If you are a 20-something like me, you probably remember the Y2K. For the younger generation, remember when that guy high on bath salts? What about that Mayan Calendar business? No? Don’t follow “end of the world” conspiracies? Okay, fine. For most of us, we have certain specific fears. Whether you are afraid of heights or spiders, we all have one fear we may or may not acknowledge; the fear of the unknowns. Things we don’t understand or yet to comprehend. Ideas like the future or death is something we can either be happy or dread would happen because it is something we have never experienced. What if I told you, fear of the unknown is a natural feeling.

There is nothing to feel dreadful for when it comes to things we yet to know. We face it together in our own way. When we lose something in our lives, fear is there to remind us we are still alive. Being fearful is a natural response to things we are scared of such as darkness and heights. To me, we feel fear because we are not quite sure what’s there beyond what we can see. We are not scared of the colour black normally, but when we’re in the dark we are scared not because it’s dark; I think we are all just afraid what is within it. For the large part, we all get startled or scared based on what we previous encountered. So if we are in dark places all the time, usually we can get comfortable with it and we overcome it. How about on a grander scale? What if this scenario of fear goes beyond just one person and it’s a population?

Over the last couple decades, the western world has changed from worrying on past mistakes to brazenly take on challenges beyond what we can full understand outside our own understanding. We see things through one way mirrors. We see and examine things from our enclosed space to make assumptions of others. As a society, it can be dangerous for us to be looking through this mirror. We can do what we can to put labels on people to the extent where we can catalogue everyone and everything in the world based on these assumptions. As a gamer, we are presented these assumptions. The end game scenarios presented to us show a torn world from it’s former glory and a world where the places of pride are bloody battlefield where we get by through killing others to achieve our goals and needs. It always happens at once, the spark that lit the gunpowder. The world’s fragility, regardless of it’s daintiness and finesse, would be able to manage to get through the first of many days.

In any apocalyptic scenario I could conjure, I always account for optimism of which a few good people would prevail to defend their way of life or the lives of others. Whether they would be soldiers fighting sentient robots or doctors curing the human zombie virus. They will be the ones we will be looking forward to get us through the upcoming days; hope in a nutshell. Life would continue as close to normal before any situation goes out of hand, after which it would fall apart a bit at a time. The hardest thing lose for anyone is control, because they are scared of what will happen if they do. Which would explain why dictatorships would like they do; they keep the same people in power and to maintain it, they use whatever power to gain more power to hold on to their power. This cycle only breaks when the leader does not possess everything. This is when revolution (or rebellion depending on which historian you ask) occurs to star anew. In our culture as refined as it is now, started with revolutions of both peaceful and violent natures. These fumbling and failing are reminders we are all part of something bigger and we should never gain power by taking it from others. An apocalypse whether it is natural or man made would be the greatest lesson in humility to all mankind. When the electricity powers down and the oil dries up, we will depend on the largest resource we have; ourselves.

To me, an apocalypse is not really the end of humanity. It is revolution at it’s largest when we are not generally prepared to face it. Usually it will be slow going at first where the socio-economic systems break down in places. All the end results would be people trying to calm people down and attempt to maintain order even if there are shortages on resources like food and fuel. Even as the world falls apart around us and society ensuring its survival, would we be able to see it in time to save ourselves? Would the apocalypse be here without us knowing it? Could a day, a few month, a couple year down the road; would that be all the time we have left?

Hard to image what the beginning would be like, the collapse. Would it be full of civil unrest? Catastrophic failings to our human hubris? Zombies roaming the Earth? What would life be like right before everything kicks off? Would those people even know it was coming? Would we even know it was coming? We never really look too far ahead of us as a society. We are always looking for the here and now; what we need now so we don’t have to worry about tomorrow. We never really look too far ahead of ourselves to really see what we can do to keep everything steady as it is now. I remember hearing so much about peak oil, the world supply of petroleum is running out and we reached a point where we can’t get anymore of it. We humans use it for many things; from fuels to fun toys, from tools and trade. What if suddenly there was no more oil left? Would we still be here on our computers? Are we still going to be able to open a plastic bag of food and drive our cars? Of course a few have been looking into alternatives to mitigate our dependency on fossil fuel, but would this research reach mass production? Would it be just in time before we run out of fuel for everyone?

However the world falls apart, the question remains; are we prepared for everything? There were speculations the 2000’s were going to be chaotic, where the end to our means finally arrives. Predictions of resource depletion and violence if we continued our way of life. Perhaps the apocalypse is already here. Perhaps this is what they meant. Did we even see it coming?


May 21, Rapture, Doomsday, Apocalypse – “Fake or not, I’m game”

So if you haven’t been reading the news, the rapture is here (according to that book, The Bible). As sceptical as I may be on the subject of the almighty end of civilization and a possible rebirth, there are a good few values to learn from it. Examples? Don’t be taking candy bars, don’t be consuming excess amounts of food, be helpful to all and all that jazz. Though I do take a logical approach to it; screw the Bible (sorry my Christian buddies), help when you can, do what you can and if some person wants to mouth off at you, go right ahead but don’t jump the gun. The whole get-up of being or doing the “Christian” seems like you have to be good to be Christian. Not so, doing good is very universal; find the right time and the right purpose to do so, then be amazed by how much one small action can bring. However though in my mind if there was such a God, I wouldn’t think anyone would get off that easy. You can’t simply just do one small deed and go to heaven. If anything, it would be weighed on purity of the soul (I think this is in the Bible, if not…that sucks). Maybe even good stuff to bad stuff equals a passing grade to heaven? In both those scenarios, I would get in the former and probably be rejected by the latter. In any rate, the closest star’s not going to go supernova any time soon in terms of human lifespan; so in all likelihood, we’re stuck here for about a couple billion years or so with enough time to spare to do what we can to get out of this planet and onto the next habitable world we come across. From what my Christian acquaintances, we might see the dead rise. I think that’s already happened (Technically “quasi-dead”). But lets just say for the sake of this small time blog that the dead rise and they’re the zombies we all saw coming, could we the people of our possible undoing prevent our destruction by our recent dead?

I’ve consulted The Zombie Survival Guide(recommended reading for zombie/survival preparedness enthusiasts), as a well maintained group of citizens it’s a definite yes. For me however would be difficult considering many factors such as weapons, allies and food supplies. Everyone I’ve ask seems to have a little or elaborate plan in case zombies do arrive. I for one, would be ready but not really all the way ready. I’ve planned out my escape routes, survival strategies and a few back up solutions; but no matter how much planning will get me a few trusty friends to help build barricades or find food and items. In all likely scenarios, I would be one of many ready to settle into a colony or a human outpost. Currently I’ve put my survival kit build on hold because I have no money to put in it at the moment; but once I have the cash flow or when the time comes, I’ll have the basic things I need to survive the first couple months or so. Here’s how it’s going to go down:

What I got now:

-2 First Aid Kits (small travel size, medium supply box)

-10 piece multi-tool

-large serrated blade (in case i need to cut something bigger)



-flashlight + lots of batteries

-books and a notebook to prevent insanity

-small bag with enough space to carry all the above and a spare pair of pants, socks, shirt and sweater

I need:

-pistol or rifle (hard to find a gun shop around here, likely stick in raiding some place or a chainsaw or something destructive) and ammo

-rucksack or just a massive back pack (need to bring some more clothes or find stuff I want to keep)

-large medical supply kit (in case I need to bandage myself like mad)

-consumables with good nutritional content (can/preserved goods)

-rope (maybe 200 metres or so, you can never have enough)

-tarp or large canvas (last because I doubt I would really need it much)

Actually, looking at this list I can say I’m pretty well stocked for now. I have a few routes planned on where to hide out or start a small settlement. Though an undead attack may not happen (probability is likely really low), it’s good to be prepared in case you need to jump in and make a difference. Whether it is doing good or pulling through humanity in the harshest of times when the world comes to a fiery or crazy end, just stay prepared.

You guys made your plans yet?