Re: The Gamers

(A reply to this blog post.)

In my honest opinion, society has been kind of slow on things, especially on things they don’t necessarily conform to the social norm. If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s, you are a witness to the changing times.

When I was a kid, it was considered dorky and nerdy to play video games or watch sci-fi shows like Star Trek. Anything that was relatable to killing people or sports was considered the pretty cool thing at the time. That was before PC’s became easier to use and fiscally easier to obtain. From there rather than picking up a baseball, everyone picked up a BFG. Rather than winning matches, they rather win…well, matches. Then the little niche that could had access to DSL internet and from there multiplayer brought people from all over the globe to pick a fight against each other. However even with a bolstering youthful population playing, there are some old world blues.

Every since the industrial revolution, there has been many who like to push the boundaries of human progress while some rather put tolls on them as well. Humanity’s greatest gift is it’s ingenuity, able to adapt and learn while to accept and question the old and the new. The problem is traditional economics as in “it’s a waste of time if it’s not making money”. Which explains a lot about why they put us down negatively. We, the gamers, are seen as lazy non-contributors to the workforce. We are seen to sit back and play than work tirelessly. In reality, gamers are hard working individuals. From my personal experience, the gamer’s who played more are more productive in real life. Then there is something remarkable about video games. With games connecting players in parties and guilds or similar system, it has allowed these communities to not only pool resources in game but individual strengths together. I can reminisce a few times, I joined a group who played well to their strengths. Not on class or race but on each other’s attributes such as time management, critical thinking and conflict resolution. The complete irony is from some I’ve met, they’re very talented in talentless jobs. I knew a game who was an outspoken person who would be a great public speaker but they were working at something low wage and closer to his weaknesses than his strengths. It’s not because he was lazy, but the fact is economics. In our society we treasure those who are educated and prove they are educated rather than the outgoing personalities and attributes we personally developed. These people, these gamers; they have what it takes but because of how the economy works, “Gamer from 2000 – Present” isn’t much of a qualification.

There are a few benefits for playing video games. Some are loosely substantiated, but from my personal experience the main benefit is escapism. Just having a world you can explore and create your own fiction is an amazing freedom, I use to play a bit of GTA IV and after a difficult day I rather cause harm to computer programs than to people. If I wasn’t allowed to do so, I might be a bit of an angry person. Well, I still am but I have control of it. As for reflex and visual acuity, I’m kind of on the fence. I’ve been playing video games at a young age and I have never exceeded the test’s average. I guess it’s how you look at the text and if you think you can beat it.

Though there is little to support the benefits and consequences to video games, we shouldn’t turn a blind eye. We could be at an interesting turning point where video games can enhance people’s psyhcological and physical well-being. Not only being able to see and hear better, but to live better and happier.



If you are a 20-something like me, you probably remember the Y2K. For the younger generation, remember when that guy high on bath salts? What about that Mayan Calendar business? No? Don’t follow “end of the world” conspiracies? Okay, fine. For most of us, we have certain specific fears. Whether you are afraid of heights or spiders, we all have one fear we may or may not acknowledge; the fear of the unknowns. Things we don’t understand or yet to comprehend. Ideas like the future or death is something we can either be happy or dread would happen because it is something we have never experienced. What if I told you, fear of the unknown is a natural feeling.

There is nothing to feel dreadful for when it comes to things we yet to know. We face it together in our own way. When we lose something in our lives, fear is there to remind us we are still alive. Being fearful is a natural response to things we are scared of such as darkness and heights. To me, we feel fear because we are not quite sure what’s there beyond what we can see. We are not scared of the colour black normally, but when we’re in the dark we are scared not because it’s dark; I think we are all just afraid what is within it. For the large part, we all get startled or scared based on what we previous encountered. So if we are in dark places all the time, usually we can get comfortable with it and we overcome it. How about on a grander scale? What if this scenario of fear goes beyond just one person and it’s a population?

Over the last couple decades, the western world has changed from worrying on past mistakes to brazenly take on challenges beyond what we can full understand outside our own understanding. We see things through one way mirrors. We see and examine things from our enclosed space to make assumptions of others. As a society, it can be dangerous for us to be looking through this mirror. We can do what we can to put labels on people to the extent where we can catalogue everyone and everything in the world based on these assumptions. As a gamer, we are presented these assumptions. The end game scenarios presented to us show a torn world from it’s former glory and a world where the places of pride are bloody battlefield where we get by through killing others to achieve our goals and needs. It always happens at once, the spark that lit the gunpowder. The world’s fragility, regardless of it’s daintiness and finesse, would be able to manage to get through the first of many days.

In any apocalyptic scenario I could conjure, I always account for optimism of which a few good people would prevail to defend their way of life or the lives of others. Whether they would be soldiers fighting sentient robots or doctors curing the human zombie virus. They will be the ones we will be looking forward to get us through the upcoming days; hope in a nutshell. Life would continue as close to normal before any situation goes out of hand, after which it would fall apart a bit at a time. The hardest thing lose for anyone is control, because they are scared of what will happen if they do. Which would explain why dictatorships would like they do; they keep the same people in power and to maintain it, they use whatever power to gain more power to hold on to their power. This cycle only breaks when the leader does not possess everything. This is when revolution (or rebellion depending on which historian you ask) occurs to star anew. In our culture as refined as it is now, started with revolutions of both peaceful and violent natures. These fumbling and failing are reminders we are all part of something bigger and we should never gain power by taking it from others. An apocalypse whether it is natural or man made would be the greatest lesson in humility to all mankind. When the electricity powers down and the oil dries up, we will depend on the largest resource we have; ourselves.

To me, an apocalypse is not really the end of humanity. It is revolution at it’s largest when we are not generally prepared to face it. Usually it will be slow going at first where the socio-economic systems break down in places. All the end results would be people trying to calm people down and attempt to maintain order even if there are shortages on resources like food and fuel. Even as the world falls apart around us and society ensuring its survival, would we be able to see it in time to save ourselves? Would the apocalypse be here without us knowing it? Could a day, a few month, a couple year down the road; would that be all the time we have left?

Hard to image what the beginning would be like, the collapse. Would it be full of civil unrest? Catastrophic failings to our human hubris? Zombies roaming the Earth? What would life be like right before everything kicks off? Would those people even know it was coming? Would we even know it was coming? We never really look too far ahead of us as a society. We are always looking for the here and now; what we need now so we don’t have to worry about tomorrow. We never really look too far ahead of ourselves to really see what we can do to keep everything steady as it is now. I remember hearing so much about peak oil, the world supply of petroleum is running out and we reached a point where we can’t get anymore of it. We humans use it for many things; from fuels to fun toys, from tools and trade. What if suddenly there was no more oil left? Would we still be here on our computers? Are we still going to be able to open a plastic bag of food and drive our cars? Of course a few have been looking into alternatives to mitigate our dependency on fossil fuel, but would this research reach mass production? Would it be just in time before we run out of fuel for everyone?

However the world falls apart, the question remains; are we prepared for everything? There were speculations the 2000’s were going to be chaotic, where the end to our means finally arrives. Predictions of resource depletion and violence if we continued our way of life. Perhaps the apocalypse is already here. Perhaps this is what they meant. Did we even see it coming?

Double The Trouble – The No-Win Scenario

My personal newsfeed recently has been addressing a lot about the good ol’ double standard. It’s interesting how people are now pressing this as an issue. Is this really a big deal?

I’m not belittling the fact there is a problem with our society and how people should act to each other. It is interesting how people come to the defence of a certain gender; in particular, the arguments that are pro-male or pro-female and anti-male or anti-female remarks. The way I see things, all sides have a good point which everyone is a causality of the debate. No matter how you can argue, you can’t escape the fact you represent one gender. Your opinions are your own and they are valid to some extent but doesn’t mean it is the correct or incorrect value. It would be similar to looking through a window in a house facing in each direction and deciding which vista is the most beautiful.

For now, the news places a male in a situation where he shot people of one gender because the other gender made him feel inferior. No matter how much spin you place, this is the bottom line with all the fact currently presented. The secondary effects being the online lashing against males objectifying females and subject of sexual entitlement. The results are standard, victims placing blame based on observation bias and those who use this opportunity to parody and attack others based on that very bias.

Regardless of gender, race, culture and religion; no one is entitled to own another person as property. Most Western societies have outlawed this, to a coin a phrase to feel you belong to someone is one thing but to demand it is another matter. In our society, my society, we place values set decades ago towards males. We place them as the bread winners and protectors. Feminism at it’s core also places these values towards women, which should be how it should be; in fairness and equality. Feminism at it’s purest is to allow women to be able to do everything equally to men, in theory at least. We done leaps and bound sin the last 60-70 years to bring forth equality and yet we haven’t stopped because we still have so much to achieve. In this modern era, no one should feel greater than someone else based on gender; but there is artifacts of what was and is the past. In the workplace as an average; women make less than men, men are likely hired for laborious physical tasks. At the same time the way we treat taboos also account for bias; example being the teacher-student relationship; how often do you seen a male teacher in a school compared to a female teacher? In most areas, it’s fairly common while others still have a higher ratio of female teachers.

From birth to death, we are discriminated whether we like it or not. We personally to accept them as compliments or insults. Those gestures gravitate towards what is acceptable and what is not to a group of people. This becomes our norms and taboos, our codes and creeds. Though they may slowly change with the times, those that don’t usually have themselves rooted somewhere in our society. I’m not anyone under the bus on this matter but there are a lot we still hold on to from our Western past which hold true to today.

What do you see on TV and over the internet? What do you hear from others around you? The medium to present a message is everywhere we go in out interconnected world. We should be wary of the people present them and question them and never accept it as a fact. Women should never be skinny to the point where they are “slim”, men are not suppose to look buff with “abs of steel”. Look beyond the superficial and you will discover the truth, there are forces beyond a person’s control to change but doesn’t mean you have to play by those rules and perceptions. As a group, we can change what is acceptable and what is not; we have the power, but we are stuck here pointing fingers at each other. Men blamed for being misogynist while we watch the newest fashions donned by young and impressionable women. There is no side to blame besides our own. We are the product, we are the end point in this cycle we call society. That man shot women because he objectified women; at the same wouldn’t a woman have the same capability to do the same because she objectified men? If the situation and role were reversed, would it received the same media coverage as it did or would “he deserved what he got”? No one deserves to be shot and no one deserved to be shot because they are who they are and cannot change. Whoever you are, you are a victim as am I to other’s control. When we feel inferior, we try to feel superior and when we do we cause a chain reaction where we hurt others to make ourselves to feel better. This is a no win scenario where no argument is the right argument, it is only an argument just because this situation has arisen where we address it as a problem.

However where there is no right or wrong, there is a compromise where no side necessarily gains. In this case, it is acknowledgement of our flaws and differences. Women, you are held in regards for your behaviours just as men are responsible to our own. In our society, we sexualize both to gain a capital profit and in the end the only victims are those who idolize this perception and consider it as beauty. Don’t put us in  the position where we consider those perceptions to be true or there will be those radical enough to consider them as fact. Men, you too are expected to be held accountable for your actions. Any perceptions of manhood held by our former patriarchy regardless of it’s antiquity has very little merit in modern society.

Until next time, you are and ambassador of your respective sexes; respect each other or both would be disrespected upon.

Observations of Society

Doing this again because my rage-o-meter is rising. There are just some things I have realized from things I’ve read and seen around me. Writer note: these opinions are my own and may not reflect to real life institutions or organizations. Seriously I wish I could be right but I doubt my stereotypical views could ever be right.

Note sure if you guys do this, but whenever I’m bored I would look up random terms into Wikipedia. It would be some irrelevant term just to find out what I could possibly learn from the world’s compendium of knowledge. This week, I just felt like typing in “imprisonment” into Wikipedia for the kicks. To be honest, it was something interesting reading the opportunities for reformation of prisoners compared to the opportunities presented to anyone else. Surprising from reading about imprisonment, I made comparisons with livelihood outside imprisonment. The “interesting” moment was when I thought imprisonment was much more convenient than being free. Trading away your freedom, you gain access to services and good that would cost a lot of money outside the prison system. Though it wouldn’t be the finest food or education, you would have access to a meal, a bed and a college education. With all your freedom, the only gain you gain is freedom itself. You can do whatever you want when you want. The downside is the the capital expense for freedom; which for the term, quite oxymoronic. Down to basics, the question was reduced to “Would you rather live in a confined space but you get a place to live, eat and time to work out or live and do anything legal but you would have to pay for everything?” I leave that one to you, readers. Feel free to post your answer in the comments.

While we’re on the topic of freedoms, I still can’t get around the fact that an organization owns someone’s intellectual property and can act upon their behalf. We are into an era where we can share and disseminate information. Not just fully but expediently to the point where the original point comes down to the original person who created it. This comes back to intellectual properties over the internet and the discussion of media or profit when distributing online or other mediums. Piracy was a major keyword floating about on the internet for the better part of last decade and it’s a misnomer unless we’re talking about Somali piracy. Primarily, online “piracy” doesn’t cause physical distress or coerced into surrendering good or funds. The only way this would be true if an organization decides to force another organization to submission through force or “financial compensation”.  From the news articles, some businesses have genuine intentions to distribute data between users and the users choose what they wish to distribute. In a sense these agencies, conglomerates and lobbyists; aren’t they the real pirates for going after online services because of their users?

How the internet is now was created from what was created in the past but would never be the same as the future. This is indeed change but I mean in terms of how the internet we have now is not the same we had in the early years and will never be like this in the future. The liberties of the internet are being limited by each government removing the internet as a communication innovation into more of a surveillance and espionage tool. If not the government, then it is for the malicious users and organizations to use it for the exact same thing. This difficult position where the only positive solution is a unilateral treaty to prevent non-consented surveillance and militarization of the internet. The only solution for the future is to preserve what we have the in past on the internet while allowing as many people the ability to access it as freely as possible. This would be a no-win scenario for agencies but would allow the internet to ebb and flow as it wants. This way it doesn’t hinder any rights and liberties of a country, we still have businesses still data mining but it would be on a consensual basis between their organizations and their users.

That’s all I got for now. Until next time, use Wikipedia more!

Scumbag Society–Here’s a few!

Happy weekend everyone, I wish I was as happy as a few people gone partying as I write thing (it’s a Friday). Though clubbing isn’t my thing, though clubbing topics with my meaty word stick is definitely my thing. This week I think I’ve found something to really rant about and the internet is a power source for pulling these observations. Most people don’t really realize how great the world wide web can be aside from a resource of information and a repository of pornography. It attaches one side of the world with another and spreads gossip like a Californian wildfire. Being connected for the majority of the last decade, I can see the internet in a new light in terms of a social monitor with volunteer data collectors spanning across the world and here at home. They bring online a presence the polarity of our social morals and values. Laymen terms; it show’s us how scumbag our society is widespread. So here is a list of observations I (and my cunning mind) have found through sifting the internet. Who knows, maybe some of you would make some good social study reports in the upcoming school year from this.

  • “Carbs are a bad thing and makes you fat.” Yet, you all feel tired and sleepy.
  • Caucasian person voicing their views and opinions about western society: perfectly okay. Non-caucasian person voicing their views and opinions about western society: inappropriate and likely a terrorist.
  • “For working for no money, you get experience at working in your field.” Not sure if unpaid internship…or slavery.
  • The 1600’s: “Look at all the skinny person, can’t be rich like us fatties.” Today: “Look at all the fatties, can’t be rich like us skinny folk.”
  • We know what that famous person is doing in their personal life; yet no damn clue what the fundamental physical forces are doing.
  • We know what that famous person is doing in their personal life; yet no damn clue what our government is doing.
  • We know what that famous person is doing in their personal life; does not address we are screwing up the planet.
  • Attracts young teenage girls: Justin Bieber (who is 18+ mind you). Attract young teenage girls: Pedophile (who are usually 18+)
  • Talks down to all the problems in the world online. Does not address any issues though actions.
  • Rich and famous but does not do anything for the economy then gets caught with drugs; rehab for you. Poor and unknown but works their butt off for anything they own then gets caught with a small amount of drugs; time in jail for you.
  • Women can wear skirts to work, men can’t wear shorts to work.
  • Reboots superhero franchises into movies, but doesn’t readdress problems caused over 20 years ago.
  • Society with an obsession of hunting down pedophiles, but promotes ephedophilia through media.
  • Two men kissing each other gets ridiculed. Many men showering together naked is normal.
  • Pays a lot politicians to act like children and not pass necessary laws while people are having troubles medically, financially and/or socially.
  • Society says you have a mental condition, yet promotes psychopathic capitalism.
  • Society says you have a mental conditions, doesn’t give you a job because they think you’re mentally incapable.
  • Focuses on issues when it’s way to late to fix the problem.
  • Focuses on issues when it’s only a symptom to a bigger problem.
  • Focuses on issues then points fingers at the wrong people.
  • Focuses on issues today, tomorrow what your famous person was doing.
  • Makes a lot of money, spends it paying adults to revert to children name calling each other.
  • Makes a lot of money, puts it into places where it shouldn’t really go.
  • Makes a lot of money, puts it into finding ways to make other people’s lives suck.
  • Complains a lot about not making money while sitting at work.
  • Starts a line of work with no education requirements. 10 years later, requires a post-secondary degree to get the same line of work. 10 months after, now you need experience and education for this once amazing job where we have finally sucked the life out of it and almost automated the process.

Until next time, feel free to comment and add one of your own Scumbag Society blog posts. Maybe reblog it to me if you do.

Ever since Facebook – My fundemental principles of online interaction

When it comes to the internet, I tend to do my best to put something there. for anyone I want to see or know. Matter of speaking I try and sort my thought trash for the internet to pick up; making you guys garbage pickers, not a bad thing in my opinion. Sometimes there may be so good things in the trash. May have little or no purpose for the previous owner or pass on something inferior, but it may have little or much use for someone else. Taking away the waste disposal analogy, I am talking about social media.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; these are much close to a junkyard than you think. We consume it, we don’t necessarily create it. Once something is good, it goes viral were everyone would take it in. Much I see are unique, then the internet starts dumping onparodies and iterations. In many ways like this is happening millions times per day. One status update or one blurb, I don’t really care about a blow by blow realtime autobiography. Of course interesting article links is helpful, but if it seems people would follow without formulating an opinion or realize the intentions that come with posting a thing. I know you can say “oh this is a good\bad thing, must spread this to everyone.” Kudos for raising awareness, but your credibility to what is serious is waning if you are the one that has Facebook tracking every place you go or tweet “had a fun time at the club” then just seconds later, “just puked…awesome!” I would check it out if it fancies my attention, but usually it’s quite unappealing. I know the large part of social media is to have a conversation and connect to others with similar interests. Down to only that meaning, I would endorse social media. I never really did even the first time I got myspace. In many ways, a real old school conversation usually more warming than reading from a website. Human relationships are more complex and even more for those that are like me. It is more than taking ownership of an account or just being connected online with the only face to face was the introduction. That’s no friend or follower, that’s just some person or an aquiantance at best. Personally I do maintain a Facebook account, but I do keep it private since I respect the others and keep myself distant from strangers.

Companies now filter their applicants using social media to ensure a productive work space. So if you really need to look professional. too online. Doesn’t really mean pictures of dress shirts and ties. Simply put, display the positive qualities in photos and posts. Also do what is possible to incorporate them into your life. Kind of annoying some people prying you to make sure you’re job worthy but I guess whatever their intention is, it better be important.

Also have a somewhat spotless looking page would benefit by just being neatly filtered and organized. Making sure your “friends” can see it and you have easy access in case.

But back to trash talking, when you look at Facebook, you see more like and comments then you do for anything profound or insightful. Not quite sure, but I do have theories. Scenario A would be the obvious “hot girl” hypothesis where most of here contacts or her clique just likes it which goes back to the nerd/jock social structure from high school. After so many years, no one cares about you even if you were a physicist that has figured out the date of doomsday and you try and warn everyone. By the time you get on the horn, more people would’ve shared and “liked” pictures of bikinis and cute pussies (see what I did there?) more than you would receive in a lifetime. Second scenario follows the lineage of centuries of greed and fame. Everyone wants to be rich and famous. I myself would like my notoriety to be low. I am definitely not the type of person wanting to give autographs and meet fans en masse. Also the accumulation of wealth is not in a material way so if it sums it up, I am pretty unpopular by that point. Our world has really just been reduced to nothing more than those two, either one granting vast power to influence generations. The root now seems more of personal survival (money for myself) than mutual survival. There is some good in the world while some are motivated by personal gain. Good is good when nothing material is in it for you, even skills would be somewhat materialistically driven. Though my second guess, I would say blame society since we are all victims in this case.

Among other things, I treat cyberpsace as meatpsace society. Most of those lessons you learn as a child comes in handy here. Such things like:
-Don’t click on links from strangers (don’t take candy from strangers)
-If a stranger asks you something private, best to say nothing or back away.
-What sounds too good to be true, likely bad for you and your computer.
-Always look at the good and bad before deciding (Look both ways before crossing the street)

Usually the common sense stuff I sometimes question parents not necessarily teaching their children. As a former forum moderator, I always stress it before and after. Personal safety is important; risk may yield more rewards but bad situations can only get worse. No one is always watching and when you slip, you will fall and get hurt.

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Facebook And Narcissm – Are you or not?

This is an old topic from awhile back. It was a study on Facebook and how individuals use it to self-promote themselves (Links down below to read about them if you missed it the first time). Though I do agree to the fact that the people that post more commonly on my Facebook do have those narcissistic characteristics. I don’t feel bad honestly. We’re just growing up in a more technological society where rather TV and radio as a the centre point, we have the Internet and cell phones. There are bound to be disconnects in society. From my perspective, I see a lot of people more into their cell phones sending messages to and from rather than having a one-on-one chat.

The Globe and Mail reported Facebook “serve as a ‘social  lubricant’ for those with low self-esteem, since it’s so easy for them to connect with so many people.” Very much is true since we are becoming more distant in terms of physical interaction with others and focused more towards the interaction over a long distance. Though this does have it’s own benefits and draw backs. In my opinion they are loss of actual human interaction, comfort or compassion, and stable localized support systems. Like you can’t really say “I’m sorry” over SMS and not really mean it. For anything, it’s harder to detect sarcasm so  the reciever may become a bit paranoid on which you really mean. If anything, I would definitely be by that person’s side if I can and try to help them cope through it. Without that support system of friends, it’s really hard to feel good about yourself that kind of isolates this social creature. Of course now we’re beyond the topic of Facebook. I’m talking about any form over virtualized networking. I don’t think online networking is also a cause of this low esteem correlation. Social and economic status, location, activities and accessibility could also play factors.

Or…this might be a bit crazy, but bear with me. What if our schools really do produce more than just an honest education? Let me explain this one. In a social setting where academic competition is present, it is a necessity to be the biggest or the brightest to dominate over others. Due to this, individuals would in certain cases may just bring down people to make them look better. I think it’s fighting dirty, but it seems to work in the animal kingdom. Animals fight for food and reproductive rights, so why can’t we humans? Remember, we’re still animals. Maybe we are focusing too much to really look around and see what this train wreck really looks like. I admit, I did my bit and looking back now makes me really think about my actions. Though, I think I hardly had that effect but it is likely.  Maybe we should be a bit more human than a bit selfish.

What do you think readers, should we all take that cold shower and remind ourselves of a day where compassion and cooperation wasn’t a competition? Let me know in the comments about your views of people on Facebook and society in general; really let loose on this since I really like those sociological examinations from a perspective of the average person or maybe I just like opinions in general.


The Toronto Star – “Facebook ‘fiends’ are narcissistic, insecure, study says”

The Globe And Mail – “Facebook a big hit with narcissists: study”