beard. Watching the duck paddle along the water’s edge and bobbing on the surface effortlessly. The world seemed to stopped for the very moment as sweat beaded down his tunic.

As the day went on, they continue on their trek on this very dirt path; duck trailing behind occasionally quacking as they strolled.  they reached to an open filled with rocks. “We should make some arrows.” The man said vigorously. He picked up one of these rocks and began feeling the texture of the smooth black stone. He assembled his materials near a small tree; flint, wood, leaves. Duck sat staring as he fletched.

As he to a break, he saw in the distance a figure approaching rapid, almost if it was travelling by a quick steed. He readied his bow, loading an arrow aimed for the encroaching figure. As it came into view, he began to see details in the figure. The horse and grey hooded figure as dust kicked up by the gallop. As the rider approached, he lowered his bow.  The horseman stopped just a few feet from his stance.

“Here, you forgot this.” The figure said as he reach into his cloak.

“Thank goodness, you brought it to-” Bang. A sharp pain pierced his chest as he collapse grasping his chest as he so desperate breathed.

The figure got off and walked across his view as he tried to keep away with blood pouring out through his hands. The figure picked up the duck and walked back; no words exchanged as he mounted his horse.

“Next time, don’t go stealing people’s ducks.” The figure said as he galloped away.

Week 3: Mo’ Gear, Mo’ Problems

Week number three, still no internet at home. I’ve played about 20 hours of Minecraft in week 2, planning to cut back in week 3. This week, I wrote this blog post day by day so some of the grammar may be off since I was writing in the moment.

Sunday, early in the morning I couldn’t put myself asleep. So I went to Sobeys near my house which is open 24/7. Bought myself some junk food and a tub of peanuts, BBQ flavoured to be exact. I felt pretty terrible for a guy who popped in at four in the morning. Tired but unable to sleep, I shambled my way home. As I walked, I looked off to side of street; trashmen tossing and dumping bags into the trucks, a dull silver shimer off the streetlight shine. Flat under a mound ofplastics and yesterday’s machinery, laid a laptop. Unfolding it, I found it to be in mint condition. To my excitement, I snatched it from the trash and held carried it, backpack full of food and junk in both hands. Quickly, I rushed to plug it in as though I found someone clinging to life just breaths away from death. As I turned it on, the silent rev of the optical disk chimed to me a sign. Then another, the BIOS lit up. Then nothingness, in the eerie black glow of the screen; nothing. The muffled hum of the fan embedded inside the chassis. As from the darkness, a spark appeared; not from twithin the room, but from the recesses of my mind. The hard drive is wiped, install an operating system to fix. I scrounge my box of CD’s for Windows and Ubuntu on USB. Popped in the Windows and circumnavigated the device for the USB port, I switched boot priority to boot up the drive first before the USB and before the hard drive. Time to finish and repartition windows, under one hour. Ubuntu, to be continued.

The goal and intent for my new device will be focused on experimenting with Linux more closely. I’ve used Windows all my life and I really want to see how Linux fares with my digital lifestyle sans video games. I kind of want it to be a hub for most of my online stuff like blogging and chatting. Also I always though purple is a neat colour for a background. Of course Windows will be there with my full array of utilities to keep it clean and running (once I get my stuff installed).

I must admit aside from the aesthetic damage and missing F8 key, it works fine (F8 even works too!) I know, who throws away a perfectly working laptop? All I know is, I own a laptop now so I’m pretty happy despite not having Internet at home.

In the late Sunday sun, I tried to remain as productive with the laptop. Still without Ubuntu, it’s safe my copy on the USB is a dud. I focused on finding the software I need plus some replacement parts. The battery is dead so it won’t keep a charge. The charger is taped up somewhat with electrical tape and seems to have been bitten by a small animal. I forgot during Sunday, the part shops are closed until Monday or at least closes early at 5 or 6. I spent my time then just looking around for adapters and getting to a wi-fi access point. I did reach a Starbucks and spent a good three hours bring my computer up to speed Window-side. Updates, utilities and an antivirus suite (which I have to register and update). I still have to load onto it an office suite. My default choice is OpenOffice, if anyone knows some others leave a comment! Then I have put in some file compression software, either it will be WinRAR or 7Zip. Optionally, Live Writer for WordPress but I kind of want something else. Let me know if there are other free alternative out there, thanks!

Ubuntu’s a different territory. I don’t know what’s good and what’s not. But as an overview, it seems Ubuntu comes with everything I need besides a firewall and antivirus. I’ll trust my gut somewhere, there are apps I can read reviews and such. Maybe run some blogging gear on there too to try her out. Maybe some games too, but I think it’s more of a workstation than my desktop. My desktop is a graphics gorilla, tablet’s my table tabby cat, so my laptop is my Linux lynx? For those who might want to know, Linux installation is a two to four step process. I did it once and fudged my pen drive version so take it from a newbie, take it slow and follow the instructions to the letter. This time, I downloaded the USB installer they recommended on the site and the image file will be the first job Monday.

I think the second computer will help me understand the networking bits of Windows. Especially how to transfer system to system through a local network as well as setting up a hub to allow a home sharing network. Though it might not help much, I would want to apply what I know from home networking to connect a few computers together to make a neat module workstation or entertainment system. Imagine the knowledge I gain to hook up a TV to a computer relaying the games from another computer. That would be kind of sweet especially turning a PC into a console or a PVR-like device.

Monday, I finally had Ubuntu on here but had some difficulties. At first it was nothing but as I added updates to her, she seemed a bit more sluggish. The ordeal resulted into backstepping my decision over Ubuntu, so now sticking with Ubuntu on a Live USB in case I ever want to enjoy the purple loading screen and maybe try my hand at Ubuntu. For now as more experience into Linux, I must say I’m starting to understand where certain things are in the system. The one thing I can only complain about is the hard drive partitioning when it tells you to move a slider to increase the space where you want to install. There is no definition of which side is for Windows and which is for Ubuntu. Looks like I have a quarter terabyte to Windows 7.

Guess now is to add the goodies like Live Writer and some cleaning solution to the screen and covers. After looking at my power adapter, it’s safe to say I might need another one in case ghis thing starts to be more of a fire and health hazard. Though the battery is dead, I can deem it secondary since I won’t be getting a lot of power for mobility. Who knows, maybe I salvage those two from two dead laptops someday?

I know decals might be a bit cliche and might be expensive for a 4 year old banged up and salvaged laptop but I think they might look cool. Maybe get a large WordPress logo or some dorky phrase. I like things that could represent me or my lifestyle.

March is going to be a project heavy month even if it’s halfway done. After the laptop situation is done, I have to drag my butt to the library to get a lot of writing done. I’m considering on submitting to this writting contest. From what I remember, first prize is $2000 and second place is a laptop (I know I salvaged one, but I could give it away or sell it; I need the money anyways or at least a better laptop). It a small amount of money but for the time and effort, it does seem reasonable. I’ve written short stories and bits of lyrics, as long there is no limit and no topic; there is no stopping the imagination. Writing project, commence!

Tuesday rolled by fairly quick. I spent the majority holed up in a cafe for 6 hours with hardly much to show for it. I had to make a lot more updates and upgrade to Service Pack 1. That took some doing since I had connection problems with the shop’s wi-fi. Spent a good hour and a half restarting my computer because of how the updates work. Spending no time on story writing, after and between shenanigans I tried to write a story. Turned out when finished it was about 350 words. Tried another, still was hovering around 350. I think spending so much time trying to summarize work and writing my blog has put me into a subconscious mentality. Wednesday if I can, we’re breaking the that mold; 400 words! We must and shall break barriers and do crazy things like how I play Grand Theft Auto; jump off bridges, push pedestrians in front of trains, sex with prostitutes then “getting a refund”! Okay, not doing that in real life; but you know what I mean, crazy off the wall stuff. Before I sat down at the coffee shop, I got around to looking for power adapters. Seems like I can only buy generic for a low price of 30-40 dollars for an adapter that may or may not fit in terms of the input and output power. Which sucks considering all the laptops that are potentionally thrown out, then the probability of those laptops which has an original mint condition power adapter for this Toshiba. Then again, it would be a small business if you have a supply of trashed laptops and computer parts. Clean then up and put at the working parts together, boom! Bob’s your uncle a new (ish) computer. Huh, maybe find some small computer store and offer a business proposition and get a small cut.

Wednesday rolled by being less productive than Tuesday. I had to trek downtown to grab a bus ticket to the States, meeting up with someone special in May. Apparently Greyhound does not offer early bird discounts anymore, but a lot of online discounts though. Without a secure internet connection and a credit card, I’m stuck with the option of a one way trip costing up to 100 bucks with a couple stops in New York. With such a lost, I spent the day at a local Starbucks with a hot chocolate and a tea that I got from 7-11. Surfed the internet and began writing story #3, hopefully this writing contest accepts multiple submissions. I could write a poem but it would seem kind of cheesy or short for a writing piece. At least I’m diversifying my writing portfolio. On the laptop side of things, I’m thinking of hiding the scratches on my laptop cover. Probably with some stickers or something, I kind of want to freely personalize it so people know who’s behind the that laptop. You guy know who might have free stickers or decals? Maybe customizable sticks and decals? Comment below and let me know, I live in the Toronto area so send me addresses too; thanks in advance.

Interesting news, I might get a home connection after almost a month. My family called up a small ISP and they’re having a cable on Friday; same day this post is published. I hope it goes smoothly since I need the Internet back. I miss Star Trek Online, I miss the experience of Steam, I miss porn (okay; not really). This pass few weeks I learned a lot of things about stuff and myself, stuff school would not necessarily teach. Like for one thing, intercity bus tickets are wicked expensive especially going over the border. What about stupid people toss out computer stuff since they can’t fix it? And the most important lesson of all; in a digital culture, Wi-fi is easy to come by whether it’s a McDonald’s, Starbucks or your local library! But for now on a Thursday, I got to get back to my 400 word story goal and maybe start a few poems.

The library I’m at is kind enough to let me use the study room a bit close to closing so the Micky’s about a 10 minute walk away should help me finish this story. The more I spend inside the green study room, the more I think about my past and how much I messed it up. I know I can’t go back and change it but I sometimes get this weird feeling gnawing at me that this isn’t right. Anyways, moving to the Micky’s with 100 words remaining.

Aha! Achievement Unlocked: Pathetic Accomplishment! I got myself a hefty meal and sat myself down and started to hammer away at the keys. After a solid 30 minutes, I got in only 30 words. To be fair, I deleted a couple paragraphs because it didn’t go anywhere. After an hour since I arrived, I was 10 short. Ten words! So I decided to push in some words here and there. There we go, 417 words. Now time to sit and celebrate with some fries and a burger, maybe think of some themes for poems.

Almost midnight, still nothing on poems so I decided to write up a travel brief for my family and let them know my itinerary for this trip in May and information in case they ask. My family is weird since I seem to be the only person that’s treated like a child. Like I need my butt wiped after every bowel movement. So best to avoid my family on this subject and subjects pertaining to this trip. I’m going because I’m going and that’s enough information. Also just got the word, congrats Pope Francis. I’m not religious or Catholic, but good job.

So here’s what happened since 12 am. I got home and just played Minecraft for 6 hours. No serious projects in there, just goofing around and accumulating vast amounts of materials. Also I started to brew some potions since my new save file has a building already up. It’s big; its got a big bedroom, a kitchen, storage room, a patio (still in construction) and an enchanting library (under construction). So I built this safe room down inside a local abandoned mineshaft, which happens to be in walking distance to a zombie spawner. I’m thinking of turning a zombie villager so I can have access to emeralds or at least a guy who can sell me stuff. I’ll probably fence him off in my safe room so I have that entire area pretty much set to service the Nether room and my “big bang” project. Oh right, the Nether room! So in the labyrinth of tunnels from those who were here before, I found a neat spot to set up another safe room and a Nether portal. It’s kind of Stargate-y but it works. I have the safe rooms set up to hold supplies and grow food and the portal is located far away from everything I’ve built. However not too far away that I would spent too much time walking. Also I just phased out coal as a fuel considering lava is damn plentiful in the Nether. Pick it up with a bucket and cook or smelt 64 of anything easy. Lots of things to do in Minecraft, so much so that I’m considering on abandoning my old world. Though it has an epic library, a tavern and the highest thing I have built; I think I feel comfortable being out in this tundra biome surrounded by plains and frozen rivers. Though resources are drying up slowly, I’ve found a lot of caves and caverns full of minerals, all I need to do is make a bunch of torch and light them up. I found some lava pools when I started playing, maybe it’s time to empty them by cooking a lot of food and smelting cobblestone to make some stone blocks. Maybe start a new town here.

Well, cable guy showed up. Did his thing while I got myself out of bed. I was brushing my teeth when I realized something sucky about the situation. There is one ethernet cable connection from the modem that is not wireless capable and I have 2 wireless devices. I guess my Playbook’s got the short stick for being totally wireless. I can always bend over and pull the cord from one to another. Lot of work but at least my crap-ular laptop can get some digital loving. I’m not much of a techie, but the word network comes into mind. Maybe scavenge for a network router like how I stumbled on a good laptop.

That’s all for this week. Next week, I get internet back? (Well, I just spoiled it) Feel free to comment and help me out with suggestions on stickers, decals, networking and stuff. See you all next week!

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