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First time I ever heard of this acronym was in Cities: Skylines. In the game, this is a policy you can enact to prevent loud noise at night. In reality this is much more as a phrase for anyone who opposes a service within their neighbourhood.

Living in the big city, whether people say it or not, has become a bit of an oxymoron. Here homelessness and public transit are the top two people like to address but don’t necessarily want to physically change.

The transit system here is fairly archaic, most of the system was developed in the 60’s. With a sprawling city without an upgraded transit system, it has been crowded. So now with old stations being updated, a lot of people are really against the stations from expanding to accommodate more routes or making it more accessible. With a lot of people throwing opinions and hate for every plan, I doubt any meaningful progress so far.

The homeless issue is a bunch of sociological problems; drugs, shelter, food, safety. A lot of local NGO’s  try to keep these people alive while the city tries to find ways to bring these people back into society. The biggest problem especially in winter is shelter. Recently, my local city wants to open a new shelter near my neighbourhood. However Once that hit the news, everyone went ape about not wanting it near them. That goes the same with safe injection sites. I understand both sides of the stories and I honestly don’t know who’s in the right because both arguments are valid.

“No In My BackYard” has become something I want to avoid personally. It’s a phrase that doesn’t progress an issue and usually throws an issue to someone else.


Don’t Burn The House Down

I’ve been trawling the political news in the past month and the world seems to be alight with borderline hate speech and free speech. It’s even making me nervous since every culture has suffered it’s troubles but a few are open to kill and hurt everyone to feel superior.

We as a people were born to treat all with fairness and justice, no one is better and no one can take away who you are as a human being. It’s disturbing and rightly eye opening to the intolerant language being propagated in society. I always want to look into the future but seeing the squabbles over race, how can we ever meet to the challenge something new and different? Economically, we’re addicted to petroleum and only dancing around alternative energies. Politically, we’re still divided by ideologies and geographic bias. How can we justify change when we can’t even make the changes within?

Someone once told me society is a house. A house everyone wants to live in, it can be built and be torn down. However there is only one house and we all must live in it. The house might be cramped but when you burn the house down, no one can live in the house. What is the point of living in a house if you were going to burn it down?

I guess I’ll leave it there for this week. Something to think about.


This week was interesting, I’m not into politics but I do follow what’s going on in the world. Judging by the controversy behind the newly President-Elect, he seems an unpopular fellow with some. From all the news and articles streaming out of the United States, it just sounds like another Civil War is igniting but I doubt it’s the case.

It is an interesting change in power as the the last term served  was focused on erasing gaps and borders, rooting the republic back to the beginning of a just and open governance for the people. This week has been ominous and synonymous  with the end of that dream, trading for hard capitalism and the power to the 1%. As much as I lean to the latter, I still have hope no matter what their new government will do.

A democratic nation is a nation of choice, do not choose to hate but choose to hope. Hope for a better future, hope for a better tomorrow, hope for all your dreams. When you believe in something, then there is something still worth fighting for; but not fight with swords and steel. Fight with the yearning in your heart for the just and hopeful. Whether you don’t stand for them, stand to believe in those without a voice to have a voice.

As a student to American history, the people do possess one power no leader can ever take. The power to change, use that power for the good and just for all. Not of one creed or race, but for all. The United States of America is only strong as those who are willing to endure and fight for those of very little, the very weak and the very lost. Give them more, get them strong and help them find the way.

This will be an interesting 4 years coming up and no one knows how  it will turn out. But we all must endure it together.

Canadian Concerns

To preface this post, I would like to say I’m not a political person. I know I’m not very active in taking sides to any issues, for the most part I sit and watch how my last has really mattered. The irony about my last vote was I wasn’t even a necessary one.

I believe the last election was about 4 years ago when a Canadian federal election was called. Though I still have faith in the system, in a way I don’t have faith in it either. I strongly believe democracy can get a lot done, there is so much finger pointing and bickering that I could’ve became a grade school teacher and seen less of it. Fact is I have about over 6 weeks to decide who is the next prime minister for the next 4 years. The next 42 days changes what happens in the need 2000 and plus days until the next election.

Without divulging which party I selected last year, I did choose one that stood by on some critical issues. The large one I followed was veteran affair. I have a firm belief people who serve the armed forces in this country should be entitled to something at the end of their service. They may be faceless to some however for me from what I’ve seen and read beyond the headlines, no one can ever outwork these people. All of us may complain of an 8 hour day at a low wage, these guys work themselves to the ground to ensure security at home and abroad and providing a face for the Canadian public on the world stage. If I could, I would owe them all a pint however I rather vote to put some of my tax dollars into making sure they get a well deserved retirement.

As a young person, it’s definitely hard to find jobs these days. To be honest there are only two jobs I feel qualified for; one I must have qualifications or I am overly qualified. I think this is the bottleneck we face where employers are hiring overqualified students for menial labour. Preach all you want about unemployment being at this percentage all you want, we still have our future working in jobs where they don’t benefit society. These engineers and scientists are our taxi drivers and burger flippers. These are the kids we have to put our best foot forward if we are to make a lot of changes to ourselves. This change could be anything from the environmental and technical sectors. One of those unemployed or underemployed folks could be developing a method to get us as a species into space more efficiently but they’re holding on a job that does not fit the degree. Most of my readers have read about my employment problems in the past and I know there is something we can do about this. At the time of this post I checked the unemployment; it’s sitting around a 6.5%. Doesn’t sound much at first, however you consider that with a number like 3 million, you soon realize 6 percent is a lot of people still out of a job. Even worse is the fact the number doesn’t even account of underemployment, those people who are still working but can’t necessarily pay for everything they need. This is indeed a scary thought that someone somewhere is being ignored because the governing body decides they’re already well off. As compartmentalized as the government is, employment a major one effects industry, economy, labour. The people must come first before we can go anywhere.

Though these are a couple and I am just one of millions who are going to vote, I want every young Canadian who is eligible to vote. Don’t slack off and not vote or pass your vote off at a random person. Make it out to the voting because there are issues that concern this generation, our generation. We are only getting older and if we don’t act now, the future can get only worse. 

Observations of Society

Doing this again because my rage-o-meter is rising. There are just some things I have realized from things I’ve read and seen around me. Writer note: these opinions are my own and may not reflect to real life institutions or organizations. Seriously I wish I could be right but I doubt my stereotypical views could ever be right.

Note sure if you guys do this, but whenever I’m bored I would look up random terms into Wikipedia. It would be some irrelevant term just to find out what I could possibly learn from the world’s compendium of knowledge. This week, I just felt like typing in “imprisonment” into Wikipedia for the kicks. To be honest, it was something interesting reading the opportunities for reformation of prisoners compared to the opportunities presented to anyone else. Surprising from reading about imprisonment, I made comparisons with livelihood outside imprisonment. The “interesting” moment was when I thought imprisonment was much more convenient than being free. Trading away your freedom, you gain access to services and good that would cost a lot of money outside the prison system. Though it wouldn’t be the finest food or education, you would have access to a meal, a bed and a college education. With all your freedom, the only gain you gain is freedom itself. You can do whatever you want when you want. The downside is the the capital expense for freedom; which for the term, quite oxymoronic. Down to basics, the question was reduced to “Would you rather live in a confined space but you get a place to live, eat and time to work out or live and do anything legal but you would have to pay for everything?” I leave that one to you, readers. Feel free to post your answer in the comments.

While we’re on the topic of freedoms, I still can’t get around the fact that an organization owns someone’s intellectual property and can act upon their behalf. We are into an era where we can share and disseminate information. Not just fully but expediently to the point where the original point comes down to the original person who created it. This comes back to intellectual properties over the internet and the discussion of media or profit when distributing online or other mediums. Piracy was a major keyword floating about on the internet for the better part of last decade and it’s a misnomer unless we’re talking about Somali piracy. Primarily, online “piracy” doesn’t cause physical distress or coerced into surrendering good or funds. The only way this would be true if an organization decides to force another organization to submission through force or “financial compensation”.  From the news articles, some businesses have genuine intentions to distribute data between users and the users choose what they wish to distribute. In a sense these agencies, conglomerates and lobbyists; aren’t they the real pirates for going after online services because of their users?

How the internet is now was created from what was created in the past but would never be the same as the future. This is indeed change but I mean in terms of how the internet we have now is not the same we had in the early years and will never be like this in the future. The liberties of the internet are being limited by each government removing the internet as a communication innovation into more of a surveillance and espionage tool. If not the government, then it is for the malicious users and organizations to use it for the exact same thing. This difficult position where the only positive solution is a unilateral treaty to prevent non-consented surveillance and militarization of the internet. The only solution for the future is to preserve what we have the in past on the internet while allowing as many people the ability to access it as freely as possible. This would be a no-win scenario for agencies but would allow the internet to ebb and flow as it wants. This way it doesn’t hinder any rights and liberties of a country, we still have businesses still data mining but it would be on a consensual basis between their organizations and their users.

That’s all I got for now. Until next time, use Wikipedia more!

Aliens Or Us?

Assuming the fact aliens did visit our little Blue Dot and have left or died many, it does beg the question why they would come visit us? Time and time again people encounter extraterrestrials and seem to be shrugged off as hoaxes and crazy people. I present to you the idea if these encounters were true and aliens have interacted with us. The question is truly why are they here? What do they want from us?

For a technologically advanced species compared to us, they seem to travel a long distance just either probe us, draw pictographs and buzz over some of the oddest places on Earth. Good guess about these aliens if they have visited us is likely curiosity. Whether they are like us or not, they are probably studying the living interactions on our planet. Manned or unmanned, they are here to see how our species and the species we cohabit the planet interact. As a third person perspective, this can only conclude primarily is the dominant intelligent species. Secondly it is likely whoever they are, they would find the dominant intelligent species has aerospace capabilities; if they’re exosolar, then our technology is primitive and would likely pose no offensive capabilities. From human accounts of how the military are to investigate these UFO’s. If they can differentiate between civilian and military, they can reduce our nature to be fairly hostile to near xenophobic. In my opinion, I can understand why they rarely would want to set foot on our planet if they can handle our atmosphere. If they tried, the first thing would be armed men surrounding you before subjecting you to involuntary examinations. That alone in our ethics is an act of war; which means committing to a hostile stance. Unfortunately this reinforces us as a hostile and xenophobic species and yet we devote our resources to look for extraterrestrials to only be ignored. Assuming they did visit us and have the capabilities to receive our signals, I doubt we seem likely candidates to have first contact. Pessimistic as it sounds, this seems to be the most likely result if they have visited us before. However there is a good in all this; our capability to change and innovate among ourselves. No doubt if a society were to develop space travel, it would have to pass on knowledge and understand to benefit everyone.

Aside from having that ability, the society should learn from it’s mistakes and learn to improve upon how it deals with itself. The past decade has shown positive and negative progress. We have expanded our reach for a world information network but there are internal forces who wish to privatize this information and service. We contribute our best to eradicate social problems and disease. In the end of it all the good we can potentially do,we potentially do a lot more to hinder ourselves. If we can surpass all doubt, it would be our sad redeeming quality for an extraterrestrial race to see our world. Our nature to learn and change is what will get us to meet our stellar neighbours.

What if that is not enough and we have to show them we can travel on an interstellar level? Then that is when we will have official contact with another species. Sounds like a Star Trek destiny if they have some expectations from us. Ever since societies have formed, each has dealt with politics which grew to handle their society. When we do make contact or they make contact with us; we should be ready to deal with problems which does not affect just one nation or one planet, but many worlds in around other stars. The question is when are we ready for the step forward to govern our entire world under one form of government. The way I see it, we are still fragmented in nations with it’s own demands and need. There are even governments with deep hatreds for other nations which a wrong move can result into a war. As I stated; they would see us as barbaric and hostile.

In the end at the moment, we are uninteresting to any interstellar traveller that may come across our watery world. So maybe it’s our fault, no one is answering our calls if they’re out there but we can try and better ourselves and prove to them and us we can join a larger community of many world.

Human Oddity – Change

When I was in high school, I was always fascinated by history. Reading about the ancient times, the renaissances and the wars of old. The interesting thing about human society is it’s ebbs and flows. Regardless of where we are in the world or what era we live in, there are 3 things which happen in order. In much of the same ways, we are live in between one of those moment and the new one. The world turns, even looking inward to our own lives; the 3 remain the same. The Resolution; the dust settles and adopt the new ways or resents them. The Pause; the plans are made on both sides to move the future to where they see fit, for greed or other reasons. The Revolution; the plan is in action and both sides stand to engage their enemies until one stands firm which brings us back to The Resolution.

It’s hardly intricate, but yet repetitive. Each moment in human history seems to revolve around this cycle. From the extent of my memory, look back on the old world. Take The European Renaissance as our example. The Resolution; after the plagues and wars, many sought out the ideologies of peoples millennia ago. Leading to The Pause, the rise of a new era of art and science; people started to looking through telescopes and looking at the world in a new light. Then which lead to The Revolution; the world before disapproves of how these people were looking at things which contradict how they thought the world worked before. 

One more closer to our time? Early 20th century, new technology and the world slowly embracing machines to take them to places. To us, trains and automobiles seem mundane and slow; to them, it was quick and the new age. This was The Pause, right before the great wars in Europe; The Revolution where both side sought to change the world in their own right. With it was the enhancement of these technologies including planes, including new ideas of treating others. The world facing a new bloom of technology with The Resolution it brought, the war’s technology went home and brought us back to The Pause of the mid-1990; though even then, it wasn’t a quiet time. A new Revolution of human rights and mutual  agreements where we began to women and races as equals and the “old world” arms proliferation reached it’s peak and realized it’s potential of mutual annihilation. Then once more, The Pause which bestowed our generation’s greatest advancement; the freaking Internet. In hours, information can be sent and received everywhere at any time. Meaning a sharing of ideas on society and the slow mistrust of once again “old world” influences. A bygone generation’s way of holding down power while we wait for the oncoming generation’s Revolution. We can already see this happening around the world. Ever since the turn of this century, everyone has been fighting for change and those who haven’t are being seeded the very idea which will spark that change.

In my opinion, this revolution won’t be about challenging the world’s ideologies of religion or science. It won’t be fighting over who’s right or wrong. And it won’t be over who controls what anymore. From what I’ve seen and read, this Revolution is about freedom; whether it is protecting what is already ours and fighting for the freedoms we as humans need. Even in the most civilized places will become the battleground to challenge those who oppose freedom and those who dare seek to gain control of them. This revolution will not be about winning or losing, but how much freedom before it turns into anarchy or totalitarianism. It is in my opinion going to be a fine line this generation will cross to test the limits of the old world’s ideologies on freedom while some will be claiming their own. It worries me to think the capabilities a population of billions to do. An anonymous person once said, “Some men want to watch the world burn.” It is only a matter of time this smoking tinder becomes a forest fire.

Until next time, change doesn’t happen overnight but is forged like a sword and tempered in fire.

Society: Deeds, Not Words

This week we’re going to get a bit political. Considering what’s going on with the world recently; not just the past few weeks, but what has transpired over just half a decade. Though I do believe in a society with civil protection and a military strength to defend its borders, but it’s unlikely they really do protect the people they are meant to serve.

Ever since the dawn of humanity, we humans always sought to protect ourselves from unknown and known threats. Whether it is a bear near our camp or the group of other humans wanting to eliminate the competition, we learned a few things along the way to increase our chances to survive. In many ways, our technology has grown alongside the need to protect and preserve lives within a social environment because we’ve learned that there’s safety in numbers. Going back to the pre-tool years of human evolution, we use to hunt in groups to run down prey. When we began sharping sticks, it made it efficient to kill our prey rather than waiting for it to exhaust itself to death. Possible over a millennia, one group found another group and likely did not like the other. Tensions would rise and physical confrontation will happen in the means of using the tools which built their home to use as a defense against those who would want to destroy. Over time, groups would be in such conflict would have to protect themselves in the day and in the night; which means have an armed guard. Though this would happen whether or no another group is involved, there would be animals which could have been considered higher up the food chain. Though this isn’t necessarily how we came to have armies and enforcement, it’s a beginning of protecting the people around us. Whether you think of this as a man with a pointy stick or a child with a bow and arrow, this person in the particular group is assigned to watch out for us while we go about our day and watch over us while we sleep.

As societies grew and permanently settled, the situation changed. No longer can one person can really watch over an entire group, so more people in the populace are assigned to the watch. Over time, perhaps we longer relied on just have the sharpest tool in the tool box. We need to protect ourselves from bigger societies with more people who are after resources. We built walls and worked specifically on technology to make our tools better. No longer these people were used to harvest and hunt for food, these tools became our weapons. Weapons we used to wage unnamed wars and weapons use to kill other humans over stockpiled food and construction staples like stone, wood and metals. Over the eras, the man with pointy stick will become a group of well armed and trained citizens with stone axes, then perhaps a jagged copper or iron blade. The arms race has begun.

Armour, swords, siege weapons, gun powder; no doubt the technology has grown alongside the need to be safe and alive and at the same time to confront the darkness ahead. As societies grew to span beyond the local geography, people began taking up arms for those who knew nothing about. Regardless of the reason to do so, these people chose to protect others in an place they know nothing about. From my point of view, we as a species gravitated towards working to secure what we have and gain more when possible. Whether it is to barter or to gain forcefully, we managed to impose this group protection on others. This is the power held by the highest order in society, to tell one allied group to attack a hostile group. In our democratic society, it is the politicians that declare wars and provide the aid to others. In the years before it, it was the kings and emperors who held this power. From the one to the many, this power has allowed all of us to stay together in groups and keep everyone safe. Which brings my burning question, who actually controls this axis of authority?

When it comes down to it, it’s the politicians in our society. Considering there is millions in one society, it’s nearly impossible to know what everyone wants. Thus why democracy in theory works, it is the majority of the people wanting the same. If the politicians say “war”, the majority of those people wanted war. If the politicians say “more coppers”, we get more coppers. Though under legal standing, a majority is 51% of the people. Meaning 49% of the society is against the majority. Arguably, some people are not in it for society but for themselves and using society to hide their motives. In that sense, the 51% could contain people who are not even voting for a better society but a goal which that politician wants to achieve. As long as power is there, there will be people with true and ulterior motives. Mostly indistinguishable, but chosen because of what outward trust has displayed to the public who selected them. There’s a special forces motto, “deeds, not words”; meaning the actions you commit to are more palpable than the promises. Perhaps this should be what distinguishes a politician, deeds and not words. Their actions should get them elected and not just what has been promised to the people potentially voting. Even with this, are they there to protect us?

If you are old enough or young and read a history book, you know about the past and how one person with overwhelming power and decimate a society. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I submit the idea that we are just as fallible as those who elected those people in the past. Nobody wants a police state, war or a revolution but this is the big three that could be just beyond the horizon. Because of our trust in a few in power who could potentially mismanaged this society, we allowed ourselves as the large minority to be vulnerable. This pyramid of power keeps people safe but it leaves the same people vulnerable. Same way the man with the pointy stick can kill his own camp. This is the double edged hidden blade that will assassinate the heart of our modern society (Assassin’s Creed reference, if you haven’t figured it out). It won’t be just terrorism, gangs, or money endowed citizens; but ourselves. Sounds grim simply put, but this is the prelude to change.

We still have the power to make a difference regardless of the opposition if we question and scrutinize everything we’ve previously created. Those who can ask the hard questions will expose weakness and flaws in the system that has been built up to protect and those who recognize these weakness will take it down bit by bit until we see the truth in the trust we put into our governments. The government is not our enemy but an institution we must keep asking questions and contributing towards, not only our votes and our taxes but our thoughts. The government broken down is the few and we are the many, even the minority. One side possesses the political power while the other has safety in numbers. Which one is truly powerful?

Until next time, do good and promise nothing.

Interplanetary Politics – Yes, I mean aliens.

When I was a kid watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I had a fascination about space and life on other worlds. Like many others, I ponder the existence of another civilization in the galaxy. Over time, that idea in my head has evolved to a more adult look on another civilization and our interaction if we do make contact. Many people around the world have a solution when the time arises when first contact is made. Government bodies and organizations have planned the eventual causality, however there are some speculation and bias on who does what when the situation arises.

Upon detection, I would assume people would check and double check the data to ensure it’s a genuine find. Then I would guess a message will be sent back. Of course a data transmission would be appropriate; data in terms of binary, mathematical equations, and the like followed by something human like a sample of our language in Morse code or a voice recording through the method of transmitting. Now we have the catalyst of couple questions. Who does the talking and what if they don’t respond in kind? It should be put responsibly to a handful of people comprised of men and women from all language backgrounds. If not all languages, then the most popularly spoken. Then depending on their response, then this is point where we expect the second best result and the worse possible scenario.

Media has provided us a few possibilities, both are peaceful or hostile to humanity. They’re here to enslave us, steal from us, or want to meet us. A part of me can safely assume peaceful intents; anything from a simple greeting, open diplomacy with another world and possibly material trade. The simple greeting would be the best for humanity at the moment. Considering all the current conflicts we human are still fighting, it would be best if they just said hello and left. Nobody should be meddling with the affairs of a people they know nothing about. Likely we will never see them again, it would give our society a talking point and possibly stir change to unify and be a homogenous culture. Trade would be interesting, how would be conduct trade assuming they value something we don’t? Assuming so, it’s likely we would be in a bartering position. If they are smart enough to know concepts of non-interference, they would trade for worldly goods or trinkets rather than technology that might be used to destroy ourselves. In return, we might be trading materials for making computers and ships as well as raw plentiful resources; examples being gold, platinum, aluminum, water, nitrogen, titanium. In the end we might receive something along the lines of lessons in fabricating better computers or even a cultural exchange. Diplomacy would be probably extremely top! We meet a new civilization and we start hob-nobbing with a species that has capabilities to take us to the stars. Kind of like the Vulcan-Human relationship in Star Trek. Even then, who is “Ambassador of Sol System”?  I use that title because assuming we still want to travel to other planets and colonize them, it would not be fair to delegate an ambassador to each planet occupied in our system. The job title would not necessarily be for show after first contact, but there should be that person they will talk to on Earth. Though off record if they choose to decide a landing site out of reach of our ambassador, any of use is potentially the unofficial ambassador. Scares me slightly since some of us don’t represent good qualities of humanity. So best is to behave and when the time comes, behave like the world depends on you. However if contact is made and given a specific landing site, we could be seeing a very pomp and circumstance as well as our best linguistic technology tested for this occasion to communicate and understand them. For them it is likely the same if they don’t already possess linguistic translation technology well beyond our own.

However if there is no response, we could be seeing drone technology of an alien form. Considering our rate of robotic exploration,  it’s inexpensive and does not require much space. So likely the first we could hope for is a robotic mission to us just to examine our system and planet. In which case, the ball is in our court. If they’re anything like us, it might be seen as an act of hostility to even touch the extraterrestial satellite. We should be ever so careful since they are observing from their corner of the galaxy.

If it is organic life, then likely we will receive a reply back. And if it’s not peaceful, we could be seeing something malicious. This would be difficult at first since cultural differences might misconstrue whether it is a hostile act or not. To us, it might be an act of force if you approach without provocation. If it is indeed this outcome, there will definitely be heightened security on both sides, might not be pointed at each other but they’re at the ready. If it is an invasion with casualties mounting, then it might be dangerous in populated areas where industrial complexes produce goods and materials for any armed resistance against them. After that, our technological achievements might be captured or destroyed. Captured only if they think it will serve their purpose. Likely this being power generation and nuclear energy followed by medical technology to help destroy us or enslave us. After humanity is without it’s comforts, I would assume all military organizations would try regain the situation. In all likelihood if their space faring technology can take them here, they may have weapons that are hundreds of years ahead of ours. So we could be expecting particle weapons an even weaponized lasers against would firearms. As well as offensive capabilities, they could possess better defensive capabilities such as advanced projectile resistant materials and even energy shielding. If they are anything like us, they want to minimize casualties as well; so weaponized drones with advance intelligence in this war of the worlds is probable as well. Now it’s just a question if humanity can resist right off the bat or are we going to have to fight small and steady. At the moment, we can assume there is research done with laser technology and robotics. So we too have capabilities of having laser guns and armed drones. However the size and availability would make them easy targets. So in all likelihood, we’re fighting this with the most common, advanced and experimental technology off the start considering a lot of nations would not stand for hostile acts by another group of people. However, we will have to “give up” and begin to plan out a resurrection. For the rebels, this will be easy since everyone would be on board to surviving if it is the extermination of a species. I don’t think anything would want to just give up and let them destroy humanity. If they’re here to just harvest resources, then it is a matter of if nations would refuse to fight the aliens and if that would result in resource wars while aliens lower our planetary stocks. In my opinion; this is my planet, there are many like it but this one is mine.

Whatever the outcome is when humans meet the galactic community, we have to change in terms the way we treat ourselves and our scientific endeavours. For they could cripple us and harm us in ways we yet see them, we must keep innovating and discovering while finding our way out of self annihilation if we are to complete great and impossible goals like surviving first contact.

Until the alien invasion (and next time), keep calm and discover on!

Calm down you people, it’s only a gun/pot/piracy conversation…

We tend to pick up news whenever we can to know what’s going out there. But at times when you’re truly passionate, the news may seem like they’re run by monkeys in suits. Most recently are the two shootings. One in the U.S., many in the theatre and that one guy with many guns; if you want to know more, Google. The other happened just around the same time, happened here in my city.

You can Google this one too. It was a BBQ and the shooting could be gang related according to news outlets. Of course in both, many wounded and dead in both. The weird thing about this is the similarity in what the public officials want to do, gun control. In my opinion, gun control is a good thing. However and there is always a bowever, gun control when done right can benefit all or it would not really stop anything. Largely the fact these two entities just come into the light for their superman pose and a speech before walking out. Sometimes I question whether or not they really know how to solve the problems given to them. Occasionally they seem to just provide sympathy and nothing more. “Drugs are bad so we should ban drugs.” Who agrees with that statment? Keep note of the answer, I’ll come back to it.

For me, I have a few things I’m pro for though people would look at me like I’m a hoodlum or something. First I would like to say, pro guns. Under certain circumstances, a gun is a valuable tool in terms of personal defence. I would be super content if I knew a proper system was in place to keep the guns in the right hands. For one thing, a method to restrict firearms but not necessarily prohibit legal ownership. Then there is always the question of how big. My answer would be, can the weapon be fired in bursts or full auto? Reason behind this if, you are to shoot someone then there should be an understanding that a trigger pull means you wanted the weapon to discharge. Then the argument of either it was self defence or assault. Under burst and full auto, it’s utter overkill which can only mean intentional collateral damage. You should be able to keep something small as personal protect, but to leave it at that line.

It a long hot button issue spanning a good solid century. People say it’s bad for you and from what I hear, tobacco lobbyists demonize it to keep themselves in the game. Talking about pot here; weed, Mary Jane, that plant you get to get high. Of course it is a hallucinogenic, but that’s like saying voluntary sleep deprivation is hallucinogenic and we should ban consciousness. For the most part, I’ve seen people that are more calm and relaxed. Either that or they want food, either way not bad people unless they start forcing you to smole with them. Most prescription drugs are illegal unless you have a piece of paper dictating otherwise. But for the most part, I have yet to see a person high to commit crimes or go on a killing spree. All I see is the people who think it’s bad because of some stuff they learned in school and accepted it as fact without question. I don’t smoke, but I do think marijuana has medicinal properties like any other herb. Question is whether or not to make it a recreational drug like alcohol or caffeine.

Lastly and largely, free stuff and piracy. I do hate the fact people demonizing online pirates for what they are and yet the definition doesn’t necessarily fit the crime. A pirate is someone who steals to only sell back to gain their own profit. Most new outlets keep showing PirateBay and torrent sites as these places where piracy is rampant. One thing, torrents don’t necessarily mean you make money. You might gain some friends to get stuff for you, but that’s not really pirating. If CNN really wanted to cover piracy, try my local Chinatown or go to Somalia. That’s not racist, it’s the truth. Nothing is really good anymore on TV or in theatres, either remade or sensationalized to get people to watch. One in awhile something shows up which begs the question, “Should I really pay x amount of money to watch this one thing?” Price of a ticket now is 12 bucks and cable is about two to four times that amount. Isn’t the whole point in watching something is to experience something? The internet isn’t free either, you have to pay online. Difference between the price of cable and internet is the internet has a broader range of things to watch. To that effect, the only entity I see hurt are the people trying to enforce ye olde rules of copyright. But that hurt is about the same as a soccer player faking a fall for a red card. From the perspective, no one really wins except for lawyers who gain lots of money to help some crooks into putting people into the hole. For now, I can see only one alternative. For the old media like TV, books, film, newspaper; you’re a group of people and. As a company getting paid by the people, we can just as easily ruin you. But we love you for funding some good shows at times. As for the people, show a bit a respect and make sure you put down who is the legitimate owner of the property you’re sharing, it’s only one freaking sentence with at least one part that says “I don’t own this”.

I don’t know, maybe we should all lay off pointing fingers and just look at the other side for a change. If not, download some shows about guns and smoke a joint.