Cubed Mania (Cube World alpha Review)

It seems more and more I’m getting back to my roots to 16 bit and 8 bit graphical games. Recently I got my hands onto the alpha test of Cube World. Though at the moment I’ve explored through the single player and I have not got into the multiplayer.

At the beginning when I start up the game, I am introduced to a 3D rendering of the in-game environment. Which seems less noisy and bring back to something reminiscent to old blocky RPG games from Zelda with simple tiles as well as it’s RPG element with various monsters and bosses in gameplay. The environment features a bit of random generation based on a numerical seed. In sort when you create a world, you can put down a random number and it will do its thing to seed the world. The character creation is simple through a set of types of body parts. Along with the character creation screen, you choose out of 4 classes which also restricts the weapons and armour. Which also at the moment restricts what materials you need to create armour. Good time to get into the mechanics.

In the alpha version at the moment, you can explore the world and participate in random quests in killing monsters marked on the map. The map displays the kingdom and the explored areas visited. Within each kingdom that I’ve noticed is that it contains one city which sells separate set of items from other cities while maintaining the 3 other mechanics available in each city. In these cities you have particular areas to let you trade, craft and get pets while the fourth district in the city seems more for switching subclasses; two for each of the 4 main classes. Crafting seems pretty straight forward from what I’ve experienced in Runes Of Magic where you gather your resources and go to a certain place to craft it. Same with food which heals health over time; which potions do as well without but with higher heals over time while not needing a place to craft. Pet however gets a tad technical which requires killing a bunch of mobs for pet food and feeding it to a certain mob. Wait! Here’s a really weird and complicated part. From the wiki pages I’ve managed to flip though to figure out how to get pets, certain kind of mobs will drop certain kinds of human food; mostly desserts. Unlike Star Trek Online, the frequent game I play, all pets can fight and some you can ride as long as you have the skill.

At the moment at this iteration, the game is fairly repetitive. It’s a slash and kill, open world adventure game.  With these random dungeon quests provides a small layer of non-linear play where you run through a dungeon and kill a boss. I haven’t tried the multiplayer since it is mostly like Minecraft where you have to find an IP address and hope in directly (If anyone wants to send an invite to their server, feel free to comment to this with a server IP). The current redeeming quality to the game compared to something closely comparable is the hang-gliding, boating and mounts through pets. The game size also might entice people to carry the client around to join from different computers. If I could recommend it, this would be partly recommendable if you are into the open-world aspect or just a casual player looking for something a bit halfway of nothing serious to something that can be ridiculously time-consuming. For not much story, content and gameplay; it returns with an open cubed world which is worth a small peak.


Star Trek Online is getting Warface’d…

At 98 refined dilithium per 75 Zen points, I’m pretty certain that I may get what I want after all. Of course after about three to four months of button clicking and trying to keep just enough ore to get it done. It’s safe to say I’ll have enough dilithium for the next week and a half with an output of about 937 Zen. Meaning with the 4100 already waiting will be just enough to get it done; well assuming the exchange rate is low enough for the next week and a half. Maybe finally after so many days of sitting around doing DOFF missions will finally pay off, the Vesta ship pack better be worth the last four months. For those readers just joining me and doing the math, that’s a month too long to get the Vesta pack! True, I had some computer problems so a month more just seems appropriate from my point of view.

This week, I received a very long awaited invitation to Warface; Crytek’s first attempt at the free-to-play market. At first it seemed to be very little to offer, understandable at closed beta. The PvE system like others I’ve seen are very linear despite what is advertised with ways to go around and outflank the enemy. But the interesting bit so far is the the daily missions which seem to change which maps are used. I’ll probably set aside some time to put a review on it, for now I got to try all they have to offer in terms of the PvE. No matter how bland and really repetitive as it may sound, killing AI enemies over and over again.

Like many times before, I’ve always had trouble with playing two games at once. Time investment into just one is extreme, even if it’s an hour or so for dilithium farming. I’ve been cutting back on playing video games, not diverting it. Still hopeful I can rid this habit and maybe devote more time into better endeavours, definitely real life stuff that must be done. I don’t want to play real life, real life is hard; like difficulty level “ridiculously un-fun”. I do like challenges but challenges I know that can be won, thus why I love playing games.

Away from video games, I’ve stumbled on a Facebook comment on an old classmate. I usually shrug it off since Facebook friends aren’t really friends. So apparently someone I know from high school has discovered herself on WordPress. “OMG Eric! u haz crush on gurl?” Ummm, I rather not say since I had a couple cruses on a lot of girls in high school; okay, maybe a bit too much information there. I don’t know every time I read about stuff I already know about, I just get ticked off since the world seems to be telling me something I already know. I wish I could find a word for that, there’s got to be a reverse dictionary for that.

That’s all for now until next week, take it easy folks!

Week 2: DIY RPG

Week two, starting to assign a workflow so I can keep myself busy. Right now, job hnting is priority one. I need to devote a few hours a day to search and build. Saturaday and Sunday will be off days assigned to personal projects to keep myself away from Minecraft and The Sims.

In my mind, I am thinking about a few things. One of which is a game I’ve thought of that would be a neat shooter. However with the limited resources I have, I guess I can build a table top variant. There is another game too but due to my adeptitude, will likely never see to fruition. 1 out of 2 is not bad, at least with a free table top I can design it and share it. Too bad I can’t get paid to make it or work on it. For now, the project is top secret until I get a test going. Until then, I guess we will all have to wait (even me).

On the job hunt, I’m trying my best to make sure I stay positive. However all this rejection is putting on edge a bit. It’s been a long time since I got paid to do anything and the jobs I feel I would excel at are either above the experience I have or the employer’s expectations are too high. If there are employers out there reading this, here’s some advice and wisdom from someone younger than you and probably knows more than you think. The ocean like the world is vast, if you want to catch fish then you will need a bigger net. Don’t expect the perfect employee to step right up, perfection is unobtainable and unrealistic. As you funnel your candidates down and no one meets your expectations, then you are truly finding perfection.

I don’t have a higher degree of learning and I think the problem is every job I see requires a higher degree of learning. Understandably, there are jobs that would require experience or background to a field. From my point of view, a person’s worth is not limited to academic worth. I have experience with customer service, general labour, recruiting, data entry, management, computer support and troubleshooting, editing and writing. However nobody wants a nobody, they all want proof of actual employment. In which case, funnels people like me out. Then remove those with unnecessary qualifications out of the way. And lastly for those picky, a company assessment to be sure you are who you say you are. Just saying it is overkill and it’s a lot for very little gain. Of course I can go back to school, however without a full certification it is as moot as my experience in customer service. My philosphy in life and living is a bit more complicated than just going to school and get a job. Not really life if you have a sole purpose.

That is all this week, still sporatically without Internet but playing Minecraft. I started a new world, let me know in the comments if you want pictures.

Until next week!

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Trek to Trek–Serious RPG fun time!

This week is starting to intensify in activity with new tasks I have set up for myself. Most importantly setting up the new content no matter how big or small it is. Most so far revolves around games. Given yes, it’s close to free to play launch. Though I wanted to leave a little something for anyone who subscribed or stumbled upon this blog to fins some use or information out of here, with or without my own opinions. Though now seeing my compendium of net terms may be a continual work in progress, I’m going to shift focus back to some Star Trek Online prep work I’ve been saving up the the last week. The the aid of Memory Alpha and the Star Trek Online Wiki, I’ve broken down to the few necessities I wish to start this seriously.

Though I have engaged into role playing in the past, I think this time I should really buckle down and think hard about this one. The fundamental execution of how everything will play out. First off small is the research of what I can or cannot do from the start of the game. Thanks to the features matrix on Cryptic’s website and comparatively the specifics provided by the wiki, a few things to point out from my previous post about Star Trek Online. One thing, I won’t have a spare character for free play. Looks like it’s all going to be straight up one Federation character. Never liked the Klingons; not being a racist, just don’t like the art direction since it’s too aggressive for my taste. So my roleplay character seems to be more or less “on duty” and “off duty”. Fine with me, until I can trade dilithium for points. Because of this, I was planning on a separate blog which would suit as a “Captain’s Personal Log” for all the roleplay stuff. From just gameplay and after action reports for battles and missions. I doubt I would cover ever mission but I would place in hints and clues of where I’m act in the log. However out of character stuff would be removed from the blog so it doesn’t seem too out of place. Which does raise one more question on how I will keep track of how I will go about playing this. Fortunately, I do have a tablet that will have me log down information and use those notes to form a post (thanks Evernote!)

Next on the agenda, ship set up. My inspiration will be quite limited since I wanted at the start a tank at the start. I’m always the guy as the tank. This time, new approach; the healer. In all likelihood, it would involve science and the science line of ships. People may disagree, but I’m sticking to this and going to use it to the best of my abilities. Speaking of which, I’m doing my best to ignore skill trees. If you were in the 25th century, I highly doubt anyone would just build a human in terms of skills and abilities. So like in life, I blindly go forth in this endeavour. Of course, I will mark my way with breadcrumbs on my new blog when the time comes. Now the name, what will be my name? For now, I am uncertain. Since I’m assuming all ship and RP names are unique, the best way to really go about it is a random name generator for now for some good solutions.

Ships is another philosophy, however. I wanted something to reflect on an elegant yet scientific perspective. I was and still is much of a Voyager series acolyte. All things considered, I may have already decided on ships and uniform design. Names on the other hand, may get tricky for ships. Like character names, I have no clue what is taken or not. Just some blind faith and some avoidance of names of ship classes and current canon ships; of course, anything other players may have taken as well. One thing I was really hoping for was the Delta class shuttle, aka the Delta Flyer from Voyager. Unfortunately, they turned that thing into a cash shop item. Looks like the one most awesome thing I wanted in game will have to be farmed for unless serendipity steps in and sends me off with this gift (hmmmm Serendipity, adding that to the list.) I have going to plan out two ships, one for a small shuttle and a large starship so I don’t have to be oh so bored about everything. Some challenges I would accept as a ship captain.

So to this blog I spoke about. Well obviously, going to handle over another blog. It will run parallel to my personal blog here. I’m not abandoning you guys, just giving you more stuff to read rather the same old stuff. The name however, I wanted to be suited to the name of my captain. Since he is unknown at the moment, it will be down the line before I start up the blog. Most likely when I’m making my character is when around the same time that blog will be online. Of course as time progresses I will add some nifty little things to the blog and maybe renovate it to give it a more techy look and feel. Once again, I’m not closing this blog down; just adding one more for more literary pleasure. Hope you like sci-fi, because I have plans; some good, some just random like this blog. Character meets creator. For now, I’m experimenting and looking around for some designs I might enjoy and would want to have for the blog. Maybe set up a WordPress STO roleplay network (or join one). Maybe start a fleet and have a large network of roleplay blogs among them (hint: you’re invited!) How would the roleplay be involved? Well not necessarily in game since most would just play because it’s free. Most of the role play will come from the blog of course and solo play missions; though if co-op permits, I may give in names of certain players in game.

Boiling it down, the blog would be from my character’s view of his world like this is a view of mine.

Intel Inbound–Sneak Peek 2012

No doubt some of you see I’ve added a few new things. Well, it’s one of many so far, the one category dedicated to my old “Guild Philosophy” post. I’m pretty proud of myself on that one since it’s still the longest standing post I have so far (I think it was about 2000 words or something, well…maybe 1200.) Aside from that, I’ve added a new “Fun Fest Friday” page for you folks who want to play some games with me. First one will be a post up shortly on there for your convenience, probably should add a schedule there too as well. I’ll try and figure out a date before Wednesday so I can sync up with the F2P launch of Star Trek Online. Remember Friday, we’re taking it back (from Rebecca Black, she ruined Fridays).

For 2012, a little something new in terms of content. I think I’ll start doing some reviews on some programs and online apps for those interested in looking for something free or recommended. That and I have a Playbook now. Oh, small easter egg; last two posts were on my Playbook. So I might give you one hardware review on that. I might take each month and do one review at a time. Rather than last year where I had just a few reviews. They will be something close to cloud computing and such. Also since I’m now hooked on TED Talks, I’ll be linking some of those I like to you and a rundown on each talk for those who don’t have less than 30 minutes. Or your bandwidth is just not going to help stream it, either case I’ll let you know what it is about.

Along with the content, I’m starting a small writing project for you awesome people. I’m going to start a small glossary of terms considering some people don’t understand certain gamer slang. True, I struggle from that too. But it’s best we lay them down the line for all those who need more information. A helping hand, not below the belt. A new blog will pop up too as Star Trek Online comes online. Look forward to that, I’ll be linking that blog in my “About Me” page once I have it up. It will be a RPG blog about my character. For those wanting to play on a Friday basis only; if possible, I’ll make a second characters so I don’t seem too overpowering.

Rants, raves, reviews; those are the three R’s for this year on this blog. Besides from the usual off days where I’ll just write about life. You know? Life. That thing where your meat is animated and moving and thus how you can understand what the heck I’m writing here. Yeah, that life.  The first couple posts may seemed a bit rush and that’s only because I’m working on the new content for you guys. If you have any suggestions or comments for what I should do for the new year, you guys know where to find me.

Stay tuned!